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One More Time… Pre-Release Discussion


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16 minutes ago, Patient #48273 said:

Does anyone think we're getting the album this year or is it more likely to be closer to the start of the tour?

To be fair the tour start is only what, 6 months away? So honestly, I think early 2023 isn't an insane bet. 

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The lyrics are dumb but fucked her in church made me giggle so I can't fault him there.

But yeah, I'm not taken with the song but that's whatever. I kind of expected not to be. 

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From what I’ve heard so far, the new song sounds pretty corny to me, like in the vein of No More Guns. However, it would be dumb to not have a more lighthearted song as the lead single based on the tour promotion they’re doing right now. I’m guessing that the album will be a mix of goofy and serious blink songs. Wasn’t here for the first reunion, but I’m just glad they don’t seem as miserable this time around. I’m really curious on how they are handling the production for this album. Tom sounds like he’s trying just a little too hard to get more grit in his voice haha but it’s better than his approach on Neighborhoods, although DED was solid. He will probably sound like he did on Lifeforms and if he tries this time around with the live shows like he’s been doing with AVA, I’ll be happy.

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3 minutes ago, Vote jan free for all thre said:


Honestly, my favorite part is Travis and Mark's genuine reaction/laugh to whatever Tom is saying in the bunny suit.  Is there any audio of that yet?


Go on their TikTok and u can hear it! Something about being sweaty in the suit, it's wonderful

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