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  1. I genuinely have never heard like 60% of them
  2. I’ve seen loads of people talk about it on FB and I just… don’t really remember who they are lol
  3. Kay

    Meat Loaf

    So many greats dying right now.
  4. There are a fresh wave of teenagers listening to my chem, it’s kind of crazy.
  5. The only bands I’d pay to see here specifically are Alk3 and Jimmy and I’ve already seen Jimmy and I’ll be seeing alk3 in march. like if i was already there I’d check out the sets of maybe 3 or 4 others but not super enthusiastically, I feel too old for a lot of this line up.
  6. It seems like such a potential scam. Way too many bands for one day of a show just seems dodge AF
  7. I haven’t listened to the album in full but I’ve listened to a few of the individual songs quite often. Euphoria was my top song for 2021 lol
  8. Archive81 on the second episode. It’s interesting. I have some theories. It’s not mind blowing or amazing so far but it seems alright.
  9. Kay

    Logic Pro

    I haven’t used it in such a long time I would probably be no help, sorry bro
  10. Of the lot of them Matt is probably the one I’d like chatting to the most.
  11. I’ve hung out with Mark now, I’m alright
  12. Best use of blink ive seen on TikTok thus far
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