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  1. Skiba recording guitars kinda puts to bed all those theories on here by some that all he did on Cali/Nine was pop in to record his vocals.
  2. Skiba is a sick cunt that’s for sure. Legend.
  3. It’s not that comment I was questioning but whatever i can’t be fucked.
  4. But Feldmann's post is a video of Matt in Feldmann's studio playing/recording the guitar for a song. I really don't see anyway that could be interpreted as anything other than Matt doing the guitar work.
  5. 4 piece would be cool but as much as I love skiba-blink I also love alkaline trio. So if we could get Tom back on blink full time I wouldn’t be against Matt going back to alk3 full time. Both of my favourite bands releasing music consistently is the winner for me.
  6. In theory it’s a good idea but when if Tom didn’t fulfill his promise it would likely be the end of the band. If they took the chance with Tom coming back they’d have to say to Matt “Were gonna give it a go with Tom, he’s got 6 months. If it works you’re out but if it doesn’t please just wait around cause we will need you.” I don’t see Matt going for that, or any other guitarist. So if Tom didn’t come through and they didn’t announce it Mark and Travis would have to effectively end blink out of nowhere.
  7. Could work. I’d prefer Tom come back because he realises he misses it rather than just because he needs money. Also not announcing it wouldn’t be smart for Mark or Travis. It’s basically giving Tom a get out of jail free card. If he can’t commit again after making promises to Mark and Travis then the fans deserve to know. I doubt even the most hardened Tom fans would be cool with him doing that a third time.
  8. Isn’t that basically a record contract? The same as what he had last time that he totally didn’t give a fuck about?
  9. @...Dan... are you considering getting a PS5? If so and you’re also considering Spiderman then it may be best to wait. Rumour seems to be that the new Spiderman: Miles Morales for PS5 will include the PS4 Spider-man with upgraded graphics as well as the Miles spin off game.
  10. I’m sure there is just like there is bound to be better songs with lower numbers but we’re talking popularity not quality of the song. A million streams in less then a week seems popular enough to me.
  11. Is there something wrong with that number? Seems okay to me in such a short time. Especially for some random song that’s not promoting an album or whatever. Is YouTube the only place that counts or something? I know I only watched the video on Instagram.
  12. It's had just under a million streams on spotify in 5 days. Seems to be doing fine.
  13. Shadow of Mordor/War are pretty fun too. It’s like a mix of assassins creed and Arkham knight set in the lotr universe. Takes a huge dump on the lotr lore but it’s super fun and the nemesis system they created for it is pretty cool. Should be pretty crazy cheap by now too. the only thing I know about Chipotle is from the South Park episode where they say it makes you shit blood. What kind of food is it?
  14. There’s been posts saying Skiba is sure to get the boot for 2-3 years now lol. Gonna keep getting repeated until he eventually(maybe) does leave and it’ll be joined by a “Ha! We told you so” even if it doesn’t happen for another 5 years.
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