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  1. Wow, the OG lineup. Love to see it! I’ve got a buddy who’s building a digital Derrick Plourde video archive, he’d love to see these.
  2. @Champ182 The Uranus EP is where it’s at. Fucking machine of a drummer.
  3. It does for me, as what I’m learning in school involves understanding publishing and songwriting credits and how that all shakes out.
  4. Pretty much nailed it on the head! There was no seafoam green Strat made for Tom, only those two green guitars (Surf and Sweet Pea). Everyone on Reddit preaches to the bible of littleredguitars2 and everything he said/continues to say. Even one of the mods of that sub, who I've spoken with and is a super nice guy, got downvoted trying to discuss this further. @FAPLORDif you have any questions about Tom's guitars, ask any of us. Everyone on reddit is indeed full of shit.
  5. That is indeed lighting from the camera flash/studio that doesn't showcase the details of the pickups. The red guitar did not undergo any pickup changes. It is also far more likely it was suggested to Tom to change the pickups in his Sticker Strat. He wasn't, and still really isn't, a gear nerd like we are. If you still think there's more beef in the cheshire guitar sound, its probably the sticker strat (position 4, hot rails + stock middle). Don't forget that they redid guitar parts sometime after the 10/7/94 SOMA show, where it made it's first appearance. Mark mentioned it during the stage banter.
  6. No, he wouldn’t have known (or possibly cared) about other pickups. Dollars to donuts it’s the sticker strat pre-X2N, just waiting for some incriminating info to back that up. Until then, it’s the red Buddha strat with stock single coils.
  7. My top 10 Wagon songs go something like this (in no order): 1. Rifle (Hoss) 2. Lullaby (Blaze) 3. Unfurnished (Double Plaidinum) 4. Stop Whining (Duh) 5. One More Song (Hang) 6. Change Despair (Feelings) 7. The Chemist (Live In A Dive) 8. Sad Astronaut (Resolve) 9. Bye For Now (Trashed) 10. Dark Matter (Railer) I'd have to do a separate ranking for the outtakes from all their records. So many bangers there too!
  8. That Cheers video does bring up another amp settings mystery. I was able to get this screenshot and I adjusted the brightness/levels a bit: On channel two: Pre amp: ?????? Gain: between 1 and 2 o' clock Low: 9 o' clock Mid: 11 o' clock FREQ: 2 High: between 9 and 10 o' clock Reverb: between 9 and 10 o' clock (this was always turned off, but worth noting) Master: slightly past noon I've seen this video a bunch and just noticed this. Could these settings possibly be the answer to the Uranus era sound???
  9. Totally lost this photo, need to add it to my amp references! In all of my research into the series, I've never found any of the VL amps (single and dual channel) with a gray control panel, they were always black. I would suggest in the DML photo that is also flash information from the camera. You can see in this video from Cheers (3-21-96) the same VL amp as the practice shot, custom plate and everything, with a black panel.
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