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  2. Someone give Rybread a tampon before he bleeds over this thread anymore.
  3. I'm seeing Verizon gets it for free too. I do like some of the stuff on there, probably not enough for me to sign up anytime soon but if I had kids I would in a second, lots of gems on there. Disney trying to really take over everything, assholes.
  4. If you guys were going to rig a joke song to win, why wouldn't you pick Brohemian Rhapsody, it had the best riff on the album and only clocked in at 29 seconds.
  5. very brief. my favorite is mark jumping up and down on a bedroom mattress wearing a blink buddha-era shirt.
  6. haha there's your answer! did not know that there's older clips on urethra chronicles
  7. that whole run away skiba verse is really pretty good. i also like "Lay you in the dark, where we stumble in the mysteries / an opened book that you took, and now I'm history"
  8. Yesterday
  9. I read the one that came with the untitled album.
  10. It was more relatable to him is why. Seriously though, who didn't read the lyric booklet that came with Self Titled?
  11. LOL. I did, but that line makes sense. The whole song is about a date. So "Date fell short" meaning, that Date fell short of expectations, works just fine.
  12. This is a good time to remind everyone that up until a few years ago, Oliver thought the lyrics to the Feeling This chorus were "Date fell short this time."
  13. You're the "awesomeness"?????
  14. In my opinion, UEFA/FIFA are a joke - they do nothing about racism in the game, yet try to claim that they do. They enable it to happen because the punishments are pathetic. Fans have said in Italy that they only do it to intimidate opposition players - cool, so lets see you do when your team gets docked 6pts.
  15. Yeah I’m mixed myself so I don’t agree with racism at all. I think Mario Balotelli is a douche but it broke my heart when his own nation was being racist dicks to him for just one example.
  16. In fact city’s best chance to Anfield was last season when Sane got the pen after Sterling had to be subbed off and Mahrez scuffed it.
  17. Booing in any sport is fine with me, chanting, booing giving other players some stick makes it a competition really. Obviously its stupid when people cross the line in to racism etc but for the most part its in good nature and makes an atmosphere. Last thing we want is stadiums turning into a library.
  18. That’s a strange hill to die on but also Isn’t that part of the beauty of match atmosphere? It also works seeing as how he’s never registered a goal let alone an assist at Anfield since he switched to city. It has to do something seeing as we haven’t lost at home in two seasons. they also did though, I can recall at least three separate times I watched his hands and or elbows in trent’s back, let alone the bullshit shove on Van Dijk. I have let go, but I’m still allowed to think he’s a cunt, especially when this is an obvious case of short man complex.
  19. That’s a fair call. Even the name of the genre pisses me off. “Gothboiclique”? Really?
  20. Dang, totally thought it was "awesomeness" too.
  21. Run Away is probably my overall favourite song on Nine. Lyrically it’s not the best but just really enjoy the chorus, especially Mark’s part in the last chorus. Love it.
  22. It was a great first episode. We're getting episode 2 on Friday, and then episodes every Friday after that. I'm very excited. I think if you sign up for Disney+ you get a week for free, you'll just have to remember to cancel by the end of the week if you don't want to pay the subscription.
  23. I think Liverpool fans should grow up tbh, grown men and woman booing a player? "BOOOOOOOO, BOOOOOOOOOO" never done it at a match and never will, cringe everytime I see someone over the age of 15 doing it. It was like five years ago, hes moved on and so have Liverpool - time to let go. Him and TAA are really good friends and they didn't have a pushing match so it's pretty obvious why it blew up with Gomez rather than him.
  24. Maybe it’s the American in me, but I’d okay with having to rely on Dejan Lovren as a CB for Matip if it meant that Joe Gomez knocked out the Mickey Mouse Judas. I fucking hate Sterling. Maybe I’m still just butthurt, who knows? I did love all the disrespect he got at Anfield, I’m surprised he didn’t go after TAA who was bullying him wayy more.
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