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  1. This album is... really, REALLY bad. The worst thing i've listened this year so far, easily.
  2. Thanks for the info! i wonder why lemmings didn't make it to the uranus ep, it would've been cool
  3. So i made a playlist using my favorite songs from cali deluxe and NINE just for the giggles and it's surprising how good some of these songs flow together, loved the flow from TFT to Heaven especially. What would be your perfect blink-182 album using cali deluxe and NINE? here's the playlist i made btw
  4. just another question, other than waggy, wrecked him and zulu, were any other songs recorded during the uranus sessions? c'mon man, you gotta share those demos
  5. Most of those demos were also on the buddha promo tape, right?
  6. Cynical < The First Time (NOFX song ft. matt skiba and mark hoppus < song that actually sounds like blink) Bored To Death > Happy Days She's Out of Her Mind < Heaven Los Angeles < Darkside Sober < Blame It On My Youth Built This Pool < Generational Divide (both are dumb and souldn't be on their respective albums but BTP is dumber) No Future < Run Away HISALP < Black Rain Kings of the Weekend < I Really Wish I Hated You Teenage Satellites < Pin the Grenade Left Alone < No Heart To Speak Of Rabbit Hole > Ransom (don't like those but i had to pick one) San Diego < On Some Emo Shit The Only Thing That Matters > Hungover You California < Remember to Forget Me Hey I'm Sorry > Out Of My Head
  7. It sounds like a Four Year Strong Song
  8. If @daveyjones @Donald Trump's Bulge and @Scott. like it it means blink did good this time I hope it becomes a trend and blink keeps delivering good stuff also, am i the only one who enjoys those little trap/hip-hop beats on some of the songs? i'm glad to see the boys getting with the times and see travis influences shine
  9. Will the scrapped feldman tracks ever be released? I'm curious to listen to what they were recording before NINE, they should release them all in 2 EPs or something. Also, correct me if i'm wrong but i remember reading blink recorded a song with some rapper, am i crazy or something?
  10. Can we all agree that Heaven is fucking awesome? ❤️ this is the closest we've ever got to a +44 song
  11. Matt sounds like his Alk3 self on Heaven, more Alk3 vocals and less yelling pls (or no yelling at all). One track that i really hated is ransom, it started well and then the second half goes full generic NOFX "punk rawk" shit. Love the album overall and still don't get the hate for BIOMY and IRWIHY, they're both fantastic in my opinion. P.S: Skip the "flac" copies, they're all fake. We'll have to wait until release date for proper cd quality.
  12. Am i the only one who feels this is the right time for Tom to rejoin the band? it may sound weird but tom and mark are kinda on the same page at the moment, musically at least. With mark doing all this "synth-pop" stuff with SC and Tom has been implementing lots of synths with AVA, Travis colaborating with lots of cloud rappers in recent years making beats and stuff, i feel like something awesome could come out of a new blink record as soon as they keep it real. It might not be a "punk rock" record, but at least it will feel honest and real.
  13. ^This a million times I don't get why people relate pop punk to blink-182 past TOYPAJ, there's too much experimantation going on Untitled to put it in such a simplistic genre, some fans are just unable to move on from enema and let the band grow which put the band on its current situation *coff coff California*. Man, the death of Jerry affected the band in so many ways, feldman gave them the wrong idea of what the band was supposed to be/sound like while Jerry pushed them to try new things while staying true to themselves. I feel like in Jerry's mind there was no 'blink sound', of course they all have a very distinct and unique playing style from other bands but every album from Cheshire to Untitled sounds like a slow but organic evolution. My point is that mark and travis should get that stupid idea of trying to appeal to the masses out of their heads and also the idea of 'the blink sound' that feldman pushed to them.
  14. I really wish i didn't relate to the lyrics currently, damn bad timing. back on topic i kinda like this one, musically it reminds me of the newer bring me the horizon songs which in my opinion are far better than anything they did in their early days, can't say the same about blink tho. 6/10 1. Rebel Girl 2. Darkside 3. Blame it on My Youth 4. Happy Days 5. Kiss & Tell 6. Generational Divide/RWIHY That would be my ranking for all the blink and blink related music that's been released so far. idk, i just love Rebel Girl
  15. So did you like the song or not? i mean, musically it sounds like something you'd appreciate ?
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