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  1. I had some stuff and meant to upload it but for some reason I couldn't get images to embed, this is the only alright one -
  2. Kay

    182 News Podcast

    Yeah when you have an established audience the longer podcast thing is feasible but most people will look at a long time suck and go "yikes no thanks" unless they're already super invested. It's common sense.
  3. Well, mines Faileigh. You can see why I go by Kay lol
  4. Love it on the verses, choruses sound weird, but it made me grin huge.
  5. I am not surprised, but woefully disappointed. For shame sir, for shame.
  6. Come oooonnnn A LITTLES ENOUGH get that preachy wanky bullshit song out of here!
  7. I've been playing a lot of the masterchief collection, a looot of halo 3 slayer multilayer, fuck me that's still so good.
  8. Force yourself to record something and know it's going to suck. I get in similar loops, I just get so anxious that I don't try, so sometimes I just go into it telling myself it'll be shitty but to get it done anyway and most of the time it works out better than you think. Do it and suck because then you can do it again. No one has to hear it if it sucks, you just dont share it.
  9. One of my favourite things to do is listen to a bunch of old blink then switch to It Hurts. It's so jarring. I don't listen to this record at all so I only play this game every few years and every time I can't believe it's as bad as it actually is. Slur City!
  10. You poor thing His voice is more jarring on It Hurts I think.
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