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  1. Triple. You can see the blue and pink alien stickers on the diamond plate, it’s the same amp he’s using in the Montréal ‘97 video. His Dual Rec was a Rackmount model which was all black and only used with the Sticker Strat. Both of those Mesa’s were Revision G units. As far as the dummy Mesa cab debate, if I remember right in pictures from that era at least all of them had on microphone on it so take that what you will. I also hate when bands do that.
  2. I’m betting dollars to donuts he had both VL units going in stereo because like you mentioned before; he copied everything from everyone. Also, channel two is engaged on both heads in the photo in question. What I’m guessing is either stage lighting or the flash from Kerry Key’s camera makes it hard to see the red light indicator on the top unit.
  3. @Depf He used the Hi Gain Dual Reverb JCM 900. His Triple Rec (Tan/Burgundy) is a 2 Channel Revision G. Not many people know this unless you’re familiar the illustrious history of those amps. And no, the 900 got taken out of his setup in ‘04. I would also like to know what was going into those half dozen Mesa cabs. So how about that backup Sticker Strat, eh?
  4. I also picked up on this. It sounded more on the warmer side, if its the sh6 I'd be able to take note of the sharper high end its known for.
  5. Good call! He used the backup for that full set. Too bad all we've got for that show is the grainy video to go off of.
  6. I can get behind that. I also wondered if this guitar is where he got introduced to the invader, if we’re betting it’s a SD pickup in there. As far as the stickers go, I still can’t ID anything specific. Oh well...
  7. The mysterious '97 backup guitar! It had an HSS pickup configuration like the original Sticker Strat, but the bridge humbucker is not angled. The neck and middle pickups appear to be stock. The bridge humbucker is also black, I don't know what exactly the model is. It was also stickered differently, most notably the big alien head on the back. This guitar was used at only two other shows; Nile Theater, June '97; and Orange Pavilion, September '97. This is the best footage I've seen of this guitar! Thank you for sharing this! This is one of Tom's most obscure guitars, hopefully this video
  8. Finally going to throw my hat in the ring for a tone test. Here's what I'm currently working with: How it sounds! Best blink song of all time imo
  9. This line is for bank members only please step aside!
  10. That’s my prediction. Enough people going after the early blink sound saw all the info about the amp on this board and knew to go out and get one.
  11. I really think the three of us somehow reignited the hype for these amps, which is crazy to believe. I’ve also been asked a few times in the past about them regarding the blink sound. I still search them up every now again but like you said, nothing turns up. And when they do, they’re ungodly expensive.
  12. When I saw them in NJ on tour for Railer, I walked up to Flip while they were waiting to go on stage. He fucking towered over me. To put things in perspective, I'm six foot two. Usually I'm the one that towers over everyone 🤣
  13. Rough mix of Wind In Your Sail, from the comp "All The Punk...Fit To Print"
  14. @daveyjones ever get into Hi-Standard? I love this record and Angry Fist, the one after
  15. It holds a special place because I’m a massive RKL fan and the the shoutouts Caper gives in the chorus: “And it survives you Hey Derrick Soils you Hey Jason Silences you Hey Bomer” Apart from being the first Wagon drummer, Derrick played in RKL from 2000-2002. All three of them passed in 2005/2006. Twelve Steps was one of the last records Derrick played on before he died.
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