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  2. What you heard? I don’t know why he was dropped but we were mush worse without him that’s for sure
  3. Heard a few conflicting opinions and theories, why do you lads think Ronaldo was dropped yesterday?
  4. Last week
  5. Toms building a mega mansion with a studio for the reunion album.
  6. I randomly came across this old video of Taylor mixing up ATST and WMAA... https://www.instagram.com/p/3otxJdzekp/
  7. They’ve only made two records with Skiba, but I think it’s already time to re-invent their sound… Cali was just a rehash of their older stuff. Nine to some degree as well. Time to rent another house 🙂 Pls send to Mark: https://www.rentalescapes.com/rentals/luxury-vacation-rentals-usa/california
  8. I've been getting into Modern Baseball and Front Bottoms for some 'newer' ''pop punk''. Pretty satisfied. Front Bottoms - Twin Sized Mattress Modern Baseball - Fine, Great are my two recommendations. MB has one song that has an exact blink chord progression I want to say Waggy, super noticeable
  9. New show to the timeline! Huge credits on Facebook to Christopher Yeager for the ticket stub and to Scott Anthony for more information regarding this show! 2/24/1998 : The band performs at the Mississippi Nights in St Louis, Missouri. Other bands included the Aquabats. “Yep. I remember that show. Aquabats opened up and Mark had a brand new bass. Scott was still the drummer. AFI had just been in town a few days prior”. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=1781028255261773&set=p.1781028255261773&opaqueCursor=AbrCgws23tII2AeJEjMP3gIgjPI10GKH3XLbaNqGWl9Jp_G0-9gwSqzyRZF0eioX9Com7_39CnwlDEc6IEGSUZGFXwj1QTDcpIXSkfsLhtBCd3qyeR5T8I8QHa3nzkZC9u-j4UJrdZFBWmvalYBqL1kHNMCoDyNhsb4aXln3Dewc6bbr_oMLIsfUjMHBe0pNwxKWj1VBTxZ1KaEqL2M4KfOcIKx-SLKFJE1Rtewz1YYyl9SNBxEL6F9FsBwYmw_dAtwsAmsS0d-xUpz28DpZRWrGDKoNMpJfeFzfCx8ofpnkPB8SBTtm0gPsrrmda-95PE65pmXqEhpPGcFh26pODY_zIUvH5yG4RrjBvRxx6rMFfikJJoAymoAtUMRrR_Z7TNP-dygvK6Gtp6fol1oHcBXn-Y99J_U8MhXd8pqiYqoiiz9E9cYHOLbWHGrKZnATMhkfUsny2n5xIFdD1qdU-H8qWfefBmURWRPy-6UvC2nLmipqjfXeG17ZZqir8jCtkDA92DoF9Jmsw_6ADzaaHt0-LXALoUkPgeBWl4Kuk6-uyAk6UY9Cvq5P7j4YIOPfo87UMv_abHNQhboBM8pkxhPc
  10. Of course it’s his dream job, we are fucking massive
  11. Be interesting to see whether he can drag this team into 2021 and finally get them to press from the front considering he is basically the inventor of the gegenpress.
  12. Yep - good decision. The 2 year thing was unexpected, but very much needed. His dream job apparently.
  13. Decided to play Metroid Fusion before getting Dread. I haven’t played this since it was brand new (nearly 20 years ago 😵) but I’ve always remembered it fondly. I’m loving it so far but it’s way harder than I remember it being! I mean, most of the game so far has been easy, but then I’ll get to a part where I die like 10 times before finally getting by. Didn’t remember that but I genuinely think I was just way better at video games when I was a kid lol. This game is still great though.
  14. Aced our Europa League group as winners as well as League Cup quarter final to look forward to, it's exciting times for a team that is known for being absolute shite in cup competitions. Big test on Sunday against City, almost certainly gonna lose but will be happy as long as we don't disgrace ourselves.
  15. Rangnick. Have we finally done something right? I’m more excited about him going upstairs and sorting the mess out. Fucking hell we may actually have a plan moving forward now.
  16. Them keeping Matt, playing with two guitars and a vocalist that are able to harmonize would mean that they could get rid of those awful backing & click tracks and actually make their live shows more lively again would be a game changer tbh. But then again, they don’t need Tom for that, just hire a touring session guitarist with the current lineup and we’re golden.
  17. Plus Tom often (jokingly) complained at shows about how hard the WMAA riff is to play lol I’d love for blink to continue as a four-piece, though I don’t think that’s likely. Getting Tom back without losing Matt is the best case scenario. Don’t think it’ll happen though.
  18. I also did try Cowboy Beebop on Netflix but it was like a really, really bad remake of Killjoys. Like, it was so bad haha
  19. i think it was mark that came up w the distinctive WMAA riff. he said in an interview on a podcast earlier this year with chris from LTJ that he was trying to play the riff from JAR by green day but messed up and liked the sound of it.
  20. No ending is a good ending imo, took me years to finally watch the ending episode of my all time favorite show, just couldn’t do it. I’ve been eying that one but never taken the time. Rewatching Finding Carter right now.
  21. Blink to the kids today is like deep purple were for us. Kinda crazy when you think about it
  22. you should join us on the HMNIM discord! over the summer when mark was dealing with chemo really bad, it seemed like many of us would talk more with him than our own family.
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