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  1. When you said “Fair enough. I just think the true blink fans are the ones who follow through thick and thin, who would love to use BIOMY as toilet paper if it wasn't digital only, who keep following the band even after 2.5 shitty releases.” it seemed like you were saying that those people are the only true blink fans. Wasn’t trying to put words in your mouth.
  2. What I was saying that it’s arrogant and stupid to claim that someone isn’t a “real fan” of the band because they like the music post Tom DeLonge, just like it would be arrogant and stupid for you to come here and say people aren’t “real fans” for liking the music post Scott Raynor.
  3. So the only real blink fans are the ones that hate the new era but still continue to follow them? Not the fans who like both their old and new stuff? Im not saying your not a fan of the band if you don’t like their new stuff but to say anyone who doesn’t like the new stuff aren’t real fans is bullshit. By that logic davey is the only real fan around since he liked blink from the very beginning and found everything underwhelming after the first big change which was dude ranch into enema.
  4. Do you call your dad multiple times a week to tell him how his new partner is a bimbo and he should be doing much better? Start listing off people who could replace her?
  5. I don’t understand how liking the new music and direction the band is going in means your not a real fan? Accepting the band moving into new styles and trying to write different styles of music makes you more of a real fan than some knob stuck in the past. If that was the case then anyone who like the band post dude ranch isn’t a real fan and @daveyjones is the only real fan here.
  6. You guys are so cool. Imagine Oliver in blink. Oliver “Hey mark and Travis I just totally wrote our next big hit. It only took me like 5 minutes to write it lyrics and all. It was so easy!” Mark and Travis “ sweet can we hear it?” Oliver “Well no, my amp isn’t currently as good as the previous guys, and my lyric sheet is crumpled a bit and I uh need new strings on my guitar. Uh, You guys would just say it’s shit right away anyway so I’m not going to show it to you. But I totally did write it and it was so easy!”
  7. Out of tune guitar and just spun around a few times during the song. He would’ve been out of breath after that song and wouldn’t of been able to play another. He couldn’t replace skiba for a full set ever.
  8. That’s because skiba was better. Oliver wasn’t even able to be on par with skiba for one song. Can you imagine if he attempted an entire set? He would have no chance.
  9. Post a rough recording. Use your camera or whatever. You’re just showing us how easy it is to write, we don’t need a studio quality recording.
  10. It definitely sounds way better on Spotify then on the link but I still find skiba’s part a bit jarring. His vocals are just so much louder when he’s singing the lead part then when Mark was during the intro bit. It was definitely intentional so it’s not like it’s a production issue, more so a stylistic choice I don’t enjoy that much. Songs great though. People were chanting for some punk blink and they got one of the most punk sounding blink songs ever and now they’re rattled. Can’t win here.
  11. Haha fuck. You are actually so rattled. Keep it up. I’m enjoying your breakdown.
  12. You give enough of a shit to keep posting about it. Fucking state of you.
  13. It just doesn’t sound good does it? I’m one of the biggest skiba lovers here so you’d expect me to love him being front and centre but it just feels intrusive in this song. I have no problem at all with how he sings it and I guess I get what they were going for, but it honestly just feels jarring when listening to the song.
  14. Mate. Who wants to stand around doing nothing for an entire show? Get involved. Jump around. Sing along. Put your hands up. Enjoy it.
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