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  1. Timebomb feels like a ripoff of 3 different Ava songs lol. Pretty good though.
  2. I actually don’t mind that clip. Interested in the song now at least.
  3. Yeah I feel like that is exactly the reason, which absolutely sucks. In other Zelda news, skyward sword is immensely more enjoyable this time around.
  4. Same. Quality of the snippet isn’t doing it any favours though.
  5. I was gonna wear them as I make the sex so it would be like Mark right there with me.
  6. Sweeet! Really need a new pair of shoes so fingers crossed!
  7. Timezones and work gonna keep me from viewing but if I win something one of better let me know. I did donate under my real name but shouldn’t be too hard to work out who I am. I wrote “mate” in my comment with my donation specifically for that reason lol.
  8. I can strum my banjo string if you like.
  9. Yep. Excuse the source but: That was only a month ago so seems safe to assume he is still a member as I doubt Mark would be putting any of his energy into kicking Matt out of the band with everything else he has going on. This was before Mark’s diagnosis became public I’m pretty sure. So considering what Travis said in February and Mark saying he found out about his cancer in April, getting an extra 25% done between February and April seems reasonable. This is assuming they stopped writing/recording once Mark received his diagnosis. Also yep. https://www.instagram.com/p/CI19573jJf4/?igshid=1kg5j197ela8p Just for a couple of examples. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked either way. I can’t see Mark or Travis just kicking Matt out if Tom came back. They also wouldn’t let Tom dictate who can be in the band or not if he decides he didn’t want Matt to continue. But I could see Matt just taking a step back out of respect for Tom. Mark, Travis and Matt all had a friendship before he joined blink. Can’t see them just throwing him to the curb as soon as Tom comes back and they don’t “need” him.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRW1LSEMFnp/?utm_medium=copy_link lmao
  11. Been playing Skyward Sword HD for an hour or so now. The little QOL changes are nice. Speeds up the intro. Using the right stick for the sword takes a little getting used to but it’s still far better than motion controls on the wii. Pro controller works in docked mode too!
  12. Yeah I was pretty much right. He mentions it starting at about 2:30 in. Him doing more chemo now means it’s working.
  13. I saw a recording of one of his twitch streams the other night and if my memory serves me right he said that the test will show whether that a) the chemo is working well so he will need to do another 3 sessions b) it’s kind of working and they’ll have to continue the chemo hoping that it works better the next few times or c) it’s not working and they’ll have to look for other ways to tackle it. So I think him doing another round of chemo means that it’s at least looks like it’s working. I’ll see if I can find the video.
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