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  1. really going after those big pop mixers, huh. serban ghenea is THE mix engineer for pop music. a quick look at his website shows the most recent releases by the jonas brothers, taylor swift, justin bieber, ariana grande, imagine dragons, etc. same with manny morroquin, though we already knew he was involved. surprised to see rich costey and neal avron on there. guessing they sent songs out to different mixers. still not sure how no one caught how high matt's vocals are on GD, or if that's how they want it, but it's waaaay too loud.
  2. i like lil nas x. there's a couple stinkers on that EP, and that trav song isn't my fav, but i dig panini. i think if he figures out what kind of artist he wants to be -- which i think is a pop-rap drake/nelly thing -- i'll be on board!
  3. famous burro's got some clips up on his insta story and they played BIOMY and GD. and mark sounds horrendous on BIOMY. wtf is his deal? i know he's got issues at this point, and his voice is weak. but he's gotta get some in-ear help or something to help him stay in tune. it's getting worse than ever, and i say that as a markbot
  4. i've bought tickets to my city's blink/lil wayne show. gonna show up for blink and blink only. $20 lawn seats, couldnt beat it
  5. say it louder!!!! omfg. i am SO tired of seeing them in my suggested videos. get tf out of here with that stupid shit
  6. ha. i may actually go now. isn't the secret show tonight?
  7. where you think i got my username from? but no, go is the same for me. i have strange relationship with it. i listened to it a lot when it came out, but sat it aside because to me it felt a disappointment because MDL was such a banger all the way through. go has moments where, admittedly, you can begin to see patterns show up a little too frequently (timelines, for example, while still a powerful, enjoyable song, is the first time for me the band begins to feel like it's going through the motions). years later, putting go on was a revelation. it's sequenced in such an ace way, and every song kicks. it's a breath of fresh air. some of the lyrical content is incredibly depressing, but it also feels like an interesting document of mid-30s malaise, turning the corner from youthful energy to starting a family, etc. in that way, for me, it can be rewarding too. floating down the river is a very uplifting exploration of that theme, that also IMO has one of justin's most deeply sad lyrics ever: "I only wish I were younger, so I would have more time to explore"
  8. well, at least it got us united on one thing: way too short. i can't add much that hasn't already been added, besides agreeing with @Kay that matt is bizarrely high in the mix. as far as the song goes, i don't mind it. it's definitely got potential, but it's just too short. it definitely reminds me of go, but go even took its time, and told a story at that.
  9. what’s up with the weird backwards text? EATMYGAP? what?
  10. i get mark's perspective, especially at huge gigs. but he's definitely too hesistant to include new songs to the point of absurdity
  11. waiting until friday to get physical tickets at the box office to the ATL show. cause i'm into physical tickets right now lol. i don't think they'll sell out this fast, if at all
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