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  1. It sucks that Agony and Irony isn’t on Spotify. I love it but I rarely listen to it because it’s not there when I search alk3.
  2. I literally just came into this thread to share this haha. Watching agony and irony now!
  3. I keep hearing such good things about it. Hopefully lives up to the hype!
  4. Good show. Strong first 4-5 seasons. Goes downhill a lot. Still worth watching most of the time.
  5. Brad Pitt Heath Ledger Jaqoiun Phoenix Johnny Depp (only till the mid 2000’s) Leo super pleb but that’s how it be.
  6. I’m going to binge The Leftovers this week i think. Watched season 1 years ago but we dropped it for some reason. Will start from the beginning because I don’t remember much.
  7. Shows I don’t remember the end of season 1 that well then cause I don’t remember a clone lol.
  8. Thanks for the spoiler lol. Its definitely an interesting premise. Hopefully they don’t go too far over their heads and ruin it completely.
  9. Season 1 was just that perfect amount of what the fuck is going on and it actually paid off pretty well with the finale. Guess they got too cocky trying to replicate the success of the first season. Might still binge it once I catch up on a few other shows but at this point still feels like it would be a chore.
  10. Chasing shadows is great. Overload is probably the best Ava song out there.
  11. Which season? First season was great. I watched the first episode of season 2 and thought it’d be better to just wait and binge the whole thing rather then weekly but then everyone said the second season was absolutely rubbish so I never picked it back up. Season 3 is out now yeah?
  12. I love fighting the gravity. Great song. But it’s also one of the most obvious “Tom didn’t touch a thing on this song” songs. Brings it down a little for me. Would've been perfect on a second +44 album.
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