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  1. Cynical acoustic? I wanna hear that.
  2. Holy fuck those two Cunts were clueless. Poor Matt. They thought he was Tom pretty much the whole time
  3. Not alkaline trio but i think Mark doing a version of ‘Good fucking bye’ would sound great.
  4. Oh fuck. I never knew how much i wanted this until right now.
  5. I’ve seen blink as - Mark, Tom and Brooks Wackerman and Mark, Matt and Travis. Mark, Tom and Travis would honestly be too much for me to pass up.
  6. Anyone seen those friends without the laugh track videos on YouTube?
  7. Blink is my favourite band but Skiba is my favourite artist/musician. Took over for Tommy D when he released Babylon. Honestly don’t know who I’d pick.
  8. I actually liked the chorus at the quicker Tempo, it worked with it. Would like to hear a full version like that. But you definitely do not change tempo mid song like that, it just sounds completely amateurish.
  9. People going to whinge no matter what mate. It’s unfortunate but nothing we can do.
  10. I got one of the old hot topic pressings i could let go for pretty cheap since the sleeve is a bit loved. Shipping would prob end up not being worth it f out You though as I’m sure you could find one on eBay that would end up being about the same but not shipping from Australia. If you’re still keen let me know.
  11. You just need to lighten up mate, not everything needs to be an attack.
  12. It was a pretty light hearted joke mate.
  13. Alright had my week off. Got a long drive today so I’m going to revisit it on the trip and see how much I still like it. Various different songs have been popping up into my head all week so I think it’s going to be a pretty safe bet.
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