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  2. De Gea is the only GK in the league that you're allowed to foul and the goal will be given. Happened a few times this season. Weird.
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  4. Ole rotated and got it wrong big time. Fernandes was poor as well and when you're so heavily reliant on one player it'll cost you at times. Surely it's time to give Henderson a run of games now as well?
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  6. That was fucking abysmal. Fucking hell
  7. that's a shame. i chat with mark on there nearly every other day. not to flex. anyone could if they wanted.
  8. 20 years old. Still sounds fucking great. An absolute tune
  9. Jumanji: the next level last night. Kevin Hart is one of the funniest people alive
  10. Yea my friend is actually here in Michigan but he grew up in the Bay Area...so he’s a huge Raiders fan and TB has hurt them badly lol
  11. I can see why you would think this
  12. Watched News of the World last night. Tom Hanks rescuing a child? Was this movie made to troll Q? lol
  13. They should have replaced Tom with Oliver
  14. Is it tho? People shit on new Blink mainly because: (a) the production sucked (mainly the Cali era, it sounded so flat and compressed); (b) Skiba couldn't replace Tom in terms of the chemistry and guitar riffs (his live performances didn't help either); and (c) the band started hiring outside writers and seemed to lack direction at times. I think those are all legit criticisms that don't really relate to that video.
  15. You watch the making of Bloody Valentine on youtube? There's this semi-fat blonde guy that kinda looks like Fat Mike from NOFX and he seems like the biggest douchebag leech I've ever seen.
  16. cool find. so interesting that scott raynor was a financial partner in SOMA's third (and current) sports arena location. i dropped this on the discord and i wanted to tag @Thibaut182 what's your handle on there?
  17. Ha oh yeah I forgot you were banned, phew! But yeah, they're old friends, everyone knows, including Ghent.
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  19. You need to branch out of the blink section more often. During botbm last year I got him involved in this video I made for the comp. He had fun doing it but made It pretty clear that’s about as much of “coming back” to the boards that he felt like doing.
  20. No. Ari and Oliver came down in September of 2015, stayed for a week and we had a low key bachelor party with my friends and family. Ari came back for the wedding in October of 2015.
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