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  1. Oh by far a better album. Quite a few classic no use tunes turned up on that record.
  2. This was always my favorite from more betterness
  3. Not just specific to the DeLonge sigs, all Squiers models are notorious for not fitting fender parts. The chances of replacement parts from places like Warmoth or Allparts fitting a squier are pretty slim because most aftermarket companies follow the Fender spec.
  4. @blinkstillrules@Speedo I’m pretty sure those are the standard sealed Fender tuners. They don’t appear to have the screw on the back for the locking mechanism. The main sticker strat also had non-locking sealed tuners.
  5. This is actually 1997. Mark is playing the Blue Fender P Bass he used in the Dammit video with the red Mickey Mouse strap. Nevertheless, great finds!
  6. All good! Any old pictures are always a good score, especially ones we haven't seen before. That would be awesome, thank you!
  7. This photo is actually of Tom’s main sticker strat. The backup guitar we’re trying to figure out here dates to mid-1997 is a bit more off white in color and has entirely new stickers we’ve never seen before. Nevertheless, thank you for sharing this photo! We don’t have many references of the original sticker strat with the sack lunch sticker on it so this is great.
  8. Prolly. I think your strat is a silver logo MIM strat, with the serial under the 'fender' portion of the waterslide decal.
  9. This might not be of much worth, but I came across this photo of the june 1997 Nile Theater show, where Tom used the mysterious backup sticker strat for the full set: You can see the back of the headstock with a sticker and a serial number, which indicates this was also a legit Fender guitar.
  10. Unfortunately Christmas shopping took a huge bite out of my savings and cash is super tight. And honestly, I like my 1002 with the Ampeg logo because it lines up with my favorite era of blink (late 1996). It also corresponds to my favorite version of the sticker strat when TD added the Pennywise and Arnette stickers.
  11. @Ry-Bread In 1995, Tom replaced the Ampeg logo plate with this custom 'blink' logo plate on his VL-1002, pre-dating the '-182' addition to the band name. You can see it throughout videos from 1995 until mid-1996. In 2017, @daveyjones made a replica first run of these plates. We were under the impression they were a solid blue color (based on what we could see from the sources we had). We found a tweet this summer from someone who claims Tom gave it to him in 1996 and we found out it was actually a two tone job and the 'blink' text portion underlined, so now he's doing a super limited sec
  12. Fantastic! If possible, I'd like to hear some soundfiles of your amp and listen to how it compares to mine with 34's. If I've conjectured correctly, I believe the optional tube switch is a callback to when the first JCM800's shipped overseas from England; there was a shortage of EL34's and so they had to put 6550's in the ones that made it to the states.
  13. It should either be on the neckplate or the front or back of the headstock. If the latter two , you might have covered it with the arnette and descendents stickers.
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