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  1. not so much that. just that lesser beings (like youtube click-rackers) will always frustrate us. the villain always takes the easier path. it's why batman is so broken.
  2. you could have at least trolled harder on the sell-out angle. that i'm used to.
  3. 1.) that's wikipedia. anyone is free to reip / mix your contributed content without attribution, compensation, or kind feels. 2.) that's why i don't spend a lot of time writing or editing wiki content in the fields i study... first of all, your shit can get changed and undone over and over again, and second, there's no love in it. 3.) the header logo is pretty bullshit, but granted aria based it on the art in the dude ranch insert. still, not cool to just rip the graphic and not even attribute the boards. the other thing is, you could have done this boxy. instead of pouring time into wiki because of your love of the band, you could have monetized your interest, and made a bunch of shitty youtube videos about blink, rackin' up views and clicks. you didn't, because you're probably a better person that than. but someone will always be willing to take the low road and slimeball it. TLDR; no good deed goes unpunished.
  4. https://www.discogs.com/Blink-182-Enema-Of-The-State/release/7987225
  5. it's true... i was being a *bit* cheeky. they both formed in 2006 and played in the same scene, so i'm sure they each heard what the other was doing. sidenote: gaslight had deeply personal lyrics, even before the more recent albums.
  6. that was (part) of the joke. he's literally great at talking.
  7. sure. and i listen to tons and tons of other genres and artists. my comment was along the lines of a.) i've never heard of this artist before and b.) i do not like what i hear.
  8. yea that's from an enema-era CD single and also the AU version of enema. KROQ acoustic xmas show, december 1998.
  9. skiba is a better guitarist and songwriter than tom. he just doesn't care; that's the difference.
  10. WTF??? who is this. makes eminem sound like shakespeare.
  11. kids today still think travis played on the track. nope; only version is with scott.
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