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  2. This lot have been utter shit since does this look infected. Some decent songs on Chuck but everything else since has been utter turd. I was into these before blink
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  4. yeah, super boring. deryck has been rehashing the same riffs from SBM since the last album. i don't think he understands what the old fans liked about DTLI? and Chuck. i've been saying it for years but they need their producer and co-writer greg nori back.
  5. Elisa

    2019 Tour Thread

    the dad in the red shirt is feeling the whoas nonetheless
  6. I for sure came the closest to tearing up I ever have. Its too bad there will be another season cause it coulda been such a good series finale. Sounds like there might only be on more season though
  7. Lmao! Omg. I hate his slurring style! Oliver nailed it in that one video hahaha
  8. where should I start from?
  9. They sounded a bit tired
  10. Omg the string of whaos from 6:58 to 7:37...speechless how embarrassing that is.
  11. What??!! Are you fucking serious? That’s embarrassing as fuck. God damn
  12. They need a lot of other things. Three committed members, one producer and the desire to make a genuine blink album.
  13. So this sold not too long ago on eBay, from a seller from Mexico with a few other signed cds starting at a penny (Pink, Michael Jackson etc)
  14. i love how the album version of WMAA is playing as a backing track. i like skiba in a3 but this is pathetic. they need tom back so bad
  15. Lol I was going to write "they're like Canada's REM.." Gord Downie (frontman) recently passed away from brain cancer, and they did one last tour that really brought Canada together. They have some really good, unique songs and Gord was featured on a song with City and Colour.
  16. What makes you think the "Mark" signature is fake? Just so I can learn better, because from that time frame this Mark signature looks pretty good.
  17. Speaking of Canadian bands, I was driving and I heard this band on the radio, The Tragically Hip. I've never heard of them before and I don't know the name of the song but I liked it. The radio host said they're Canada's REM, the song reminded me a bit of Against Me! though. I should check them out.
  18. 😕 Says codes not long enough 🤷‍♂️
  19. Not when you're fully jaded and surrounded by yes men. No one wants to criticize them because they know they may be out of a job.
  20. But surely they have the ears to know a song will not work live, don't they?
  21. They are not the right producers for anyone.
  22. I'm surprised how better Cali songs are sounding than BIOMY.
  23. i think slide away is probably hist best vocal performance
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