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  1. what is with the love for Valkyrie Missile? i always thought it was trash. get it outta here!
  2. it rips. especially when atom's drums crash in. one of the best AVA songs
  3. i LOVE do it for me now! whatttt valkyrie missile
  4. distraction is so weird... tom's voice sounds like it does on untitled and it's off-putting. the eras are so separate in my head that its hard to believe it's the same guy, just a couple years later. still, i'll choose the gift. i like distraction in a weird way.
  5. good day lmfao. half this album is complete trash but that’s always been the worst offender
  6. from what i've gathered, there was an odd consensus near the end of '04 among those in-the-know that tom was a viable solo artist. BCR had done great and was only two years in the past, and untitled was selling on the strength of the tom-led i miss you. he had also worked on a remix of a talib kweli song. mark's spoken in the past that he was accidentally copied on emails in which people -- potentially rick devoe -- suggest tom start a solo career. plus, the band was divided anyway -- rick was closer to tom than he was the rest. trav says outright in his memoir he always thought gus brandt -- then tour manager -- should've been their overall manager (which he now is). then tom wanted time off, which was reasonable, but it all seemed fishy in the wake of that blowup. then curiously, a few months into this "time off," tom announces AVA, and has an album coming. i'm not surprised that devoe would want to stick with his buddy who was arguably the bigger star of the two. that's what it's always sounded like to me.
  7. for rick devoe: how did you meet the group? what are your favorite memories managing the band? what are your memories of blink’s final euro tour before the first break up? in interviews, mark has indicated it was you and tom against he and travis. is there any truth to this? when blink returned in 2009, it’s been reported duties were split between multiple managers. was this challenging? did this lack of direct communication impact the second break up?
  8. yeah bean retired last year i think. still, shocking they just up and fired him on the spot, considering the legacy he’s got. he did a lot for KROQ.
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