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Blink-182 World Tour 2023 Discussion


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6 minutes ago, Champ182 said:

I would love to hear Tom on Bored To Death personally, that was probably the most "classic" sounding Skiba-era song now that I really look back on it... Tom would fit in seamlessly I think.

I think it would sound great with Tom and it is a great blink song that did very well.

If Up All Night keeps getting a spot then Bored To Death deserves one as well.

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6 minutes ago, Knapppers said:

They'll for sure play the same old greatest hits setlist. 

Wonder if they're still gonna close with Dammit 

They are going to close with I'm Lost Without You but a new iteration of Tom singing 'You're Lost Without Me'

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3 minutes ago, Coightstanza said:

You’re a true gentleman and a scholar. Damn! I feel really bad for the South American fans, they’ve literally been waiting forever. This is horrible news. Travis really outta start eating some lean chicken and more protein, that vegan diet doesn’t help his violent drumming at all. Seriously I don’t know of anyone that breaks more bones, most of the time he isn’t even drumming when he breaks something 

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3 minutes ago, kibbles said:

Get Brooks Wackerman. Jeez I feel bad for them. I hope this doesn't bleed into the Chicago dates too. 


No singles and tour cancelled, perfect 

Brooks is in Avenged Sevenfold now, that ain’t gonna happen 

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2 minutes ago, kibbles said:

Didn't even know they were still around

Well they’re a bigger band than blink these days, and yes, Brooks is their official drummer and recorded their last album with them 

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