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  1. No he doesn't, and I wasn't defending him because he wasn't even part of this fucking discussion. I dislike the word, so I made a comment. doesn't really need the onslaught so if you could get your bitches off my jock, that'd be swell.
  2. Ffs it's "Edgy" not "Edgey" if you want to insult me at least spell it correctly you fucking muppet.
  3. It's a cringey insult, there is a vast world of words out there full of inventive swear words and cutting remarks and here we all are calling people edge lords. Couldn't give a shit about the obvious Speedo angle you're going for, I didn't understand it before Jan became incapable of using other words and since then it's been adopted by the general masses here and I've learned to find it bloody silly. You could call people who refuse to like blink regardless as stuck in the past, assholes, bitter old grumpy cockbags, basement dwelling serial self assaulting knob jockeys, or a myriad of other phrases but 'edge lord' screams whiney teen to me.
  4. Yeah I was waiting for a brit to come in and say that - can't help it, can't stand the show. my dad used to watch it all the time.
  5. Where's Leo Dehoe?!
  6. I really hate this recent love of the phrase 'edge lord'. We're not 15 year olds, guys. stop using such a stupid fucking saying, it makes you look like a knob. not directed at you @Loudernow lol I just keep seeing it and each time it makes me cringe.
  7. Yes - specifically stuff that is over our generations age so that we weren't able to watch it when it first aired. To see what holds up and what doesn't, because there's some stuff from the 70s and some of the 80s that is cringely awful now but some that surprisingly stand the test of time.
  8. I don't like admitting it but yes, I like Ocean Avenue a lot as well.
  9. Just to reiterate for the illiterate.
  10. I think he's just the 'executive producer' so I wonder how much involvement he has outside of funding it. I kind of hope he isn't hosting it, his voice over stuff is surprisingly jarring considering I've listened to him sing for years. He doesn't really command attention with his voice.
  11. Is it a Ricky Gervais specific type of show? I've never liked his shows. The Office, Extras, Derek, etc. doesn't appeal to me. I don't mind him as a person, even laughed a bit at some of his stand up, but his shows just don't work for me. I like the concept of this one but as I historically don't get on with his shows I'm not keen on giving it a go.
  12. @Patient #48273 he's made like 3 threads in here in one day, can I report him for spamming?
  13. I would find it intriguing if they hadn't hired a bunch of outside writers. That and choosing pharrell sends a clear signal. I am completely not interested anymore, they could release a dubstep album for all I care.
  14. We're saying it's like all other pop music, not that it's different or rebellious or dirty like they're claiming it is.
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