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    https://sports.yahoo.com/steph-curry-fires-back-kevin-182111292.html Wow, Kevin Durant seriously is a toxin. Does he really think he's above the Warriors? Does he know they accomplished as much and more without him? "Our approach is only successful for the first two rounds" Like what?
  4. My favorite song from the album is Valentine. It's amazing.
  5. that purple rain script on the back for the songs titles makes my eyes bleed. what's up with all this retro-eighties garbage? blink wasn't a band then and the vast majority of their current fans weren't even alive during that decade.
  6. It’s been 50/50 man. Some peeps said they’ve had no problem, some said the venue peeps said nope...some said they had to put stuff away but still just asked Tom. Guy tonight got an Untitled vinyl signed and said it was no big deal at all... I’ll find out on Sunday. I’ve been stressing about it, think I’m gonna just bring TOYPAJ and try to get that piece finished. If it’s going smooth I may have my Short Bus on deck to bust out as well. Just sorta feel bad not having the others sign anything, but there’s nothing that makes sense other than a generic drumhead or Rebel Girl poster lol. Sucks because I’d totally love to have Ilan/David sign something, but Tom finishing the blink stuff is priority.
  7. This would be such a cool item to get signed by Mark, Tom and Travis ! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hook-Ups-Nurse-Daisy-Blink-182-OG-Vintage-Skateboard-Deck-VHTF-RARE-Cliver/153633299128?hash=item23c5421ab8:g:~qIAAOSwxktdWtxb&shqty=1&isGTR=1#shId
  8. Yup, new merch company has been a joke. Would love to know why Mr Tsurt is no longer involved, hopefully he stepped down at his own will.
  9. I have shit my pants.

  10. first i listened to it one time, one time... started turning into two times... a few times... ain't listened to sober in a long time... long time...

  11. Yesterday
  12. California really is a poor album for blinks standards. So many of the songs have good parts but terrible parts. Only songs I like as a whole are BTD, Los Angeles, HISALP, San Diego, The Only Thing That Matters, Last Train Home, Bottom of the Ocean & Long Lost Feeling. They really improved on Nine. Darkside has that pop punk vibe that Misery has but Darkside is so much better. Black Rain has that 6/8 vibe but Black Rain is so much better. Songs like No Heart to Speak Of aren't ruined by shite gang vocals like Left Alone is. Nine is just a better album overall. I never got a physical copy of California but definitely getting one of Nine. i rate it more than Neighborhoods.
  13. I could see 4chan getting involved if they made the top 9 songs like Blow Job, Family Reunion, Mother’s Day etc
  14. It’s a dumb comedy, like purposefully stupid but so dumb it’s funny. Definitely a great movie to watch stoned, and super quotable. I enjoy it for what it is.
  15. That's not a Yoshi egg, although ironically, Yoshi is in the game as a doll.
  16. Eriksen and Vertonghen have downed tools for spurs. Fucking disgrace tbh. You’ve signed contracts lads, tough shit. Glad we didn’t go anywhere near Eriksen.
  17. jlx9

    Nine Criticisms.

    My favorite part of Black Rain has been Matt’s chorus. Never was a fan of Mark’s part because he sounded like he was live and out of breath. I think that was the song on the album where I couldn’t understand what Mark was singing when he tried to hit higher notes. Look, I don’t know what the deal is with the guys having to both be present on almost every song, but Matt would’ve definitely owned the verses without a doubt and his aggression would’ve taken the song up a level.
  18. Saw them in NYC last night, they sounded amazing last night and Tom was great. Glad to have him back.
  19. My Pet Sally, This is Home, Sober, Enthused, Wendy Clear
  20. Hearing this makes me feel pretty fucking happy with the current state of blink tbh, I mean they're far from perfect but that is absolute fucking garbage.
  21. I got a shipping notification text as well, says my album is currently in route in Austin tx on its way to me in New York. All I got was a cd though so idk if that changes anything for those who got extras
  22. I'd rather listen to my parents have sex than listen to another second of that.
  23. You can never kill my high, i'm blink and you are nine

  24. Last week
  25. Oh good, they actually played the end of I Really Wish I Hated You this time!
  26. Just a friendly reminder that violence is frowned upon here. Please do not hit ghent.

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