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  1. I made it through like 4 tracks, kiss kiss is basically identical to bloody valentine, and it's very cheesy corny paint by numbers pop punk sound, but it's fucking better than modern blink. Still not my thing but I find it hysterical how much riffier this is considering it's basically pop music.
  2. You poor thing, you have no idea what magic you missed.
  3. I saw that all over Reddit, haven't seen the episode yet though. Wasn't super interested, it's gotten much more wank without Mary Berry and Mel and Sue, and now that Sandi's gone I'm even less bothered. Noel Fielding is okay but he's still a bit too weird for bake off and I fuckin' hate the other guy.
  4. Yeeeeah. Your opinions will possibly change as the show goes on lol.
  5. My favourite blink cover is probably Dancing With Myself, because I don't like the original but Toms ridiculous vocals in it make me laugh like a mother fucker.
  6. I was PlayStation 1 and 2, switched to xbox for 360. Was actually preferring the PS4 last time but all my friends were on xbox so I went with xbox which in hindsight I'm glad of, the PS4 UI is kind of annoying. Had a SNES as a kid but that's about it before PS1.
  7. I hate exclusive titles. No game is worth buying an entire console over and there's so many different ways to play games now that it gets more and more irritating. I know it's for money money money and console loyality but as a customer it irritates me. I was gifted a PS4 purely for Spiderman, which I loved, but I've barely played that console since. It's a waste and I feel guilty for it all the time, I play my xbox every day though.
  8. I've seen bits, looks great, I will get to it at some point
  9. I have been playing with a broken xbox controller, new one got delivered today, the game is suddenly a lot easier, I accidentally handicapped myself haha
  10. In case no ones seen what I'm talking about. I fucking hate country music but these country versions do make me laugh, even if the rest of his content is shit.
  11. Well, the high score stuff was different for a start. Take THPS1 warehouse for example. High score is 5k, sick score is 15k. In the new one, the high score is 10k and the sick score is 100k. They've bumped up scores so that the extra abilities can be taken into account. Plus in the originals I think the physics were more forgiving, you have a bit less weight and gravity to your characters so it made your air time longer.
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