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  1. You don’t know that because you know nothing about them. They likely contributed very very little. There names weren’t on the contract for the second album. Those demos mark posted had him playing guitar. Live Craig’s microphone was turned down so low you could barely hear him and Shane’s wasn’t even on. Everything you shit on Skiba about they are just as guilty of or you don’t know enough about them to say they aren’t.
  2. What can you tell me about Shane and Craig’s love life? How much did they actually help with WYHSB? Everything you said was just an attack on skiba rather than things you know about Craig or Shane. It was a shit post.
  3. yeah communicating with the fans is awesome but skiba does the same on Instagram all the time. I’m happy to say that Shane and Craig seem awesome from the little we know about them but since Jan had to make it a jab at skiba rather than it being just a “these guys are cool” thing then I see no problem calling her out on her bullshit and double standards.
  4. Exactly. I could barely tell you thing about them and I doubt Jan could either.
  5. So you’re just shit posting as per usual. That’s all you had to say.
  6. Based on what though? What aspects of them? Cause I can barely remember hearing them talk even once. I don’t even remember them even being in interviews. Im sure you’re just shitting on skiba like usual but If you’re actually being legit for once I’d love to hear what makes these two so super likeable?
  7. In what ways? Craig and Shane were 100X more just cardboard cutouts on stage and in the band then skiba is in blink. Never spoke during interviews. They used to put a microphone that wasn’t even turned on in front of Shane for some reason. I’ve got no problem with them. I even spoke to Craig on myspace a few times. Cool dude. But everything you claim to hate about Matt they are twice as guilty of.
  8. Anyone over the age of 16 who brags about smoking weed is a knobhead. Smoke weed all you want but when you make it your main personality trait you’re a knob.
  9. Well we arent “obviously right”, these songs aren’t mixed horribly when looked st objectively. They are just mixed for a different audience. Mixed for pop radio where dynamic range isn’t a thing. It might not be what we like or are used to but the band have obviously decided this is what they are happy sounding like now.
  10. It was all Jerry Finn. All you have to do is listen to the drums on Boxcar Racer. The drums on that album are incredible. Jerry Finn put so much effort into it it’s amazing. Feldmann on the other mixes for pop radio basically, which is just make everything the same level and blast it. The difference between the two is so huge. Jerry Finn truly was amazing producer.
  11. My bad. They just hung out and he gave her a shoutout.
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