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  2. Cheerios4u98

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    also this lmao
  3. Cheerios4u98

    Simple Creatures New Song!

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  5. NJansaid

    Rank the Pop Punk Bands of our time

    Neck Deep fan exception. Rule #5031.
  6. I've started listening to Dodie Clark and I hate myself for it.
  7. NJansaid


    I really love that everyone is hating on James Harden right now including fans and legends and other stars. You can't even deny it anymore, he flops more than he tries to score, rarely plays D, and travels 90% of his step backs. The league is remarded for letting that go for so long and never doing anything about it now Harden thinks it's okay and he's a HOF type player. No way Harden is a star in any other era, it's all due to the no defense rules now and desperate for stars. Also, glad the LeBron Jordan talks are put to rest quickly. Not even a discussion.
  8. Clar-ke has herpes

    Video Games Thread

    Yeah I loved that game growing up. I’m hoping they release it on 3DS at some point since the graphics look doable.
  9. Last week
  10. Thibaut182

    The Official, Comprehensive Blink-182 Timeline

    found more info and full set for this show : 7/16/1999: The band performs at Randalls Island in New York, New York. From Jeff Neuman : Footage I took on the 1999 Warped Tour. Travis from Blink 182 could not play for some unknown reason in New York at the Randalls Island show. So, Damon (Fenix TX) Brooks (Suicidal/Bad Religion) Josh (the Vandals) and Byron (Pennywise) played the set for him. This is only the first clip of many. I have the whole set on video. From Christopher Carambot : i was there and back stage for this interviewing and filming bands. i remember all the drummers were walking around with discmans (yes folks this was pre ipod) mentally learning all these songs. i have tons of footage of this warped. shitload of fun. Randalls island and the black bugger dust pit!
  11. Clar-ke has herpes

    The Beaches

    Anyone here heard them? I wasn't a huge fan when I first heard their stuff, but after seeing them live I have become a huge fan. They put on a fucking awesome live show...one of the best that I've heard in terms of comparing it to their album sound tbh. I've heard people describe them as a "female version of the Strokes" which I think is a decent description. I think they're on the verge of blowing up; they already have in Canada.
  12. Regi.

    What TV show are you watching?

    Haha i can totally see that. Just finished it. Over all a good watch. He’s just a little lifeless, but in retrospect it might just fit his creepiness.
  13. Nosferatu

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    Haha, yeah definitely. Count me as one of the few that loves all that delay shit in blink or AVA though. PLG is one of my favourite blink songs too. I like it on Chasing Shadows too. Just if Tom was still in the band and you knew blink was gonna have a delay effect on their guitar track of one of the new songs, you already get a rough idea of how the song might sound before you've even heard it but that's only because of Tom's playing style.
  14. Roux

    The Official Football Topic

    I knew nothing about the guy at all. I don't even remember that he played against Arsenal. Yeah Sancho is insane but we can't base everything on him
  15. _Kyle_

    Songs You're Randomly Thinking About

    this song, while being from the 80s, always sounded like it was a homage to the 80s in terms of sound.
  16. blinkstillrules

    My first time thread

    1996. I was 12 (couple months shy of 13). I heard "Carousel" at a local skate spot. I was skateboarding with my friends when another group we didn't know showed up but they were cool. We were all skating/hanging out listening to some punk, I forget who I think it was The Offspring, when one of them asked if he could put a CD in our boom box. Yeah sure man. It was Cheshire Cat. I was hooked the moment I heard that bass solo intro and went and bought the CD the next day.
  17. Ghost

    AVA General Discussion

    So, this means there are separated tracks/stems out there?
  18. I think you guys are either biased or just don't want me to become famous. Cubase sounds better. I'm stomaching the $500 cost and purchasing the full version. just kidding, Neal was right there was a bunch of minor effects/equalizer stuff tacked on in Logic unless you go in there and turn it off. It was hidden so didn't see it. At least I know I'm not going crazy.
  19. Margie Whipple's Rage

    Found Out About You V.S. Til I Hear It From You

    A friend is trying to choose between seeing Gin Blossoms or Soulfly ... I recommended Gin Blossoms because I ain't no uncultured swine.
  20. Margie Whipple's Rage

    What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    Over the past week I watched Ballad of Buster Scruggs and enjoyed the hell out of it. 7/10!
  21. While going through @veeRob's image folders, I pulled out a couple references in regards to the debated third arnette logo on the back of the headstock. I can confirm with these photos that this one is the inverted black and white color scheme than the ones on the front of the guitar: Bear Mountain Warped Tour I also found a reference on the mysterious backup guitar laying in a case next to Tom's amp. This suggests that the backup Strat is also a Fender judging by the shape of the case: My suggestion for this is American Fenders produced in the 90's were found in a case similar to that one.
  22. Alan Rickman


    Hopefully this new Stand show wont shit the bed
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  24. Alan Rickman

    The Ultimate Recommend Thread

    Maybe garbage is harsh. There's usually 2 or 3 solid songs on each album. Except "I Dont Think it Is". There is no hope there.
  25. Ry-Bread

    Blink-182 Signature Study

    @rexman182 yup, and I am not going to call too much attention to it, as it is clear that this bum has paid attention to my study and does his homework. All I will say is DO NOT BUY from eBay seller hulahoopsolo
  26. Elisa


    I know, I always say that I never have the time to listen to podcasts but I started this one the other day at work and I realised I can also listen to a podcast on my 40 minute drive to work or even to put me to sleep (tip: probably don't listen to the Casefile right before going to bed thought 😂)
  27. 2point5

    Rank the Best Metal bands of our time

    Ruining another half time show somewhere more than likely.
  28. Kjblink182

    All The Small Things (Promo Boxer Pack)

    I've got @blink182memorabilia's set now. I think I paid 350 for it with a broken CD. Luckily I had the CD by itself already and was able to swap them out to make a complete set. Mind if I ask where you got it and how much you paid? BTW, welcome to the boards If you're interested in blink history, check out "the official comprehensive blink 182 timeline" thread!
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