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  1. So? doesn't mean she hasn't made anything from it since.
  2. Got fuck all to do with her being a woman, I'm not remotely a Jen fan, just seems fucking bizarre that a bunch of people are calling her a gold digger because she...has...money? We know she's had businesses, it's not a stretch of the imagination to think maybe it's her own fucking money.
  3. None of you know literally anything about Jens business affairs and neither do I. just because you don't think it's worth anything doesn't mean it doesn't make money. people spend stupid money on stupid shit all the time.
  4. eeeurgh thats creepy lol
  5. Do we have any information on the financial breakdown of her career? no? so maybe it's all conjecture and we're presuming an awful lot?
  6. She's owned businesses, and whilst she may have had a leg up from Tom in the start it's not like she's done absolutely fuck all for 20 years and any money she's made is solely down to him.
  7. No one knows the story or them soooo maybe don't just slag her off and call her a gold digger?
  8. Kay

    Nine Criticisms.

    I'd be so happy, not gonna lie lol
  9. Kay

    Nine Criticisms.

    I imagine it'd just be Robbie looking confused and saying "you fuckin' what, mate?" because he's not the most well spoken and polite individual lol
  10. I don't think they've had a decent cover since Untitled. Neighborhoods was stupid and dull, DED was dumb and simplistic, Cali was just a bit odd, and this just looks like someone ate a bunch of gummy bears and skittles and threw up brightly coloured vomit on a pane of glass.
  11. They were married 18 years, I'm not surprised she's close to his family, and if the vacation was with the kids it would make a hell of a lot of sense, putting their children before their divorce issues so they can be with their family seems like a non issue for me. My sister recently finalised her divorce (been going on for like 5 years, he lives abroad). She was with him for ten years, they met when I was 15. He's like a brother to me, and he has an open invitation to stay with us the next time he's in the UK. I don't think that's weird, by blood or not, he's my family. I imagine Jen feels the same way for Toms family. it's never exactly going to be a simple "thats it" situation, your lives are tied together.
  12. Kay

    Nine Criticisms.

    Robbie Williams is glorious, sir. kindly watch your mouth.
  13. See I had absolutely no idea Vinnie wrote it, how cool! and yeah nvm then about the lyrics haha
  14. Kay

    Nine Criticisms.

    I think Nine is less straight up annoying than California to me but I can see why someone would prefer California, partly because Nine is kinda...sonically messy? don't know how to describe it, but it detracts from the songs a lot and I think whilst I despise the production on California, it is more straight forward and that could appeal to some. I've purposely only listened 3 times total because I found myself liking it less and less and I didn't want to be alone on the sad little hate train so I'm waiting until it's out on Spotify before bothering to spin it again. Can't say I'm particularly interested in listening to it though, just didn't do anything for me.
  15. German is a little harsh but I've always found it quite charming, and distinctive. I've always found welsh to be a hilarious example for people who've never heard it. loads of people fucking hate it. Case and point -
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