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  1. yeah dexter’s voice irks me too. i will say one song i abhor by them is WDYGAJ. they better be glad they preceded the era of getting sued for royalties on minor similarities cause that song RIPS off ob-la-di ob-la-da
  2. Heya! I think I've seen you around somewhere else on the internet!...do you use Reddit or Discord?? (I said hey there. I hope that was you! Lol) 

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    2. Tombomb


      oh, lol, well, no @Russel Coight , but nice try! lol

    3. boxelder


      haha it’s no biggie, it’s a very specific avatar, it makes sense if you aren’t familiar with scott!

    4. Speedo


      I will take a hug down unda!

  3. sort-of a cool scoop for you collectors here. i work at a target store and as a collector i peruse the work device sometimes to see if any vinyl has gone clearance... today i was browsing and came across a listing for blink's greatest hits, a target exclusive edition. we've been getting plenty of target exclusives that surprisingly end up being pretty rare. thought i would give you all a heads up -- the street date is october 2 but it has no other details, and there's no online listing of it as of yet. i'm sure it'll be silver or something, but for those of you that never snagged the SRC or HT presses, now's your chance. it's shipped by UMG, so you can expect the sound quality of the HT version (not sure if it was good or not)
  4. hey man. i’m a fan of blink-182. glossy was how i fell in love w it
  5. loveeeeee the offspring. agree that they never seemed to evolve in ways others did for survival. want you bad is one of my all-time fav pop punk songs. and on the note of you're gonna go far, they played that song a TON on my local active rock station when it came out
  6. Go is massively underrated. i didn’t love it upon release but it’s grown on me so much over the years. some really creative choices all around, and all timers (bad idea, floating down the river)
  7. don't go listening to it lol -- what was left of the genre then was more or less just radio disney stuff (if you want the worst of it, look up hey monday). it was all hair, like glam metal in the 80s. it's why i always thought MCS never really fit in. they're not super weird, but they're a little too earnest to be touring w/ bands like all time low
  8. love @#$%@^@@)@! lol. we couldn't be more different! MDL i think was a tragedy of wrong place/wrong time. signing to a major wasn't necessary but it made sense at the time, but i feel like the music industry in 2007 and 2010 were in VERY different places. perhaps the biggest change was that pop punk music was still present on radio when they signed to columbia -- FOB, boys like girls, and plain white T's all had hits in '07. whenever MDL was released three years later, pop punk was just nowhere. the bubble had burst. columbia threw it out there in january and hung it out to dry. it wasn't even a few months and they were free agents. some of their best work, but wrong place/wrong time
  9. history lesson rips haha. as far as singles go, i think her words destroyed my planet is bar none the best single they ever made. it has every ingredient that makes an MCS song successful, a catchy hook, interesting lyrics, and a killer bridge that takes you to places you don’t expect. the OG MDL vinyl went for a lot until the SRC represses. i remember getting it back then cause i loved the album so much. but you’ve got me beat... i’m sure that 7” set is ridiculously priced now
  10. you’re right, apex is the wrong word, but i think they were operating at a wonderful level on MDL... it’s certainly second best in my book, with every song a keeper aside from hysteria. can you imagine if we got a non album track like crooked ways or always running out of time instead of hysteria? would be amazing
  11. listening to this in earnest today and it's a very odd experience... i got into motion city during the MDL era, so it's pretty bizarre to hear a song from that time surface, unaltered and previously unreleased. i think career-wise there was a level of consistent quality across the board, but MDL was maybe the apex... they were truly at the top of their game IMO. crooked ways is just another winner...the fact that it went unreleased and forgotten is sort-of a tragedy. can you imagine how many new fans MCS could've made from being on a twilight soundtrack? the song's wonderful, i really really love it. it's pretty slow and middle-of-the-road upon first listen, but it grew on me so much. it honestly feels like a classic.
  12. forgot about those vids. just sad to see... i've never seen someone MORE on drugs. that wasn't even what i was referring to -- i was recalling the upset magazine article from last summer: "matt's not entirely sober"
  13. not sure your feelings on GATC but that christian lee hutson cover is wonderful
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