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  2. Harrison Ford Robert Duvall Robin Williams Tom Hanks Dick Van Dyke Matthew McCaughey That was six
  3. Mate, if you don't like feedback or criticisms, don't post shit. Simple.
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  5. Lio di caprio Brad pitt Jim Carey Mark hamil Seth Rogen
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  7. It sucks that Agony and Irony isn’t on Spotify. I love it but I rarely listen to it because it’s not there when I search alk3.
  8. I literally just came into this thread to share this haha. Watching agony and irony now!
  9. Travis' buildup to the outro over the slow clarinet part made me LOL
  10. I needed this today. Made me smile big.
  11. I sent in a clip of my kid head banging to ATST a few days ago lol. This is a cool idea, stoked to see the final product.
  12. Wow Trav just dropped a drum video of “What Went Wrong”, love that song!
  13. Anyone got any ideas. Legit trying to think of something for this to send in. Would be cool to be in a blink music video
  14. Monkey Chips likes.

  15. They're doing a Happy Days music video Kinda random...I guess fitting with everything that's going on right now?
  16. I keep hearing such good things about it. Hopefully lives up to the hype!
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