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  1. i don't have a scan of it. but the largest i think would be from the non-deluxe SRC LP, yes? the one in the cargo first press is just as big, but grayscale.
  2. fortunately this one's an easy call. the dude was a piece of shit and his music was shit too.
  3. this came up a while back i think. it's because the age of streaming has decimated royalties per physical unit (beyond songwriting). this is a post 2010 phenomenon.
  4. i used to have one. bought it at lou's records in san diego in 1996ish. i traded it to a member of the blink collectors group on FB. you might want to check there.
  5. most people have a modest two-octave vocal range when they sing; only rare talents (think opera) sing five. so mark either sings it high or low (if the key is in his range). when mark sings high like on misery, i guarantee you that's the absolute ceiling of his range.
  6. from this post i learned who the chainsmokers are.
  7. do you mean a lower key? because there's no way he could sing twelve full steps below that.
  8. love it, especially since they've added the new 3D modes. you can use street view in VR too.
  9. yea, that's sort of what the problem is for me. is there a game environment where you can just walk around and look at stuff? i'm looking for a completely passive immersive experience.
  10. that's taskin' and i'm not being cheeky, either. i love the look and feel of game worlds and VR... i'm just looking for an experience, literally, with none of the above.
  11. i'm looking for a video game where i don't perform tasks, or solve problems, or make choices, or reach goals, or compete, or interact with others. any recommendations?
  12. sure. in the CC days most people just didn't care. at all. this was the punk club scene. to want an autograph was to suggest an artist was a "rock star" and that was something that was actively opposed. in fact, i was embarrassed to ask scott and mark to sign my short bus when i bought it at a show merch table, and they thought it was odd too; mark laughed about it "sure, save it, maybe it'll be worth something someday." the whole idea was a joke. i'm sure by the time of dude ranch, when they were doing radio promotion and stuff, it became more common and more orchestrated. at least on the warped tour 97, tom and mark could still be found at their own merch table. not so much from 98 on. at warped tour 99 there was a little meet n greet tent, and you just kind of lined up and hung out. that's where my profile pic was taken, and why mark looks so surprised. he was like "dude, i haven't seen you in like over a year. we have this big album out now, can you believe it? did you see the video on MTV, we're running naked?"
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