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  2. Never watched the show. Is he just Australian? Or actually acts like me?
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  4. I saw a rediteer mention adding the drum outro on LWY to Not Now..could see that working
  5. Yeah I do agree. It has a more upbeat vibe to it more along the lines of Feeling This tbh yet at the same time sounds completely different. I do think Down is the weakest track of the album but if that goes I think it'd mean Fallen Interlude would have to go as well. Those two songs seem to complement each other kinda like Easy Target/All of This. I literally think the album is a 10/10 though. It's the perfect album for me and as much as I love Not Now and prefer it over half of the songs on the album, it just doesn't really fit with the other songs IMO. I think that's why it works as a closer as it's not contrasting with the other songs as much. Kinda like how Feeling This works as the opener If I'd replace one song with Not Now, I guess i'd choose I'm Lost Without You which is a difficult choice cause I love the drum solo at the end haha
  6. It does fit as a closer, but it never really sounded like an Untitled song to me. Like Easy Target, Asthenia, Here's Your Letter, Violence, Stockholm, All of this...these are all essential to the album..all sound similar but different enough. Down or Always needa go, and we aren't getting rid of Always.
  7. I hadn't actually heard of anyone in the cast. That's quite rare.
  8. I sort of know the main actress. I know her sister (also an actress), who has a bit of a chip on her shoulder as she is the less successful actress in the family lol.
  9. Last song definitely works. That's cause I've always known it as the last song on the album due to living in the UK but it definitely fits in after I'm Lost Without You. I know that song was supposed to be the album closer but there's just something fitting about Not Now being the last song Maybe it's the subject matter about dying and stuff. It just really fits. I've always loved that Ghost on the Dance Floor coincidentally follows on from that subject matter by being the first track of the following album. Obviously they never meant that but I've always loved that coincidence
  10. I think you'd have to go with Down..the song isn't essential for the flow of the album and neither is Not Now imo.
  11. I can get behind Down. I'll keep FT for the bridge and outro only.
  12. I think the records fine without Not Now but it is hard not to think about adding it..I think last song could work? Lost Without You is probably my least favorite song song on it, but it still fits pretty well.. Swapping Asthenia would be tough..but could you imagine Asthenia as the infamous greatest hits single?
  13. Fallen Interlude is such a forgettable, mess of a midpoint, Not Now definitely should have been on the record over it. Fuck remove Down and Fallen Interlude completely for it.
  14. Just started watching Manifest. Seems interesting.
  15. Agreed, probably some stupid record label decision.
  16. There are patterns. Early year(feb), mid year(June/e3) and then late(sep) are the general times you can expect one but they don’t necessarily stick to it. They’re only ever announced a day or two in advance.
  17. I still can’t believe Not Now was left off, it’s so good.
  18. Everyone keeps talking about and i don't even know what it is.
  19. I think they announced it this morning, so yeah, not much notice. Nintendo isn’t attending E3 so this wasn’t super surprising though.
  20. This, or Obvious. Was never a huge fan of that song and it hasn’t aged particularly well imo.
  21. Get rid of Fallen Interlude or Lost Without You, both suck.
  22. I didn't know Not Now was left off the record for Asthenia? What song would you take out for Not Now? Asthenia would have been a cool single as well.. Interesting (Saw this in reddit)
  23. Same. They’re a big deal in my household & I don’t ever know til they’re happening.
  24. I can never keep track of when these things are supposed to happen. Are they just random?
  25. Sad to see that this bullshit is still happening. this is seriously making me want to never go to another large concert.
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