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    I wrote a piece comparable to Beethoven's ninth yesterday. Too bad no one gets to hear it, because I don't have an orchestra.
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    Just got out of soundcheck, was soooo dope. Mark wanted to play Man Overboard but Matt didn’t remember it lol, played Mutt, I miss you, then First Date acoustic twice (they were going to play it tonight) but Matt was struggling and they went back and played Down and are going to that. Mark said album title is confirmed now, and is NOT one of the three they talked about the other day. GD was indeed originally 3 minutes, he said the first half was like a Beatles ballad that ended with the current GD and they just didn’t like it all together. I gave Mark all the cards at soundcheck, he fucking handed me the bass he recorded EOTS with to take pix with. Only my buddy and I got a pic and he asked for it back. (My buddy has this all on video). Also got my SC album signed at soundcheck, waiting in line for pix now. Will have more later.
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    No wonder Mark is looking forward to playing it live. Gonna replace a 4 minute + song with this to get off stage quicker.
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    New song coming, has nine writers.
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    I’d believe it
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    Ok here's some of the pix: Soundcheck Mark was just chillin for at least 10-15 minutes before anyone else came. He sat here and talked and answered pretty much every question/request: Skiba/Trav at soundcheck: Trav chillin at soundcheck (I actually was scared I was going to get spit on lmao) Showtime Neck Deep (they seriously crush it) Weezy (I was actually surprised that I didn't know ~70% of what he played. But the crowd was loving it, and it was crazy to see him smoke that fat blunt and remember words lol. His ice he's wearing is ridiculous up close, he even had it on his ankles/shoes.) Crowd during Weezy: Blink came on late (This is Skye in front of me, I talked with her a bit before the set and she actually gave me Trav's used drumstick after his solo due to this and my Simple Creatures shirt IMO) Horrible view I had: Trav solo: Skiba after the stage change: VIP pic (got it texted to me during the show which was super fast): The goodies:
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    They’re only doing this to sell tickets to their failing shows. Open your eyes blink bots. The timing, tone and placement of this post backs me up 100%. That neon smiley might aswell be a flashing “buy here” sign. Luckily I’ll be so busy GETTING LAID all day Monday for me to even notice this.
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    lol true. This one goes out to Oliver. I will make a video for Dammit and he can too so the people can speak. Haha, just having fun, and here is my first ever video posted to youtube lol:
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    This is my first post here but I’ve been lurking this board since BIOMY came out to catch other opinions from other Blink fans besides the reddit page... and holy shit did I stumble on a goldmine of entertainment. I assume you’ve all be here since before the reunion with Tom, for the most part at least. I bring this up because i think it factors into what’s at play in this Oliver music situation. You’ve all lived in and communicated in this bubble for so long that even truthful comments from other members gets taken as trolling and hating for the sake of hating. I hope my opinion, from an outsider who has very little idea of the history of you guys can help this argument. Even though I know how it will end. this dude (Oliver) sabotaged himself on purpose from what I could tell. It’s 2019, you can take your iPhone and livestream whatever you want with extremely good quality. This dude decided to live stream with a webcam on par with the one used in the first American pie. Not only that, he blasted the sound of the guitar and mic so loud that you couldn’t hear a fucking thing or pick out a distinctive sound or even the faintest resemblance of whatever song he was attempting to play. This had to be by design. i give credit where it’s due, dude stepped up and did what he said he would (half assed albeit) I wouldn’t have the balls to go that far with it. The Seinfeld fan in me likens this situation to George taking his dead fiancés parents to his house in the Hampton’s that doesn’t exist just to see who will flinch first. anyway, it was a dreadful performance from what we could tell. Maybe it was better but the fucking gameboy he filmed it with prevented anyone from catching anything that remotely resembles talent. I don’t want to slam this dude because I’m new here (wouldn’t shock me if I get ban hammered) but he’s so fuxking delusional. He’s out here acting like he’s god because he stumbled through a queen solo for 25 seconds. Tom and Matt don’t need to film themselves playing queen riffs to justify their professional expertise. They have millions of sold records, sold out shows, and millions of dollars to justify how good they are. the original thread and this one is like a sociology experiment with a delusional person. It’s actually fascinating to be on the outside looking in because no sane person come to any conclusion that he has. i don’t even know what else to say but it’s just like sad almost. Hopefully I don’t get banned and we can all talk Blink together in the future. I’m not a “Skiba bot “ by any means. I’m on the team of wanting Tom back. But I just caught them at the holmdel nj show it it exceeded expectations. comparing both performances I saw in the past week or so. Skiba destroyed Oliver . End of story. inb4 I don’t play guitar or whatever the fuck the excuse for why my opinion is wrong is.
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    Watching, waiting, commiserating.
