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  1. Custom Tom delonge epi

    Hey guys I used to post on here years ago but since then Ive stopped trolling forums. But Im trying to sell my tom delonge epi that I recently had completely rebuild with a new finish and all new hardware and wiring. This was done professionally by marty bell. I upgraded the wiring to gibson specs put new locking tuners on and a new bridge. I even replaced the 5 year old pickup with a new one. New strings and a complete pro setup to intonate and adjust the neck was completed too. It comes with a hard shell case too. You may have seen this around as Ive been trying to sell it for the past month or so. I am not trying to make money off this. The way I figured my price was the cost of the rebuild plus the cost of the guitar off ebay. I am looking for $1150 but I am open to offers as well. Please note the cost of shipping will be added on after I find out where itll be shipped to. I am willing to ship international but keep it mind this item can only go either ups or fedex due to the size so itll be quite expensive to ship over seas. either message me here or email me with the subject TD guitar guitarguy308@gmail.com