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  1. This 100%, the reason to tour is mostly to push merch because they make way more money from it. The profit margins on ticket sales are probably laughably bad.
  2. Offspring have some great albums. Bit one trick pony but definitely part of my punk introduction, still listen to Conspiracy of One record a lot.
  3. Out of those left Alkaline trio Say anything Motion city soundtrack Rancid Yellowcard ((and as half of those aren't pop punk let's add other fringe cuts)) Jimmy Eat World Foo Fighters Brand New The Wonder Years The Spill Canvas Some of these votes are serious, some less so.
  4. yeah this is what has given me pause. like I don't like The Descendents, but they should be on that list for sure.
  5. I've heard of half of them, but mostly through the boards.
  6. Kay

    Punk kid

    If @twentytwentyproduces it, then yes I'm down lol That video is fascinating though, seen it a while back.
  7. Oh I'm sorry, I've misunderstood. Cisgendered people telling their pronouns seems unnecessary to me too, I'd rather a world in which it's not necessary either which way, but it's being done in solidarity for those who unfortunately have to say their pronouns as they get misgendered and it's hurtful and awkward. I also clearly misunderstood Speedo too because his previous post reinforces he's still a bit of a cunt about it. If your hang up is purely Cisgendered people announcing their pronouns then I get that.
  8. Yeah. It's quite hard for people to really practise empathy in a wider sense, and as a result I think the world needs a little bit of patience and effort on both sides. Those struggling to understand others but mean well being met with patience and calm explanation is like, the ideal way mankind can move on. But there's precious little of either on either side so we're all fucked.
  9. It's incredibly easy to dismiss something as silly if you put no effort into actually trying to view the world from someone else's perspective. I'm glad your sister helped open your mind Speedo, and your girlfriend Diddy,and honestly @JarJarBlinks you're better than that. Come on.
  10. I've been called sir and young man before. It's incredibly embarrassing, especially with tits as big as mine.
  11. Yeah don't worry on that front, odd conspiracy theories aside you don't remotely seem extremely sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic and bordering on being a neo nazi. It's aight Fam.
  12. I only do that if the movie sucks but I'm watching with others who are enjoying it.
  13. It's because its an awful lot of 2+ hour movies just to watch a different 2 hour film or series. Watching a few seasons of a show is chill if you're into it, and if your not you just don't watch it - it doesn't immediately lock you out of watching a shit load of other things.
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