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  2. Never watched the show. Is he just Australian? Or actually acts like me?
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  4. I saw a rediteer mention adding the drum outro on LWY to Not Now..could see that working
  5. There are patterns. Early year(feb), mid year(June/e3) and then late(sep) are the general times you can expect one but they don’t necessarily stick to it. They’re only ever announced a day or two in advance.
  6. Sad to see that this bullshit is still happening. this is seriously making me want to never go to another large concert.
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  8. Hahaha Aaron slowly and uncomfortably getting out of the way is the best part of the video, so relatable 😂😂
  9. I was wondering which side it was taking place on lol
  10. They can’t surely get away with it this time. Apparently it could take years but if it means they get heavily punished it’ll be worth the wait. Hopefully the HMRC get involved too. I hope the cunts rot. Have a feeling Pep could walk in the summer
  11. Let's go!!! Kyrie Luka will be sick don't care what anyone says
  12. Strange, I use Gmail and have never had a problem. I'll do some troubleshooting and see if I can find anything.
  13. The boys still got it! cringey but nice and catchy just as it should be 🥰
  14. Stigma Male In a perfect world we could just be honest Speak our minds, unveil our bonnets And all the gals would just dig my Honesty about about myself My slowly declining health But now I do well with stigma I live on to tell the tale Nobody wants to Reveal their darkest secrets That theyre some sort of monster That they're barely alive Forget and forgive Leave the past behind you They are searching for a way to live I'm just searching for a way to survive We're used to fights and quarels Ethical qualms and beartight morals Like Christ himself, stigmata in our dreams Cuz we never feel so alive in something Than when we feel we're surviving something And a simple life is harder than it seems I'm a stigma male I wonder what Tipper Gore meant Putting warning stickers on our souls This censorship seems more like torment No one can fill our holes We're the ones that are forgotten We got screws left to unscrew We're filthy, we are rotten We are forbidden, we're taboo
  15. I have a feeling, they will release one song prior tour, postpone the album and when the tour ends they are going to scrape the record and start all over. Hooray for a new record in 2025 while Tom releases a new Angels record in between. Great.
  16. Chad Hennes is the man dude! I can only imagine he's the silent leader of the team and their chemistry would crumble a bit were he not there.
  17. Whoa! seems like cool blink history
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  19. yes great song, i hope that they go in that sort of direction for the other songs on that new blink album
  20. Has anyone listened to the new White Reaper album? It came out a few days ago and it's so good
  21. For some reason all the content that are linked to Scott is like golden material : viewed as the holy grail of content and of course they want to get the recognition and credit (with the likes/shares and fame for some reason). I have proof numerous times of this behaviour (including the Whisky A Go Go show from 2001 post Blink where Scott performed as the drummer) Oh by the way here is a quote "It took a lot of work to dig up this information"
  22. @Thibaut182Also noted https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=491054166566690&set=a.407677284904379 "Adam The Woo" the poster also allegedly recorded at least some of Fairbanks Inn in Winter Park, Florida 6/9/1996 https://www.facebook.com/TheDailyWoo/videos/803864306483183/
  23. How about those CHIEFS let’s go

    1. High Value Man

      High Value Man

      Go Philly! Woooooo!

  24. Scott No Braynor

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