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  1. No Heart To Speak Of wow, is heaven gonna win this thing??
  2. i think casual knowledge of aliens exist is high enough, and the song is unique enough, to where they should go ahead and mix it in the greatest hits set. plus, the inflatable aliens should stick around forever.
  3. the book he's referring to is joe shooman's 2010 biography blink-182: the bands the breakdown the return. it's absolute shit read -- shooman exhaustively covers everything, including single releases, and rarely adds anything of note. but it's worth it alone for the scott interview, which is really enlightening. it's a decade after his firing, and he has a lot of interesting perspective about it:
  4. unbelievable. this band is so hard to be a fan of
  5. always really dug the alt.punk threads. gleaned a lot of blink knowledge through them
  6. drug one little lie adrenaline NVM how to live strange love need me ether the wolf special thanks, i hate it lucy
  7. same! pretty unpretentious setup on my end -- your classic technics sl q2, marantz amp 2270, and two old advent speakers. both certainly sound good, but perhaps the age of the OG LP is showing. i just think the SRC reissues sound SPECTACULAR
  8. never updated i guess: my red eyes got here, a little more bumped up than i’d like. but it sounds great. there’s little difference between it and the SRC reissue to my ears.
  9. @daveyjones yeah, i'm not surprised an indie band like blink at the time might repress buddha on a different colored cassette -- that happens all the time now. i certainly think it's legitimate, and evidently more rare than the blacks
  10. agree 100% to the above. mark utilizing his lower register is his best — reminds me of the +44–neighborhoods era. there’s plenty of songs then where he does that (weatherman, little death, natives, kaleidoscope, etc)
  11. hungover you’s a banger how about we destroy DARKSIDE.
  12. yeah, i certainly don’t know. this guy seems very legit so far. i’ll admit, i’ve always assumed blink for their first 2-3 years were a little uncool/ostracized. not the hot new thing enough to have “groupies” — that came later i’m sure lol
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