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  1. Blokes fucked in the head. No doubt now that everything he said about coincidentally looking like Tom is complete bullshit.
  2. Yeah I don’t buy any of it. Kyle basically covered it early on. His eyebrows just happened to start looking like toms one day? Fuck mate come on.
  3. You’re obviously still upset about the skiba vs gaskarth poll huh? You and Scott gotta let it go.
  4. L3 is the worst character to come out of the Disney movies.
  5. Can you remind me what the last we saw of lando was? Last o remember was him wearing Hans clothes flying the falcon can’t remember if that was empire or Jedi.
  6. This happened right after the screening of the trailer. Safe to say the emperor is definitely back in some form.
  7. Anyone feel like JJ absolutely hates rian Johnson? The whole thing of the last Jedi was let go of the past and now this trailer comes out and it’s basically the opposite. Sheev is back. Death Star ruins. It really feels like Rian really messed up what JJ was trying to set up with the force awakens and now he’s come back to fix things up and tie it all up nicely.
  8. Fuck yes! Got me so hyped.
  9. Get fucked mate you know what I meant.
  10. Fuck mate. Give it a rest.
  11. Lyric sheet in marks insta story. Phones being lame and won’t let me upload a screenshot, someone zoom t and read it
  12. Yeah that’s what I mean though. Nobody really cared about this interview at all, so I really doubt Ghent’s going to all this effort to prank the one or two people that wanted this to happen.
  13. What would be the point of faking this though?
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