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  1. you should join us on the HMNIM discord! over the summer when mark was dealing with chemo really bad, it seemed like many of us would talk more with him than our own family.
  2. mark. his classic cheshire grin is one of them.
  3. excellent. glad to hear it's bad lighting. it's clear to see in the second photo with the live pics that the lavender paper insert is legit. you may dare say my tape is second gen but i bought my cassette from pat secor. unplayed copy. identical to yours. great story about the 94 show, thanks for sharing!
  4. typically the person singing the song wrote it, including the riff. i can ask mark though if you want.
  5. i do not believe that tom will ever again be a writing / recording member of blink. commemorative and/or limited live shows only.
  6. check the redacted.ch / what.cd guide tape looks legit. inserts are fake (by that i mean second gen).
  7. i've got scans of the whole article, but the quality isn't great. a paper magazine is on the way. mark was at his mom's house in rancho bernardo today. he posted a ton more content on the discord than jack did on IG. and he packed up the entire archive in the garage and drove back home to beverly hills with it. there are many items with tons of multiples—like stickers—so i suspect these will be for blinko prizes. for the more rare stuff, i don't know. it's really remarkable of kerry. the woman saved absolutely everything.
  8. @boxelderwere you the one looking for pics of scott raynor for the DR wikipedia page? i have some nice ones that @veeRobtook and we can ask him if it's ok to post them with credit.
  9. for here i use https://postimages.org/
  10. thanks for these! pics of lettuce with the jazz plate on are rare. i'm going to share on the discord and will credit you.
  11. absolutely rob. but i didn't want to say the quiet part out loud. 😆
  12. rob isn't sharing the tape out of respect for mark, who doesn't want it distributed. it's an asshole of a move to show up in a community where people have posted thousands of times, and the first thing you post is to call someone who was a personal friend of mark an asshole. fuck right off, thanks.
  13. he's got the date wrong (blink were signed to MCA in 1996; fluf after them). but hey he's old like me.
  14. i was interviewed last friday. also put the writer in touch with some other people.
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