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  1. Of all the times I've watched this interview, I never knew this was at the Epitaph office. The more you know! This was actually a conversation I had with a few friends some years ago; what if blink signed with Epitaph? Musically I think they would've perfected the Dude Ranch sound. Oh the stuff that makes you wonder...
  2. This right here. As far as I understand it, he wasn’t keen on signing with MCA. Scotty wanted to sign with Epitaph.
  3. All I know of the ones on THIS guitar is the green NOFX sticker, which is readily available for purchase from Interpunk.com! https://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=7100& Most of the others, like the sticker strat, are lost to the sands of time and would need to be digitally recreated.
  4. Where are my powerviolence peeps at? What a record
  5. This section goes like this (items in bold are new): - white sticker strat & red strat (position 4, Hotrails neck + Singlecoil middle on white sticker) into Fender m80 (live late 94) - white sticker strat (X2N in bridge) into ampeg (blink 95-96 live, possibly heard on dude ranch) - white sticker strat into mesa dual rec rackmount (january-september 97) - white sticker into mesa triple rec (september 97) - Les paul (invader added later sometime in 2nd half 98) into triple rec/jcm 900 (fall/winter 1997-98)
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