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  1. it's funny because, yea, it's an agreement to work together but neither party pays the other. it's just "let's be friends."
  2. i did a google reverse image search... apparently there is a movie called "the crow" and a wrestler who goes by "sting." learn something new every day...
  3. everyone. i think he is touring with sting now. imagine that, sting asks you to play material that fucking stewart copeland wrote and recorded. nice phone call, dude.
  4. i saw blink once as mark, tom, and josh freese.
  5. what's friends? who cares. i think i saw maybe one or two episodes when it debuted. never seen a single episode of the office. british or american. i gave up television in 1999. that said, i can still recite every seinfeld episode pretty much word for word. those DVDs are gold to me.
  6. they basically ran out of ideas after futures, but i still buy every album and listen to them. some good tracks on this new one.
  7. if blink and alk3 were playing on the same night, even with tom, i'd see alkaline instead.
  8. i cite alk3's damnesia as succeeding at this.
  9. wow that was fucking shitty. yea matt, just do the chorus x1.5 faster and at a different chord change tempo than the rest of the song. also, when you strip down a track that over-relies on production (like this and the rest of nine) it reveals how weak the actual songwriting is.
  10. yup. it's worth buying simply for the scott raynor interview material, imo. the rest of the book adds nothing new (and is riddled with errors).
  11. it's mentioned in tales from beneath your mom, anne's book, but the shooman one has direct quotes from scott, which clarify the timeline a bit.
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