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    court jones, brother of cam jones. while we are on the topic, here are some preliminary sketches he made: here's a scan of his **original** final pen and ink drawing used to create the graphic: and he also drew the trio as three bunnies for a 95/96 shirt design: his brother cam as roadie was on the back:
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    Quarantine Do you know what I mean? Running low on ice cream Stuck in this teenage dream (whoa oh, whoa oh) Wanna run, down to the skate park No fun, summertime lost its spark Covid, wanna buy a cool mask We're all teens, do you even have to ask? Met a girl, couldn't even kiss her Took a Xanax, so I wouldn't miss her We love, parties on the weekend Sit around, staring at the wall again Quarantine Do you know what I mean? I've looked at every meme Stuck in this teenage dream (whoa oh, whoa oh) There, I just wrote it for them California style!
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    Pretty Little Girl is a creepy enough song title; Pretty Little Girls is absolutely horrifying.
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    So you're saying they wanted to collaborate with matt but he just can't afford an audio interface and headphones so they have to leave him out... Yup, makes sense.... If they wanted to start writing songs together with matt, they could.
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    Just received the handwritten “Black Rain” lyrics from Skiba, all proceeds will go to the family of George Floyd. Details coming shortly.
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    Marks lower voice would sound so good along with Tom’s during that clip.
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    Still being a Star Wars fan after 2015? After they took something that was sorta cool and made it lame, formulaeic and plastic? Doesn't sound like something Feldmann would be into.
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    Skiba and Feldman saved the band. Forever grateful. Give it a couple more albums and Skiba is just as much “blink” as Tom. 🤘🏻
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    Zero of the problems I have with current blink have anything to do with Matt, and whenever Matt’s influence is more apparent (which is still far too rare) its a great thing. Matt is 100% a positive for blink. Losing Tom sucks but gaining Matt is nothing but good imo. The more of Matt we get the better blink-182 will be. It’s just sad that he’s underused. NINE was a great step in the right direction to me.
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    And What Is Up With The Insanely Long Song Titles That Go On And On Like They Think It's Fucking Clever Or Something When Actually It's Just Really Stupid?
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    I tried and couldn't find 12 I tolerate.
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    The real question is, who is ready to hear about some mutha fuckin' lasagna? (Work in progress, not out yet. But may drop Part 1 early!)
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    I love Matt ❤️
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    "classic blink" to feldman is california, so this is terrible news they might have well just replace matt with feldman if they're going to keep treating him like a touring musician
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    Dude, fuck off. I may not like the new blink but this was a cool ass thing for Skiba to do, and a cool ass thing for Ry to achieve, don't be an asshole. It's raising money for charity ffs
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    This is a great topic. I think there are valid arguments for both bands. It depends on exactly what you’re talking about when you say “cultural impact.” I feel like blink definitely had a bigger Impact on the fashion culture of the late 90s and early 2000s than Green Day ever did. Hurley exploded and all of a sudden everyone was wearing Dickies shorts. Also, I feel Blink spawned more blink ripoffs that ended up on the radio and even created a new sub genre (however you wanna label the early 2000 Emo crap) than Green Day ever did. I think with blink you heard a lot more shit get popular and you could hear their influence everywhere. I didn’t hear the rest of the music industry sounding like Green Day after Dookie or any of their records. So despite Green Day selling more records, I have to give the cultural shift and impact to blink.
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    Blink. Greenday are boring try hard cringey cunts.
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    Rejoin blink and make some nice progressive pop punk tunes. This UFO shit is retarded.
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    Thanks for listening! It’s up on the normal podcast platforms already, still working on YouTube. I’ll update this post with links and such shortly. Links: Spotify Apple Podcasts Stitcher Google Podcasts YouTube: Here are some of Davey's photos we are sharing for the first time! We will be sharing more throughout the next couple weeks on the blink182online social media accounts.
