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  1. wait, what, people actually like AVA? that band is a complete joke.
  2. yea and i'm not trying to crab. it just wasn't my scene anymore. i was too old.
  3. this is basically what led me to stop seeing the band live.
  4. actually, he has the non-hodgkin's kind.
  5. it's true, i am friendly on the streets and rough in the sheets.
  6. on my father's side. my grandfather's father was from around baden baden.
  7. he was talking about giving to cancer research just after the IG leak + announcement. and he's been set up donating to CHLA since what, march last year.
  8. yes i have lossless of flyswatter, demo #2, and buddha from my own cassettes. will not be sharing due to bootlegging concerns (fake tapes being sold).
  9. i suppose so... Mark Hoppus — Today at 12:05 PM Very very cool.
  10. someone from here signed up there to promote the charity drive. when mark saw the donation made, he tagged the person who was promoting: Mark Hoppus — Today at 11:50 AM @propagandhi thanks very much to you and the blink-182 online community for your very generous fundraising and donation! i called attention to the fact that you personally covered the paypal skim: daveyjones — Today at 11:59 AM also, you ought to know because it's so rad...the guy personally covered the cut that paypal took in the gathering (not "propagandhi" but the admin at 182online who organized the charity drive, who is known as "Ghent").
  11. the easiest way to donate to CHLA in mark's name (skim and tax free) is via the streamlabs tip jar attached to his twitch: https://streamlabs.com/markhoppus/tip sorry it slipped my mind earlier!
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