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  2. This 100%, the reason to tour is mostly to push merch because they make way more money from it. The profit margins on ticket sales are probably laughably bad.
  3. Zulu also appears on the Serial Killer compilation from Fearless Records in the late 90s.
  4. Today
  5. Sucks he didn't get any actual jail time.
  6. It’s amazing how much cooler people can be when they’re sober. you ever watch this though? dude seems like he’s railing coke left and right lol. p.s. - cute name and picture
  7. Also RIP to your fish Jan, the little fella is swimming majestically in the big fish bowl in the sky

  8. I think im attached to this board, I can't remember what else I used the internet for?

  9. Lagwagon kicked my ass and took my name
  10. Just said a prayer to King Zora for a smooth transition to the afterlife. RIP

  11. I moved I Don't Care to the EP I'm putting out with my friend.
  12. Seriously i miss that guy too though.
  13. He's one of the coolest dudes, I've met him a couple times and was always super friendly.
  14. That could work yes. I'd like to invite others (@blinkstillrules, @daveyjones, @mil182, anyone else I've forgotten) to join and we can set a date and time based around that. As I've said before I'm willing to do whatever date and time.
  15. i'm on Red now. i liked Speak Now but it was a bit bloated, a few songs could've been left on the cutting room floor. i'm enjoying Red too, and i can definitely understand why it's considered her transition album, because musically it's a bit all over the place. my ambivalence toward most of the poppier songs (besides We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, what a bop lmao) tells me i might end up as someone who prefers the pop country Taylor over the straight-up pop Taylor. we'll see.
  16. Trav has been listing some incredible signed items on his website, they are quite pricey but about as sick as it gets. This piece was used on blink sessions:
  17. Kay

    Punk kid

    If @twentytwentyproduces it, then yes I'm down lol That video is fascinating though, seen it a while back.
  18. I WILL FUCKING MASSACRE YOU. True this. How could I forget...the man is an ARTIST
  19. JarJarBlinks


    Can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m loving watching and rooting for the pelicans and hornets. Really fun teams to watch.
  20. Yeah a big budget release too. Critics have panned it but I thought it was well done. Kids laughed their asses off. Nice seeing animation in a movie again, it looked great mixed with live action
  21. It died.  Having the proper burial tomorrow at 6pm central time if you want to zoom in.

  22. Yesterday
  23. Watch it twenty, I will kiss you

  24. Oh come on now Corden! 👀

    1. _Bagel


      Hahaha - watch it my Swedish babushka😘

  25. Years of playing in bands and listening to loud music without protection has given me a constant ringing in my ears. The TV is on to counteract this. It sucks laying there in total silence trying to read or browse my phone with "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" going on.
  26. A buddy of mine swallowed a gold fish in high school, trying to do the Steve-o. It never came back up.

  27. Fish are friends, not food. I’ve seen Finding Nemo ffs

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    2. Brad Religion

      Brad Religion

      I just hope I go first, my friend. It's selfish but I couldn't go on without you.

    3. _Bagel


      @Wrath of Margie Whipple we’ll go into that long good-night together, riding majestic steads into oblivion my brother 

    4. Brad Religion

      Brad Religion

      Go we shall but not gently! Let's flush this bitch!

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