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  2. i love to death songs like whats my age again, feelings this and all the small things but the idea, of them playin those songs every single night in the same exact oder for 10 years + makes me want to litteraly puke and i wont accept that its what they have to do as blink 182
  3. It's because they want several more years of a greatest hits setlist
  4. People on Reddit are genuinely buying this. The fuck is wrong with people lol
  5. This. 100%. I miss fluctuating between hiding my blink fandom and repping it. Neighborhoods was the easiest time to rep it, everybody missed them, even the haters. Now it's like - really? That's your music taste? Lacking
  6. Last week
  7. yes! u know things have quite changed in my short lifetime, there was a time i couldnt talk about my diverse musical taste because if get picked on like crazy, and i dont just mean in school or when i was realy young, now ppl couldnt care less that i have such diverse taste n yes i remmeber that specific hate for blink, nasty hate band wagons
  8. Remember when it was embarrassing to say you were a fan of blink. Then in the late 2000’s it became cool. Now I feel like Travis is making it embarrassing again.
  9. Idk I believe it, sounds legit. I’m with that guy, got fucked with that Panic show in MKE, cancelled last minute and made me miss McR, screw LiveNation lol
  10. I don’t know what to tell you, do better?
  11. Oh my god, you're so not confrontational and not cringe. So cool bro.
  12. One of the last true musicians 😤🙏🏻
  13. The kind you take on the weekend sitting on your throne

    1. studioexecspeedo


      Lol!  I didn't think of using Kings of the Weekend, one of the California lesser tracks, in a joke.  It worked.  Thank you!

  14. So the same station that fucked up before? I hope you’re trolling
  15. Tom is back according to this radio station https://omny.fm/shows/brian-ali-justin-podcast/the-tea-on-why-there-s-only-three-nights-of-twiste?t=18m0s
  16. It’s definitely not true at all. Anyone that does think it’s true may benefit from checking out some more authentic and talented bands/artists.
  17. That's because he is an authentic PUNK
  18. I actually don't think this is true. Especially in the "PUNX" genres. I mean look at blink, Mark mostly sounds pretty good, but sometimes struggles mightily with certain songs/parts. It'd sound way better if he had assistance.
  19. I dunno, I don't mind if bands use it. I much prefer how AVA sounded on their live stream and blink on that house of horrors show from last year. Mark sounded great with it. Both have sounded like utter shit for years, although when watching them in person they sound better than they do on the live videos from YT and shit. Although I do like how blink sounded on the Las Vegas show in 2012 was it? or 2011? That was without pitch correction and was enjoyable enough
  20. MGK, actually is on record for not using pitch correction live at concert. One if the only ones though.
  21. Sure bud. You know what else can bring out a good performance? Talent and someone who actually knows how to sing. Not everyone does this shit, speak for your own mediocre punk bands that you listen to. I wonder how bands ever got by before 1997 when auto tune/pitch correction was invented!
  22. My band in high school used live pitch-correction (sometimes) at shows because we were specifically going for that robotic voice sound that was really cool for like two months in the mid 2000s. It was a great cheat lol. not that we were trying to hide it. The point was to sound electronic.
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