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    Transgender Dysphoria Blues has renewed my love for the band, I love it as much as I love Reinventing Axl Rose and Eternal Cowboy
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    Idk the guy could get an Uber or something. Fairplay if he doesn’t have a studio. However, to complete a whole song and get ready to release without ANY input from Matt at all, and for him not to have even heard it is still ...odd. Same as when Tom wouldn’t listen to masters or record in the same room. It’s not the sign of a healthy band - or at least one where all the members have an equal stake Lack of Matt’s involvement/influence in their two bodies of work so far, is a fair criticism of this version of blink . It’s not a criticism of Matt, the more involved he is, the better the band would be. No ones SpEAkInG in CaPS and wondering why he isn’t the ‘leader’. If you write off genuine, reasonable and evidence based criticism as being dumb then you’re just adopting suPeR bLinK rose tinted lenses. It’s literally come from Mark’s mouth. I don’t really know how it could be made more clear
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    Is this true??? Hope he is joking
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    Fuck, it's all gone while I took a nap before work. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Anyways, just popping in to say my 14-year old kid told me yesterday his favorite blink album is Dude Ranch. That's even more punk than me (Untitled is my favorite). My work here is done.
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    Matt is one of my favourite musicians and songwriters, so him stepping into blink when Tom was being a loon was a dream come true... And then his abilities were completely silenced. There's been very few moments on the two records with him that sound like him and even then they're not him at his best... Or even at his middle. I thought maybe it was him getting older and losing the magic like Mark has but then ITTC came out and he knocked it out of the park. So it just confirmed that he's not being treated as a full writing partner and then with Nine they literally just hired that in, despite having an amazing songwriter in their ranks. It's like getting a mcdonalds while a good chef is literally standing in your kitchen. I think we'd have the exact same result regardless of who they put in his position, the only saving grace is his voice - which honestly is much better than Marks at this point, and even then they were mostly pulling him out to yell like a banshee. Yes, blink was blink with Tom - but blink without Tom didn't need to be this bad and torturously soulless. They could've actually written songs with Skiba as just the 3 of them alone in a room, who cares if it sounded like Alk 44? It would've been better than this, and it would've been real.
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    Five years? That's crazy. It's sad really, my interest in the output of the band has diminished greatly. I was excited for Cali, it had some moments but I saw it was just a forced grab at what they thought the 'golden days' of blink were, it wasn't authentic. I know how good a songwriter Matt is, and it's clear to me they have him in some sort of restricted capacity. Lyrically him and Mark are powerhouses of the scene but, it just hasn't worked out that way. Big shoes to fill, all credit to Matt for taking it on. I have nothing but love for the guy. However, I realise what make's blink blink - isn't singing about summer or California, it was in the dynamic and friendship between Mark and Tom, no matter how damaged it got
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    Can we just agree that both bands appealed to different people. You had a cultural phenomenon in American Pie using blink and their music for all the cool kids And then I’d imagined some geeky, incel chess playing cunt movie would use Greenday to appease all the smelly virgins with no friends hence Speedo, Diddy shitcunt and the likes choosing Greenday.
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    i actually find the lyrics on neighborhoods to be, for the most part, pretty on-point as adulting songwriting. which is why i return to that album more often than others. also when your heart stops beating. which is why i think that's such a great album; best thing mark ever wrote. so genuine, so adult.
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    Greenday are proper virgin music for incels. Where as I see Blink as the more cool fuck boy band that gets all the girls. If they both went to a party, Greenday would be the little scruffy smelly cunt in the corner bitching and moaning about people having fun and Blink would be Steve Stifler, finger blasting girls in the toilets, licking alcohol off the popular girls cleavage etc yeah something like that
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    Agree with this so much. There's no denying Green Day are a bigger band with a bigger fanbase but blink made a huge impact, not just with influencing bands and artists of all different genres, but in things like fashion too. Hell, blink were in one of the most famous movie scenes of the 90's. They're still influencing memes on Facebook and shit like that too. You also have to remember that all three members of the classic blink line up are well known and distinctive in their own ways. People love the second verse of I Miss You cause of Tom's voice. They know that voice as soon as he sings the opening lyric of ATST. Travis Barker is probably the most famous drummer in modern music. And let's not forget about all the recent pop punk bands, rappers and some pop artists wanting Mark to feature on their songs. From Green Day, only Billie Joe is that recognisable IMO. But most older listeners won't really credit blink as much as Green Day. Green Day are basically what Foo Fighters are. They're dad rock. Most older people still associate blink with being in high school and shit like that, yet they haven't really given the smiley face album a listen. I once convinced my next door neighbour to listen to the smiley face album and he thought blink was some band that gets played in gay bars or something. He thought they were basically like Busted were or what One Direction have been for the past 5-10 years. He gave the smiley face album a listen and was actually shocked. Still he wasn't keen on Tom's voice, but that's a different topic. But this is a guy that loves the typical dad rock bands like Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, AC/DC and shit like that. He likes Green Day too. Green Day also weren't an influence on blink either IMO. Just because Mark wore a Green Day shirt, doesn't mean they were an influence. The biggest influences were Descendents, the Cure and Fugazi. I'd even argue U2 and Beach Boys have more credit in their influence on blink. Blink would've still been a band in the early 90's with or without Green Day, so I wouldn't even give that a reason for having a bigger impact either. Green Day set the punk rock scene of the 90's to a bigger motion. They brought it to the mainstream with their Dookie album. You could argue that without the Offspring's Smash and Green Day's Dookie, if blink would be around for as long as they have been. But the punk rock scene was already on the rise. It already had a massive following in California. If there was no Green Day or the Offspring, it would've been another punk rock band in their shoes IMO. Still, Green Day can take credit for helping to shape the punk rock scene to a bigger audience but blink still made the bigger cultural impact I think.
