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  2. Haha mine are particularly ugly as well, I have fat big toes lmao. You’re welcome. I hope next time you’re jerking it to pics of women’s feet this image gets thrown back in your head
  3. So do a lot of shit songs. But don’t let me stop you from your SR-71 fetish!
  4. Men's feet 🤢 I did not need to see that
  5. Today
  6. I was just put off by the format I think. It gave us the Mark Zoom, therefore - it's worth its weight in gold. Davey, can you vouch for me again - I'm a cool guy. I'm trying to remember how I started getting involved here... You just randomly start commenting in the hope that someone takes notice ACKNOWLEDGE ME
  7. Greatest joy is remembering this song exists every few years.
  8. D'oh, whimsical yes but the point well and truly vaulted over my head. Wasn't even aware of anything else they've done - bar the MJ cover. This song is welcome, welcome.
  9. So,hypothetically, If we rammed a wooden stake up its heart...? I'll rejoin the disc when I get more home office time. I love that Mark does that.
  10. It has a good hook and it's simple.
  11. any preferred languages?
  12. I take for granted that you will sing that then!
  13. The vocalist, Mitch Allan, actually went on to be a very successful producer and songwriter. #funfactsnooneelsethanmecareabout
  14. With a working mic! I'll come +1.
  15. Song is cheeeeezy. Do you hear the lyrics? Lol. Sounds like a blatant rip off from Sum 41’s Half Hour of Power
  16. Plus TBS isn’t really pop punk anyways
  17. I know , I figured that much but just saying..what was up with all the numbers lol
  18. Looks like tom doing a live stream on the empire club this Friday.
  19. That’s what makes the video great. It’s a snapshot in time of the late 90s and the ridiculous fads. All the guy is missing is a puka shell necklace.
  20. all this trouble for arnautovic over some hurt siptar feelings.
  21. Dude you’re coming to the virtual meetup right?
  22. I’m happy that Tom is still releasing music. Normally I’m SUPER hyped for any blink related releases. I’ve felt my enthusiasm wane over the past few years, however. That being said, I’ve enjoyed the last few songs for what they are. Is it anything close to some of his previous material? Of course not, but that’s life doggies. Take it or leave it.
  23. It's a waste of time trying to figure out what this drunk says.
  24. Maybe he means making the poor suffer through illness and pain because torture is more pious?
  25. WMAA Fat Lip Lit-My Own Worst Enemy Basket Case Could delve into NFG, TBS, etc. but the songs aren't in the same tier as the above so I won't bother.
  26. Can't tell if you're being your normal whimsical self or you've missed the reference, just in case.
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