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  2. Haha, maybe it was that familiarity that made it stand out.
  3. Speedo

    The Muffs

    Green Day stole that song for The Grouch!
  4. Baby Go Round is my favorite on that album.
  5. I'm listening to their self-titled album now. Saying Goodbye really got my attention. I'll be saving that one for sure.
  6. Rashford could do that to most CB's in the world though. Look at VVD at Southampton - they were getting smashed most weeks, but as an individual he had the tools to become a top CB. Upamecano is only 22 and his manager probably lets him fly up the ptich. Deffo need a RW - the more options we have the better.
  7. Upamecano is a good player but Rashford made him look like Titus Bramble last night so I’m not sure anymore. How long did it take him to get back into defence too when he went on a run? Do we need a RW? The diamond or 352 formation is the way to go
  8. Excellent young squad - just missing a top RW in my opinion. Bissaka is back to his best, Lidelof and Maguire look solid too. The only thing negative i notice is that 3 of our back four are not very good with the ball at their feet facing a high press. Not the worst in the world, but not great either. Quite impressed with Upamecano, he's good on the ball and quick - leaves huge gaps at the back when he drives forward, but overall he's a very good player.
  9. I want to wait until the whole thing is out but I‘ve seen some clips of it. Looks pretty rad.
  10. Yeah came out today. Seems to be the start and first level of the game.
  11. I had no idea there was a demo and I am now off to download it.
  12. Anyone playing the hyrule warriors demo? Pretty fun.
  13. I haven’t watched it regularly in years but whenever I do happen to catch a new episode I still enjoy it. Maybe the show isn’t as great as it once was but I don’t think it’s bad, I still think it’s funny. Same with Family Guy. Hardly ever watch it but when I do I still enjoy newer episodes.
  14. I’ve been rewatching it all super casually on Disney+. Up to about season 11-12. Great show in its prime.
  15. Yesterday
  16. I've been watching a bunch of the Treehouse of Horror episodes (downloaded them all) - great stuff.
  17. Okay I didn’t feel like starting a new thread but The Mandalorian season 2 starts on Friday (or tomorrow at midnight for me) and I can’t wait! Baby Yoda will save 2020.
  18. We’ve got a top squad now. All the lads that came on were excellent. Mctominay was brilliant when he came on and Rashford was unreal. Bruno outstanding too
  19. Devastating performance - the diamond works very well! People just don't get how good Fred is - midfield dominator.
  20. Fuck me what a performance that is against those German tin pot cunts. Know your fucking place.
  21. This is awesome. Haven't watched this in forever. My tolerance for low-quality video goes down every year haha.
  22. Yeah, pretty much 20-22 years it's not been what it was. Now just relies on shoe-horning guest appearances, Homer beign a carbon copy of Peter Griffin and satire that's just way wide of the mark. Seasons 1-12 are a goldmine. Yeah, they could've gone out with a bang with the movie. Spider pig, Bart's dick - it had it all man
  23. The Simpsons hasn't been particularly good for a long time now. I used to love it but I've been burned too many times and don't bother watching it anymore. The movie was pretty good though.
  24. How important is The Simpsons to people here? That shit is written on my soul. It taught me more about pop culture, satire and family than nearly anything else back in the day, Obviously its best days are behind it and it really needs to be put out of its misery. However, I googled some of the best post season 12 episodes. Holy shit, one from a few years back. It pretty much follows the premise of 'Boyhood' with Bart. It explores his strained relationship with his Dad and his one with his Grandpa. Bought a fucking tear to my eye, had that old magic. What a show
  25. He probably gives good hugs.
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