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  2. we've got "enthused" that snippet of "apple shampoo" and now this "josie" recording. i remember loving "dammit" so much better from the demo that mark played me... to this day i'd give anything to have the DR demos in full.
  3. MGK and Travis did a cover of Misery Business a few days ago. Look at Travises shirt lol wtf
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  5. I'm devoting my entire time on this board to getting Russel to show his dingaling.
  6. Mitch.


    I'm so fucking bored! Thank Christ I'm still working!
  7. Plus, you need to learn to spell.... How the fuck am I "sweaty"? Or did you actually mean "sweety"?
  8. i guess the reason i don't like it is i'm a true long time blink fan. since '95 and still kickin'...
  9. Yesterday
  10. Everybody loves Mark + Tom they need to just accept it they are meant to be besties
  11. Nice! I'm jealous, those might be the coolest blink item you can own. I had no idea about gold ones! I honestly couldn't find much info period on any of them. Some random site said the whites we're limited to 250, but idk if that accurate. I also read that your version is limited to 250. I don't remember when they were sold or how many were signed etc There's also a version that's black with crazy graphics, here's a pic from Famous Burro of course lol That's always been one of my fav posters and yeah it sold for like 1100 or 1200!
  12. Puppy Killing Machine could be some metal bands name. Can’t wait to hear this one!
  13. No rules beside vertical. Just something your doing in isolation. I’d say unless you’ve got something amazing a shorter clip is better since I assume they’ll be trying to include as many different clips as possible so I’d aim for 10 seconds.
  14. Tom Hanks Michael Douglas Jack Nicholson Meryl Streep Leomardo Di Caprio
  15. Even thou AVA themselves havent announced the dates as postponed yet, it looks like behind the scenes that is indeed what is happening. If you check the specific venue's sites, it will reveal which concerts are postponed so far. I think a week ago, the NJ venue revealed ava is postponed, i just checked the Montreal venue and AVA is listed as postponed officially now (whereas the other concerts the day before AVA , and the day after AVA, are not postponed as of yet) So it is an artist specifc postponment, and not just a blanket venue-wide postponment. Note to AvA: pls dont wait till the day before to announce yourself officially
  16. I had some stuff and meant to upload it but for some reason I couldn't get images to embed, this is the only alright one -
  17. found picture from this show : 4/18/1999: The band performs at Union Square in San Francisco, California as a part of a promo concert for Levi’s. Other bands included Boy Kicks Girl. Sorry for the incredibly bad quality. This is a scan of an old digital photo that was printed on plain computer paper lol. Background story: The guy next to me was my way-too-old-for-me boyfriend, whose brother was a drummer in a local punk band. They won a contest to open for Blink182. That morning, my parents told me I wasn't allowed to see my boyfriend anymore, but I begged and pleaded to let me go to this one last thing (to support the band!!), and they said okay. It's hard to see, but I have drawn a single teardrop next to my eye, to illustrate my extreme sadness. found old school blink fan wearing an old school shirt in the video for Superman by Unwritten Law (0:36 and 3:28) :
  18. Finished Ozark S3 last night, so good!!!
  19. Trying to shift the fog that's settling in. Find myself listening to upbeat music:
  20. i recently picked up an OG yellow lemmings for a pretty good price. i've had the OG black lemmings and tctcu for a super long time but never pulled the trigger on the color variants. i just need the blue tctcu but i think it's hard to track down considering all of the represses. most sellers don't show the name of the pressing plant etching to help narrow them down either. i can't help but to wonder if all of those late 2000s color variants are bootlegs. surely cargo music isn't still around and paying to press those?
  21. Last week
  22. The Menzingers put out another playlist for quarantining. They made a playlist for songs they were listening to on tour during summer 2019, and it was awesome and exposed me to a lot of new artists/songs. Excited to check this one out: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4aNAtyyRm2t75Jo3dqcsdq?si=T1i8lW0gTpudJmvK5XOB4g&fbclid=IwAR2stKEUGV9NmvH9nrdEA2z-tsLtqjy_hgBdfhe2YX5-h70Ca32UUoW_CSE
  23. How good is Dan? I love the guy.
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