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  3. Damn this is starting to get tough now... Ghost On The Dancefloor
  4. I'm okay with the Ghost train, but after Carousel
  5. Anyone seen this? Usually these are pretty lame but I actually really like this one. Sounds nothing like the original but it's still really good
  6. Finally agreeing with @Scott. Ghost On The Dancefloor.
  7. Wasting Time That should've been gone before 21 Days.
  8. IT'S NOT GONNA WORK...out for 21 Days Calling it early, it gets 14th place Here are the remaining best of the best blink songs: Carousel Wasting Time Pathetic Dammit Dysentery Gary Dumpweed Everytime I Look For You Reckless Abandon Feeling This Not Now Stockholm Syndrome Kaleidoscope Ghost On The Dancefloor Wasting Time
  9. I’ve never ordered from there, but everybody’s favorite LittleRedGuitar does all the time. But think about it, you’re getting all brand new pieces, and whatever paint job you want. You can actually buy the Fender neck with headstock Tom had separately directly from fender now. And then pay a luthier to put it all together for you. I did the math on all of this and it’s cheaper/atleast same price of buying a used Fender TD from eBay. Would cost you about $1,000-$1,200.Even if you bought a TD from eBay, you’re gonna wanna pay a luthier to set it up correctly anyways because rest assured it’s gonna be all out of wack. That’s exactly what I did with the TD I had but since sold. If I ever decide to get one again I’m going to go the warmoth route. At the end of the day it will be better quality and more bang for your buck. Really all you’re getting from warmoth is the body and whatever other parts you want to (bridge, neck, tuners, humbuckers, etc) or you can get those separately if you wish.
  10. I always thought warmoth was a ripoff, is that not true?
  11. Might as well build one on warmoth as opposed to paying what you will for a beat up one off eBay
  12. Happy birthday to Dany, the account from 07, funny Chesh bashing topic in his recent posts 

  13. I actually saw one on sale just the other day for a reasonable price. I found it Here ! Good luck!
  14. I’m pretty equally offended by every vote on this page.
  15. How the fuuuuck does suggesting Carousel not warrant as many crabs as Dumpweed? Do I do it again? Even tho I’ll cry like a bitch ? D...D...Dumpweed
  16. Wasting time. 21 days is a classic.
  17. Yesterday
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