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  1. Who'd have thunk it that three people online practically convinced a whole fanbase to buy some obscure Marshall JCM 800 copy to realize how amazing it is. lol
  2. I got mine for $400 from a recording studio in New Jersey, local pick up also.
  3. They're really well known around here (I'm from close to where they originated). It's a real ear catcher how different they sounded when Scott Golley replaced Dave Wagenschutz on drums before they did Hello Bastards. And I agree, they really did perfect the lighter side of hardcore! Plus a lot of people don't know that Wagenschutz went on to play with Good Riddance after Sean Sellers left, and after Kid Dynamite broke up. KD's first tour was with Good Riddance in 1999, when Operation Phoenix came out.
  4. You know it! Best amp for any type of music! It's versatile as fuck.
  5. For @Elisa There are some days I like this record more than Jersey's Best Dancers even though nothing can top that record
  6. I agree! They knock it out of the park on each record. Twisted By Design will always be the GOAT for me.
  7. Q182

    All hail Lagwagon

    Lagwagon is 5 of the humblest dudes playing kickass music. NOFX is the exact opposite (save Smelly and Hefe).
  8. For me strung out broke up in 2018. I honest to god can't get into this album because JB isn't tearing up the kit. He was what brought me to the band.
  9. Q182

    All hail Lagwagon

    Here ya go! A playlist paying tribute to their first drummer Derrick Plourde that's full of old videos from the Wagon, from 1989-1995. It also features the other bands he played in, The Ataris and RKL (the band that Dave Raun and Leon came from when they joined in 1996/97).
  10. Q182

    All hail Lagwagon

  11. Q182

    All hail Lagwagon

    Well this took an unexpected turn...
  12. Constant tone testing between myself, @daveyjones, and @blinkstillrules The Mesa and Marshall amps didn’t appear until after the record was recorded/released. Dude Ranch also has a Marshall type-sound, and the Ampeg is a less expensive Marshall on steroids. It was also the only amp DeLonge was using at that time.
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