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Desember is coming, November is done.

All of the problems I had is gone.

But the bad times is it really trough?

Old problems are over, But theres coming new.

Things you've done is so easy to regret

But that doesnt mean they're easy to regret

No mather what life is

No mather who I am

No mather who did this

Im gonna hate them

For doing this to me

For screwing up my life

Why cant they see

This isn't right.

I am needing the things you cant bring.

Im stilling breathing, but is that a good thing?

No one has been mean, It just feel that way.

My life looks sader every day

Peoples eyes are easy to read.

But that doesnt mean I know what they need

Im getting a rope

and closing my eyes

No I finally understand

This the real wonderland

My mom was opening the door

And found me laying on the floor

Desember is coming Novermber is gone

All problems were almost done.

I didnt make it when I had the chance

To get the piece of the finest dance

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