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  1. They kinda seem perfect for each other so maybe this one will last.
  2. I always forget about this clip. Still makes me laugh. “What the fuck mum? We said no!”
  3. I got bored of lifeforms after a week outside of a couple of songs. Dream Walker took a month for the same so I’d say I liked that better.
  4. It was a joke mate. It means nothing.
  5. Yeah I just finished it too. Didn’t mind the ending whatsoever. also I’m a pleb so I watched the dub.
  6. Mate they’ll be playing the ps8 version of GTA 5 and that’s it.
  7. GTA trilogy remasters will make double the amount a Red Dead remaster will. Without a doubt. People are way more nostalgic for those games than red dead. It will come though I’m sure. Rockstar seem bankrupt of original ideas at the moment.
  8. I know that bloke Christian who asked the question. Small world.
  9. GTA trilogy confirmed. Glad It’s coming for the switch. Ideal console for older games like that.
  10. I didn’t know we could edit how many posts we can see per page. Either way default is 20 so page numbers go off that for most people.
  11. Dunno mate. Feels like something a clone in a simulation would say. A real human would’ve left it alone. No shirt for you.
  12. “We all are fuckups, I just don't feel the desire to hide it.” *edits post in order to hide it*
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