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  1. While I also think the rumours are bullshit, Jason Tate was quite in the know. My reason for not taking his word seriously is the days of him knowing shit and being in the know is a fuckin’ long time ago so I just don’t really see it.
  2. … I mean… cancer is a pretty good reason.
  3. The chorus fucking slaps tbh, I’m into it.
  4. Posts like this are their nummiest treat. I suggest the ignore function, does me wonders
  5. They sell out major arenas on their own, so yeah I don’t think they’d double bill. It’s a pointless argument anyway its a bullshit rumour lol
  6. Hell on Spotify alone they have 2 mil more monthly listeners than blink do.
  7. I would look up the figures my man. Paramore’s After Laughter was huge and they have a new record coming out, my kids know them and don’t know blink. Im serious.
  8. Paramore are too big to support blink. I just don’t see it.
  9. Yeah I know it’s exhausting at this point. Literally, the smartest thing to do is to ignore every rumour until actual official announcements.
  10. People on Reddit are genuinely buying this. The fuck is wrong with people lol
  11. People who think using them may give them more of a shot at a kardashian?
  12. Even on the BCR tour Tom sounds like ass
  13. Of course it isn’t fair haha I’m just talking shit.
  14. Right? Like yeah he sounds like a dying cat now but I’d still go haha
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