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    Oliver, since you can only talk in cocky nonesense I'll try this in a way you can understand - I have been performing solo on stage since I was 12 years old. 18 years experience of being on stage all over Wales and in parts of the UK. I supported Killing For Company the same year they opened for The Who, I've played with Eurovision Song Contest semi finalists, I've supported bands that are doing damn well for themselves now (Milk Teeth and Dream State are the first that come to mind) I've gone through to semi finals on a few competitions, one of which I took a bus of 20 people to London for. I've been in two gigging bands and cannot remember how many shows I performed with the first one. I have been in professional studios and I have also recorded myself up against a knackered fridge in someones drug stained front room. I've performed on the back of lorries, at picnics, at tattoo conventions, at weddings, at dingy rock pubs, and completely un-mic'd on a theatre stage. I don't consider myself successful in any measure musically but if there is one thing I'm sure of without a single doubt, is that performing in a room on your own cannot be compared to performing on stage. I have done both for more than half of my life, which makes me feel my opinion is somewhat valid on the subject. You can tell yourself whatever you like, and LOL in as many variations and capitals as you want, but from the way you've spoken about your musical journey I'm going to assume I have more experience in this area than you, and I am flat out telling you it isn't the same and I think every actually gigging musician would tell you the same. I definitely think Skiba is replaceable, but I think his job isn't as easy and doable as you think it is, and I don't think you'll be able to prove to anyone that you yourself could replace him.
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    I'm sure you've deleted the post by now, but you LITERALLY made a post calling Matt unprofessional, said Mark needs vocal coaching because he sounds like shit, said Feldmann is controlling the band, said their live show sucks, etc. Now it's fine to have that opinion, but to switch to talking shit on fans that say this stuff just to kiss up to Mark one year later? From hater account to ass kissing account? Just because you got unfollowed and melted down. C'mon, that is phoney. You're trying to get access to Mark, so you sold out your true opinions. Run whatever kind of fan account you want, but at least be authentic..
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    The worst part of this new era of blink is all these fucking YouTube videos of Cunts trying to make the new songs sound like the old songs. ”what ‘new song’ would sound like if it was recorded in 99” ”’’new song’ : punk version” Absolute cunts.
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    When Mark gives you a Hall Pass...
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    "This song goes out to Tom who is overtaking Area 51 in the near future"
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    Took the liberty of sending our boy Skiba a message congratulating him on his victory. The photo sent afterwards was of a first place trophy with his name and performance competition written on it.
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    Here is me with the band a few years ago, just to shut Oliver up
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    Lol yup, I want a hi-def version of that. I’m off for the 4th but have a ton of cool photos/videos to share. Here’s Mark handing me his bass:
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    Mark has Matt over at his house. Jack comes home, sees Matt, ignores him and walks straight to his room and starts blasting Angels and airwaves at full volume.
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    Now imagine how much better BIOMY would be if it were only like 30 seconds.
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    I like how people who have lurked for years and not felt the need to sign up have decided that they simply cannot let this ridiculous Oliver argument pass without making a comment about it.
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    Matt skiba once again proving how awesome he is. Good work @Ry-Bread
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    Imagine boasting that you can co-front blink-182, rage deleting your Dumpweed video that all 7 people who post here may see, and then getting pooped on by a masked Diddy the Faplord.
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    Ok, M&G all done now. It was behind schedule. Mark came out first, wearing Cure tee and shorts and sandles. People seemed too nervous to ask many questions. About half of them were people asking about the sandles- where u got them ("a little boutique...called amazon"), and if he was going to be wearing them for the show. Then matt walked up and sat down on the monitor, just like mark was, and joined in convo. They both said they feel run down, matt said lil wayne couldnt get into Canada, mark said he's seem the most healthy people in Toronto "everyone wears spandex and carries yoga mats n shit". Then travis walked out, emotionless (doesnt wave, make any eye contact, smile, etc) to a loud cheer and matt joked that we didnt cheer for him like that. Matt seemed super cool. Talkative, funny, comfortable, and when a fan said alkaline trio rules, he looked them right in the eyes and said 'thanks it means alot' really genuinely. Did Man Overboard, Aliens Exist, Mutt, and the sound guys wanted 1 more to get the mix, so they did I Miss You (joking that we got an extra long soundcheck). Then mark handed some picks to one person and told them to hand then out, and mark tossed 2 of travis's sticks into crowd (after travis had walked off). For pictures, i was #12 up and even thou i had a cd cover and pen in my pocket, decided to scrap that idea in favor of asking a unique question -cuz too many people in front of me were asking for autographs. The band was signing them, but i heard travis whisper 'when ur done with that sharpie throw it away' to matt. I shook skibas hand and told him i loved Crimson, then fistbumped travis, and shook marks hand. Stood inbetween mark and travis for picture and told them i flew from western canada just to meet them. Skiba wanted to engage with me more and asked where in Canada and when i said Edmonton, he said 'ohhh i was gonna guess Edmonton". Then i turned to travis and asked him whose his pick Mcgregor or Diaz in the trilogy fight. His stoic expression actually woke up and he took his time thinking about it. Finally settled on Diaz cuz he said he's friends with him. Skiba even jumped into the convo again amd piped up he picks Diaz as well. Then i fist bumped Mark one last time as i walked away. Then spent $370 CAN on merch, lol. That delayed me enough, that im standing 2nd row back from rail right inbetween travis and Mark spots
