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    We’re famous. Sorry to spam this but you guys have to listen to this, it’s exactly what I hoped to do for us and hopefully just the beginning!
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    Wow Trav just dropped a drum video of “What Went Wrong”, love that song!
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    Found this on Instagram today. Downloaded the video from Instagram and put it up on YouTube. It's definitely a demo of Josie just not sure if it's from the Dude Ranch demos recorded with Warren Fitzgerald or not. I'm inclined to think it is. https://youtu.be/oel40YzHm2s
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    Alright we’re submitted, fingers crossed!
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    Made some blink records on acpatterns.com lol neighborhoods was impossible to recreate so I stopped at untitled. @Ry-Bread, don’t know if this is worth sharing on the Twitter account or not but I figured I’d let you see it. I know Mark loves Animal Crossing!
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    Alright, took a few weeks but Atom was kind enough to reply to some of our questions. He preferred to type them out instead of hopping on a call, so will list the questions and his answer below. (We can move this thread to side bands soon, but want people to see it?) Funny thing, we are now known to him as #TheCommunity LOL... Thanks to those who sent in questions, it's short and sweet, but obviously very cool of him to do... enjoy! At what age did you start drumming? Who do you credit as getting you started? “I was 4. Parents got me a kit for Xmas after I was banging on pots and shit around the house.” How did you initially get involved with AVA? “Tom called me and said hey I’m starting a new band do you wanna be in it” Favorite AVA memories? “I have never laughed so hard, or for so long than those times with Matt and David making the videos for Modlife” Do you stay in touch with Tom/David/Matt? “Yes” Favorite AVA song? Fav AVA song to play live? “I loved so many…you can’t make me choose!!! Call to arms and breathe and flight of Apollo and…” Were there any wild AVA ideas that the band told Tom NO to? “always. He wanted us to descend from the ceiling.” During Love 2, did you get the vibe that the songs were beginning to sound too similar to previous songs? “we were working on that record at separate times, often not in the studio together… it was a different thing.” Ketamine for Breakfast drum cover was awesome, can we expect any new drum covers coming soon? “thanks…yeah I should do more of those” Any plans for another theHELL EP? “I have lots of songs for a 3rd ep but scheduling is harrrrd” Difference between playing in Against Me! vs. AVA? “angels was all about trying to recreate the records as closely as possible, AM! is all about crowd to band interaction and the level of that determines the direction of the shows.’ Are you able to give any update on the new AM! album? “working on it now” Advice for upcoming artists? “don’t be afraid to be inspired directly by someone or something, just be sure what you make is unmistakably yours.”
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    This is just heartwarming
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    This is fucking hilarious
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    David Goldman interview complete, takes us into the room for the EOTS cover photo shoot...just so cool.
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    I just watched the Ilan q and a and it confuses me how he could be that out of the loop. He says he has straight up no idea what’s going on with the angels and airwaves album and that it’s frustrating to work with Tom and he has no idea what he’s up to right now. Tom is posting recording the album in the studio on Instagram multiple times a week for the last couple months with his own brother and youre the only other member besides Tom in the band. How do you have no idea what’s going on with the album? Even if Tom’s taking the lead and doing this album by himself for the most part, he’s still recording everyday with Ilan’s brother so how do you still have no idea what’s going on?
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    I was excited for Mark to do a collaboration album with a woman - seemed super different at the time, but didn't care too much when it was changed until it was actually released. I adore Make You Smile and I would've been much happier with an album of trading vocals like that, someone to truly contrast Mark's morose monotone thing. can you imagine Lillian or Chapter 13 with some layered Carol Vox? I'd be all over that shit.
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    Man of his word! I didn't realize when we were recording that it was actually number 182, I thought it was just out of /182...so was shocked when it arrived!
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    oh oh oh, ask Chris if he knows ANYTHING about the blinkumentary @Ry-Bread
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    i think having all these awesome guests on builds credibility and before we know it mark tom and travis will be more than happy to come onto the podcast. great job ry! keep killin it !
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    So I’ve just been down a nostalgia trip on YouTube looking at all old videos, performances etc and I have to say that without a single doubt there is not a thing past or present in regards to blink-182 that comes close to being as cringe as this. I fucking love wdntw but 2006 Tom was just a joke.
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    Thank you so much for posting this 😃Of course it would be a Taylor Steele's surf video given his close link with Blink ! The clip is from Taylor Steele's "Drifting" from 1996. Here is the full surf video (with Josie at 36:18) Also in the credits written as : BLINK-182 "Josie" Cargo/Way Cool Music
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    I don’t really listen to it. Nine still isn’t amazing but it’s respectable and there’s a lot of good ideas there like they actually put effort into it. The lows are really low though. All nine did for me was confirm how much of a joke California is. That album is absolute manufactured garbage.
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    Chris Holmes on Thurs.
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    Gotta say I really admire the positivity Tom is taking on Twitter. Not much of it going around...
