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  2. Anyone still excited about Avatar? This movie hasn’t been (pop) culturally relevant since 2009… 13 YEARS later this teaser trailer drops, and it doesn’t look interesting AT ALL. The world has changed in that time! Marvel rules the box office 🍿. The only revolutionary thing that the original movie had was the tech. Story was cliché, characters were cliché… Can’t believe James Cameron is planning to create FIVE Avatar movies.
  3. A player who would eventually cost over £300m - it's just not worth it for a player unless its peak Messi or Ronaldo - as they found out with Neymar. Love the player, but this has made me lose respect for him - Haaland on the other hand has chosen to go to the hardest league in the world to test himself. Mbappe wants that blood money and Haaland wants a footballing legacy.
  4. What does punk have anything to do with it? Your banter is weak, we aren’t 15.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I really hope Madrid never signs him. I don't care if he goes to Barcelona or Man United in 3 years. I don't want this guy in Madrid. Vini might turn out to be just as good and has the right mentality.
  7. I feel like the Offspring ripped off Electricity in TKAA
  8. I had completely missed that they had released a new EP this year. It really feels like a follow up to OK Human! I'm listening through it right now and I love it. This song is my favorite after the first spin!
  9. Being the best synth band is like being the least smelling turd.
  10. OMD are one of the best synth bands of all time yet I never see anyone talk about them ever. Intro is mega 🔥
  11. Yeah. Some could believe that they're actually in love!
  12. Travis is a right soppy cunt, the way he and the Kardashian act is fucking pathetic tbh ooooo look everyone, look how in love we are 🙄
  13. How much money do you need? Seriously. How the fuck can any manager be successful there when you’ve basically got a player running the show 😂 I know it’s only 3 years and he’ll still be young when contract ends but when madrid come knocking you go especially if you’re playing in a small league for a small club
  14. What a coward move - thought he was going to move to a decent league in his peak years.
  15. Well, this is boring, but I am excited for a Warriors vs Celtics/Heat finals to see how that plays out. Can the Warriors do it again? Curry would be GOAT status if he carries them any of the finals games.
  16. Man I just hope the rumors that Zidane will be the new coach aren't true. I don't give a fuck about Mbappe the clown, but Zizou being their coach would hurt.
  17. fucking state of these tin pot cunts. These oil clubs need to be fucking stopped ffs. That is fucking obscene and makes a mockery of the sport. I always knew PSG were an embarrassment but this is taking the piss. They’re basically saying Mbappe is bigger than the football club 😂 tin pot as fuck
  18. I’ve never had one I’ve loved really. Couldn’t ever get a hold of designs I liked and a lot of the ones they started doing in the later years are frankly fuckin’ awful.
  19. I actually own like 15 blink shirts and I don't particularly love any of them lol. I usually prefer the more simple designs. The Bad Religion parody shirt is a decent example v I also really like this California shirt. Despite it being one of my least favorite blink albums it's probably the blink shirt I actually wear the most. It just looks good to me.
  20. This one that I designed as a joke that @horchata turned into a real shirt
  21. I could have been using my ADHD to do this the entire time? fuck.
  22. Kim Jon Un does struggle with anxiety sometimes though.
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