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  2. Out. Get him out of here. Wrong. Out! Out! Out!
  3. You have earned my approval. Dm you soon shnookums.
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  5. Don't like this song at all. Sounded like Busted/Son of Dork meets Paramore or some shit like that. It just wasn't what I was expecting or wanting from blink and it just comes across as a filler track on California. The autotune on the back up vocals sticks out like a sore thumb on the chorus and gang vocals just don't belong in blink. I know gang vocals are a thing for pop punk but I always loved that blink had never used them outside of Fuck a Dog. That said, Mark's bass playing on this song sounds awesome. I do like the "with you, with you, with you, with you again" part too.
  6. that weird moan edit on "fuck it is such a blur" takes me back... was the only version available on some peer-to-peer sites for some time!
  7. I regret not going to Vegas for the Kings of the Weekend residency. Wish it would have been somewhere better than the The Palms, but would still have been cool to see. That California era was magic. Probably their last relevant run with popular music honestly
  8. I think their releases are just getting better and better with tiome
  9. Last week
  10. Name a more iconic duo: Diddy and farting out cum bubbles 🫧🫧🫧

  11. Sounds like you’d have a tough time being a King of the Weekend with such ongoing obligations
  12. New upgraded and better footage! found much better quality footage for this live performance of What's My Age Again? (huge credits to xgabex on Youtube for sharing this!)
  13. I wonder if nintendo will ever make those goddam Zelda WW/TP switch ports that have been rumored for ages now. I end up believing the rumors every time so I’m still a bit disappointed after the last Direct tbh.
  14. Just another 2 days and I can dust off my crown 👑 🤴

  15. It’s Friday afternoon about to leave work soon Grab some cold ones with the boys eat some chips ahoys About to lose our minds it is our time Crush the epic holiday Drink beer, hip hip hooray It’s a work in progress but I think the first half is perfected
  16. So that’s what this is all about, huh? Show me where Ghent hurt you…
  17. The new lord of the rings is fucking dope! Great world building and top notch cinematography. Really loving it so far.
  18. These are not helpful suggestions as they are not bands. I don’t care if liking this song is cringe to some, the heart wants what the heart wants.
  19. You’ve got no control (no control!)
  20. Monday morning struck again 😕

  21. The resilience of your team is what would worry me, you go one down and just collapse like a deck of cards. If you start well, you seem to do okay but if you start poorly you get absolutely pummeled. I get it's City who are a completely different level but you still shouldn't be collapsing like that. 6-3 flattered you being completely honest.
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