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  1. wow, @Thibaut182, never knew that clip was from when epitaph was trying to sign them. very interesting
  2. i used to hate the “x sounds like blink” thing (and still do) but i truly think these covers are spectacular:
  3. this is a super good idea for a thread — i can never remember what interviews he’s done and when cause there are so few. i’ll see if i can dig up the joe shooman book and format it like an interview (he mainly just uses block quotes) so we can have a complete picture.
  4. wow, look at this place. imagine seeing the band play in a venue like this back then. so rad. blink got so much flack for not paying their dues or jumping to a major quick, but it's not like they didn't play in some dives and play with 7 seconds first lol
  5. skater kinda vibe: don’t call it a comeback, her words destroyed my planet, @!#?@! darker: days will run away, happy anniversary, hold me down
  6. solid summation of why the song doesn’t quite work. one applauds mark’s decision to write about his issues, but some of the lyrics are so general they fall flat. it’s also musically pretty uninspired
  7. i know how this is going to go, but MCS simply have the stronger discography. their live shows kick more ass too. MCS for me.
  8. was kinda tough on this one. MCR are obviously the more interesting group, with a more creative approach and discography across the board. still, some of their stuff always could seem generic (i don’t love you/SING/only hope for me is you etc) and they simply haven’t aged well to me. like their biggest influence, queen, the overemphasis on theatrics can grow tiring with time descendents are the winner for me. even if their sound didn’t evolve, recent efforts illustrate a path forward for a genre so stuck in the past by focusing on the present. i find it downright subversive there are song
  9. NOFX are overrated in my book. classic sure, but NFG have made more memorable additions to the pop punk canon, and have a handful of good to great LPs to boot
  10. MCS — ramones are the innovators, but their discography isn’t nearly as strong as MCS, and lack the lyrical depth too
  11. it’s on its own site for now — but could be vastly improved
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