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    Have you never been on this forum before? All we do is talk shit about their lives based on absolutely nothing.
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    American Reunion was indeed very enjoyable
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    155 still, then this gets terribly difficult. Btw have an interview lined up with Chris Holmes and cannot wait to dive into this +44 era, the switch from Carol/“electronic”, any major song transformations, most difficult songs, anything cut, etc.
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    Major new AVA tease:
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    @Ry-Bread i feel like i'd have so many questions for chris holmes but he probably wouldn't answer any of them publicly on a podcast. 1. id really just like to know what the fuck happened with his relationship to mark. they were insanely close and practically creative partners from 2005-2015. why did they part ways? 2. +44 cancelled an entire european tour to record a second album which never came out. what's the story behind that and how did he feel about the band ending when he put so much of his own effort in to it? 3. how does he feel about the production of mark's music now? chris and mark got super creative with analogue equipment and now it's an entirely digital workflow with feldmann. 4. ask if he has any cool stories about how he got involved with mark/+44 and what is was like in the studio. it was a super long process. 5. what happened with nothing and nobody? was it even a real thing?
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    If you have questions for Christopher Holmes, let's hear them Tagging some folks who may not check this thread, as this is huge (and I'm trying to keep this stuff exclusive to this thread)... @boxelder @Kay @daveyjones @Ghent @JarJarBlinks @_Kyle_ @Patient #48273
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    I love a good blink binge on YouTube or Spotify. I don’t really care for the band anymore. It’s not the band I loved growing up but still my fave band ever and that will never change.
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    There's also the point of spreading out limited content. There isn't a lot going on in Blink-land right now, so he's creating content to talk about by doing these interviews. But if Ry does one episode for each of these interviews instead of splitting them into two episodes, he'll naturally run out of people connected to Blink history to interview and end up having to fill episodes with like "Oliver's greatest tall tales" or something. I think he's doing it the right way, especially starting it up during a Blink lull. Keep it up @Ry-Bread!
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    I had several people reach out saying they couldn't wait for Part 2 of the MrTsurt interview which is exactly what I was hoping for...so at this point as I try to build this thing, that feedback means more to me than Corndog's "I don't even listen to your podcast but here's what you should do." We'll see how it goes, if I start making Joe Rogan money I'll do 5 hour episodes.
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    Hey everyone! Long time lurker (10+ years) here. I finally signed up cause I was so impressed with @Ry-Bread’s podcast. So rad! When’s the next episode out?
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    If a group of us want to try and get in together. We could get a bunch of us, like 8 if we could, and all download the Houseparty mobile app, jump on like we’re having a webcam party and just do a screen recording? Have everyone wear a blink shirt, drink in your hand or a guitar or whatever. Just make it look like we’re all having a good time whilst social distancing in isolation. check video at 1:10 - 1:14 to see what it looks like with 8 people on screen. Screen recording on a mobile would make it a vertical video too. Thoughts?
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    they specifically want you to submit VERTICAL video. why in the hell.
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    I needed this today. Made me smile big.
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    Devoe: example when he first started seeing signs of tension.... unhealthy competition as far back as TOYPAJ as marks liner notes hint at? or was it really Boxcar that did it? was it there (or temporarily buried) during Untitled recordings? Or really the Untitled tour that did it? i think a tasteful way of asking what we all want to know is something along the lines of "regaeding the blink breakup, we all have heard Tom's version (his Start the Machine docu, etc), and we've all heard Mark's version, what was your prespective of it and where does it fall between those 2?" (Same question for both break-ups) Providing both flag poles as references, allows him to plant his marker somewhere inbetween the 2 without feeling guilty about outing anyone. Followups id be interested in- did he see either of them coming, or caught off guard? Did he try to calm parties down and talk them out of it? Anywhere along the line, was there any attempts by him to bring them back together that we dont know about? What was his prespective of the 2009 reunion- which band memeber was most wanting it? Which member was most resistant? Examples of how was the tension visable to him?(ie: where certain members refusing to talk, be in same room, tour travels and dressings rooms ackwards? Or did ackwardness only become apparent once studio recording was tried? How soon did it become obvious the recording could not be done together? Asking him "can you clear things up and provide ur presepctive of the parting of way with Tom as manager" is a tasteful way of asking him an ackward question
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    Wow some cool insight from Rick DeVoe on this podcast, first blink talk around ~33:45, Scott/Travis talk around 48:00, Tom/BCR talk 58:00 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/rick-devoe-manager/id1367830700?i=1000468747684 He said they were having issues with Scott (also told a story prior to this where he mentioned Scott had been drinking too much) and Tom came to him and said "We need Travis Barker in this band."
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    This would be a really great time for Blink to release some of the extra songs they've been promising and it'd be some pretty great publicity too. @Ry-Bread, send a tweet.
