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  1. mark had a single ernie ball music man (black with white pickguard) through cheshire cat and into the DR era. i took this on stage at SOMA on nov 1, 1996: the first time i saw him play with a fender bass was warped tour 97. i believe this was before he was sponsored by them. he played that fender ( a single light blue P) throughout the summer with his black MM as backup: by the spring of 98 he had gained a sponsorship with ernie ball and had several MMs in various colors. from my own pictures i count at least four: two pale blue, one pink, and one green: mark still used an ampeg cab and head up to and through the recording of DR. here is the oct 8 96 show at the whiskey opening for the descendents which i was at. photo by kerry key: he took the ampeg gear out on the road on warped 97. here is a pic i took at the san diego date and the ampeg tall cab is clearly visible:
  2. pretty low rent glossy mall punk. sounded like it was written and recorded by an AI.
  3. yea i took it upon myself to correct the misspelling.
  4. correct. you need to use an image hosting platform, like most forums, so as to not put on server weight. https://postimages.org/
  5. bummer mark stole the idea from motion city soundtrack
  6. also in today's news: i just learned who avril lavigne is and heard a song called "skater boy" for the first time, about twenty minutes ago.
  7. don't have the app / don't browse the web on a phone
  8. dead link; doesn't go anywhere? just a blank browser tab.
  9. i thought it was on the VHS but not the DVD. i have a VCR and the tape. i can check.
  10. it was the standard joke at their merch booth for like, years.
  11. @Ry-Bread i hope you ask @veeRob to be on the podcast!
  12. i've been going through to gather interesting images to share with @Ry-Bread for the 182news podcast, and rediscovered this. i can't remember if i posted this before, but if i did the image link is long dead. this is approximate and not quite to scale, based on my memories. perhaps @veeRob can add what he remembers too. have a look:
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