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  1. that's probably the best track on their single best release.
  2. i really think one should only vote for a song actually written for the album, and not available prior. that eliminates "degenerate" which i always thought was a weak track. my least favorite track which was written for dude ranch is dick lips. it always sucked, especially live. 1. "Pathetic" 2. "Voyeur" 3. "Dammit" 4. "Boring" 5. "Dick Lips" 6. "Waggy" 1995 7. "Enthused" 1996 (demo) 8. "Untitled" 9. "Apple Shampoo" 10. "Emo" 11. "Josie" 12. "A New Hope" 1995 or earlier 13. "Degenerate" original buddha tape 14. "Lemmings" 1995 15. "I'm Sorry" as for my favorite? "apple shampoo." that's the first track written for dude ranch i ever heard live, in the summer of 1996. and i think it's one of the best songs, lyrically, that mark has ever written.
  3. yea that recording was fall 1997. the first version of mutt was from the same session. both with mark trombino.
  4. jesus that was awful. it must be weird being paid so well for a job you're so bad at, mark.
  5. yup. neither the CC nor the DR cargo 12" vinyl were sold at shows, so that means you'd have to somehow sneak it into a club through the bouncer pat down etc? it's a promo item for sure. very cool, and very rare. fun fact: the way we took pictures at shows back in the day was to bring a disposable camera—hidden in the crotch. never got caught in a pat down.
  6. cargo promo poster. handed out for free at shows during the first half of 96. i got mine at SOMA in january 1996. they were handed out flat, so you'll almost always see them folded into quads (we stuffed em in our pockets and made our way into the pit!). the photo is by kerry key, taken at the showcase theater in corona on july 18, 1995. the original is on his flickr page: note that this shot on flickr is cropped. this same poster image was used on the back of the m+m's promo CD which was sent to local radio in the fall of 1995 and debuted on san diego alternative rock station 91x: check out the circle drawn around the middle finger of someone flipping off the band! and i love the small details, like the buddha-era sticker on the guitar case: PM me for further info...
  7. i checked my SRC pressing, and the one in your LP picture is slightly taller. since that's larger than the CD insert, if you own that LP, i think you already have the largest image available.
  8. i don't have a scan of it. but the largest i think would be from the non-deluxe SRC LP, yes? the one in the cargo first press is just as big, but grayscale.
  9. fortunately this one's an easy call. the dude was a piece of shit and his music was shit too.
  10. this came up a while back i think. it's because the age of streaming has decimated royalties per physical unit (beyond songwriting). this is a post 2010 phenomenon.
  11. i used to have one. bought it at lou's records in san diego in 1996ish. i traded it to a member of the blink collectors group on FB. you might want to check there.
  12. most people have a modest two-octave vocal range when they sing; only rare talents (think opera) sing five. so mark either sings it high or low (if the key is in his range). when mark sings high like on misery, i guarantee you that's the absolute ceiling of his range.
  13. from this post i learned who the chainsmokers are.
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