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  2. They played Mutt with Matt at the residency shows.
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  4. I don´t mind them playing EOTS full without Tom, at least they would mix the setlist a bit! Instead of the same ol songs. I wanna hear Anthem, Mutt, Party Song etc
  5. https://www.newyorker.com/culture/personal-history/emilia-clarke-a-battle-for-my-life-brain-aneurysm-surgery-game-of-thrones this is pretty nuts. 2 aneurysms. I have a family friend that had one when I was younger and hes never been the same. Crazy to think what couldve been. Cant wait for this new season. I cant will myself to rewatch previous seasons though
  6. I agree there. 16 year old me would not understand
  7. I would vote No, but I'm banned from doing so. Honestly its not like they're doing a mini tour or anything, it'll basically be a one time thing, so whatever. I'm sure it won't be a good performance though. I can't wait to see all the mistakes Matt makes!
  8. Woah woah woah, let’s pump the brakes a bit here. It’s not like the band immediately agreed to do the Fyre festival with what appeared to be 0 due diligence into the matter other than the fact that they were going to get paid.
  9. Enema: legendary, influential album. Did not age that well. Dude Ranch aged better.
  10. Yesterday
  11. i don’t really care. obviously would prefer tom but he’d fuck it up. but it’s no big deal to me
  12. but it is (partly) tom's fault that enema is not a great record.
  13. Ended up ordering it, funny thing I didn't notice til I got my copy but everywhere it's printed with the track listing is says "Pretty Little Girls" Not mad just funny.
  14. The same day Rick and Morty Season 4 airs!
  15. *Tom. Funny, my phone autocorrects to say John when talking about writing blink songs. Coincidence? I think not
  16. Because John wrote majority of those songs and is lead singer on half?
  17. Yeah, I mean mentally healthy normal Tom would obviously be the #1 pick, but that doesn't exist. If Tom did play the shows he would sound terrible and make a mockery of the whole thing. I want to hear those songs live. I don't see why Tom is required to rejoin the band for that
  18. *shrug* As with anything Blink do now, it would be a cash-grab and i’m not going to begrudge them that, even if it doesn’t excite me. Getting GATC and Wendy Clear would be cool though! What Tom songs from EOTS have they not done with Matt yet? Think just Aliens, Mutt and Anthem, so who cares really? Funny if they played Aliens considering everything now...Mark would have to at least dedicate it to him each night!
  19. I like Bad Religion and Against Me! So I'm down with politics in my punk music. I just remember you quoting Anthem part 2 "corporate leaders/politicians" when people were saying they didn't want blink to be like Green Day and sing about politics. Since you despise Enema-Neighborhoods blink (but are ok/lukewarm from what I can tell with Cali) I just assumed you didn't like political bands or blink singing political songs. My bad, bro. For the record, I think Anthem 2 is barely political.
  20. Got nothing against it, I mean let's be real, it's not like if Tom were playing in these shows that it would sound amazing or anything like that. If he had been putting on even decent live shows before he was given the boot, then I might be more disappointed that Tom wont be a part of Enema anniversary shows, but that is far from the reality we live in.
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