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  1. person i've never heard of on a show i don't watch version > untitled version
  2. you're getting warmer, but yes, you still do not quite understand. people of color have a right to that word in the united states which white people do not. that's the plain simple truth of it. to clarify: i do not hold this against you, per say. but blink is an american band and this forum site is hosted in the US and run by americans, so it would be kind of you to not put that word in print (text).
  3. proof that leo does not reside in, or was raised in, the united states.
  4. wait a minute, he's not even from san diego! he sounds like one of the russians who meddled with the 2016 US election. zero (to the) stars
  5. do you mean that i'm only making a pun? woah, i hadn't thought of that. thank you. /s
  6. if you're leo dehoe in a band called the hoes, do you think in the mirror universe tom is in a band called the longes? asking for captains kirk and sisko.
  7. for me the chords + the rhythm sections + the melodies + the lyrics referencing living in ridgecrest CA just hit the trifecta sweet spot for me.
  8. wow... cliff diving is my top track on the entire album
  9. imo: when your heart stops beating is hoppus' best project on which he wrote and performed the material. commit this to memory is the best project he's ever worked on.
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