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  2. @Champ182 That Uranus EP is where it’s at. Fucking machine of a drummer.
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  4. JarJarBlinks


    I saw him some in pre season and was impressed. Kind of out of left field lol.
  5. It has a very Radio Disney vibe, but I think it's pretty good for what it is.
  6. Who's ready for this unreleased Red era Taylor Swift song featuring Phoebe Bridgers? 😬
  7. It's better than the Willow/Avril turd I just listened to, I suppose.
  8. Ajax fucking battered Dortmund last night. Ended 4-0 but should have been 6/7-0. They’ve been unreal this season. I really like Ten Hag although I don’t watch Ajax other than highlights. I would love him after Ole tbh. He’ll probably end up at barca in fact United are so fucking clueless they’ve probably never heard of him. I bet we go for Southgate. When will this torture fucking end. Atalanta will tear us a new arsehole tonight btw
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  10. It's all or nothing. You go full throttle or you don't get behind the wheel.
  11. I'm like 98% sure CBD is snake oil ... an update version of essential oils.
  12. Yeah that’s probably a better way of putting it. I’ve just started squid game and I’m really annoyed I knew what the premise was going into it. Would have been a great show to go in blind!
  13. hard to say at this point. I don't love either album. But I do love Kiss & Tell and Losing My Mind more than anything on The Dream Walker. So... maybe Lifeforms? Really not sure yet, I'll have to let Lifeforms sit with me a bit more.
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  15. New addition to the timeline! found advert for this show (huge credits to QueenCityJamz on Twitter for sharing this gem!) 2/25/1998: The band performs at Sokol Hall in Omaha, Nebraska.
  16. twentytwenty


    He really is. He’s not just a pop king though, he does rock and pop punk quite well too!
  17. I got that magazine ad this week. Should arrive soon
  18. rewatched the entire series (masterpiece) and now I'm ready for this dumb shit to ruin it. ☺️
  19. about to beat Metroid Dread, didn't start until Monday night. what a game. although I do hate the E.M.M.I. parts. they're bullshit.
  20. I've never read the rules. I cannot be controlled. Fuck your rules.
  21. Too hard to rank them all but Bored to Death, Cynical, and No Heart to Speak Of are all top-tier blink songs that rival the best stuff they put out previously. NINE as a whole is pretty great. California disc 1 is pretty average. California disc 2 is poo poo pee pee
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  23. NO WORRIES, man. Don't feel bad. It's all MUCH LOVE around here!
  24. Fuck aye, let's do it. With all the Ben Folds talk, I went on a binge. Still shocked by how stunning and wonderful this song is.
  25. You people need to learn how to let jokes breathe.

  26. Tom eats pickles on top of his buns but his SM manager won't let him post the pics

  27. Fair enough. Ghost shit tends to get to me ... like the subtle shit, not the conjuring stuff.
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