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  2. Someone give Rybread a tampon before he bleeds over this thread anymore.
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  4. I'm seeing Verizon gets it for free too. I do like some of the stuff on there, probably not enough for me to sign up anytime soon but if I had kids I would in a second, lots of gems on there. Disney trying to really take over everything, assholes.
  5. very brief. my favorite is mark jumping up and down on a bedroom mattress wearing a blink buddha-era shirt.
  6. that whole run away skiba verse is really pretty good. i also like "Lay you in the dark, where we stumble in the mysteries / an opened book that you took, and now I'm history"
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  8. In my opinion, UEFA/FIFA are a joke - they do nothing about racism in the game, yet try to claim that they do. They enable it to happen because the punishments are pathetic. Fans have said in Italy that they only do it to intimidate opposition players - cool, so lets see you do when your team gets docked 6pts.
  9. That’s a fair call. Even the name of the genre pisses me off. “Gothboiclique”? Really?
  10. I actually like it fully until season 6, that’s when I saw signs of trouble. Otherwise seasons 1-5 are pretty good overall.
  11. I'm gonna guess it was the million other alien/book/cartoon/fake companies and not Jen.
  12. I adored her when I was 16 because the girl I was mad for was a big fan (a bisexual hippie dreadlocked fellow musician, whodafunk) and she introduced me and I was real into it for like, a year or two. barely listen to her now but the ones I liked back then I still spin on occasion. All lesbian jokes aside she is pretty good but her vocals are definitely an acquired taste. Yeah some people do unfortunately live the stereotypes, says I, with a butch short haircut.
  13. I love the Good Place, probably one of the best shows of the 2010s
  14. was there seriously an extended conversation about toms thinning hair? he's in his 40s. who gives a fuck?
  15. I mean Gerard knows how to play guitar and can write shit with it to an extent, but I doubt he'd be comfortable enough to play live.
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  17. Just realised @Italian Throwaway Has blocked me on Instagram. I commented on a picture he put that was stolen from Reddit and asked why he didn’t give credit and steals people’s stuff. He obviously didn’t like that.
  18. They're still #1 in the Pacific with a 3 point lead and a game in hand. While I think they regress a fair amount, they look like a playoff team. I think you're underestimating the impact that Tippett and his system, along with Mike Smith who Tippett is familiar with. Couple that with two of the best forwards in the world and you have a team that can do some serious damage. They certainly need to improve their depth though, aside from McDavid, Drai, and Neal, they don't really have any top 6 forwards and their bottom 6 is pretty trash as well.
  19. I wish more people would admit that Coldplay is really fantastic. These two performances genuinely move me-
  20. I love Bullets and Revenge more but I acknowledge Black Parade is their best album. Danger days might be their worst album but it's still a pretty strong release. Same with conventional weapons that people probably forget exists.
  21. None of the pictures belong to me, definitely. As I said all I want is new people to come contact me and provide new stuff for my collection. Clearly no-one owes me anything... I never said that.
  22. https://rationalanthem.bandcamp.com/album/its-only-permanent
  23. Doctor Sleep was pretty good! Super different than The Shining, yet it still worked as a sequel for me. Though it wasn't remotely a horror movie. It didn't even try to be. And I was fine with it. Though actually I don't think The Shining was scary either. I always hear people talk about it being one of the scariest movies of all time, but it really wasn't to me. I thought Joker was scarier than The Shining if I'm being honest.
  24. that's because if a show is put on by a radio station, the meet and greets are all for phone-in ticket winners, other promotional offer winners, and industry people and their friends and family.
  25. Hey I'm not bashing really. They were better than AAF for sure.
  26. I played Div2 with some friends on PC. Had zero care for it as a solo game, but loved it playing with mates.
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