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  2. Chvrches new song. Wasn’t sure at first but really grown on me
  3. David sounds like a prisoner of Tom.
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  5. How about some cliff notes? I'm not going to listen to the podcast but I'd be interested in skimming a couple quotes haha
  6. I don't hear it, just sounds like generic skate punk to me.
  7. I used to think this band sounded like a "happy version" of Dude Ranch
  8. For some reason I hear Liam Gallaghers voice when I read this, and it makes it hella funny
  9. I had heard part of the original song but I never listened to the entire thing until after I heard this version. Yeah... I only like the cover haha
  10. Fucking hate Billie Eilish. I don’t get it. Isn’t her brother the talent behind all her songs and she justs fucking whispers her way through them? She can get in the fucking bin. She stinks of an industry plant.
  11. I actually heard this version first and then listened to the original out of curiosity and, boy, was it jarring.
  12. Edit: he starts talking about AVA at the 66 minute mark
  13. Yep I thought the same thing. just googled it and found a post made the day before I turned 3 lol
  14. Yeah sweet. Will check it out later.
  15. It wasn’t in direct relation to the new album but he was talking about Tom’s songwriting for albums in general, and how he takes his time basically. It really is a good listen, you can probably skip the first ~half to get to BCR/early AVA. Newer AVA towards the end.
  16. So is he saying here that for this new album only 10 songs were written total and that’s what’s on the album rather than they just picked the 10 best from all the songs written? Sorry, don’t have time to listen right now and get the context here.
  17. Time stamp for Ava talk? I don’t have time to listen to 90 minutes of small talk
  18. Nah they have said that cheerleader thing earlier in album process too so that wasn’t any new information. He was definitely at some sessions early on before bowing out from what I can remember But that thing he said about Ryan “losing his ways” is more that we’ve ever gotten to date about what happened right?
  19. I don’t think he was in Iconoclasts, just mentioned playing with them in that scene w/blink IIRC. Yeah I was quite surprised by the AVA stuff... how he bowed out and never heard a word from Tom (though I thought he showed up at a TDW session or two?), Adam from H20 trying out for AVA twice. It was interesting to hear him talk about how Tom gets a riff and just sticks with it until it’s a song, and how if there are 10 songs on the album - that’s what he had. I was a bit surprised he wasn’t on the upcoming AVA album, though said he’s involved?
  20. Interviewer - The tour in 2018/2019 sold out really fast David - “yeah it did, it was weird” 😂😂
  21. i'm shocked by how honest he was when talking about ava. it certainly does not sound like an enjoyable experience to be "a part" of this band at all.
  22. Me neither. Anyone have a Short Bus signed by David Kennedy? Haha
  23. Yesterday
  24. i didn't know his high school band was the one on the short bus split.
  25. I think from time to time there's been pop punk bands that have pretty much nailed the blink sound. The whole intro of this song could easily be in a blink song
  26. Weezer needs to calm the fuck down.
  27. This is the only one I’ve ever heard that I feel actually nails the blink-182 sound. I like it a lot. Making country covers of blink-182 songs wounds my soul. One of the only genres of music I truly hate lol. I won’t even listen to them and let them taint the songs for me.
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