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  1. damn i feel sorry for skiba. dude def looks like he's on something and he's had a lot of ups and downs with that stuff
  2. there definitely felt like more passion behind it and more of a desire to pick up where they’d left off. the past five years feel like zombie blink
  3. brother i’ve been making my case for years that blink’s best output was their more progressive moments — songs like stockholm or feeling this or kaleidoscope. even the losers like fighting the gravity have something interesting to offer. my ideal blink would be the one that never broke up in ‘05 and continued to tread a path no one ever got to. they were on the verge of something great my enjoyment of first date has nothing to do with this. blink excelled at this type of fun, generic, ear candy. it’s got a bomb melody, sensitive and saccharine lyrics, and a bridge that combines the best of the band in that era. like you said the music video is the funniest the band ever got. my reply is based in my observation that first date was a beloved, classic blink hit until 2006 or so, when tom referred to it as some throwaway that “teenage girls can drive around and listen to” or whatever — which was super wrong and short-sighted. then he started outwardly mocking it in concert and seems like fans began to dislike it to. more often than not the ones that have some sort of complex about tom and used to dress like him and shit
  4. nope! but first date ain’t bad, y’all are just following how tom feels about it
  5. good lord, how is no one choosing anthem? the rest of the album is killer whereas anthem is just okay.
  6. wendy clear but only because it’s the clear (wink) B side of the album. had man overboard be placed in the track listing the album might even be more solid.
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