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  1. Yeah sweet. Will check it out later.
  2. So is he saying here that for this new album only 10 songs were written total and that’s what’s on the album rather than they just picked the 10 best from all the songs written? Sorry, don’t have time to listen right now and get the context here.
  3. nvm found it. Wont be anything big. Will be cool to hear the guys talk to each other again though.
  4. Whered you listen to him say it? I keep getting page not found on that insta link.
  5. The DLC is okay. It gives you easily the best boss fight in the entire game and getting the motorcycle is badass. It's more of the same though. You get some extra story elements and you refight the blights again before the big boss. I had fun with it but i loved the game so it was worth it for me.
  6. Is it bad i almost want to start another playthrough? I think once we get a release date for botw2 (E3 im looking at you) i'll probably fire up a new hard mode run.
  7. Holy shit thats so cool!
  8. https://everymac.com/systems/apple/imac/specs/imac-core-i5-2.3-21-inch-aluminum-mid-2017-specs.html might be a bit weaker than what you are after. We had no issues running pro tools or Logic Pro X on it. Although when recording we only ever recorded 2 mics at the same time and most of our sessions were in the 6-12 track range which had no issues when mixing/playback butI don’t know how well It would handle a full band session or recording an entire drum kit with 8 microphones at the same time.
  9. I got a 2017 model I’m selling. I’ll give ya mates rates.
  10. Angela anaconda is the fucking worst. I remember getting the Digimon movie on vhs as a kid and there was this mini Angela anaconda episode at the start and i hated it.
  11. Yeah this is why I never bought the whole “the album is only delayed because of Covid”. I watched an interview today where Tom said the album and movie would release right after New Year’s Day 2020 which would mean they would have to have both been finished before the US went into lockdown which obviously didn’t happen. Covid definitely delayed the eventually writing/recording of the album but it was delayed because of something else before that all happened.
  12. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more songs by one of your favourite artists. I enjoy the majority of the 30-40 songs blink has released these last few years. I wish there 30-40 Tom songs I could enjoy too. That would be amazing.
  13. I got pretty much exactly what I expected. But I had seriously hoped that Tom would just shock everyone and put a huge amount of effort into what he was doing for once which just left me feeling disappointed in him again. I’m sure the songs will still be good but that’ll in turn make me feel even more disappointed with how much more we could get if Tom went in 100%.
  14. What? Those are completely different things. I don’t care if the Ava songs are just Tom, Tom and Ilan or the whole band working on them. But they basically promoted themselves (again whether that’s just Tom or the whole band doesn’t matter) as working quite hard and writing a lot especially over the last 12 months and having it equate to actually not much and still using songs form 2+ years ago just seems like it’s laziness to me. I’ve said the exact same thing about Quarantine being on the next blink release many times and that’s only half as old as Rebel Girl so I don’t know why you’re
  15. They’ve been an active band during this recording process though so that excuse doesn’t really work.
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