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  1. I'm not a Weezer fan but that's incredible!
  2. Yeah I posted about it a while back because he talked about it on his Discord but it didn't have a lengthly discussion.
  3. No I agree that Daisy was horseshit, Science Fiction is great though.
  4. I mean, considering the wank you listen to, I'm not surprised that's how you feel.
  5. So much solid work there. Can't Get It Out, Waste, In The Water, Desert... Such good shit.
  6. It really sucks that Jesse is a perv because this album is so brilliant.
  7. Hating Idris is the weirdest troll hill to die on.
  8. Racist and sexist, I bet you're a hit on the incel boards you usually frequent.
  9. Idris is a better actor. Hell I like him more purely from how much he bothers your dumb ass.
  10. What point? That blink isn't good? No shit. Not exactly a roaring revelation buddy.
  11. Ah okay so you're just a racist prick, nvm then, off you fuck.
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