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    i think this review is really well-written and thoughtful, and summarizes how a lot of fans feel in a pretty apt way: https://www.popdust.com/blink-182-release-new-song-2639057795.html
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    I just saw that, pretty cool! Ok here's some of the clips I got from soundcheck. Apparently I should've filmed horizontally, sorry: Edit: Also apparently the thumbnail is me looking like an idiot
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    Couple people brought vinyl and funkos and a poster, but they have hall passes. And the lady said it’s annoying because they keep promising them stuff and then she gets in trouble and has to haul it all around lol. I decided to take my chances at soundcheck and not be awkward in photo op, Mark was out talking to us for like 20 minutes right in front of me. Gave him the cards which he remembered and I said “Mark you wanted me to bring these on Twitter, they’re custom blink baseball cards. It’s ok if you throw them in the trash.” and he remembered them and handed them to his bass tech and said “Put these on my stand.... or in the trash.” LOL. At the photo op he remembered me and told Travis “This guy made custom blink baseball cards.” And I kinda laughed and said “Just throw them in the trash.” And he said “No way!” Lol. It was cool, and they’re probably in the trash. I got a couple picks and my buddy got Trav’s used drumstick which is dope. It’s insane having Trav drum right in front of you, he’s ridiculous.
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    I just find it hysterical that people think the shit posting here is some passionate angry people constantly posting whilst spitting rage and boohooing in the corner just because blink doesn't sound the way they want them to. Do you know why I post here? I get bored, talking shit on the internet is entertaining, and blink is the only subject I'd choose if I had to go play mastermind. That's literally it, if this place closed tomorrow the overall impact it would have on my life would be minimal, I'd just end up spending more time on reddit to compensate. No one here is genuinely heart broken or furious or cry wanking over the current state of blink. it's old fans who are invested enough to continue checking the music out but continuously disappointed and like having a place to moan about it before wambling onto the next thread. No one gives anywhere near as much of a fuck as some clearly think they do.
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    You guys are so cool. Imagine Oliver in blink. Oliver “Hey mark and Travis I just totally wrote our next big hit. It only took me like 5 minutes to write it lyrics and all. It was so easy!” Mark and Travis “ sweet can we hear it?” Oliver “Well no, my amp isn’t currently as good as the previous guys, and my lyric sheet is crumpled a bit and I uh need new strings on my guitar. Uh, You guys would just say it’s shit right away anyway so I’m not going to show it to you. But I totally did write it and it was so easy!”
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    I think Blink needs to stop trying so hard. Mark and Travis are great producers and they're all great musicians. Neighborhoods, +44, and CTTM/MDL are all produced well enough. Instead they either keep trying to sound like basic pop-punk or do something drastically different that still feels soulless. They need to play to their strengths and make a good rock album. I don't care if it's produced like Enema or not - just do it tastefully and honestly. They can make great music if they just do what is organic. That is the most frustrating part as a fan following the Cali era.
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    Oliver has totally been googling how to tune a guitar every night this week
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    I'll sum it up for you:
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    I haven't played this song in ages, but thought id play the harder version. I tried to mix my guitar close to the speakers. It was first attempt and even made a mistake at one point. I cropped myself out because im fat and nobody needs to see that shit.
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    ^ blink board owner shitting on blink fans discussing their excitement about a blink tour on a blink forum. Can't make this stuff up. (And it should remind you of two years ago, when you had the same VIP package)
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    There were about 40 people for VIP.
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    This is hilarious:
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    Had to make 1 more variant for our dark lord and savior Matthew Skiba, as I felt bad giving him far less than Trav/Mark. Coming to an Indianapolis trashcan near you:
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    Was on serious pain killers back then, out of my mind clearly.
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    Now you see it: Now you don't:
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    are we really having a discussion on who is a real blink fan and who isn't? what afucking shitshow, felt so embarassed reading the last few pages of grown men defending their fandom for a band. grow the fuck up.
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    I couldn't tell much difference on iTunes really. Also noticed the "composer" credits are: Mark Hoppus, John Feldmann, Travis Barker, Matt Skiba, Benjamin Berger, Ryan McMahon & Ryan Rabin Never heard of the last half, but hilarious how many people it took to write 41 seconds.
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    @Donald Trump's Bulge A spot opened up for you ... you gotta nail this live feed, pal. First stop opener, last stop Blink 182.
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    On my way to see my favorite band in the world: LITTLE WAYNE
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