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  1. yea that's what people have been saying. more from management: "No one is going to prison for sharing those. I'm not encouraging sharing them and it's not something that I want happening here publicly or privately. I know it's frustrating but it is what it is and I feel like between youtube and various other communities folks can get their hands on them if they absolutely need them."
  2. again, i'm just going along with the community standards of the server. here's quotes from a mod kay: "anyone posting anything here that they shouldn’t will find out the consequences." "whatever it was meant to be probably wasn’t released for a reason. If you were part of something that wasn’t meant to see the light of day, would you want people discussing it in front of you? I imagine there are very civil discussions about whatever it is on Reddit and other such places."
  3. again, who cares if it leaked. it's the internet. stuff makes it out. i don't know anyone who's "offended" or "upset" or "outraged" or was "shaming" people. posting it to mark's discord was the wrong call. that's it. end of story.
  4. LOL i appreciate this russ. i gave exactly one lurker a hard time. 😆
  5. i don't think there's "outrage." stuff is always gonna leak. it was just disrespectful to post it on his server is all.
  6. he will. mark dislikes leaked material and finds it extremely disrespectful. he's said this, time and time and time again.
  7. yea it's a half hour through the second screening now.
  8. jake said it was to hang with friends in bands, and spec out the venue because blink is playing there next year. workcation
  9. just today's date. mark and jake didn't even get on the plane.
  10. i remember these first two but the AOL sessions were after my time. i definitely miss the days of hearing the uranus tracks for nearly a year live before they were selling the 7." or when mark would announce "this is a new song" and do a one off of "apple shampoo" or "dammit" or even a bit later on, "mutt."
  11. thanks for doing this thibaut! this brought back a bunch of great memories. since i grew up in OC i saw home grown a lot. and also with blink. that's business was a huge album for me in high school. btw, you guys talked about the album art. if you're ever looking for the old HG look, the typeface used is funkhouse by house industries. https://fonts2u.com/funkhouse.font
  12. josie is first just because i'm in it. then m+m's (original cut), m+m's (altered cut), dammit. man overboard also gets special mention due to its meta concept of reliving the prior enema videos, and the excellent show footage at the belly up tavern.
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