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  2. Old frank skinner is fucking brilliant
  3. Mitch.


    But but but.... MVP is regular season only! Hahahha.
  4. Back in the day, Nickelodeon also broadcasted an interview of blink at 1997-07-06 San Francisco, CA - Pier 30/32 (Vans Warped Tour '97)
  5. He absolutely handed the points to Palace yesterday. We equalised and looked like we were going to take full advantage then bang, Mustafi has another high profile brainfart. Gazidis paid £35 million for that trash, based on StatDNA.
  6. Haha so true - he is bad!
  7. Please don’t talk about shit defenders. Mustafi is one of the worst I’ve ever seen, and I’ve had to endure the likes of Squillaci, a passed it Silvestre and Pascal Cygan
  8. Totally agree - every defender is awful. We can't rely on any of them - the wing backs are shocking and the CB barring probably Lindelof is even worse. I hope Ole is ruthless in the summer.
  9. Too bad they wasted the eunuch sex scene on grey worm. Sansa and theon could have been cool
  10. Stannis. Now there's a man you can set your watch to.
  11. Ugh. I was muttering angrily at my TV when arya started talking sex. I kept saying dont you do it. Dont you fucking do it. And she did it. I feel like I just watched my niece strip down. So much cheese. Hopefully everyone with any shred of history has met up because I cant handle anymore feel good cliche. If I hear Tyrion start another sentence with, "well who would have thought we'd end up here." I'm going to lose my mind.
  12. Ricky gervias Jim Jefferies ( before sellout ) Bill burr James acaster Lee mack Frankie boyle
  13. Theon saved her and helped her escape, and stanis is dead no way brianne was saving him lol might see him as a white walker tho, im sure we will see alot of dead characters from before come back as them
  14. I actually really liked this episode. Tormund is lowkey the greatest thing about this episode. When he looks a Brienne and says we'll die together and smiles, I laughed out loud. That was such a good hype episode for the battle to come. After Jon tells Danny about being the true heir, Im wondering if one somehow kiils/lets the other one die in battler in order to try to take the throne, there was definitely some tension there. Can someone refresh me on why Sansa was so happy to see Theon? I know he grew up in Winterfell but im drawing a blank on why she was so happy to see him. Also since they mentioned him this episode, is there still any thought to the idea Stanis isnt actually dead because they didnt actually show him die technically? Or is that basically done with?
  15. I kind of like this slow buildup. Though it makes me appreciate how I binged the first six seasons of this show. Watching it like that it never felt like the show got too slow or boring, because I'd watch multiple episodes a day. Watching only one episode per week definitely makes it feel like a little more of a drag. A big part of me wanted to wait until the season was finished and then binge the whole thing, but I knew I wouldn't be able to avoid spoilers. I think that would have been the best way to watch it though. But I liked it. Basically an entire episode of seeing how people deal with what they assume to be their last day alive is a cool concept. And yeah, the Brienne scene was probably my favorite part, cheesiness and all.
  16. I liked this episode. Thoughts: There was no way Arya and Gendry's scene wasn't going to make me laugh, hahaha. I don't think there's any way they could've handled that well. I also think it means Gendry is going to die. I loved Arya's energy in that scene, though. Such a dom. My heart. I LOVED seeing Jorah and Lyanna Mormont together! I liked Brienne's scene. I agree that it was cheesy, but it also felt genuine and well done. Daenerys and Sansa's conversation was awesome. I think it was the best dialogue of the episode. Theon and Sansa's reunion was so nice. I'm surprised Jon told Dany about his parentage so early. I thought that he would wait until after the war. I'm excited for a 50+ minute battle!
  17. Arya Stark could stab me to death and I'd say thank you.
  18. This episode was even worse in that regard. Arya and Gendry having sex made me think they invited a fanfic author as a guest writer. And I enjoyed the scene where Brienne was knighted, but it was cheesy as hell.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Yeah thats the guy i want back in blink.........
  21. Reminded me of this if Tom's voice didn't sound like diarrhea I always thought this version would have been really cool if Tom actually sang it well.
  22. United should sign top defenders, that was always a strong side; Ferdinand, Vidic, Piqué, now they have too many years bearing with poor defense. Rest of the team i consider its not bad at all. Juventus won serie A again, eight years in a row, can´t believe how bad are the other big teams doing; Inter, Milan, Roma, except for Napoli serie A is on a very poor level
  23. person i've never heard of on a show i don't watch version > untitled version
  24. No it’s gone beyond the manager pal.
  25. Am I the only one that thought that sounds awful? The chorus sounds terrible stripped and slowed down like that.
  26. Blink really did write some beautiful lyrics at times
  27. You guys just need a good manager. If Klopp can turn people like lovren, gini or even Karius into finalists someone can work wonders with United.
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