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  1. Watched all of season 1 of We Are Ladyparts and it’s fucking brilliant. Show about an all muslim women punk band with bloody weird surrealism elements all the way through. No idea how it even got made but im here for it.
  2. Yeah but let’s be real, he hasn’t been married since 2008, its a long gap, he dated loads in that time but this one was obviously (obnoxiously) more of a big deal, so maybe this is the real deal for them. Who knows.
  3. Well Melissa was one year and Shannah was 4, so I’d guess at between that many. That being said they’re both in their 40s, maybe this one sticks.
  4. You constantly shitting on people is redundant but that doesn’t seem to stop you.
  5. Idk how people know this shit. I hear about “the family” but never know much of anything about any of them. Do you watch the show or something? I don’t really get the fame because they seem very uninteresting to me.
  6. .. you get that he’s spoilering it because people might be going to that evenings show and may or may not want to know? since when was being courteous mockable?
  7. Definitely wondering if those slating Atom here have only experienced him through AVA. Seriously, check out his other work. Man is a power house.
  8. She’s always been a little hot headed tbh. I doubt she thought much about it, just shit talked and then went “ah fuck I shouldn’tve said that” then deleted it.
  9. Transphobia really isn’t relevant to the discussion.
  10. On the one hand, I kind of agree with her, on the other hand it’s dumb to say outloud and considering her history of beefing with musicians she really should learn to just back off. Skiba already hates her n all lol
  11. Spellbound is one of my faves.
  12. Toms acting is actually the worst which always makes me laugh.
  13. Kay


    Didnt know she left. never been a fan particularly, seems like a nice person. I like “Say Hello To Your New Lover”
  14. Yeah Paralysed was a fucking terrible choice haha
  15. It’s in tune mostly just fucking boring to watch and he looks uncomfortable with it.
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