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  1. that's a shame. i chat with mark on there nearly every other day. not to flex. anyone could if they wanted.
  2. cool find. so interesting that scott raynor was a financial partner in SOMA's third (and current) sports arena location. i dropped this on the discord and i wanted to tag @Thibaut182 what's your handle on there?
  3. @Ghent sounds less like a pirate than his profile pic would suggest.
  4. vinyl will come off fine without harming the body if you ever want to desticker it. i say sticker, because otherwise what is the point of having the right model and year. but that is just me.
  5. great listen ry thank you!
  6. welcome to the boards! thanks for the fresh info. would love to see a pic of the second side. do you have the capability to rip to digital audio? i have a rip of this cassette but it is not lossless.
  7. major flame war on mark's discord on sunday re: TB. there was a kid who was suuuuuuper butthurt about the bucs win.
  8. i used to like oasis. i still like them. but i used to like them too.
  9. right? me neither! have you got any pics from 97 of what you describe?
  10. my local man fixed everything up for $50. i gave him $100.
  11. "pathetic" ? it's not brain surgery. plus i think skiba can learn and play whatever blink songs he wants to. the operative word here is want.
  12. i wish this "young blood" lots of luck. but i will not be tuning in.
  13. that's why i love them. when i want steak i order steak.
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