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  1. Its not complicated, it just… makes no sense
  2. Ew. Always hated Odi, he took good songs and made them boring and samey. As an acoustic artist, I am not a fan 😂
  3. Toms verse in TTO is terrible but Mark’s is fucking funny.
  4. I will say, My Shame Is True has some bangers on it. Kiss You To Death I Pessimist, She Lied to The FBI - theres some solid tracks… and theres a lot of wank too but its not all bad.
  5. So are mine, they’re still a sock.
  6. It was the only encore song for us and it did not translate live well. DWM was epic live though, as was MTYK
  7. Amazed Up All Night and Bored To Death have survived the set list at all tbh
  8. I hope the aussies are enjoying! Tom didn’t sound necessarily amazing when I saw them but his voice is still waaay better than it was years back and he did a great job. Lucky bastards getting some new ones, which ones did they drop?
  9. I love ITTC but that had bigger highs and lows, while this record seems a little more consistent. None of the new ones I adore as much as those but that's because I've had a few years with them now. Throw Me To The Lions has become one of my fave alk3 songs of all time, and Little Help? That record has some pure gold on it.
  10. The she said has harmonies over it and the teenage heart one is… two notes? Not surprised I missed that haha
  11. I genuinely don’t hear it and usually I am obsessive with stuff like that.
  12. I just went to check, and can’t hear it - which bit of teenage heart and which bit of no future?
  13. Funny. Versions Of You is one of my faves of the bunch
  14. Try From Here To Infirmary next alkalines Enema
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