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  1. unbelievable predictions in this thread. many of us were right on the money. fun to look back and see.
  2. not trying to be a fanboy, you know i'm among the most critical we have. but i'm fairly satisfied with how it's going
  3. we received a new song, world tour unlike anything the band has attempted in two decades, frequent photos and videos of in studio progress, a music video… what more could you want at this moment? give them time to make this record actually worthwhile.
  4. y’all are over analyzing the drum clips. i do agree that travis’s style has gotten simpler over time (which is not a bad thing), but he almost always delivers. even on NINE there’s some incredible patterns and fills. it could just be that whoever is filming for travis is choosing to record the simplest beats lol
  5. love the photos and vids dropping with the boys in the studio. they seem more energized than ever.
  6. cool interview but damn benji never lets him really finish a story or thought. precisely why not everyone should host podcasts. both are energetic and talkative but it's hard to follow
  7. this is the type of material only this board can deliver. great topic.
  8. yeah i haven’t really listened to it much either idk why. i like it fine but i have a feeling whatever else they deliver w the album will far exceed it in quality
  9. interesting article w fat mike about their new song — the old blink song “punk rock cliche”, unreleased from 2016. i wonder what the deal was with the band dropping it? bad blood with him? https://www.spin.com/2022/11/nofx-fat-mike-double-album-interview/
  10. this is such an incredible lineup but the prices just aren't worth it. $250 for two days? i've seen 3-day fests with far larger lineups (and artists) with an early bird package for like $150-180. as much as i'd LOVE to go to this, it just ain't happening lol
  11. really cool stuff. their management and label (?) are really investing this time around, and it's good to see. with interscope dropping the ball on neighborhoods, i feel like this might be the first time the band has been properly marketed since 2004 (!)
  12. right. the sales and streams for edging are through the roof, but WMAA was EVERYWHERE. airplay was huge. it’s almost all steaming now
  13. edging has debuted here in the states at no. 61 on the billboard hot 100. that makes it blink’s highest charting single since i miss you. history: #6, All The Small Things (2000) #42, I Miss You (2004) #58, What's My Age Again? (1999) #61, Edging (2022) #65, Up All Night (2011) #71, The Rock Show (2001) #85, Bored To Death (2016) #88, After Midnight (2011)
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