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  1. more random shirt news: a blink t shirt dress — the kind very popular right now, the oversized look — is now being sold at urban outfitters. cool design, actually. hard to find, already out of stock some places. i’ve been enjoying the new blink merch at some of these big places (that aren’t hot topic etc)
  2. all great insights and the type of quality content we can expect from this board. reddit doesn’t even come close
  3. you're right, my bad, confused the two.
  4. book was added to the songwriting credits for edging after the fact, like a few days later. that was the first time i’d heard of him.
  5. no way it drops april 14. they seem keen on a traditional rollout. i do expect to be hearing something very soon. i wonder if it’s been delayed somewhat due to travis’s injury.
  6. i don't like the smiley -- it was always a nirvana knockoff -- OR the bunny. blink's merch has historically been hideous and borderline embarrassing, from the wheelchair stuff to the hot topic-chasing artwork of the past decade. i wound up making my own shirt of the ranma girl because it was the only thing neutral enough to fit my tastes lol
  7. target stores here in the US now have not one but two (!) blink shirts at some stores. very unique design with an embroidered patch, especially weird for a large chain to carry.
  8. lol whatever you say. my point still stands about NINE’s list of outside writers, as well as all of the unusual collabs that felt nothing like blink would be doing.
  9. i don’t really care anymore really — the coterie of songwriters on nine was a little too far for my tastes, but as was said then, finn should’ve rightfully had a share of the publishing twenty years ago too. i wouldn’t be surprised if the other guy engineering, kevin gruft, winds up with a couple credits. it’s how things work now. as i said with nine, the sheer amount of outside teams (captain cuts, andrew watt, etc) was somewhat disconcerting, but given that book is so far the only credited hired gun with this record, i don’t find its worth complaining
  10. italia has observed there's some titles/credits popping up in song publishing databases -- dance with me, more than you'll ever know, and otherside, all co-written with dan book. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cp-7hS9NvAC/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  11. it was probably one of the most infuriating moments ever as a blink fan. he was shocked they kicked him out, and in an unusual amount of pettiness, slapped together some "demos" in a month to prove he was working on blink all along. the sad part is is that many casual fans probably believed him. the irritating thing for us hardcore fans is that it was obvious it was rushed and it mostly sucked. but the single most frustrating thing about that debacle is that it proved in some areas -- new world, the riff in golden showers -- that tom still had it in him to make cool stuff, he just chose not to. i haven't listened to it in many years, but it's a vastly insulting and disappointing work altogether. new world is about the only salvageable tune.
  12. hard hard agree on the new wave push, would love to see more of it. its definitely a natural push for them at this point, even if it may be passé. always is my fav blink song, and i’ve always liked other keyboard heavy moments throughout their discographies (dream walker, 155, GOTDF, etc).
  13. excited for the album! hopefully they announce or release something soon. 14 tracks sounds sick -- i usually err on less is more but i'm curious to see what they've put together. i've listened more to edging lately and while it isn't really my cup of tea it's fairly enjoyable.
  14. https://www.instagram.com/p/CpvuGF9v_Gb/
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