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  1. MGK Is the next guest slated for SNL, so I’m assuming Travis comes with him. This should be Travis‘s second spot on the show if I’m not mistaken, which isnt a super rarity, but it’s pretty cool
  2. so in super random news, harmonix put out anthem part 2 as DLC for rock band (remember that?). only notable if the people who used to rip stems/multitracks from the game are able to do that here. would enjoy hearing those. https://www.harmonixmusic.com/blog/dlc-week-of-107-blink-182-and-lifehouse
  3. i don't understand -- it takes just as much time to post here as it does to update the drive document. it doesn't even have to be updated on wix immediately.
  4. as much as i fear and am prepared for that outcome, it’s my hope that mark will recognize this as a fans-only interview (like the ‘06 b182.com tell-all) and at least open up more.
  5. completely fair. what about our other contributors? it takes about as much time to post it in the thread as it would to update the document... whether or not it’s public-facing immediately is no big issue. it’ll all get updated. the priority is multiple people having access and routinely updating the document. i’m all ears
  6. lol dude i PM'd you almost a year ago with everything you needed. i shared the google drive document that is the official timeline, and the wix credentials to update the web version whenever you pleased. as far as i can tell, you either ignored or thought it was too much of a hassle. i get it, i don't have as much time to devote to the timeline or the saving of copious amounts of ticket stubs as we'd like. this is fair. so to make this less of a thing than it's been, here's my PSA: does ANYONE here want me to share them the timeline's google drive document? all i'm doing is updating that,
  7. wow, huge opportunity ry. i think what i’d like to hear is more stories from the earliest days of the band (93 or so), memories of his time in ridgecrest and with of all things, and what it felt like achieving the success he dreamed of. topics i’d really love to hear are more insight into the ‘04 implosion, the reunion era’s stifled and awkward image, and working with jerry. super nerdy stuff would be the existence of the buddha promo (including the song voyeur that is nothing like voyeur). perhaps that song was the one on the DR demo tape that was repurposed into other songs?
  8. this is a really great song and a perfect addition to the pop punk Christmas canon, but why does the mix sound so weird? I feel like I’m listening to an early version. the guy from PUP sounds perfect but her vocals sound like they were recorded underwater. likewise the guitars seem buried. am I crazy? I think when I looked it said it was mixed by one of the band members of Charly bliss, and I think they need to send it to a professional engineer lol
  9. completely random, but with it so close to the holidays, it’s got me thinking about I won’t be home for Christmas. As far as I can tell, there’s never been any insight into the decision to release it as a single, only in Canada, in 2001. it’s sort of a weird blip in blink’s history that a holiday single that was a half decade old at that point hit the top of the charts there. any canadian fans remember this? did it receive a lot of airplay?
  10. it wasn’t THAT bad. it was a bit uninspired yes but i’d honestly still take that sound over today. i enjoyed the weird direction it was taking the band (tom’s U2 riffage + travis going HAM + mark lol)
  11. agree — poor choice of words. it’s clear all things considered pat should’ve received more credit
  12. the sticker one seems unusual yes, but i wouldn’t be surprised if it were real. as someone who has printed my own comics and sold them at shows, i know that each version is probably a little different (some have silver staples, some have gold, etc). so mark’s answer doesn’t surprise me — i’m sure there’s more of the original floating around, but those alternate color cassettes definitely seem real. another thing i don’t believe anyone has mentioned is that pat secor continued to profit off buddha until like 96/97 i believe. i’m not sure if he was the one personally pressing the tapes (whi
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