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    Single old man trying to tell people in happy relationships how relationships should be
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    On NINE they did a good job differentiating the two. On Cali it was like Burger King vs apples, same thing. Nine was like Burger King vs homemade chilli, huge difference.
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    Mutt. Would have never thought people start voting Adams Song this early. It‘s the best song Mark has ever written IMO. Also the guitar intro is so iconic that they made a whole double album based on it 17 years later.
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    Phew, Crisis averted, it was wrapped really well. I love it. Something about signed Vinyl......so nice. Thanks again for your help and info on this Ry Bread
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    Went back and listened to a good chunk of California and Nine today. Nine stayed about the same, really enjoyed it for what it was but still kind of off and California still just didn't click much for me. It's okay enough but never a go to and then I realized I kind of just always liked Tom's vocals. I miss his voice in Blink. Now, I know he was shit live and I know his vocal style changed a bit over the years but on record you always knew it was Tom, his voice was unique and for that he has always been a singer I clicked with. I think that's the main reason I never went fanboy over the new stuff.
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    honestly i just went back and ran through this entire album, and the entire record rips.
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    This is the second year in a row they’ve both been at the same resort this time of year, is this the agreed upon secret location for Mark to hand Tom the annual royalty check? Safer in person? Lol
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    Spare me the moral high road bullshit. You've wandered into a Tom Delonge thread 773 pages long on a Blink-182online forum. What do you expect we talk about here?
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    Imagine that bitch in the kitchen without my last name!
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    Oliver I have been laughing at your posts for years now, I'm convinced you are going to reveal yourself as some decades long prank.
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    So I'm putting together a "Top 10 blink Autographs" of some sort based on rareness/value, and found very quickly I need some ground rules... I am thinking: 1. Must be signed by the full band (I am again realizing just how incredibly rare it is to see full band signed stuff from these time periods!) 2. Must be signed in the correct time period 3. Must be blink (may have to do another "side projects" top 10 at some point) I have narrowed it down to the 10 I believe I am going to use, these would just be based on examples I have seen and documented over the years. (I.e. not owned by me or just people here) Debating on spinning up a new thread, so that I could potentially link it on social media as a "blog/article" or the best way to approach. It's also something that may be interesting to revisit each year as new examples get discovered. One thing that surprised me, I do not have ONE example of a full band signed "Buddha" or "Short Bus"...which obviously would've taken the crown. WOW!
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    he seems pretty happy in general lately. When I saw him on the EOTS anniversary shows he was smiling and interacting with the crowd constantly; looked like he was really happy. Good stuff.
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    Someone asked him on Instagram: why did the sound guy put Tom's voice in the mix? And he said: I'm not the sound guy 😂
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    So many people are trying to convince everyone that Rise of Skywalker is a bad movie, it is ridiculous. Going through all the plot holes, telling us how it has lower audience scores, not making as much money as other movies etc. Honestly, who gives a shit. It's not a perfect movie but it is entertaining and enjoyable to watch, which is the only thing I care about.
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    Literally just the other day acknowledged that he was skinny fat
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    I commend anyone here who isn’t wasting their time making delusions in your mind about someone you don’t know and will never know most likely. Anyone else who is feeding in this new girl or him cheating, there’s plenty of spots open over at the ava movement.
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    Stop using the backing tracks period. They don't need it, never have. If they want more guitars, then do it how it supposed to and add a touring guitarist behind the amplifiers, he can even add backing vocals.
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    They definitely do. As much as I love skibas singing Mark and Tom definitely complimented each other better. I’m glad they let Skiba sound like Skiba on Nine though. His voice works a hell of a lot better on Nine then Cali.
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    Jesus did I throw this much of a bitch fit about Kaleidoscope as Diddy is for RA? If so I'm sorry everyone lol
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    It's pretty much a guarantee a new artist will not own their music when they first sign. I can't think of a single up and coming band that ever has signed their first big label deal and retained their rights, from what I understand (a very limited understanding at that) is that its a make or break decision. You either sign away your ownership or or you don't sign anything at all.
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    Tombots like to look at Tom is a vacuum. Any one thing that he does isn't necessarily inductive of an issue. But when those things are combined together..... Maybe selling your entire catalog might not necessarily be an issue, but selling your catalog with financials that show his companies are money losers, while dealing with a divorce, while trying to make a living stalking the white house, while disappearing after his disaster interview with Joe Rogan, while freaking out saying he is still in Blink, ...... Tombots can't ever look at the bigger picture, because it would prove that the guy is a fruit loop.
