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Blink-182 World Tour 2023 Discussion


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6 minutes ago, Iced_Fappuccino said:

Oh and I can’t read, really got me there too buddy. You still couldn’t Elude to what I’m missing! Because like I pointed out, when someone is wrong and speaking out of their ass, they have absolutely nothing else to say but a moronic and empty insult. Once again, I win, and you lose. 

Yeah I admitted defeat by saying you got me. There’s no reunion, the sources suck, I’m not a lawyer, you don’t live with your parents. You win Didmeister, I give you this 👑 out of a token of respect.




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47 minutes ago, Russel Coight said:

Lol italia has been denying anything was likely to happen for ages. Now that it seems more than likely he’s trying to act like he was in the know. What a cunt.

I feel like it’s definitely happening now that italia has posted about it. Not because he is legit but because he piggybacks on other peoples sources and news lol 

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3 minutes ago, Russel Coight said:

Anytime Casey and Oliver went at it Oliver would call Casey a fake lawyer,

That’s because he is a fake lawyer. I certainly wouldn’t hire a lawyer that has all the time in the world to be talking nonsense about the KOTW all day, everyday 

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12 minutes ago, Patient #48273 said:

To be fair, a lawyer would generally have more control over their schedule, and thus more freedom to fuck around online while at work, than a fast food employee.

Sure, if they own their own firm. Which this guy certainly does not. Otherwise, no serious lawyer would be posting about the KOTW over and over and over. He’s been on from sun up to sun down the last couple weeks…maybe he’s an unemployed lawyer?

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4 minutes ago, Speedo said:

Not quite there, there’s a good retort in this but you haven’t quite gotten there yet with this one.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join em. Y’all driving me insane. I’m gonna just start guessing when it’s gonna happen too. 

Tuesday, March 14- announcement, Matt is out, Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft is in

Friday, March 17- 9:17 am EST presale 

Sunday, March 19- COVID 69 takes the world by storm , everything gets cancelled and blink never tours or records ever again. 

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