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  2. Interesting! I was so sure I was hearing "blamin it blamin it on my youth" too, I wasn't really sure how it could just be "blame it" since there are 3 syllables happening but when the lyrics came out I figured it was just some computer glitch effect they threw in.
  3. Green Day wasn’t an opener, they were a co-headliner, as is Little Wang. Fall Out Boy sucks, but A Day to Remember is actually a very solid band. I got drunk and missed their set on purpose when they toured with blink, because I had not yet given them a chance or actually listen to their music. I lumped them in with cliche emo bands because of how I thought their name sounded. Now they’re one of my faves after I heard some music by chance and got deeper into them, like they were Oliver’s mom.
  4. Not like he wrote it, probably doesn’t even know the words yet.
  5. JarJarBlinks


    I was rooting for Warriors against Rockets even with Durant, and then started to enjoy them playing against Portland (wave goodbye Dame!). I definitely think Curry fucked up the game though so I'm going to be rooting against them in the finals.
  6. It will sound like Mark having a stroke, or they just sample it. Not the best words to choose for that vocal rhythm.
  7. petros


    To this point I don't know how anyone can hate the warriors. Kd is the biggest bitch ever for joining them still but those five guys that stayed there all these years (Curry, Thompson, Green, Iguadala, Livingston) are proven champions with such high basketball iq and proven themselves when everyone(me included) wanted them to fail. Hope Russ takes a page off Currys book and realize that huge numbers don't make him a better winner. (I never thought I'd say that)
  8. Well we are on a forum obsessing and fantasizing over bullshit topics as we await for blink to actually deliver some news. Whether they were actually good or not, it still would be interesting to hear what came out of them, considering there were barely any outsiders except their usual crew and Tim Armstrong (which I’m surprised they never really addressed much about what was going on other than a picture or two). They probably had the mindset of “let’s just record whatever and see what happens” whether than worry about it being blink-sounding enough. Like your following post said, that’s likely what came out of it, half ALK3/Sekrets and half +44/blink-182. Still would’ve be cool to hear them regardless. Who knows how drastic the change was when Feldy began producing. Yeahhhhh, it looks out of context (I’m hoping), but that’s likely what the situation was.
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  10. This season was a wet fart.
  11. My hunch is that when they said it felt like half the songs were blink and half the songs were Alkaline Trio they meant it. Matt was writing and Mark was writing. They needed help blending it together, which they did well in spots on California, but I bet they come together better on this new album.
  12. Had never seen that clip, but it's funny in retrospect because Trav is making the song recommendations, and Mark doesn't look like he's feeling it... lol. If all the sessions went like that, can totally see why they said "Yeah, let's try a producer."
  13. It's pointless to obsess and fantasize about what they were doing pre-Feldmann. If it was good it would have been released. They wouldn't have written a bunch of amazing material only to let some producer they barely knew throw it all away
  14. Only glimpse we have of what the hell they were doing: https://youtu.be/F-0sa4cUJsw
  15. They said 6/8 was the “heaviest” song they wrote at that time, and even promised that to be on some EP of Cali B-sides (before the deluxe version happened). I forgot Hey I’m Sorry was also the other one from the OG batch. I’m sure the woah intro was not there in the original lmao. You can tell the verses were likely the main part of the demo and they didn’t have a chorus yet, which led to what we have now. I like the chorus but it probably was not what everyone anticipated after that buildup in the verses. Lovely material that shows how well Mark and Matt can work together and that said more than the songs that happened when Feldy came in. Although I will agree LST, LLL, and BTD are also great examples.
  16. I did appreciate Tom's comment about nudes on Mark's instagram post where he was asking for advice about photographs. Made me laugh.
  17. I might have to refollow Mark again now with all this back and forth, it's entertaining
  18. Sounds like i'm hearing "blame it, blame on my youth" the "it" part is probably on there after the second blame, just low in the mix. Happens in my songs, certain words like "it" or "and" that sometimes just go low in the mix even if compression helps to balance it out. Depends how you sing and phrase the lyrics. Certain words are always gonna be lower or louder than the other words. The song is growing on me, not gonna lie. Starting to find myself playing it a lot on Spotify haha.
  19. BFV was freaking horrendous; good thing I spent only 15€ on it (I used the Origin Access thing for one month and at least got ME:Andromeda out of it). The maps consist of chokepoints and yeah, the enemies can be hard to see against their surroundings in some maps. Then there was the TTK/TTD issue whereby you always seemed to die to one bullet even if it was from a weapon that cannot one-hit kill.
  20. I'll wait until he actually finishes them before I start reading again. Sansa was so hot this season. Arya too. Yeah I said it. Bran's legs 😂
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