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  1. my girlfriend likes to shop on this sketchy chinese clothing shop shein and she found this odd blink shirt though the description has no mention of blink. obviously the text at the bottom is not a lyric or has nothing to do with blink lol https://us.shein.com/us/Men-Skeleton-Slogan-Graphic-Tee-p-2847699-cat-1980.html
  2. yeah i’ll never forget that night. i must’ve listened to UAN a hundred times. back then, i was on 182online. i knew the song wasn’t great right away but i was still just so overjoyed to hear mark and tom singing together. i guess in moments like those, or in light of mark’s recent news, all notions of constructive criticism or thought disappear and you just revert to being a fanboy. i was just so stoked for it, and for the band. and i still like the riff too, the song just doesn’t work. fun to remember. enjoyed seeing stryker at KROQ’s video too; clear he is a massive fan
  3. one thing that has never ceased to be funny to me is that, many times i'm sure, a young teenage boy or girl that had no interest in punk rock heard ATST on the radio, and bought tickets to a blink concert. they might've gone with a parent. and when they got there, not only was the band filthy, but gloriously so: completely juvenile banter, questionable improvised songs, swapped-lyrics about gay sex, etc, etc.
  4. very off-topic, but my gf brought up the topic of blink joke songs. i've neglected to show her some of the more offensive tunes because she isn't the type of person that would find "fuck a dog" funny. still, my mind drifted to "13 miles", and i listened to it, and while i get the humor behind it (tom: "now that's a hit") i don't understand how for the life of me this wouldn't get mark cancelled today haha. it's so over-the-top
  5. i love that @Champ182— also been hot and cold on illuminati hotties but that song rips
  6. just some insight into the type of lymphoma Mark appears to have based on a Reddit comment: I just underwent treatment for a rare lymphoma. I’m now at 7 months remission. Stage 4: means it has spread to other parts of the body and not isolated to just one quadrant. My guess is he has it in his lower body somewhere as well, possibly his bone marrow. A: means he didn’t really show additional signs like night sweats, fatigue, or weight loss, making it harder to identify and diagnose. Median age of his diagnosis is ~70 Given he is younger, he probably has around a 60-70+% survival rate of 5+ years. They rate survival at “5 years” because other factors aside from the cancer diagnosis could lead to death and “skew” the #s, don’t be afraid of the OS range. I bet the test he’s waiting on is a bone marrow biopsy. Stage 4, there’s a chance it has spread to his marrow… Stay strong Mark. Edit: Some additional context I made further in the thread. Mark has the potential to be “cured” and live cancer free, yes. He has a 60-70+% chance of reaching remission (from this cancer) and living a long life. Going through chemo and treatment, there is a high chance of developing other cancers down the line because chemotherapy causes damage to the organs. Chemo itself can lead to cancer, but when you’re faced with the decision of dying from cancer NOW, or taking chemotherapy and getting another cancer later, the choice is to do the chemotherapy. Also statistically: the longer you live the more likely you will develop cancer in your life. It’s kind of like saying, “the more you drive a car, the more likely you’ll be in a car accident.” So that’s why the OS (overall survival) # is within a 5 year period. They only really count for those 5 years. After 5 years, if you get cancer, that’s more or less a “new” diagnosis
  7. pretty unbelievable. i sure hope he can beat it.
  8. almost by bowling for soup is pretty underrated
  9. mark looks happy, dedicated and positive in that picture. really boosted my mood about the whole thing. as a super fan i must admit it’s been hard to process the mark news… which is nothing to how he or his family feels, i’m sure. but seeing him with a huge smile and a wisecrack truly gives me hope.
  10. went to a christian school and can confirm AVA was very popular among church folk. it occupies a similar space with its themes and limited amount of varying chords as contemporary christian music. coldplay was also popular for this reason.
  11. woahhh. that’s a tune haha
  12. haha. this is pretty fun. nice to hear kids enjoying blink. this kid was three when this song came out lol
  13. i listened to the cynical .WAV on that sendspace link on my break at work and was like blown away haha
  14. believe it or not, today marks a half-decade since the band released california -- their first album without tom and a surprising turn back to familiar territory. it's crazy to think it's already been that much time... it feels like yesterday it came out! i would say my opinions of the record have softened with time. it's fun to have a big blockbuster comeback album in the band's discography. one may recall i was for whatever reason the one suggesting they partner with big industry player: so, it was exciting to me when it was revealed they were indeed working together. it was obvious the band was lost on neighborhoods and DED, and that finn brought out the best in each of them. i also didn't think having a little bit of digital, pro-tools gloss to the sound would be a bad thing, either. for some reason i remember feeling like blink had another top-40 hit in them, or that it would be beneficial to their legacy in some way to have one. when the album came out though, it was evident that my instincts there were off the mark. even though i still think sober would've been a monster hit lol. i didn't anticipate that feldmann would take so much control... that each song would be stuffed full of gang-vocals, handclaps, production tricks, and more. it was unthinkable, too, that skiba's contributions would appear to slowly be phased out. there's so many moments on california that feel deliberately unusual to hear skiba's voice on, and the lack of memorable guitar riffs suggest he was having trouble adjusting his style to fit blink. still, there's a handful of songs i think are actually among blink's best -- san diego is a hugely important tune in the grand scheme of the band's story, and cynical captures everything that made and makes blink great. the album moves at a great pace until about KOTW, where it all begins to blend together. i know when they were making the LP they'd expressed that the track list seemed a little bloated, but travis was the one suggesting they keep it 16 songs. still: brevity is underrated. cut no future, left alone, TOTTM, and a few others and you'd have a super-solid album in my view. so much has been said about this album over the last five years here... i know this thread may get divisive, and i've already said plenty about it over the years. but it's worth re-examining: what does everyone think about the LP with the benefit of some time? how does it fit into the rest of the catalog?
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