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Edging Song Thread (song has leaked!)


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1 hour ago, Grandpa Reefer said:

LOL you’re on crack. This song is a leftover from the Feldmann era and it’s obvious. 

this song is quite the odd case,

it has the quality that songs have when its blink with tom

its fresh and modern and fitting of the now and rather perfect for a comeback song 

the "they gonna hang me quick when im back from the dead" part that tom signs is great

but then it gets into that corny(we couldnt come up with anything better) part before the chorus

and then goes into that cringe "all time low" type of song chorus


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1 hour ago, theedge00 said:

I think in Toms fucked her in church line, WE (the fans) are HER. And the church is Blink 182.

We all wanted (PRAYED) that Tom would return to Blink for the past decade. In the end he did come back, but for 10 years he basically fucked us 😤

Log off brother 

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On 10/18/2022 at 2:35 PM, Champ182 said:

I know Mark said they're not doing any media yet but I would kill to see them pop up on SNL or something in the next month or so... I'm really curious and excited to hear how this sounds live, especially since the production is so busy and strange.

Dude you don’t wanna hear it live lol 

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31 minutes ago, Scott. said:

Enters in at 31 in the UK top 40. I think that’s their first top 40 hit since Untitled and pretty impressive considering mainstream rock is fucking dead 

To be fair, it’s really difficult to consider this a rock song. It’s about as much Rock n roll as MGK’s music 

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Diddy, we get it.  You don't like blink anymore, based off of edging and whatever you're reading about the production.

Time to let it go and let us enjoy it if we want to, or at the least, check back in when there's more than one song out so you can have some more critics to vent with.

I'll take an MGK album that has Tom, Mark, and Travis on it at this point if that's worst case scenario.  Not what I'm wanting if it's up to me, but I'll honestly enjoy that more than California style with Matt.


Edging isn't that good but I honestly like it quite a bit for what it is.  

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