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I wanted to see, when & what you decide for each moment, what blink song/moment/album you choose.  With the impression you had 10 seconds to live and have no reason to lie.

stop the lying.


I'll Go:

When I'm feeling Really Nostalgic: Self-Titled or Dude Ranch - These albums just bring back the old feels for a short stint like no other.

When I'm feeling UBER Nostalgic:  TOYPAJ or Enema in full - these just make you feel straight up 15 again.  Toypaj is amazing, but heavy on the nostalgia factor.

When I Was Depressed Growing Up: Adam's Song -  I always played this song, probably 500 times total, and tried signing it myself (embarrassingly). I don't love that song anymore.

When I want to think Blink is still good:  Neighborhoods - particularly Natives, Even If She Falls, Kaleidescope.

When I want to show someone blink: Here's Your Letter, Waggy, Emo, Dumpweed, Always - I don't know why, but I always gravitate towards these songs, that seem less 'offensive' but still showcase their talents and hope they don't leave (if they were to quickly relate blink to their radio hits only).

When I'm desperate to like new era blink:  Wildfire, First Time, Los Angeles, some random bits of Deluxe, Cali, and Nine on shuffle.  Just always giving it a fair shot, it's difficult though.

Random most played song ever for no particular reason: Violence. -  What was it about this song?

When I Miss Tom: Chasing Shadows EP, Rebel Girl/Kiss & Tell combo, Aesthenia, Feeling This, Please Take Me Home, some more TOYPAJ/Self Titled.

When I want to workout: Feeling This, Stockholm Syndrome, mostly Self-Titled, some NINE actually.

On a long summer drive:  Pick an album, any album, play it through. 



Feel free to add more categories, it's a free country.  Unless you are larping.

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Kings of the Weekend is actually a banger though, just wish it was written by someone else featuring Mark, instead of a full fledged modern blink song.  Or just a different title ya know?  I like the way the chorus/pre-chorus goes.  So, hard to fully make fun of.

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