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  1. yeah. i get it. i acknowledge this fact in the OG post. it's great wikipedia is creative commons licensed. and i get that what i put together was a compilation of sources, organized neatly (i.e., i'm taking from OTHERS first and foremost). it just pisses me off that he takes so much from it, word for word. i know the response now is "tough shit", yes -- so whatever
  2. man. anyone else had this pop up in their YT notifications? decided to take a look at it and the dude just rips off word for word my wikipedia articles on the band... i get that the wikipedia articles were more or less collage art, a shitty research paper combining sources upon sources. but i poured a lot into those when i first got into blink, and have continued to year after year. i've seen plenty of sites repeat word for word my articles -- even the band more or less uses the wiki lead for press releases now -- but something strikes me as particularly ill about this one. all these youtubers are just mining the algorithm to rack up views as fast as possible. if my sob story didn't convince you, please notice he also steals the board's new header at 4:25 @Ari
  3. no surprises here, but definitely right now. with cheshire and dude ranch, you can feel the energy and optimism, the relentless touring, learning how to be an artist. with EOTS and TOYPAJ, you can see them perfecting their sound and their wildest dreams coming true. with untitled and neighborhoods, they’re more creative than ever, exploring their sound and changing things up. and as far as trying to make synthesized, radio-forward records go, you can’t beat right now. but with tom gone and the music being so poor, you can’t help but feel they’re lost
  4. he says “we added some guitar, i played bass, travis played drums”. no specifics in who played guitar
  5. sometimes i'll go back and listen to cali DLX and am horrified at how bad travis's drums are butchered. it's clear he doesn't even care... it was jerry and the engineers who were the artists. his snare on bottom of the ocean is downright lifeless. for real, listen to that song from 2:15 - 2:20. just what the fuck?
  6. a lot of pre-EOTS blink was commonplace on punk compilations in the mid 90s. punk sucks and before you were punk come to mind.
  7. by far the worst merchandise they’ve ever had. impossible to find good blink shirts, unless you remake the ‘93 ranma one
  8. it’s the one song in the set where has to focus huh. as a result he’s sounded great on this tour especially with that song. he should invest more in proper technique all the time so he doesn’t sound as wheezy and out of breath like he so often does.
  9. lol i didn't doubt davey had it, just wanted the source
  10. after the hiatus, i was a huge markbot... his studio updates, blogs, and posts kept up updated during the rough times. i still feel a lot of sympathy for him then because all he wanted was his band back and tom just shrugged him off for years. as an observer, and i’m not sure this is true, to me it appears that his creativity began to suffer. in interviews he says he doubts himself every time before he writes a song, which may have been the way it always was, but it certainly seems amplified now. perhaps his confidence suffered as a result of years of nothingness. when the same man who single-handedly pt together WYHSB felt comfortable putting his name on california, it became difficult as a fan to support him. he began to seem more guarded in interviews, with more pre-rehearsed responses and stories than ever. he definitely has an arrogant attitude on occasion, what with the fans onstage debacle lately. but all that said, i can’t really dislike the man. fan fiction here, but i think he may have a bit of depression/anxiety these days. all he wants to do is have fun and play blink songs, and he deserves to be able to do that. we should also offer him the space to experiment with a pop-focused albums that are written by committee.
  11. wow, these look incredible @Ari... great job!
  12. i never click on yt vids like this, but wow. this guy nails the TOYPAJ-era sound perfectly
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