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  1. i don't think fandom is binary (you are or you aren't). it's a gradient, a spectrum...runs from stalkers to superfans to fans to casual fans etc etc. i also think it's fair to evaluate a band as a whole differently as their individual efforts. so while i am a huge fan of the cheshire cat through dude ranch period, far less so of the enema to jacket era, and not a fan of the untitled times at all, i still consider myself "a fan" of the band. he thinks as i've pointed out many times on these boards, that's how i thought at the time. that's how just about everyone in the san diego punk scene felt about it at the time.
  2. it's fine. as forgettable / likeable as "cynical" i suppose. i am surprised at the number of credited writers... folks are getting desperate for a piece of the action in the age of streaming. the song struck me as something mark *should* have written by himself in five minutes.
  3. they're trying to show they're still "punk." it's like all the emphasis put on "heart's all gone." did the rest of neighborhoods turn out like that? nope. classic bait 'n' switch...
  4. it's neither easy nor a dismissal. i'm both sympathizing with—and providing insight into—how many people view the beatles. "I just think the Beatles have one great album (Meet the Beatles) and the rest is crap" is a contrarian view, in that it runs counter to the assessment of both the public at large and the entire canon of 20th century music criticism. that doesn't necessarily mean you feel that way disenguinely. notice i hedged with "most people who espouse such a view" ... leaving plenty of room for you to not be one of them.
  5. sure, that makes sense. but "i don't enjoy listening to the beatles" is different than "they suck."
  6. most people who espouse such a view ("the beatles suck") are simply being wacky contrarians for the sake of it. i know, i used to be one of them. the beatles are like the mona lisa. the mona lisa is, objectively, a really, really good portrait. but what it has become in the public eye—a sort of shorthand for ALL of western art—makes people who are serious and/or knowledgeable about art kind of throw up in their mouths. but that reflex doesn't make the mona lisa a bad painting. nor the beatles a bad band.
  7. nah, the one from california is neutraface: https://houseind.com/hi/neutraface in the inside out video, it looks to be the same one as on GO, ITC avant garde: https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/itc/avant-garde-gothic/
  8. yea i've talked with him after nearly every motion city show i've gone to. also had a beer and hung out a bit after a farewell continental gig at a bar.
  9. VIP upgrade: "In addition to the usual fanfare from past excursions, we are excited to be offering a limited edition 7” with 2 exclusive tracks, custom handwritten lyrics from Justin Courtney Pierre, and a soundcheck party where we’ll play songs just for you that no one else will hear on the tour." https://motioncitysoundtrack.manheadmerch.com/products/dont-call-it-a-comeback-vip-upgrade also presale began yesterday at 10:00am. Here is the password you need in order to make this happen: MCS2020
  10. yea when justin was doing press for his solo album, he mentioned that all of them live in different states and have families. he said he could only tour one month for his solo effort, so i'd imagine 'getting the band back together' would be the same. still, for the size of draw they are, doing a tight one month tour every year can sock away some cash. selling out theaters in a narrow regional circuit is a far less expensive way to do it.
  11. i can't make a single one. but i wish them well!
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