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  1. You need to branch out of the blink section more often. During botbm last year I got him involved in this video I made for the comp. He had fun doing it but made It pretty clear that’s about as much of “coming back” to the boards that he felt like doing.
  2. If you’re going to constantly shit on something then you should at least check out it once. Pretty simple.
  3. Seems like some high school musical drama to even notice something like that.
  4. Fucking hell Diddy that was a cringe few pages to catch up on. I really don’t get why you keep on in this thread.
  5. Mgk teabagged his gf at one point I’m sure of it.
  6. You’re the one butt hurt over his album being good. You’re going on and on about it Cringelord.
  7. This other off topic discussions came from discussions already happening in the thread. Randomly sharing Weezer news isn’t the same thing.
  8. Did MGK root your missus or something?
  9. @Gaslit Janhows your songwriting going man?
  10. To the stars is failing that’s why Tom is being normal. Two of the major people there bailed every recently right? Blink is releasing an album with skiba this year. Tom won’t be back this year. Next year maybe.
  11. Forget me too just came #36 in the hottest 100 here in Australia. Top 100 songs of the last year as voted by the people.
  12. I’d accept just 1 per album. Kevin and the barracuda is funny but when listening to the whole album I still find it annoying because of the others.
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