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  1. Stop enjoying things guys! You're not allowed to like what I don't.
  2. 2.1m views on the video. Pretty crazy. Was 1.8 an hour ago.
  3. I think you might be right. Travis was probably just really enjoying the song and started singing along and they caught it on video and just kept it.
  4. Let’s hit the road, hit the road, hit the road…
  5. Congrats to them I guess? At least blink can still write a good song in 2023.
  6. they got my Mum swearing and on the verge of tears. 10/10 bangers confirmed.
  7. Okay finally caught up. I think I’ve listened to these songs 15 times each this morning. I’m in love with them. And this band. And these boards. That one hater can just fuck off for 24 hours. This is a blissful time.
  8. I’m up. Full of hype. Got 15 more pages to catch up on but just wanted to say I love these songs so much. There is a proper happiness in me that music hasn’t made me feel in I can’t even remember how long. It’s truly great. I was always hyped for the album but fuck. I can’t even describe what I am right now for it. It’s just joy.
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