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  1. sports back. fuck yeah cunts

  2. Except it genuinely won’t because they’ve already given us the name of the song and it’s not that. But yeah totally! new blink bad! song names bad!
  3. I actually saw one on sale just the other day for a reasonable price. I found it Here ! Good luck!
  4. I’m pretty equally offended by every vote on this page.
  5. Yeah might aswell include them. Boxcar and whysb deserve recognition.
  6. Seriously but these elections are fun as fuck. I appreciate you.
  7. Says the bloke who spent time begging davey for a pity vote to save his choice. Guess we’re all just super passionate about these elections.
  8. I’d be willing to bet if your vote had been for the first time it would’ve ended it.
  9. That’s not even close to being a vote and you know it. Give it a fair chance.
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