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  1. Yes the links work. I suggest however that you use https://postimages.org/ so the link convert into the image.
  2. You need to use a third party hoster like Imgur or PostImage, then use the direct link option and it’ll drop right the image into the post.
  3. While going through @veeRob's image folders, I pulled out a couple references in regards to the debated third arnette logo on the back of the headstock. I can confirm with these photos that this one is the inverted black and white color scheme than the ones on the front of the guitar: Bear Mountain Warped Tour I also found a reference on the mysterious backup guitar laying in a case next to Tom's amp. This suggests that the backup Strat is also a Fender judging by the shape of the case: My suggestion for this is American Fenders produced in the 90's were found in a case similar to that one.
  4. So it turns out the Russian Etsy seller updated his sticker set: The inaccuracies are still insanely noticeable. The one that gets me the most is the subtitle on the Short Lived sticker says ‘TOUR OF DUTY ‘97”, not ‘92.
  5. One of the best! When I played in my last band, we tried doing a ska-ish rendition of this song.
  6. Since it has become apparent to me almost all of the photos in this thread are invisible due to dead links; If anyone is in need of said photos for any reason, I can send them to you as I saved them throughout our postings. Also we need to move everything that is not Sticker Strat related into new or existing threads.
  7. I think all Strats are great. I was simply observing that for smaller bands its interesting to see American Strats being used more commonly at the time. I also think it shows everyone worked their asses off to get good gear.
  8. I'm a little surprised everyone used American Standard Strats back then as opposed to the Mexican made Strats. Also we should seriously consider moving everything that is not about Tom's Strat into separate threads (Les Paul stuff, the Homegrown guitars)
  9. Q182

    Pulley, the band

    I need to add them to my rotation. Doesn’t Rob from Strung Out play in that band?
  10. Basically the punk rock supergroup of the 90's. Original lineup was Scott Radinsky on vocals (formerly of Ten Foot Pole), Jim Cherry on guitar (original bassist for Strung Out, R.I.P.), Matt Riddle on bass (formerly of Face To Face, later of No Use For A Name), Mike Harder on guitar, and the legendary (to me) Jordan Burns (now formerly of Strung Out ☹️) on drums.
  11. Davey just nailed it on the head with that one. The only reason I like them is really Carter's fucking amazing. That's it. They only have not even a handful of decent songs.
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