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  1. was thinking about this post, and i think it’s on the money. as a fan of all eras of this band though (except now), i think dude ranch feels like the product of a wildly different band (think a joyce manor) than what came later. it can’t even be judged to enema or untitled fairly
  2. always is my fav blink tune. it’s got everything i like: heavy synth, simple lyrics about love, banal, unapologetic re-use of the chord progression...i really always dug the 80s production too and the video is a treat. i think down was a massively poor choice for a single. besides being a wet fart of a song anyway, its lame ass video does it no favors. i miss you was such a huge hit, the fact that down was such a failure was a real bummer
  3. as a simpsons fan, there's a bunch of ep's from that season i love, namely the wandering juvie, tis the fifteenth season, and fraudcast news. cant remember much else though, so you may be on the money haha
  4. you're pretty on the money on your suspicions. hope this isn't true.
  5. tbf, albums can mastered at 6pm and released at midnight nowadays. it’s a pretty speedy process
  6. take back anything i said remotely positive about this guy lol
  7. impressive lol. a little ashamed to admit i at least slightly buy his explanation that the videos arose as a joke. his explanations were interesting and i enjoyed hearing what transpired behind the famous photo at the signing event. excellent work @Ghent
  8. you guys ever think about how weird it is, the paths this band has taken? hitting an artistic peak with untitled > breaking up acrimoniously > reuniting under tragic circumstances > creatively stifled and lost "comeback album" > years and years of nothingness > tom's kicked out again, matt skiba joins > regressive, formulaic throwback with california > working with pharrell?? just thinking about the last one today blows my mind. i don't know what they've got comin', but it feels less and less like my band with time
  9. yeah i can’t list em all right now but my obvious ones are BCR: and i, there is AVA: do it for me now, the adventure, the war, maaaaaybe everything’s magic and start the machine +44: baby come on, no it isn’t i think it’d be super cool in the future if they tossed in a “cover” of one of these into every set. enough years have gone by and there’s plenty of overlap (most casual blink fans know AVA, etc)
  10. i went and saw pinegrove last month and it was sold out, their biggest show ever. the rest of the tour is similarly sold out. i don’t think they’ll have any problem continuing and signing to a “big” indie for their next record
  11. i swear travis has had more injuries in his day than like anyone
  12. goddamn. never thought i'd pay someone from all time low a compliment, but the dude can sing. mark on the other hand is in rough shape 😕
  13. CD: hysteria by def leppard LP: s/t by boston two classic rock heavyweights, and both good purchases i think.
  14. eh. this is whatever. pretty standard pop-rock stuff. i like it just fine, but none of it really grabs me. i guess the best you can say for it is the instrumentation does sound slightly more creative than the regular stuff.
  15. i love shut up! it’s a classic
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