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  1. Yeah, he had a list, they've had it since like season 5 or 6 I think. GRRM has had the ending planned since the beginning, allegedly.
  2. It wasn't the worst episode of the season, I think that was the 5th episode, but as a show finale it was really quite boring. I also think they just really framed the episodes badly. I think you could've ended episode 5 with the bells scene, where she starts up and everyones like 'oh fuck' and then you have to wait a week, and the focus of the final is the destruction she causes, the deaths, the whole tyrant imagery and then the show ending on Jon having to stop Dany and Dragon melting the throne. leave it at "the iron throne is gone, everyones dead, thats what you get ya dicks". I also think it's bananas that Mad Queen Daenarys who's paranoid and suspicious of Jon would just chill chat with him and make out and be surprised that he stabbed her. I mean come on, really? how did she not for-see that possibility? especially with what happened with Tyrion? I also find the whole Bran takes the throne thing really sinister. considering his power and abilities (a lot of which no one knows the true depths of considering how bungled it's developed in the show) he could've literally orchestrated for thousands to die just so he could get the throne. I mean think about what he's let happen and is just rollin' and chill about it to end up king? No king at all makes more sense than Bran at the helm, he could easily be the most dangerous person in the world of GoT.
  3. I don't like the originals to care about the remixes but I thought the Surrender remix was much better than the original. and Diary is probably the best AVA 'sounding' AVA song ever.
  4. I mean it might be, it just said 'Travis Barker new album' and some name but I can't for the life of me remember what it was. maybe I dreamt it haha I have no idea.
  5. I had a google alert a few days back mentioning a new travis solo album but I didn't check on it, I genuinely thought it was already announced.
  6. Kay

    Eurovision 2019

    It wasn't the worst but I think it was the most forgettable. most of the bad ones were still recognisable because of how bloody weird they were.
  7. Kay

    Eurovision 2019

    Despite feeling sober I clearly drank a lot because I feel like wank this morning. Leftover pizza sorting me out though, showing up rough as fuck to a wedding fair this afternoon will probably be fine right?
  8. Kay

    Eurovision 2019

    Need to start a change.org petition to get rid of the judges vote its absolute shit show now
  9. Kay

    Eurovision 2019

    I'm still sober. My guests are all on meds and can't drink so I've been drinking solo. Doesn't work lol
  10. Kay

    Eurovision 2019

    'Nana banana' you sure love? I think a few more bananas would be a healthier choice.
  11. Kay

    Eurovision 2019

    As years go, this hasn't been as bad as the last couple. Not prime Eurovision by any means but at least it wasn't all ballads.
  12. Kay

    Eurovision 2019

    Iceland and Australia for us.
  13. Kay

    Eurovision 2019

    Jon Snow looking at Australia and mutters "She's my queen" to himself.
  14. Kay

    Eurovision 2019

    Yeah, we adopted them.
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