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  2. All access page for the Race Around Uranus Tour 1997 (massive props to Joseph Farriella!)
  3. The new Age of Calamity trailer looks so good. I’m getting really excited now!
  4. Today
  5. Well that was quite an exciting end to the United/Brighton game.
  6. My only gripe is really the lyrics for it are pretty bland and crammed in there, but the songs are so good you can look past it.
  7. Colin Quinn's Red State Blue State is pretty good!
  8. Are you just trying to insult us 80's kids or did you really not know?
  9. Yesterday
  10. Just saw it's on Spotify now, hot damn I'm going to listen to it now. With all the issues of Hello Exile, I will say that the band surprised me with how poignant their first political song was in America (You're Freaking Me Out). I originally hated the song (just the melody/instrumentals), but the lyrics definitely won me over.
  11. that bracket cover being mislabeled is quite common. many of the "punk goes" covers are mislabeled on youtube (or they used to be). back in the napster / kazaa days most of the gimmies material was too.
  12. I started Zinn's The People's History of the United States tonight.
  13. Last week
  14. TTS had a preorder back in June for a mini (1/4 scale) Delonge strat. $75 for it, signed by Tom. Orders started getting delivered this week and most, but not all, people seem to be pretty disappointed by its construction.
  15. I'm really looking forward to your reaction to EoE.
  16. It's one of the most haunting documentaries I've seen. What stuck out to me was just how candid the interviews with the family and friends were. All the stories really make you realise how much pain someone might be in when they kill themselves, and how little other options they seem to have. I was so captured by the guy dressed in black with long black hair who spent 90 minutes pacing back in forth on the bridge and then jumped so effortlessly
  17. Check your PMs for the "remastered" DR. I'm gonna send you a screen shot of my Amepgs DR settings at the moment.
  18. Roux


    I recorded it on my crappy phone at the time - me and my sister were front row, but the crowd was only 100-200 people. Venue was Billingsgate Market in London (close to where i live). Blink's 2 songs were flawless - Tom's guitar tone that night was incredible live. There was a big area in the back where all these guys were just casually walking around - i spoke to the AFI guys - Chino from Deftones and Travis. I have no idea what i did with the pics/videos i took - was on an old laptop i'd imagine. i might even have posted them on here at the time - i have no idea!
  19. 13th Annual BotBM is about to crank up. Get to the Free For All section!

  20. daveyjones

    EOTS tone

    tom didn't go full (sponsored) fender until 99. and yes, he was playing his les pauls when enema was recorded in late 98, early 99. certainly on mutt, which was recorded in august 98.
  21. I wonder if that sample started the entire approach to the song? Like for the lyrics to be about sex. I always thought "action" was used as a synonym for sex (like "get some action") and that's why it was titled 'action' based on the lyrics. Turns out it was just completely random, but maybe they structured the lyrics of the song just based off that idea?
  22. I hope you had a fantastic day Bucko!

    1. Bucko


      I did thank you Master Ghent 🌍🌬️🔥 


    2. ...Dan...
    3. Bucko


      Safe @...Dan... , nm pal, u?



  23. I put together a quick video with a Dude Ranch tone I dialed in. I think I got pretty close. I hope it’s okay if I share it here.
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