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  1. it all sounds good in the pit
  2. yea i saw them in a basketball gym on the wolves tour. great show.
  3. the caper does that one solo too. he also has a wall of firewood, which is impressive.
  4. yea but then you factor in the lyrics and the gloss. it's government cheese, dude.
  5. yup. that's how most people feel. i realize i'm a total outlier in my thinking.
  6. i can't decide if it's cynicism or simply clever salesmanship.
  7. this is a broken record for me on these boards, but i don't understand how that is a criticism. i listen to a diversity of bands. i don't want the bands themselves to vary much at all.
  8. yup. 1994 was all about dookie and smash and stranger than fiction. smash is still the top selling independent album of all time. like close to twelve million copies. ixnay only sold about three. though to be fair, americana clocks in a number with like ten million sold, but it had columbia on it. the offspring are a pretty tight punk outfit if you exclude nearly every one of their singles after smash. the band proves the truism that "the worst songs are the singles." most of them are like, embarrassingly bad. just god awful.
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