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  1. Co-wrote ffs 😂 she probably added a line or a few words. Can’t wait for her to fucking disappear.
  2. Chvrches new song. Wasn’t sure at first but really grown on me
  3. Fucking hate Billie Eilish. I don’t get it. Isn’t her brother the talent behind all her songs and she justs fucking whispers her way through them? She can get in the fucking bin. She stinks of an industry plant.
  4. One of the best bass players ever imo. His basslines and sound are iconic.
  5. Song makes me so happy. That intro 😎 New Order are so timeless. This song is 40 years old ffs, still sounds fresh.
  6. That new CL can get fucked too. The whole system needs changing. Football needs a revamp. I hope the 6 clubs get the fucking book thrown at them.
  7. No idea, football needs a complete fucking revamp and now is the time to do it.
  8. Fuck me it’s all gone off tonight Woodward gone is fucking beautiful. Glazer rats next. Fucking DIE
  9. Fucking Americans honestly. Good fucking nuking those cunts need
  10. https://twitter.com/kaihumphries/status/1383874994690609154?s=20 thats fucking tickled me that
  11. Post from united forum sums it up tbh [quote]I'm guessing Salford City haven't been invited to the party? It's far too late for all this moral outrage now. The formation of the Premier League started all this. Clubs pulling up the financial drawbridge on the lower leagues, and players threatening strikes if they didn't get their share. The more the trough filled with cash, the deeper the snouts delved. From that point on, nothing was sacred, kick-off times, stadium names, names plastered across famous shirts......anything, everything...there to be whored out or sold to the highest b
  12. Exactly. They’re only kicking off because they know they’re all out of jobs if this does happen 😂 Gary Neville was bang on though but he is also a massive hypocrite. Salford have had fucking millions ploughed into them. They’re the city of the lower leagues ffs
  13. I tell you what sky sports can fuck off talking about greed 😂 the premier legaue an fuck off too. This is because they let any cunt buy our football clubs and now look what’s happened, this is their fault, what do you expect when you let billionaires in? Sky have been wanking over City’s corrupt owners for years too, not wanking anymore 😂 if this happens then sky are absolutely fucked
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