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    sorry, it's a personal item and i do not want its image online. we have the recording of me reading it which is sufficient.
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    Green Day has done it twice. Dookie & A.I. Blink did it with Enema for sure.
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    this image will forever be burned into my memory of this era of Tom and I don’t know if ill ever get over it. Combine this with the statements he was making and fuck me.
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    View from below and Rebel girl are basically the same song, i agree
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    Doesn't sound necessarily exciting, just same old AVA... The issue with this band is that Tom’s voice isn’t that dynamic, kinda sounds the same in every song. Being the only vocalist in the band, that’s a problem. The same applies to his guitar work. It all sounds so similar, nothing interesting going on. Then, to cover that up, he uses spaceship special FX sounds. Which ironically seems the only thing he likes to experiment with.
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    I think a big part of what made Blink stand apart from all the other pop punk bands of the era was Travis. Most bands you could swap their drummers, including Scott, and never know the difference. Travis added a big layer to Blinks sound with EOTS that it just didn't have before.
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    That sounds cool but he's gotta stop describing stuff as a journey.
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    Yeah i was watching his stream when he answered. I get the social distancing thing but you can't tell me Skiba doesn't have a computer at his house where he too could work remotely or listen to songs.
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    That's how I roll too @daveyjones
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    Seeing them play Fentoozler live has to be the highlight of that insane rare footage wow 😮 Don't think I've seen other footage of them playing that song! Also totally dug that nice little slow intro before Peggy Sue, that was so freaking cool!
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    It matters to me. Most of the music I connect with is about the meaning to the songs, if they're disingenuous or someone else's words it genuinely ruins or taints the music for me.
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    Great part 1. Hopefully Mark listens and releases the damn DR demos! Great shout out advocating for a DR anniversary dual disc release. Totally related to the part toward the end when Davey talks about how when a band signed to a major back then, everyone was all "ok fuck this band now. Fucking sell outs". That happened way too much back then. I remember that all too well. I never bought into that shit. If I liked a band, I liked them. But it definitely went on. Looking forward to part 2.
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    growing up with Paramore and not enjoying them until this album renders my experience with it different. but like Kay said, i’d consider giving it another go for the reasons she cited. do you tend to listen to and enjoy music whose band members are in your gender and age demographic? not being able to get past listening to Paramore because Hayley Williams was a young girl once is kinda weird to me.
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    $2,881 raised for the family of George Floyd. Winner will be picked this evening.
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    I'm very late to the party because I wasn't sure I could add anything more that hasn't being said, but we all know what Dookie means for the punk scene and what it set in motion. Green Day helped paved the way for punk rock music to be popular in 1994, and then, 10 years later, they dropped another bomb which was a great exploration and reflection on the larger cultural impact of 9/11 without meaning to be. At the time, American Idiot's message seemed simple, but it really captured the state of the world. However, it's hard to argue against blink being one of the most influential bands ever. Culturally, I guess you could say that Green Day had the biggest cultural impact and people know them more than blink + GD were trend setters, but I think blink, which would have never had the success they had without Green Day having paved the way, were more genre definers because their style became iconic, was copied by many bands and has influenced (and still influences) many more.
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    Since Matt just posted this, I’m extending the entries through today (Monday). Winner will be picked tomorrow night on my IG live. We have raised over 2k for the family of George Floyd!
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    I still smuggle beers on my nutsack these days (especially at music festivals where the price of beer is ridiculously expensive). Not very pleasant for my balls as the cans are usually freezing but it's definitely worth it 🍻.
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