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  2. Turpentine, I'm betting it's shelved until OMT drops to #2 on the airplay chart
  3. I did post my guitar playing and both ya'll complimented how full of finesse and soothing it was overall. Short-term memory failures.
  4. I like the auto play on songsterr, makes the timing for some stuff a bit easier to figure out.
  5. Get it kids?! It’s a silly play on words!
  6. No way, Jan’s just gonna be creepy in the corner the whole time watching me Guit-Off.
  7. Yea you and Jan go at it. I’ll pay $10 for that, how’s that sound?
  8. lol if im gonna learn blink songs I’ll learn from the man himself. Any other bands or material I have no problem seeking out other sources. You’ve still never posted your guitar playing
  9. Imagine needing to pay for guitar tabs for blink's uber non-complex guitar parts.
  10. I haven’t run into those issues, Songsterr is good too. All the tabs are just circulated around anyway. What’s on UG is on Songsterr, I’ve just been using UG since I was 16 so I’ve stuck with it. Case in point, I did a tab on UG in like 2005 or so and it’s made its way across several different sites.
  11. Ultimate guitar has gone downhill so bad. Intrusive adds and the basically brick wall you if you don't use their shitty app. Songsterr is what I use.
  12. Yea I dunno I just never had a great experience on there. I just wanted his accurate tabs for the new blink songs. But I purchased that about a month ago and never learned so I canceled because I’m lazy lol
  13. They’re rated by accuracy.
  14. It ain’t that serious tho I barely play. Paid for that sub while I was hammered and was just talking shit to Jan here
  15. Na I don’t trust that shit. Don’t have time to sift through different versions all day to find the right one lol
  16. I wish we could do audio posts. This thread makes me sigh.
  17. lol. His Patreon has updated tabs and shit to go with lessons. I paid for a month when I was drunk one night then I realized I never practice or anything so I already cancelled it. Not to say I won’t pay again if I find the time. The most expensive subscription was only $10
  18. lol hold up, people actually pay Grand Master Jon for bad guitar covers of blink songs now? Damn props to him for that one
  19. So you’re Stockholm Syndrome and we’re providing you the blowbang?
  20. That's not good enough. I want a full fledged blowbang on Stockholm Syndrome and a full dismantling on One More Time being a complex song.
  21. I said Stockholm had a more complex arrangement, you dingbat.
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