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  1. He’d need to actually have a fan first to have the chance.
  2. Jan immediately after posting that comment:
  3. She’s so cute when she thinks she has a good zinger, even if it is absolutely rubbish.
  4. Speedo is correct. They sound nothing alike. Matt Skiba also has the advantage because he knows how to write more than 1 good song in his career.
  5. Sorry mate. Did not enjoy that. Wasn’t horrible but didn’t think it was good. I think Cheerios nailed it and the blokes voice is fucking annoying.
  6. Okay. I will after work. actually I’m putting it on at work now
  7. I don’t think any of those songs are “good”. I get why they are popular but I don’t rate them at all.
  8. Yeah Mr Brightside is their only good song.
  9. Farther back. I think they’ve said this is taking place in the second age whereas Hobbit/Lotr was third age.
  10. Probably only being in existence that could handle him. Imagine the cock on the cunt. Bloke can literally scare the shit out of a forest and laugh at the ring of power. Must have something life threatening for the majority of Middle Earth dangling between his legs.
  11. I’m the opposite. If I see Galadriel getting fucked doggy style by Isildur in the first ep I’ll be dropping the show fast.
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