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  2. redacted is pretty strict about redistribution. others are too. just saying...
  3. Yes I’m familiar with private torrents which is why I thought he meant something more special. Even if it doesn’t leak to the public, people know that it’s available somewhere. It’s the number one album on has it leaked at the moment, I don’t see it.
  4. Today
  5. Yeah I dunno. It’s definitely not out out for everyone to grab. I find Daves story a little suss cause hasitleaked.com isn’t reporting anything and they definitely have people on the trackers
  6. So how has this been out there for weeks and not a single fan has acknowledged it? I’m sure there’s plenty of ava fans on these sites. I don’t doubt it since the album has been available to the press for months but
  7. Torrent sites that are invite only and then they have all these strict rules etc. Full of tossers but they do usually get stuff early although most of it ends up elsewhere pretty quick.
  8. private, member-only bittorrent trackers.
  9. it's been in the wild for two weeks on private trackers.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Such a boring song, least favorite of the bunch
  12. Yeah not listening to this either. I want an experience that at least somewhat resembles listening to a new album for the first time when the full thing comes out.
  13. The vocal melodies seem like Tom to me, as do the stupid lyrics, but musically most of it doesn't "feel" like him, but because it's Toms weird space rock project and not blink I care a lot less. AVA isn't exactly an epic quality I'm expecting him to hit, if you have zero expectations it ends up being alright like.
  14. Haha this matches your enjoyment of a lot of the post-Rubin AVA stuff so that makes sense. I just don't really "hear" Tom in a lot of the post-Rubin era stuff. I could be completely wrong but the melodies/progressions/structures seem unnatural for him based on the rest of his career, which makes me think Ilan has a bigger hand in AVA than anybody else ever has. (Which is totally fine by the way, he's the other fulltime bandmember and Tom isn't very interested in music so it makes sense. I also have never been drawn to AVA in the first place. But Ilan's vibes just don't hit the sweet spot for me.)
  15. Hey this is promising, if you all hate it I might like it lol
  16. Yeah songs not bad. It’s not really that good either. Tom sounds weird on it.
  17. Anyone picking up Diablo 2 tomorrow? I’m a bit worried about the lack of reviews along with the lawsuit messing up development.
  18. Yeah I agree, basically if that's the Good Times Tour... I'm as rich as Tom DeLonge
  19. Echoing what most are saying with the disappointment with time bomb. Was looking so forward to it and it's just meh. Something about his voice in the recording kills it and like others have said, there's like no guitar.
  20. Tom explains critters death here. Flew out to record all that we are solo while tom was on tour and then died after. His timeline isn’t right though love part 2 came out november 1, 2011 and he died in January 2012. Album must have been finished recording at least a month prior. Still crazy though. https://www.kerrang.com/features/tom-delonge-my-life-in-10-songs/
  21. i like this song but am really worried about no more guns and the fire one
  22. Raycon earbuds suck dick.

  23. Edit: eh nvm I’ll wait till I can give it a proper listen
  24. Instead they released California and got destroyed! Bring on the crabs, you sons of bitches!
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