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  1. This popped up on my Facebook feed today. stop spying on me zuck you cunt
  2. Could never get into Limp Bizkit. Just not my thing.
  3. @FAPLORDI’ll allow you to call Jan a girl dw.
  4. I refuse to acknowledge a YouTube video that uses a thumbnail like that. Stop drunk posting Jan.
  5. Someone needs to install a blood alcohol reader like they have in cars from drunk drivers on Jan’s computer. So on nights like this when she’s had a couple of ciders she can’t log on and post ridiculous stuff.
  6. Considering it’s all been referencing TOYPAJ 21st anniversary it’s either the most likely option that the OG lineup has been back together for ages and they’ve got a new album releasing next week or the much less likely option that they’re celebrating TOYPAJ being out for 21 years. Who knows though…
  7. Mate. I listened from Cheshire through to TOYPAJ just the other day. So good.
  8. Since Jan crabbing you means you were right, a Jan name change has the power of 100 crabs and really means you’ve shook Jan.
  9. I think the intro is too long as well. Starting with just the bass like on Buddha would’ve have been best. But the rest of the song is so damn good that a slightly too long introduction can’t ruin it for me.
  10. Plans with me should always be more important than your children.
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