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  2. Clarke is still probably farting out little Olivers this morning

  3. they r delaying it as much as possible so they can keep people waiting around, so they can sell more merch real crass stuff, crass band!
  4. Today
  5. Pretty sure we’re getting new Alk3 soonish too.
  6. I’m sure we’re gonna get a full EP atleast and this just the teaser. They did a whole vinyl preorder. Can’t imagine they’d make this much noise about 2 songs.
  7. release the damn song and announce the album u bitches
  8. Glad it exists, want more of it. or more Alk3. just more non-diluted Skiba in general please and thank you.
  9. Is that really it? 😳 I was longing for an EP, at least.
  10. Eh this has always been the place where the real fans go (to complain lol) Not a fan of that title either but oh well.
  11. It really is an annoying name without context. Not sure why, hate to complain about a song title name, but here I am. Some of those other leaked titles seemed intriguing. More than you'll know, edging, anthem pt3 is competing with Cali though.
  13. If this happened to actually release on Friday, then that would mean would we be able to spend the weekend feeling like, dare I say it, kings?
  14. Blink knows they messed up and it might be over, but they will call you because you’re sober
  15. Have done so. Mark said you’re a cunt. Tom said you’re a cunt. Travis sent me a selfie of him licking Kourtney’s toes.
  16. I’ve taken heed of your response and given it some thought. I’d be disappointed if that was the name of a song too. I just don’t care much for it. Would you mind letting the boys know? I’m sure they’d be interested in my opinion.
  17. I watched The Sadness tonight, it was great!
  18. That’s the name of the supposed single.
  19. I’d be disappointed with that album name.
  20. I reckon it’s coming. Tom and mark both posting see ya in 2 weeks is suss, they’re up to something.
  21. From my understanding it's just two songs
  22. These are cool! First one sounds so ouch like theHell. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a leftover from those sessions they’d added to. Second one sounded more like a new band. Are we just getting an EP?
  23. Just listened to Cheshire Cat for 3 1/2 hours straight this morning, they better release a new song on Friday
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