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  1. i can't imagine caring about that band in the slightest. maybe it's a brit thing? to me they're in the same bargain bin as coldplay.
  2. i dunno, we were all about the distortion hum back then. i still rock mine. it wails, dirtier than the X2N. that's the axe i use to play bad religion.
  3. i've been listening to a lot of my van halen collection since EVH passed. here's a great live set i found:
  4. i'm betting it's a seymour duncan distortion, since that's the brand he had on the sticker strat for the middle and neck. SD distortion hums were popular if you were playing hard rock, metal, and punk; that's what i dropped into my yamaha red rocker back in '99. it's like the SD version of the X2N.
  5. sure, it's on both the KROQ almost acoustic xmas recordings (97 with scott and 98 with travis).
  6. i remember hearing this from someone. i would think celebs ask for clips to be taken down if they want.
  7. yea the underwater stuff is from the first, abandoned "josie" video. i'm only in the second one, at the high school, so i was spared getting wet! there is a super short clip of it on vimeo. the uncut "M+M's" is on youtube.
  8. that's an interesting question. on the one hand, i'm a total deep cut snob. i never want to hear the singles played live. so voyeur 100%. it's a sentimental track too, because they introduced it to the set before dude ranch came out. it was on the setlist all summer 97. then they dropped it from the set (though it came back on the "mark tom and travis show" tour. however "M+M's" is soooooo iconic for me. a cornerstone of my high school years. buying cheshire cat at the show and then playing the CD in the car on the drive home, the one-two punch for falling in love with blink was "carouse
  9. surely. i had heard "M+M's" live some two dozen times by the time i first heard "voyeur." the mark, tom, and travis show... what's that? (trolling)
  10. yea i saw it before i even joined the boards. one of those lists of fails, pictures taken from reddit, like people painting their own cars and fucking them up, or adding on to their own houses poorly.
  11. even i know that one. it's internet / meme famous well beyond blink. i think it was featured on a "fails" subreddit is why.
  12. when you're right, you're right, dog. and i OWN that fucking CD single for chrissakes. although there's no way "M+Ms" is more obscure than "voyeur." it was the album's single! promo CD to radio, video to MTV (though rejected), the works...
  13. yea, you got mendella'ed. according to discogs, the b-side appears to be "don't me that it's over" and sometimes also "mother's day." i find it difficult to believe that any dude ranch track would be attached to a travis-era release. the only time they've done this (repeatedly) is in repackaging "i won't be home for xmas."
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