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  2. Anyone still excited about Avatar? This movie hasn’t been (pop) culturally relevant since 2009… 13 YEARS later this teaser trailer drops, and it doesn’t look interesting AT ALL. The world has changed in that time! Marvel rules the box office 🍿. The only revolutionary thing that the original movie had was the tech. Story was cliché, characters were cliché… Can’t believe James Cameron is planning to create FIVE Avatar movies.
  3. A player who would eventually cost over £300m - it's just not worth it for a player unless its peak Messi or Ronaldo - as they found out with Neymar. Love the player, but this has made me lose respect for him - Haaland on the other hand has chosen to go to the hardest league in the world to test himself. Mbappe wants that blood money and Haaland wants a footballing legacy.
  4. What does punk have anything to do with it? Your banter is weak, we aren’t 15.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I had completely missed that they had released a new EP this year. It really feels like a follow up to OK Human! I'm listening through it right now and I love it. This song is my favorite after the first spin!
  7. Yeah. Some could believe that they're actually in love!
  8. Well, this is boring, but I am excited for a Warriors vs Celtics/Heat finals to see how that plays out. Can the Warriors do it again? Curry would be GOAT status if he carries them any of the finals games.
  9. I’ve never had one I’ve loved really. Couldn’t ever get a hold of designs I liked and a lot of the ones they started doing in the later years are frankly fuckin’ awful.
  10. I could have been using my ADHD to do this the entire time? fuck.
  11. Last week
  12. New addition to the timeline! found poster for those shows and with the exact and correct line-up (huge and massive credits to Gigs You Missed on Twitter for this gem!) : 12/8/1995: The band performs at Waves in Woolongong, Australia. Other bands included Pennywise, Bodyjar, and Downtime. 12/9/1995: The band performs at Selinas in Sydney, Australia.Other bands included Pennywise, Bodyjar, and One Inch Punch. 12/10/1995: The band performs at the NSW Uni Roundhouse in Sydney, Australia. Other bands included Pennywise, Bodyjar, and One Inch Punch.
  13. I've worked both as a field interviewer and on the phone. Phone was awful, lasted three montgs. Lasted almost three years in the field.
  14. Yeah, it's always better when NHL players are included.
  15. i'm here listening to lagwagon as we speak lol
  16. Happy May 16th!!!

  17. Earlier
  18. Fart in my mouth, damn you 

  19. Yea I never use that one lol. It came in an assorted pack and was just sitting up there
  20. Day 2 after food poisoning and I’m still afraid to fart.

  21. Watching The Five now. Half way through as of now but i'm really enjoying it!
  22. Enjoyed the tune Thongrider
  23. Same, it's why I can't hate on Goldfinger. Everytime I hear them it brings me back to those days and that game. All those tracks were so good. It's too bad they could never fit blink in there (probably budget), but they did get +44 and AvA so you know they wanted to I'm sure. Madden had Feeling This one year and I remember it was the coolest thing ever, but their main song so probably millions to license it out.
  24. The new version of This Love sounds really good. I hope we're getting the 1989 re-record soon.
  25. It says he last visited in December 2020, so it's not impossible!
  26. I don’t know what to read next, any suggestions?
  27. Dope to see the third eye blind thread continuing to live on.
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