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  2. I'm on tonight You know my hips don't lie And I'm starting to feel it's right All the attraction, the tension Don't you see, baby, this is perfection?
  3. Definitely. “The Tom DeLonge Thread: Telepromter edition” would be more fitting.
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  5. Lost>Oliver


    https://sports.yahoo.com/steph-curry-fires-back-kevin-182111292.html Wow, Kevin Durant seriously is a toxin. Does he really think he's above the Warriors? Does he know they accomplished as much and more without him? "Our approach is only successful for the first two rounds" Like what?
  6. My favorite song from the album is Valentine. It's amazing.
  7. This thread title... feels sort of empty, threw me off for a second.
  8. People want to know so they can laugh at Oliver, not because they’re desperate for juicy celebrity gossip.
  9. you've never even seen weezer live. and no, FLAC rips of the weezer cruises don't count.
  10. that purple rain script on the back for the songs titles makes my eyes bleed. what's up with all this retro-eighties garbage? blink wasn't a band then and the vast majority of their current fans weren't even alive during that decade.
  11. I agree to an extent @Njdevils26, but keep in mind you are also on page 692 of a Tom Delonge thread, which is fairly sad all things considered. LOL.
  12. It’s been 50/50 man. Some peeps said they’ve had no problem, some said the venue peeps said nope...some said they had to put stuff away but still just asked Tom. Guy tonight got an Untitled vinyl signed and said it was no big deal at all... I’ll find out on Sunday. I’ve been stressing about it, think I’m gonna just bring TOYPAJ and try to get that piece finished. If it’s going smooth I may have my Short Bus on deck to bust out as well. Just sorta feel bad not having the others sign anything, but there’s nothing that makes sense other than a generic drumhead or Rebel Girl poster lol. Sucks because I’d totally love to have Ilan/David sign something, but Tom finishing the blink stuff is priority.
  13. I don’t know what’s more pathetic, dude hanging a story over our heads like it’s a big deal, or the people begging him to tell the story. who gives a fuck? None of our business. Just enjoy the music or don’t. But a bunch of presumably grown men and women going full blown tmz is pathetic. newsflash, most people are assholes, especially people with any level of fame.
  14. I bailed on the 2 times I got a chance to see Riverdales so I have never seen them either. I usually catch SW everytime they're around and it's always a great show. If you get the chance to see 'em do it!
  15. i've never seen either band live, actually. and SW only once.
  16. How's your mouth game?
  17. You happen to make the Green Day/Riverdales tour by chance?
  18. Assuming relationships consist of two people that have a random 50/50 chance of being a cheater, neither partner is a cheater in 25% of relationships, 1 partner is a cheater in half of the relationships, and both partners are cheaters in 25% of the relationships.
  19. good stuff. smacks more of the riverdales than screeching weasel. reminding me...
  20. So whats the M&G process beem narrowed down to? Ive heard alot of conflicting stories...from entire guitars getting brought in and signed, to, no signing allowed dont even think about smuggling in a sharpie.....
  21. classic album. i went to the vagrant records release show for something to write home about at the troubadour in LA. reggie and the full effect opened for them. although i prefer the red letter day EP. that's my favorite get up kids release.
  22. the whole album is their best front-to-back since twisted by design, imo.
  23. A wink? Cheating confirmed. Sorry for all the shit I gave you Oliver. It’s no wonder you wouldn’t put Tom on blast for that.
  24. Pop another xanax and cheat on your significant other.
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