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    He is liquidating a substantial amount of assets. It's just hard to imagine him doing that unless it was "necessary".
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    Please Take Me Home It's so strange how two songs I never really think about are in the top 3. Reckless Abandon actually feels like it would be a worthy winner in my opinion, it's a pretty perfect summation of Blink 182 in this era.
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    Alright, I've still only seen this movie once. Just bought a ticket to see it again tomorrow, finally. The holidays were great, but they were hectic, so I haven't been able to see it a second time yet! I just know that I enjoyed The Last Jedi a lot more the second time I saw it and I'm hoping the same will happen for this movie. I liked it the first time but my feelings about it are still kind of all over the place. This is the last SW in theaters for a few years and I definitely want to see it a few times while I still can. I still get so hyped every time I see "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..." pop up on a movie theater screen, even though over the last five years I've seen that plenty of times at this point.
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    Hi there. I'm curious about anyone who has met or had VIP experiences with blink 182. I have met them twice. First time was amazing. Second time not so much.
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    next time mark does a Q&A we need to get an answer to his Hallucinations remix
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    So I already discussed this with Ry Bread.....but I now own this amazing piece. So very rare to have any album signed by the original lineup, but to have vinyl? Could be the only one or one of a few. Its a shame it is dedicated to someone. But I will get over it.
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    Yawn....lies. "Mr Goldman". Has also been known to go by..... Mr Ebayscamkiller. I swear these forgers have no limits on what they will do. Its scary. I am curious how he will adjust his fake posters now though. Banned.
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    The signatures tell the story. That’s all you have to know. Doesn’t matter what COA it comes with, how much 100% feedback they have, the description of how the person was bff’s with Mark, how quickly they sign items at show, etc. None of that matters, at all. And the way you have come in, is a classic example of one of the sellers getting wind of their items being scrutinized and popping in to try and “disprove” the experts. It’s happened to me plenty of times and sadly makes me hesitant to help people. (Esp brand new accounts). So if that is your game here, I won’t be responding. The information I have laid out here is free and voluntary, everyone can make their own decisions based off of it.
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    It's a fucking lovely song tbf, probably the most romantic blink chorus.
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    Dumpweed is iconic, GATC is one of my faves and Dystenary is like, peak funny / real song blink.
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    diddy is gonna have a meltdown Man overboard
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    I’m just wondering why there was even a Tom backing track in the first place, regardless if anybody could hear it or not.
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    I went and picked up DBZ Kakarot today. Really fun. So awesome to have a dbz game that isn’t just pick a character and fight. It’s a full on RPG. Not fully open world but huge areas to explore. Collectables. Side quests. Collectables. FISHING. Fight me all you want but fishing mini games are the ultimate comfy addition to any game. Id definitely recommend if your into dbz at all.
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    Adam’s Song. And just for the sake of argument...it would be silly if Man Overboard wins. It would be the “best song from Enema” without actually being on Enema lol
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    Life’s so boring. Has to go first like Champ said, not even a finished or official song. Didn’t have lyrics. Get it outta hereeeee
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    Ffs Reckless Abandon, how the fuck is it still there.
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    I'm not sad Anthem 2 went, but can we admit it's one of the best instrumentals? Song doesn't age well but if it wasn't an Anthem song it'd be up there.
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    @Thibaut182 that poster was under consideration (as was the DR poster/several rare t-shirts/etc) but just didn’t quite crack my Top 10 on overall mass appeal. It’s just really hard to beat a good ol’ signed album IMO. (Even though some stuff that didn’t make it may sell quite well) @Cheerios4u98 yeah I was thinking about that the other day again... If they ever release a Greatest Hits Volume 2, that would be ideal. I wish they had a Skiba era bunny or main logo, if so I am envisioning a custom made photo with like a timeline of the bunnies or logos that may be cool. But yeah, it’s tough...would almost have to be generic like a drumhead.
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    Anthem part 2 People voting for Online Songs, what in the actual fuck!
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    Hey I've been planning to post this for a long time. Here's a signed poster from Scott's band The Wraith. I bought this back in 2017 from their Bandcamp website. I'm upset about the wrinkles/lines but this poster is made of paper (still has the sticker and barcode on back lol) so being rolled up so long damaged it.
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    Dream Walker and onwards are better than all old AVA as far as I'm concerned, if the album comes out in 2020 and there's a handful of alright songs on it I'll be over the freakin' moon lol
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