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  1. I am going to assume that Mark's efforts on Neighborhoods were definitely from some of those.
  2. I did tell you. Its a fucking car crash, I love it. I also hate country music so it's double awful to me.
  3. It's a really fucking awful vibe. Its not a story, or fucking anything, it's nonesense. Darkside is at least cringe enough to stick out.
  4. This reminds me of my first blink poster. I was about 13, out shopping with my grandparents, and there was a blink poster - I'd never seen one and I begged them to buy it for me. The poster in question is the one of them in swimming trunks. My gran bought me the poster and said "I'm glad to finally see you taking an interest in boys!" That moment is in my head forever, it's hysterical.
  5. Completely underutilised in the dumbest video ever. Also I'm still angry they were burning candles on the amps that's just dangerous.
  6. I hate both, but I'm voting Darkside. The Down video has angered me for years, Darkside is just another notch on modern blinks shite bed post.
  7. The Adventure video is dreadful which is why it gets my vote. It's silly and ambitious, which makes it far more interesting than the boring wet fart that is the BTD video.
  8. This is tough, but I've chosen I Feel So. I love the performance shots in Feeling This but the school teenagers prison breakout thing is cringe. I love the all over vibe of I Feel So and the close ups and stuff.
  9. The ATST vid is hilarious, and the only thing the Kiss and Tell video does for me is feel uncomfortable about the obvious age difference between Tom and that actress.
  10. While it's not a proper vid, the Not Now one pulls on the ol' heart strings.
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