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  1. Chances are he contributed more than anyone. Nobody knows how much each person did so we can only judge based on the actual record, in which Skiba shined. Just look through this thread and you’ll see people’s opinion on him change instantly once hearing this record.
  2. Ditching the best contributor to the last album will somehow make a better album.
  3. Skiba was the best part of Nine though.
  4. I don’t really view it as a joke song at all. It’s got humorous lyrics sure but it’s a serious song about losing someone you love to someone else.
  5. THIS. Dysentary has everything that makes Enema so damn good.
  6. Yeah everything about that screams he’s on something. I really hope not but fuck. If he is I hope he gets help. He’s struggled with all that heaps in the past.
  7. I ain’t the one whose mad mate. You’re the one with a huge bug up your ass over some backing tracks. I’m fine with it 😎
  8. Okay pal. You don’t like backing tracks that’s fine. At the show they’re not noticeable and don’t ruin the experience at all so if it’s only an issue when some sound guy can’t mix a stream right then there is no problem.
  9. I wouldn’t say unwell. The mouth movements does kinda look like someone whose taking some mdma or something like that but I do hope that’s not the case.
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