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  1. Scott.


    @Elisa an Italian 100m winner? Fucking madness. Didn’t you guys smash the world record in the cycling too. I watched the gymnastics floor this morning that the Italian girl came second, she’s 30 years old and never won an Olympic medal in 4 attempts, was a nice moment.
  2. Scott.


    Some of the Olympic sports are ridiculous though. There should be no Football, Golf or Tennis. Keep the rugby 7s they are great fun
  3. Scott.


    It adds atmosphere ffs. Who the fuck wants to watch sport in empty stadiums? It’s really not hard to understand. I don’t know if you’re a sporty person but sports need atmosphere pal
  4. Scott.


    They get their medals with masks on. It’s just doing my head in and turning me off. I’d like to see their faces and see the emotion on their face while the anthems are playing etc
  5. Scott.


    Normally love the Olympics but the lack of crowd and the nonsense with the masks has put me off. I’ve watched bits of it but not as interested as past games
  6. 100m for Grealish is fucking hilarious let’s be honest. I rate Jack but the hype around him is fucking crazy. Does he even improve city? Honestly think about it. Is he better or does he have more output than Sterling/Mahrez etc I don’t think so. I’m not worried about that signing in the slightest. Now if they were to sign haland or kane everyone else may as well not field a team
  7. That song is fucking abysmal. Genuinely the worst song he’s ever put out
  8. Last year and Madrid are on their fucking arse.
  9. I’m not 100% sure on how to play it properly tbh. There must be a knack to it. When to use those booster things and teams to pick. Are you meant to have a strong ish bench? Or just cheap players? Do you spend most the cash on attack or midfield. I normally play the Sun dream team every year, about 250 of us in a local league
  10. Someone make a fantasy league then
  11. Yeah I don’t think there are any links between the clubs so must be a big united fan.
  12. Yeah had a feeling it was Roma, you told me before. There’s a couple of big chips shops not far from me called Roma fish bar and they’re massive Roma fans obviously. They have a big house in the middle of the town with brick work that spells out ROMA 😂 fucking loads of Italians in Wales. @Elisa
  13. Keep posting. What team do you follow?
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