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  2. He is also thinking about cutting down all his Animal Crossing trees
  3. Mark looked like he was in a deep thought at the end of the OMT music video.
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  5. Literally the only guitar stores we have around here are Guitar Center, and then piano stores. There's one guy who has a shop about 20 minutes away but it's just a suburban guy with money who sells guitars and is super overbearing when you walk in, and not in a charming way. It's super depressing. Guitar Center kind of wins by default then because they have the gear.
  6. I've taken the Apple Music pill. So many details to discover!
  7. New addition to the timeline website! found picture for this show (huge and massive credits to Lauren ET on Twitter for sharing this gem!) 7/14/1999: The band performs at New World Music Theatre in Tinley Park, Illinois as a part of Warped Tour 1999.
  8. Anyone else have like a OMT, MYTK hangover? I definitely listened too much and started feeling like it's 10+ years ago.. until I woke up
  9. They will never top the mainstream cultural relevance they achieved in the late 90s/early 2000s, but I don't see why they couldn't release their best overall album.
  10. I'm still listening to these songs daily and if the whole album is like this, then this may truly be one of their best albums they've made. What a comeback.
  11. Honestly, it’s one of the things I really like about Blink. There is always shit going on in the background to discover.
  12. Yeah, I've just been listening through YouTube... Interested to see how things sound once the CD comes out (hopefully the CD has better mixing and not that weird volume drop that YouTube does).
  13. I've mainly only listened from Apple Music so far and have been noticing different sounds coming through. For example, in the prechorus there are some crazy hair metal synth or guitar shrieks that I did not pick up on at all until it got played on a tv without so much bass.
  14. Haha, I feel the exact same. Tom is the biggest musical influence on me. Always have seen him as the guy that drives blink forward and makes them progress musically. He's practically a fucking god to me Yet the Mark songs seem to be my favourites. Adam's Song, Everytime I Look For You, Here's Your Letter and Kaleidoscope are the ones I liked from the previous 4 albums before California. I also prefer +44 over both AVA and Boxcar Racer. Mark really is the quality over quantity type (outside of the Skiba era at least) I got a feeling this new album might not have either of them leading a song. The 3 songs so far seem to be driven by the whole band
  15. On first listen I didn't know what to think of the song. The key changes caught me off guard a bit. I usually hate them kind of key changes, especially when bands do it for the final chorus of the song. On second listen I fell in love with the song. It's amazing. Love it when Tom shouts. I hope there's more of the Feeling This/Stockholm Syndrome kinda shouting on this album
  16. I love that son of dork album haha
  17. It’s YouTube doing the compression, not the mix. Everything on YouTube is compressed.
  18. Man I’ve been so taken back with these two songs I keep forgetting we’re probably going to get another next week.
  19. Not yet, they are going on a final tour and disbanding after the double album comes out.
  20. I thought they broke up?
  21. Remember his post Busted band Son of Dork? I know a couple people who went to auditions for that and he was an absolute cockwomble then as well. He was looking bored most of the time and at points he was just openly laughing at people who were not very good. I think he is probably just a bit of a prick who thinks he is more of a legend than he actually is.
  22. Yeah, like I said in another thread, that's me and MTYK... I'll have part of the chorus (or prechorus), bridge, or verse in my head and I'll be like "oh yeah, this song is fun, I wanna listen to it again" and I've been listening to it over and over... I feel like the song is going to catch up to Edging in terms of plays before album releases (unless they release "Dance With Me" soon since that song has me excited based off of previews alone).
  23. Kamasutra paid off well (now I'm bored and old).
  24. I think the marketing (for the album) might be ramping up since they just released this video on YouTube (and other platforms) And it tells you to go to https://laylo.com/sum41 which takes you to a landing page (that asks you for your email and/or phone number)
  25. its so funny the differant very unique ways that tom puts his body in i can say id never ever have my leg in that sort of curved position like that no matter what
  26. ahah theres alot of ppl that should take that song as an advice to better their lives
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