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  1. I just want to thank blink - 182 for this opportunity! If it weren't for them being catastrophically shit at songwriting, organisation, dedication and communicating with their fan base than this win wouldn't be possible so THANK YOU BLINK! 💋💋💋 #BringTomBack
  2. yeah you can't force it when it comes to what a song is 'about' so I'm not shocked you are blocked. I don't think anything I have to say is worthwhile, I just write what comes to mind at the time. sometimes it's deep. a lot of the time it isn't. it is what it is. I'd say have a go at it but don't bite off more than you can chew documentation wise, make sure it's easy and fun to do and it doesn't become a chore that takes away from the music itself. but go nuts!
  3. Aw man I was really hoping it'd be exact, but I'll take one week off. I'm shocked it's further away than that prediction though haha
  4. Okay so pointing out the various times Mark refers to drinking wine, to the point where it's in Neighborhoods, and pointing out his depression bouts and thinking just maybe he has a bit of problem with alcohol is totally nuts, but Tom speaks nicely to someone on a podcast and he's on ecstasy?
  5. I mean... it isn't "dog shit hamper" or something dumb. seems a little bit lazy, though.
  6. Dammit is surprisingly okay dude haha, don't be too hard on yourself.
  7. How on earth did we get to credit and bowel movements from this? seriously how? also my favourite colour is green too. not that it matters.
  8. yeah it was super panned when it came out if I recall, I actually liked it. I don't think it's on par with his untitled work or +44 but it knocks the shit out of California. it's not brilliant lyrically though.
  9. so TTS nonsense and mentioning blink and bugger all with AVA, typical.
  10. Probably spend two seconds mentioning the new AVA album and then plug the shit out of TTS and some shirts, maybe throw in a "I started the band" comment about blink.
  11. I can feel bad about myself as a human an awful lot, but the one shred of dignity I have is that I've never gotten my baps out for weirdos over the internet.
  12. Trust me, you've come to the right place haha
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