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  2. Last time I saw blink they threw lots of inflatable aliens into the crowd during Aliens Exist. Maybe if they play this, the same thing will happen and I can take one home
  3. I’m just saying it’s not guitar driven music. It can be different than Enema and all that, but still be guitar driven music. But it’s really not for the most part. Which I think just circles back to the griping you hear from people
  4. I do think Nine has enough guitars but it's like the song Violence from the smiley face album. None of them will translate well when it comes to live performances. The ones that I think will translate well to live performances are the more guitar driven songs like First Time, Generational Divide and Pin the Grenade. They'd have to improvise for some of the other tracks I think. The songs Down and Easy Target sounded fucking awesome in 2004 cause of it but now they just use click tracks and it doesn't work nearly as well iMO. But I do think Nine has a lot of guitars. Just most of the songs are produced to sound that way, just like the outro of Easy Target, most of Violence and Down from the smiley face album.
  5. It isn't the same band, album, or style as enema though and they weren't promising that either. So, what does it matter? It'd be one thing if they touted the guitar heavy nature of it but, as far as I remember, they didn't, it wasn't even called a nod to a previous era.
  6. You're the one who wants to fuck it ... take that up with yourself, pedo.
  7. I'm never a dick for no reason. I always have a reason, even if it's trivial. Usually though, if its trivial I apologize.
  8. It does?! That's a very creepy assessment
  9. yea you can find almost any company logo at brands of the world. that's where i got the vector source file: https://www.brandsoftheworld.com/search/logo?search_api_views_fulltext=arnette
  10. looks legit. warped summer 97. that slab-serif "western" style of dude ranch lettering was only sold that season as far as i can recall.
  11. Today
  12. I used to think you were just a dick to Feeling This and a little too hard on him, but statements like that are making me realize he probably deserves it lol
  13. I agree with Kay. It’s very hard to even decipher where the fuck the guitar is on so many spots on that album. It definitely doesn’t feel like guitar driven music to me anymore, whereas Enema was definitely guitar driven music
  14. Why does it have to be nuanced and anything other than basic ... it's what works with the song. You can say it doesn't work or you don't like the pop production element, fine, it's subjective but it's a little disingenuous to lead on like it doesn't exist, is it not?
  15. The guitar work on the album has barely any identity or nuance to it, it's more basic than old school 3 chord pop punk, and it's mostly covered in other shit with the OTT pop production. That's what I meant.
  16. It does give off a pre-teen, my first Warped Tour, vibe, so it makes sense @Feeling_This_1 is hard up for it.
  17. I want to fuck that quarantine blow up doll so bad. I hope they put some up for sale
  18. I love the Adele cover on the new album. "Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing aliens" - such an earworm.
  19. People who can’t accept the evidence in front of them decide to crab accurate comments like this
  20. Probably Mark and Feldy.
  21. I don't understand that criticism either ... I can hear the guitar clearly on every track and I've only got the one good ear.
  22. name one song on nine that has "no guitar". the vast majority is very guitar centric. this is either super low effort trolling or musical illiteracy. i suspect the latter. maybe there wasnt enough flang and delay for untrained ears to hear them though
  23. @thongrider I'm listening to The Bright Lights of America ... I won't admit to liking this album.
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