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  1. Having people pretend to like you because you would burn them a cd isn’t the same as having friends Jan.
  2. Haha yeah. You really notice the time difference when you fly from the states to here. I’ve done LA to Sydney a couple of times and if you get on the flight in the pm in LA you land in the am two days later in Sydney. You skip a calendar day in the air. It’s weird haha. Yeah I’m sure I’m going to enjoy it. I’ve read that it has the most OG trilogy feel to it out of the Disney Star Wars stuff which sounds good. I’ve also had the little reveal at the end of ep1 spoiled for me so I’m keen to see how that happens.
  3. Well Tom is the crazy alien guy so makes sense he’s at the front since it fits the Stranger Things motif they had going. Same with everyone else from the First Date video because 80’s. That picture of Janine is super iconic and what a lot of casuals would think of when they think of blink. Crisis averted.
  4. Different cities yeah. I didn’t realise each date was back to back like that, guess it makes a little more sense. Still come all this way, stick around for an extra week and do some shows. A day to remember is playing the same festival. Marks toured with them heaps. Could’ve joined up for shows and sold out decent venues. Most likely the festival payed them more to only play the festival. Happens quite a lot over here. Still shit though.
  5. I’m still then annoyed that mark is coming out here for the first time in like 6 years and only play 3 festival dates and that’s it. He’s more or less confirmed that blink will never be back because of Travis issues with flying(completely understandable) and here he is in a new band with none of those limitations and he’s still fucking us.
  6. Im definitely keen to give it a go soon. Looks pretty good. Buried myself into Pokemon sword this weekend. Having a good time with it.
  7. I want to watch this show ASAP but Disney+ launches here on the 19th. And I don’t want to pirate the first two episodes because I know I’m going to pay for them later and it feels dumb to pirate something I’m just waiting to pay for. I’m impatient though and want to watch. This is the ultimate 1st world problem.
  8. I read the one that came with the untitled album.
  9. Just realised @Italian Throwaway Has blocked me on Instagram. I commented on a picture he put that was stolen from Reddit and asked why he didn’t give credit and steals people’s stuff. He obviously didn’t like that.
  10. I’m a big fan of the song. Lyrics aren’t great but I enjoy the melody.
  11. Here’s hoping botw2 is the successor to majoras mask. First time in a while we’ve had a direct sequel. same engine. Darker tone in the trailer. I have hopes
  12. MCR exclusive to the festival. See ya next reunion fellas.
  13. Yeah and $200 a ticket. No thank you.
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