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    baby come on voted out? i'm out. this is blasphemy
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    I honestly don’t know if Kiss & Tell can be topped. I think now that some time has passed I’d go so far as to say it’s one of the best AVA songs of all time.
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    I really do wonder how good this album would’ve turned out had Carol stuck around. The album is a masterpiece of course but it would’ve been really cool to hear what Carol could’ve brought to the table. Even the chorus in this version of cliff diving, even though it’s basically the exact same sounds a lot more interesting having Mark harmonise with Carol.
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    This is an amazing piece, wish I had $1,500 to blow...
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    @Tom Bot yeah obviously Tom/Mark/Scott/Trav/Matt would be amazing but that’ll be *very* tough, which is why I am kinda building this stuff up slowly and gaining credibility. I do think I’ll have a decent shot with one of them somehow at some point if I keep it up. (Likely will have best chance with Mark/Trav IMO)
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    How did Blink make the connection with Janine for the album cover ? (apparently the band didn't know that she was a pornstar) Was the album cover always going to be the one with the nurse on it with the gloves ? Or were there some alternate ones that they didn't chose to use ? What does he think about the fact that this album cover is now considered iconic ? And that it screams late 90s nostalgia in the pop punk scene ? Regarding the inside sleeve of the album (the one with Blink queuing with other people for the nurse), who are the other people with them ? Close friend of the band or just hired models ? Don't know if I'm right, I think the person next to Mark and Travis in the first picture is the guy in the Josie video that gets the letter as well as being in the ambulance with Mark, I maybe wrong though. Were there any official merch with the nurse cover on the front ?
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    It’s great hey? Every now and again I’ll just settle in for a whole night of nostalgia and watch anything blink related. All this old mtv specials. Urethra chronicles. Riding in vans with boys. Whatever. Always a great time.
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    This is legit the best Green Day related release in years. Have always loved this song, be it the original Tommy James and the Shondells version or even the Tiffany version, that song is the shit. Billie Joe version is incredibly satisfying to me.
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    What can I say, we’re a country of sick cunts!
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    Cool to see the comparison between some 98' pieces. So mine was Jan 1998, with Tom still doing his original "T", originally I had noted Oliver's DR promo vinyl as September 1997, or Feb 1998 given the area it was from and when blink was there. Given the timestamp of mine, I am leaning towards the Feb 1998 date, and Tom transitioning his "T". By the end of 1998, Tom was signing "Tom Blink" like the one below (my copy as well):
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    I took these pictures myself with a disposable camera on Sunday, May 6th, 2001 at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA. It was the 2001 Honda Civic Tour. Sum 41 was the first opener and Alkaline Trio was the second opener. I've been a fan of blink since '96, but was never able to see them live until this day due to my age (12 years old in 1996) and the fact the closest they ever came to me was Philadelphia. I wasn't old enough to get to a show in Philly until this one. Ironically, they played the large amphitheater where I live two months after this show for the summer TOYPAJ tour in support of that album's release. So after going 5 years of never seeing them live, I saw them twice in two months. This show, due to the venue size, was the best the blink show I've been to. The other great one was at the TLA in Philly, December 2003. It was the DollaBill tour. Only paid a buck for my ticket, got one of Tom's picks during the set (which I still have), and the venue was pretty small. blink‐182 Setlist Live at Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA, USA Sunday, May 06, 2001 Tour: Honda Civic Tour 2001 Tour Opening Acts: Sum 41 and Alkaline Trio Setlist 1. Don't Leave Me 2. Aliens Exist 3. Dumpweed 4. Going Away to College 5. Dick Lips 6. Family Reunion 7. Untitled 8. What's My Age Again? 9. The Rock Show 10. Adam's Song 11. Peggy Sue 12. Pathetic 13. The Blow Job Song 14. First Date 15. Stay Together for the Kids 16. Mutt 17. All the Small Things 18. When You Fucked Grandpa 19. Carousel 20. Feels So Good (The Country Song) 21. Dammit Flickr Album - blink-182 Live 2001 Honda Civic Tour The Electric Factory Philadelphia PA Sunday May 6th 2001 AFAIK, two of the pics are the only pics with Tom playing his custom shop yellow baritone Stratocaster. It was only played for "Adam's Song". I sent the pics of him playing the yellow strat to Brian Wallace, who currently owns that actual guitar. He's going to display the pics with his guitar. Him owning the guitar and mentioning there are no pics of it, led me to go buy a scanner and finally scan these pictures after 19 years of them sitting in my house. I'm sharing them here to help make this community better. More sharing and less hostile competition as to who's really the "#1" fan. If these are the only "decent" pics of his yellow strat, I'm happy to share them with the community. I realize the quality isn't the best, but remember I was 17 years old at the time and a disposable camera was all I had. I'm also going to start a thread where I'll share high res scans of the blink stickers I own that are long out of print. That way people can print their own stickers if they can't find them to buy anymore.
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    he's not shy. he's probably just embarrassed by what's become of his life.
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