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  2. Thug is great. I recently bought a ps2 and have been dabbling in that occasionally.
  3. PL is god awful all the way through. Biomy is pretty good, but the choruses ruins it.
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  5. @Thibaut182 where there are lesbians, there are Buffy fans.
  6. I was on a real Against Me! kick back in February/March, but I haven't listened to them a whole lot since, so like a lot of people in this thread, I'm going to have an AM! weekend.
  7. That last one sounds great, just hope the song is better than Kiss With a Spell.
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  9. No way, get atta here! Their first few albums were pop-punk gold and have held up really well, IMO, and they're still a really great band live.
  10. He was cool about signing for blink fans for those who caught him after "The Wraith" shows a few years ago. Most the ones you see are from that Canadian collector who had him sign like 50 things after a show in 2018 lol. He is no longer in that band, and once again pretty much inaccessible unfortunately.
  11. yeah I'm just going to lay out a white sheet, grab my stack of shirts, and snap pix quickly some weekend. It may be easier to put them in a folder and just share the folder with me on Google Drive or something instead of individually emailing a ton, but I know he will appreciate anything we can help with.
  12. I've put out a song for each month this year. And here is the July song.
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  14. Parking Lot is hands down the worst...maybe not because the whole song is bad doesn't really ruin anything but it's so silly. The worst part about these drums is that true sound fake, I could not tell if this was Travis or a electronic drum loop sped up. On Neighborhoods/DED it was overkill but it was very raw sounding so it didn't overwhelm the song AS MUCH
  15. found new date to add (with proof of footage of the opening band Caustic Soda) : 05/26/1998 The band performs at the Playroom in Gold Coast, Australia. Other bands included Bodyjar, Unwritten Law and Caustic Soda. This show was final night of the Damnation tour. found footage of the opening band Caustic Soda for this show : 5/17/1998: The band performs at Thebarton in Adelaide, Australia. Other bands included Bodyjar, Unwritten Law and Caustic Soda. This show was part of the Damnation Tour. found footage of the opening band Caustic Soda for this show : 5/16/1998: The band performs at the Palace in Melbourne, Australia. Other bands included Bodyjar, Unwritten Law and Caustic Soda. This show was an under-18s show and was part of the Damnation Tour. Picture of Blink on stage during the Warped Tour : found ticket stub for this show : 7/21/1997: The band performs at La Salle Park in Buffalo, New York as a part of Warped Tour 1997. Other bands included Pennywise, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Social Distortion, Face to Face, Reel Big Fish, the Vandals, Limp Bizkit, and more. found ticket stub for this show : 8/11/1998: The band performs at Wasatch Events Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here's a video interview with members of Mxpx talking about their performance on that date, with blink. found flyer for this show : 2/25/1998: The band performs at Sokol Hall in Omaha, Nebraska.Other bands included Primus, the Aquabats and Old Boy Network. found very cool poster (definitely 1996 but unsure of the date and might be possibly be a new date as I haven't seen it mentionned in the timeline!) found picture of Mark with a fan from this show : 9/6/1997: The band performs at Citrus Pavilion in San Bernadino, California. Other bands include Less Than Jake and Frenzal Rhomb. found two very cool pictures of Mark with Chuck from Simple Plan (definitely 1999 in Canada) :
  16. Oh shit..I won a day! I'm gonna call my Mum

  17. Same! Then i finished it in 2 nights lol. I'm a bit of a sucker for stuff about cults like that.
  18. It was at $775 a minute ago. Someone must have cancelled their big bid. I see it dropped back down to 150.
  19. Honestly just produce another batch to the masses and call it a day. I personally don't get the point of having a ton of different copies of the same album but that's just my opinion.
  20. Nope! The gain is all tube! There's 7 pre amp tubes; 5 for gain, 1 for reverb, and I forget what the 7th one is for...
  21. @Patient #48273 @Ghent can we stop these idiots bumping old threads?
  22. Yeah I meant before Tom left. I have no interest what so ever hearing skiba doing any Tom lead song, would rather then focusing on Mark heavy songs along with the new stuff. I agree to some degree about the bass lines. They became more and more generic as the years went by
  23. same. it's my daily driver to see what the kids are on about.
  24. Q182

    All hail Lagwagon

    Lagwagon is 5 of the humblest dudes playing kickass music. NOFX is the exact opposite (save Smelly and Hefe).
  25. Yeah maybe I misused my words, fully understandable no intention of offending my apologies.
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