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  1. 6/8 and Last Train Home being out really piss me off but Built This Pool is just funny. it's not cringe funny like the other comedy bits, it's not "oh what a waste of potential" it's just a dumb handful of seconds that make me smile on an album of complete and utter dross.
  2. I adored her when I was 16 because the girl I was mad for was a big fan (a bisexual hippie dreadlocked fellow musician, whodafunk) and she introduced me and I was real into it for like, a year or two. barely listen to her now but the ones I liked back then I still spin on occasion. All lesbian jokes aside she is pretty good but her vocals are definitely an acquired taste. Yeah some people do unfortunately live the stereotypes, says I, with a butch short haircut.
  3. I love the Good Place, probably one of the best shows of the 2010s
  4. ah really? not some Ani Difranco at least?
  5. That is something I didn't realise I needed in my life, but now that it's here I'm beside myself with happiness.
  6. Amazed this dude hasn't been banned yet, obvious scam artist.
  7. Bored To Death but I know most people bum it so it's a wasted vote
  8. Yeah, I get wanting to tag yourself so people can find you for other stuff or contact you for questions but you could easily do it in a way that isn't quite so intrusive. It also suggests to most that they belong to "you" when they don't, which comes across as disingenuous. I think people are pumped about your input but no one owes you anything either.
  9. Left Alone, Cynical has the best chorus on California.
  10. Rumours was one of my contenders for this thread actually lol
  11. Yeah I'm glad his focus is now on someone old enough to vote.
  12. last train home votes can GTFO
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