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  1. haha i saw it on the last page. just curious as to why it seems to have disappeared from youtube! (since so many other random videos have remained)
  2. so weird this came up. i've mentioned it to my gf in recent weeks how mark definitely had an mtv cribs, but there's like no evidence of it lol
  3. where did this come from? I seem to remember that he was cordial to him on the Facebook group, but was something said recently on discord?
  4. ^ same, i never really listened to brand new outside of deja entendu, and now with what happened i don't foresee myself going to it anytime soon. love a good discussion on mid-00s pop punk/emo. you know what was a surprisingly great band? RELIENT K. everytime i go back i'm pretty impressed. i went to a christian school in my youth and they were pretty big, but i thought they were lame because they were associated with it. nowadays, i'll hear their songs on shuffle and they more than hold up.
  5. MCR was great but as i get older some of it just seems like a little too over-the-top/theatrical for me. same with a band like queen
  6. FOB are a very interesting band -- they fall in the same grouping in my mind as bands like aerosmith, which have been around an absurdly long time and never had a lineup change, despite a drastic change in style. the hate for them is something i've never totally understood. TTTYG is an all-timer pop punk album, alongside FUTCT. later stuff like mania is pretty tragic, admittedly, and the transparent attempt to remain relevant through jock jams (my songs, centuries) is unfortunate. but they're WAY over-hated. stump is a great guy and powerhouse vocalist, and the rest of the band holds thei
  7. yeah, his old YT vids were so great, and there’s been a handful of good moments on SNL. but he’s never really found his footing and it has been a LONG time. i’m surprised he’s even still there. guess the paycheck is nice. he made a movie some time back called brigsby bear that was weird but also touching? idk. he’s an interesting guy
  8. saw this. fan of SNL but man was that a weird sketch. i know mooney's whole thing is weird anti-comedy, but sometimes that works (bruce chandling) and often it doesn't... especially within the confines of the live sketch, which so depends on a willing audience to receive it. still, got a huge smile out of the EOTS poster haha. funny that's evocative of that era entirely
  9. the production on the MGK album is sort of interesting. when turned up loud (especially in a car), each song is so compressed it sounds like white noise. there’s an interesting and appealing marriage of rap and rock production styles that kinda lend it something new IMO.
  10. does anyone know if MGK ACTUALLY plays the guitar lmao? i was curious and went to the credits on the auto-uploaded youtube vids and each song appears to have multiple different credited guitarists
  11. yeah, def sounds like travis just kinda aped feldmann's aggressively in-the-box digital style you just totally predicted the future. within the next five years. just watch
  12. what the fuck? haha. it ain't too bad.
  13. honesty i think it was here or 182online around 2011-12. glad we have it haha
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