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  2. I actually dont mind the show. I obviously got into the whole ufo conspiracy thing through Tom when i was in high school and I find this show interesting. Its not too ufo preachy or aliens this aliens that. Its just them talking with mostly credible people (most the people they talk with are long term armed forces people) and them stating what they saw. It doesnt really jump to conclusions either. And so far Toms barely been a part of it, which is good when you consider all the actual high level "qualified" people who are involved. It would be stupid if Toms the one leading the investigations
  3. So someone on Reddit last week said they’re shooting a video on Monday, will be out Friday... figured it was BS to get a video out in 4 days, but the video part was true at least... Little late for a BIOMY video right? Still skeptical a video would be ready by Fri, but I think we’ll get a new song this week.
  4. Mitch.


    HAHAHAHAA!! LaMelo Ball just signed with my local NBL team! 😅 Let the shit show come to my hometown! HAHA
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  6. Looks like they're shooting a video today according to Matt's instagram. Rumor was it would be out by the end of the week..
  7. Kansas Krew when anyone says anything negative about Blink 182:
  8. yeah, i see no reason to tour with the commitment they once did now that families are in the mix. still, i'm glad they're back. one month out of the year to be away ain't bad for sure. i could see them all meeting up in a city and laying down a new record, and then touring that. two or three months away out of the year = still beats what they were doing haha
  9. Ghent

    2019 Tour Thread

    Sounds like you need a raise. Work all day, every day, but still can’t afford $100 to see the band you spend all day talking about online with strangers?
  10. I really liked the Drug song with the exception of the last 13 seconds but outside of that ... meh, not my style.
  11. I haven't seen Blink since the Cypress Hill tour and thought about checking out the Austin show (they always skip San Antonio) since I've yet to see the Matt era but I just can't justify the expense. I'm not interested in standing in the lawn and I'm not spending that much for seats plus shitty fees. I think lack of sales says less about the music they're putting out these days and more about the damn price that's being asked. Charting or not, Blink is still gonna do a greatest hits tour essentially and they don't exactly have the notoriety they used to here in 2019.
  12. Can't say I see the appeal myself
  13. I bought almost the last row to see them in Dallas. The place looks damn near empty on Ticketmaster. Gonna suck if they upgrade lawn tickets and I wasted about $50 per ticket. The same section I’m in but closer to the front is $102 or $137 with fees. The fees are more than 30% of the base ticket. F that.
  14. Fuck that penalty re-take. Feel bad for Nigeria.
  15. I don't like the ritalin line, but two of my friends grew up on Ritalin so I can see how it would be relatable to people my age
  16. Nahhhhh I’m able to be impartial. The song has actually grown on me a bit. But I’ll be damned if some of it isn’t stupid - like the Ritalin line.
  17. Lol no kidding. Who wouldn't love to be able to get paid millions to cover blink 182 songs
  18. You're getting to be about as bad as Oliver!
  19. This fucking guy 😂 clean the shit out of your ears pal
  20. I like how Matt sings about only knowing tough breaks. The guy that was hand picked to replace Tom Delonge in blink-182
  21. I honestly feel that if you both just listened to the album you might feel differently. I’m not saying they’re the greatest band of all time, but that one album is up there as one of the very best.
  22. yea when justin was doing press for his solo album, he mentioned that all of them live in different states and have families. he said he could only tour one month for his solo effort, so i'd imagine 'getting the band back together' would be the same. still, for the size of draw they are, doing a tight one month tour every year can sock away some cash. selling out theaters in a narrow regional circuit is a far less expensive way to do it.
  23. i can't make a single one. but i wish them well!
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