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One More Time… Pre-Release Discussion


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16 minutes ago, carlos182 said:

Brooks is with my A7X folks, he's not an option anymore. Scott Raynor on the other hand... ah wait, I forgot he's in a different role now.

I heard he replaced Stewart Copland

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4 minutes ago, Jan said:

Did you open the page and watch the promo teaser?

The video of the dude cleaning the bathroom? Ya. It changed nothing lol. Heard a couple shitty clips of distorted new music's. Makes no difference

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1 minute ago, Russel Coight said:

Knapton next week:

”it’s just one song what’s to get excited about?”

Knapton in October:

”it’s just an album. They’ve released 9 others what’s there to be excited about”

Knapton when Tom is literally sucking his cock:

”you call that a blowjob? I can suck better dick than that”

Tbf I bet he can

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  • Russel Coight changed the title to One More Time… Pre-Release Discussion

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