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  1. Kay


    I really wish we had softball in the UK.
  2. Kay


    Definitely made the six nations really weird to watch earlier this year, I get it.
  3. It looks like someone usually paints model planes but went fucking overboard, and I grew up painting planes so I kinda love it. I've never liked them, they look like a really lazy attempt to be artistic to me, but I hated the fake "beat up" scorch mark and tape style ones he had around Neighborhoods era as well. I miss the clean lines, racing stripes kinda deal. More my aesthetic idk.
  4. First one of his guitars I've liked the look of in a long while.
  5. Yeah but the fact that Aaron himself said he cowrote the new one implies more than arrangement tweaks. I take no issue with arrangement tweaks, I've had producers do that to me and most of the time I've agreed and it's improved the outcome of the song, but it's usually such a minor thing that the idea of songwriting credit for it is laughable - and none of them have ever asked for it either.
  6. I'll say it - I also think it's bullshit that AVAs producer is Co--writing. I think producers writing with you outside of subtle suggestions is bull, just like I think outside writers is bull. Producers are supposed to be outsiders who take your song, record it, and make it sound as best as it can. As soon as they're actually writing it as well, they're no longer objective to the material, and the production suffers. I don't like bands hiring outside writers when they're decent writers in their own right who are more than capable. In blinks case it's way more annoying because A. The hired writers are writing wank. B. Blink never needed hired writers in the past and C. They have Matt fuuucking Skiba in the band and aren't really using him. It sucks on both sides. Toms better than it, and so are blink.
  7. Nah I get it, it seems like a mental cost to me.
  8. If you do decide to travel for it, stay at mine, we'll go to the Bristol show together. My main reason for not going is I have no one to go with. No one I know likes AVA (because, well, why would they lol)
  9. They're playing bristol in March, so I was considering it, but Londons too far for me. Shame!
  10. Legit where are you seeing them? I've been toying with going but not sure.
  11. The song didn't do much for me but the video was funny.
  12. What the fuck did I just watch lol
  13. I totally agree, it's apparently what shitty musicians do these days.
  14. Blink play along to full backing tracks all the time now.
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