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  1. now this is just wishful thinking lol. but i wouldn't mind a blink deep cuts club tour -- just a couple gigs in major cities a 2000 cap rooms or something.
  2. the only reason i suggested so many songs was because there's a lot of (slightly) deeper cuts that get a muted response each time -- i feel like man overboard, down, and violence could def see the door. of course i don't want dumpweed gone or something, but i just wanted to create room for new songs.
  3. from the stuff they've been playing this tour, they can easily drop down, always, cynical, dysentery, violence, aliens exist, UAN, man overboard, the happy holidays routine, GOTDF, and dumpweed. not that i want to see all of those gone permanently, esp man overboard, always, or aliens exist, but there's plenty of spots for new stuff i would say STFTK before i saw it live this tour but it just has a huge response. never cut it again IMO
  4. this is a completely reasonable take, and i'm a fan who loves OMT at this moment. my initial reaction to teaser clips found some of the lyrics to be too simple and saccharine, until i realized that was entirely the point. it's specific to the band's experience, but wise with years of songwriting experience to where it's relatable to a general audience. keeping it simple, and repeating the chorus a bunch makes it stick. i will say that yes, the vocal processing is significant, but this is a band that's been using melodyne or auto-tune since at least EOTS, so it's nothing new.
  5. i will say despite some naysayers i think this may be the most united this board (and potentially the whole fanbase) has ever been on new music. almost everyone agrees this is the right direction
  6. how good are tom's vocals on some of this stuff? sounds nothing like he's sounded in the past 15 years. sounds like an aged up untitled
  7. youtube comment says that's the house they recorded untitled in. unreal reference!
  8. so, forgive me, which background is this supposed to be? it doesn't look like the UAN house (and that video is represented elsewhere in the clip). is it mark's mom's house from the road home doc, where they first rehearsed?
  9. i know both songs are great and all, but did you guys see this? https://www.reddit.com/r/Blink182/comments/16b0ltm/spotted_in_toronto/
  10. i suppose if there's one thing to glean from all of this, it's that TOMARK is back.
  11. i think you may be right about this, it's definitely simple enough to stick in the memory, and true of anyone that's lost a loved one or never had a chance to say what they felt
  12. seeing daytona beach represented in the OMT clip
  13. i found the lyrics initially to be somewhat corny or cloying, but really it's just the band working through their experience. i can't watch the music video yet without bawling though. it's so successful at what it aims to do
  14. what's the deal with this song being so good? EDGING was a trojan horse. this is the real band. the boys are truly back.
  15. i guess i'll post my review in this thread for both the song and video. this is a song we've all wanted to hear from these guys for years. at first i found the lyrics slightly clunky, but honestly i'm just over analyzing: viewing the lyrics in succession and really soaking in the meaning is the proper way to consume a song like this. i had hoped for a bridge, but really what is there more to say? i feel like the approach taken was the correct one, for both song and video. i think the piano and bells accompaniment really sells it, and like i said, there's nothing left to say past that devastating second verse. "Older, but nothing's any different / right now feels the same, I wonder why" was truly a gut punch. the video is an absolute unabashed tear-jerker, and it has now worked on me several times. the backgrounds were extremely well-done in a surprising way, given how the word was they had issues with the green screen; the lighting in different environments was super nice. i was shocked to see things like daytona beach represented in a way that felt like a real nod to the videos that helped shape this band and its image. as soon as the video pans in on travis as he joins mark and tom singing, i just ugly cry every time. i feel like the clips chosen were perfect. there's really no notes on something like this. an all-timer video for this band, a seminal piece.
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