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  1. Yesterday
  2. Always is the better video. Probably the last interesting video blink-182 did.
  3. I never liked The Rock Show that much. It was probably the most fun to make, but I prefer the straight up comedy of Dammit.
  4. even he admits nobody is ever going to see that movie
  5. I don't like this format can you redo it in a different format. Thanks, -Karen
  6. Oo though one. Love both. Adams Song was my favorite at the time though, Josie was next to Dammit for me as the slightly less good but still good video.
  7. Thanks @Ry-Bread I remember you posted a picture of this cd on here in 2018, yeah man I paid extra for museum glass so the light won’t hurt it, the guy I bought it off ran the merch for that tour and the promo poster was the only one in his shop, don’t know how rare it is but I’ve never seen another one
  8. I’ve never played the others but even within this game it just felt like more of the same shit over and over again.
  9. Anybody here Modest Mouse fans? They’ve just released a new single and are finally releasing a new album next month. Lyric-wise it’s pretty boring and repetitive for MM, but the instrumentation is cool. A little bit poppier but that’s not the biggest issue to me, I haven’t been a fan of the production post-Strangers To Ourselves. Always felt cluttered yet way too polished. I haven’t been that engaged in the singles they’ve been releasing lately either, but Poison The Well and Ice Cream Party were cool.
  10. https://zansman.bandcamp.com/album/den-sjette-zansman Here it is. Enjoy!
  11. Depf

    Useless Friends

    Fierce. I shall shag to this
  12. I can't believe in 2019 I saw blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves live within a month of each other, and they both played two of the same songs. I want that again.
  13. I did tell you. Its a fucking car crash, I love it. I also hate country music so it's double awful to me.
  14. Well count me in, I signed up for whatever he need my home address for 😂
  15. Last week
  16. I’ll put my tongue in your cheek mate if you don’t stop being a cheeky bugger.
  17. Your way to beautifuuuuul girls, that’s why it would never work

    they have you suiciiiidal, suiciiidal when they say it’s ovaaaa

    1. Speedo


      You put this song in my head and I listened to it last night ... I forgot the bass line was Stand By Me!

    2. _Bagel


      @Speedosuch a banger isn’t it. Stand By Me? The Pennywise hit? Eyyy 🤓

  18. Bumping this old thread of mine! Let me know if you have found any other relevant Blink locations since my original post!
  19. first date 100% the funniest clip they ever produced. probably one of the funniest music videos ever, i'd say. easy, easy choice here
  20. Here are some ticket stubs I dug up today. Feel free to add them to the timeline website, if you don't already have ticket stub pictures from these shows. Mark, Tom, and Travis Show Tour (SLC 2000) Pop Disaster Tour (SLC 2002) Untitled Tour (SLC 2004) Box Car Racer Tour (SLC 2002)
  21. Met +44 at an in-store meet and greet in Salt Lake City on June 25, 2007 before their show. They signed the back of a FS&S sticker for me.
  22. Amazing stuff right here! Thanks for your work on getting these HQ rips, ha gang! Davey, don’t you have a HQ rip of Flyswatter? I think I remember you mentioning it awhile ago. I could be wrong. Would you/whoever has it ever share it with this community?
  23. I’ve been working on putting together a Blink bootleg archive. I’ve only uploaded stuff up through 2002 so far though.
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