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  2. Too much auto-tune. Not to mention they sound god awful live. I mean Blink 182 has never been the strongest live perfomers but now its at a point where it's starting to get on my nerves!
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  4. Yeah, at the most basic level - it feels perfectly comfortable in the hands, the extra bulk is nice. I knew some features and stuff about the controller - but nothing in-depth. I'm blown away by it - playing Demon Souls, there is an added layer of sound coming through the controller - some background effects and some foreground effects coming through it. I just use my monitor sound most of the time - but using this controller gives a nice 3D immersion effect because the controller is close to you than the monitor. The feedback triggers are also impressive. I know some people have spoken
  5. well, christmas was promo only, and mutt was for a soundtrack. so the mastering was different by default. also, could have been one was mixed by trombino and the other by some like lord alge. i'd have to check the credits in my CDs and see if anyone is listed. once last thought: since christmas was a promo-only for radio airplay, it makes total sense it was mixed to sound like DR. whereas "mutt" was given the b-side treatment, almost like a demo.
  6. It seems like those two ‘96 era straps we can’t get a lead on; Mark’s Mickey Mouse and Toms grey marble (with the duct tape). But hey, they’re just guitar straps 🤷🏻‍♂️
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  8. Shit man - I was getting kinda frustrated with where the Mandalorian was going. Like every week it was do a different favour for someone else etc, but holy shit - the last two or three episodes have been HEAVY in the lore. Live action Ashoka and Bo Katan, I'm in. The plot is deffo thickening and I'm backing it.
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  10. Nimrod is a fantastic album but other than that... meh
  11. Players were definitely allowed to be more aggressive back those days when Maradona played. But what i think is often overlooked in today's game is the mental side - there is so much pressure to perform (and behave) from media, social media, fans etc - we are going to (and have) see the mental aspect break footballers down - i.e Rashford, Sterling and Beckham etc are hammered - there's clearly a massive link to footballers and depression because of the mental side. I would definitely take the physical aspect of the game in Maradona's era than the mental aspect we see now.
  12. Bucko


    He can yeah but it's just frustrating as hell not knowing what's going on with him. Hate agents 😄
  13. Going back to the show from the the ticket above. It's confirmed, the show above didn't happen on 1998-02-26. Here's why, I found a review for that date: 2/26/1998: The band performs at Dane County Expo Hall in Madison, Wisconsin. Taken from the Daily Cardinal, March 2, 1998. Dane County Expo, Madison, WI. February 26, 1998. Three loud bands and a Swiss corporation were on the lineup at the Dane County Expo Center Thursday night. As a stop on the Swatch Sno-Core Tour, Primus, Blink 182 and The Aquahats delighted a crowd of thousands with their power-chords and silly mimics.
  14. Been blasting a lot of The Horrible Crowes lately. That record is the symbol of fall, rain and darkness to me. Freakin' good
  15. the network has a few really awesome songs but i wish they wouldn't rely too heavily on the joke ones. i think foxboro hot tubs were far better than post-american idiot green day as well.
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  17. "Thats the bitch living in the human rat world who wouldnt be able to function without human warmth and acceptance around them." Is this not the closing statement of the Dark Carnival seminars?
  18. Lol if one of those actually sold I would assume it's a fake sale. What's up with the blue sharpie for all of them? Weird. Or maybe it was a hound who got everything signed at once.
  19. Tough question, but I have to say the cover of Janet Jackson - Together Again. I didn't think it was possible for that song to be improved. Mark's vocals sound so clean.
  20. I ate all the OG members. They tasted like mothballs 

  21. i checked back during the summer, and yea i've got mp4s from the first gen tapes but i don't have a youtube channel and won't be uploading them.
  22. I know it’s edited in such a way to appear more grand, but this was the only time AVA even approach what Tom envisaged in his head. He should’ve used pitch correction for every performance. IDGAF. For that anthemic kind of music, you need a strong voice that matches the record to reach that crescendo he was after. Regardless, I’ve said it before, but the bridge kills what is very nearly an amazing song
  23. I stayed up and watched it. Terrible call by FI to leave Stroll out. Not that I like him, nor think he would have won in the end, but was still a horrible decision.
  24. I hate the vocals and lyrics, but the guitar in the intro and verses is like peak Tom.
  25. Trying to find OG  members of this forum? There was a group here

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