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  2. There is a difference between being in love with someone’s art BEFORE it comes out that they’ve done terrible things, than falling in love with it after though. Since I had zero connection to any of this kid’s music before I heard about his nonsense, I’m not going to try to get into him now. Still not trying to condemn anyone for liking it, y’all can all do whatever you want...it’s just not for me.
  3. My wish is that I can one day meet Mark and say to him "How can you support women's rights and then collaborate musically with a guy who beats the hell out of pregnant women?".
  4. There isn't necessarily anything wrong with listening to the music. But there is a problem when Mark believes in woman's rights and then professional involves himself with someone who beats up pregnant women. Not being able to condemn that like @Ghent is also a problem. Ghent has literally made excuses for this guy including "stories are made up" or "the guy is dead so its fine" Ghent is a bigtime hypocrite. He is willing to excuse beating women to keep with the "Blink can do no wrong". Its really sad when he has his head that far up Blink's ass that he can't say "Mark screwed up". God forbid!
  5. Blink posted it on their Instagram yesterday (although as a second photo and as part of a week roundup)
  6. All y'all calling us out for liking the song better not watch any Roman Polanski films, Bryan Singer films, Kevin Spacey movies including Se7en, listen to any 2Pac records, Brand New records, Lost Prophets. We can go on. Skiba supports Asia Argento clearly but we listened to Nine. I get it. I do. I don't watch Polanski, Singer, Spacey films anymore. I do listen to Tupac. But a lot of people who aren't sexual deviants worked on those movies and songs too. Just like this song. I enjoyed it for what it is. Probably won't listen to it again. The rapper sounds like a scumbag but has no chance to right his ship which is also tragic in a way. I think condemning others about art is horse-shit though. Unless you enjoy California or DLX.
  7. I Miss You. I'm surprised by how many votes are for Here's Your Letter.
  8. My 2 cents regarding their hair. Mark and Tom should shave their heads bald and tattoo it like Travis.
  9. Today
  10. He’s just trying to stay relevant.
  11. Doesn’t make what’s going on right now less weird. You looks obsessed cunts need to calm down a bit.
  12. I'm not sure between I Miss You and Here's your Letter
  13. Here's your letter. The only song left that I always skip.
  14. Nothing All of This can do can pull it from 11th place Here are the remaining songs off Untitled: Feeling This Obvious I Miss You Violence Stockholm Syndrome Asthenia Always Easy Target Here's Your Letter Not Now I really don't want Here's Your Letter out voting for Easy Target
  15. I completely misread your post...Scream is def better haha.
  16. Fuck. These diss tracks are beyond horrible. what the fuck is he thinking...
  17. @Ry-Bread, mate, you're cracking me up 😂
  18. Thanks dudes! Those are perfect. I can see the one pic in particular I was searching for. It's been a long time, haha! It was good to see again. Many thanks!
  19. There’s nothing to say they’re doing anything blink related though. Chill.
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