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  1. Sounds like the lyrics to a shitty pop-punk band.
  2. Top quality pics, Davey! lol One of the guys that ran SOMA recently drew up his recollection of the layout:
  3. Dave that did the first Blink site with me... his band opened this show and was trying to find this flyer. Do you have it somewhere? It looks like all of the links to this flyer are broken! EDIT: Dave asked me to share these two pictures from their set opening up for Blink. In the first, you can see Mark and O in the background watching the set. In the second, he says: "why not-- that crowd was there for blink not cpm"
  4. Can't remember if I talked about this interview before or not. I totally remember it, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't from Soda Springs cuz I wasn't at that show. San Diego Warped Tour maybe? And wasn't it like 1995 and not 1997? But whatever. I brought a tape recorder to interview Tom and can't still hear his voice when I read this back. I transcribed it word for word by hand so I listened to that tape over and over again. My interview is terrible, I'm not sure if I even had interview notes, clearly I did not become a journalist. I just did this whole thing to get free tickets & backst
  5. This looks pretty damn close. Though in my memory you walk in and it's the side stage, just a sound board where you have lobby & merch area. Wasn't the merch area in the back where you put back of house?
  6. I think you may have me beat with your memory & recordkeeping. I'm embarrassed to not have all of the detail that you have from each show!
  7. Finally listening to this saga and geez, I got called out by name on the podcast and on the board. Guess I gotta go on!
  8. Oh hi! I was just reminiscing about Blink and broke out my old calendar to try to clear a few things up. I overlooked my 1999 calendar, on which October 20 it says "Blink @ Empire." I believe this is the show they filmed for the MTV "The Road Home," which didn't come out until December of 2000? Crazy that the footage was over a year old, but it fits the timeline that this happened in 1999 and is on my calendar, so I'd say this is a pretty sure thing. He also sent me a backstage laminate he saved from a show we went to in 1999 in LA: Will post more if I can think of it
  9. Just say my name 3x and I'll come back, just like Beetlejuice lol. Lockdown is OK. Binging Mad Men since I never saw it. Trying lots of great restaurants through delivery. Otherwise, not much different than real life. How you been?
  10. It was a two day shoot... the first day was the live stuff and I wasn't invited to that. The second day was the movie theatre shoot. I had my wall calendars out when I was going through all this stuff and I'm pretty sure the two days listed on the timeline are correct, 6/7/97 & 6/8/97.
  11. I was just thinking about that today... I took so many photos of bands at that time, I can't believe I didn't bring my camera to the overnight video shoot. I do remember it was 12am call time and I think I finally left at like 6 or 7am when the sun was up and drove home super tired back to San Diego. Totally worth it, though. Wore my Swindle shirt for my extra work since I was a fan of those guys and Blink had a split 7" with them... they were super stoked I did that for them. I remember the original plan was to fill the theatre with fans, but they supposedly forgot to get the word out, so it
  12. Thanks, man. Gonna be hard to top as this was my #1 Blink story, and my #2 Blink story was catching the bass. Now I'm just in search of #3...
  13. Yes, it is! According to wikipedia it was started in '95 but lost ground to Google and was sold to Yahoo in '03 where it essentially died.
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