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  2. should have even more views than it has now by 2-3 times
  3. Saw this on reddit, that was nice of them to do... Last tour Tom gave his guitar away (though not the one he played) and Mark gave away one of his basses:
  4. Watched Fight Club for the first time yesterday. It was a bit different than I imagined. I have no idea what the filmmakers expected me to get or not or what the twist was supposed to be.
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  6. I can't believe how many years have passed and this forum is still active, I also can't imagine the amount of information they keep and maintain online. I tip my hat!
  7. Noble


    I'm weird in that I like more tech-oriented channels, and specifically gaming tech. Like Linus Tech Tips, James Channel, Mrwhosetheboss, MattKC and lastly but most importantly DankPods. YouTube is all right if you find your taste. But the police bodycam bullshit, the weird gaming channels and channels that rely on screaming rather than genuine comedy or thought are irritating. I also find myself watching Wendigoon a lot, his content covers disturbing content but with context, analysis and a respectful factual tone. Like listening to a history teacher cover what all the Starbucks-raised girls and the Nintendo-raised boys love to hear (violence, blood and gore!). Jokes aside he appears intelligent and he covers horrific subjects well.
  8. Tomorrow is probably the game where the owners pull the trigger on Ten Hag i think. Abysmal management.
  9. Dan keeps on improving. Both singing and playing his bass. What a beast he is.
  10. I did post my guitar playing and both ya'll complimented how full of finesse and soothing it was overall. Short-term memory failures.
  11. Last week
  12. Great song! I can't wait to check out their other two albums tomorrow!
  13. how could i ever forget laying in your bed having sex all night it's fucking with my head
  14. I did a little research after your post and found out they immediately dropped any plans for Battlefront 3 after the poor reception of 2's launch, like basically EA gave them the okay to finish updating it but dropped all focus of funding on it after that and dropped the plans for 3? Damn. That sucks, because it was really fantastic after the update but I don't think they are even licensing the Battlefront deal anymore (I'm not an expert on how this works, but just gong off reddit). So I'm grateful we're getting this now. I always liked those old maps better than the new ones anyways.
  15. Diddy would've rushed the stage to do the task instead.
  16. March 2nd is around the corner, I'll be 32 soon 👀

  17. I'd consider him emo more than anything. Tom was the punkier guy imo.
  18. Now I'm inable to access the FFA forums. Good onya, I probably would've gotten in more trouble!

    1. Ghent


      You've been restricted to certain areas of the boards because of your age. Nothing against you!

    2. Noble


      I know Ghent, I'm actually happy. I really think that was an intelligent move. <3

  19. The album is supposed to come out March 29th.
  20. Context: I'm a game developer who usually participates in game jams (it's like a contest to create a game within a certain timebox). I made a game that is like Mario + Pokemon: you can kill monsters or capture them. This jam started on September 2023, when we were getting snippets of the drum tracks from Travis for the OMT album. I got in love with one in particular, this one: So I decided to create a track with that same drum pattern, so I could compare the final blink-182 track with mine. It turns out the drum pattern was for Blinkwave. Guess what? In that level, I created a monster in honor of blink. And I called it Blinkwave! (By that time we knew the track list, but I didn't know that drum pattern was part of blinkwave since that song was never previewed!) Stick to the video, you will see the monster at the end. Video of the game:
  21. It's crazy to think that the original blink breakup only lasted 4 years. Felt like a lifetime then

    1. Noble


      What I find interesting is that they released their only studio EP after said hiatus. Then Tom went la da da da dadadada da like his song and ran off to do random shit again. (tangent incoming) Not saying pointless (he formed a university and provided/leaked good information for NASA to use) and Alkaline Trio's guitarist (whose voice sounds like a 2018 SoundCloud rapper's voice) came in. Then Tom came back and Matt walked away. Like, what in the actual fuck, bro acted like a substitute teacher.

  22. Can y’all quit this competition please? I’m tired of jerking off alone.

  23. Just found this online, wow what do we think about this ?!?!?! They are selling the stickers (I bet they took all the info from this thread ...) https://house95guitars.shop/products/house-95-td-sticker-strat-sticker-pack https://house95guitars.shop/products/coming-soon-house-95-td-red-strat-sticker-pack
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  25. A rare interview from 2005!
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