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  2. How do you come to the conclusion that “chances are he contributed more than anyone”? That seems like a biased and unfounded statement if I ever did see one. the thing is though, people were talking about what needs to happen before we got a great album from blink again (drop Feldman, stop hiring outside writers, etc)...so I made my remark. Last I knew we haven’t gotten a great album with Skiba yet. If he was capable of helping them achieve greatness it would have happened by now despite Feldman and outside writers. But you try to flame me and that point all because you thought Skiba was the best contributor to their latest mediocre release??
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  4. My opinion on blink Skiba was at its highest when he was just filling in at shows.. It dropped with California and more with Deluxe and everything regarding blink at that time. I think the #justiceforMike incident, teleprompter kareoke, and supporting rapists was probably the all time low for me. Nine was better but still pretty shallow.
  5. Chances are he contributed more than anyone. Nobody knows how much each person did so we can only judge based on the actual record, in which Skiba shined. Just look through this thread and you’ll see people’s opinion on him change instantly once hearing this record.
  6. You make literally zero sense First of all, your claims about Skiba being the best contributor to NINE is highly disputable. Chances are he contributed even less than all the hired guns. And travis outshines him anyways secondly...once again...go look up the word “context” and then apply your new knowledge to the conversation that was going on when I made my comment. Which was sarcastic in nature anyways
  7. Ditching the best contributor to the last album will somehow make a better album.
  8. Well he isn’t and never will have been the best part of blink. Look at my comment in the context of the conversation, geez
  9. Skiba was the best part of Nine though.
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  11. I hope Dee Ford learned how to lineup correctly in the past year!
  12. That was disgusting. This club is done
  13. Been a Niners fan for years. And fuck it's been rough! This season has been amazing though. Never thought they'd make the SB! Match up is going to be amazing. Best offense verse best defense. The Chiefs O-line is going to have to be on their game to stop Bosa, Ford and the other beasts at getting to Mahomes. This really has the potential to be one of the greatest SB's in years! Jimmy is definitely going to have to throw more this game though. I don't think the pure run game will work the same as it did against GB. Two of the best TE's in the game at the moment too. Fuck it's gonna be fun!
  14. Lol same. Just tried to listen and shut it off literally after 45 seconds
  15. Seems like this thread wasn’t the right section for your response then
  16. i changed my vote to dysentery gary because i need to save dumpweed
  17. I like the songs but I do agree the production was not good. Drums sounded weak
  18. skiba looked like a character from Twisted Metal or something...
  19. 21 across threw me off for some reason, but the rest were fairly easy.
  20. That one actually should be split into two words... I messed up and already had it basically done when I realized it. I tried to fix it, but it royally screwed up the entire thing so I said heck with it and added the (Note: One word) to the right of the hint LOL...
  21. I loved it! I couldn't figure out 'hands up for the drop' though and I had to go through every album in my mind. Then I realized.
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