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  1. And she's live! Check out Page 4 of the Coight vs Kyle Botbm thread. 

  2. Wasn’t that one of the mtv diaries? He is with his mum and he just grabs like 50 black shirts and shoved them in his bag. Or did he do that on cribs as well?
  3. Time to say see ya later mate to load times. This is crazy.
  4. D&D saw that Star Wars money and tried to fuck off GOT ASAP. Suck shit to them since they ended up losing Star Wars because of the rushed job they did.
  5. Fuck that last season was so so so bad. What are they thinking?
  6. When Jon was a member here he was a cunt. People didn’t like him because of his personality. Has nothing to do with his guitar skills or YouTube channel.
  7. Just got Ghost of Tsushima off some cunt for $40. Stoked. Been wanting to get it for ages but didn't wanna dish out full price. Gonna wait to play it on my ps5 though since it's getting a boost mode or something like that.
  8. I didn't necessarily mean like 6 months straight but like a staggered 6 months easily in the last 18 when Tom just wasn't working on music which is fine. As you said he gets distracted very easily and is always working on a bunch of stuff so i'm sure he often just drops music for a while. it's just not the "Tom taking his time on the music unlike blink" stuff being the reason we haven't heard the album. It's just Tom being Tom. Working on music when he feels like it.
  9. There is a difference between taking your time on something and just not working on it. Tom's done both here. Rebel Girl came out over 18 months ago and by the time the record comes out it will be likely 2 years old. It's obvious Tom just literally stopped working on music for a good 6 months there at least, most likely more. I'm sure he's taking more time and putting in a bit more care then the Cali sessions but if you believe he's been meticulously working on these songs, perfecting them for 2 years straight now then you're dreaming.
  10. Is this your first time seeing that image? If so you’re in for a great time.
  11. Had the same thought while watching it. I definitely think them getting together on HIMYM started the conversation of making a sequel.
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