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  1. I love that son of dork album haha
  2. That’s why we love them. I feel like the fans have always put Mark and Tom above the music/band. We’ve always wanted them to just be cool with each other so this song is like a blink fans wet dream.
  3. Great goal by Bruno. Take the points but another awful performance. If Burnley had a striker they’d have beaten us imo. They’ve scored like 4 goals all season. Rashford and Hojlund not clicking at all
  4. I wouldn’t take that Tom clip serious. It’s how they promote songs these days. The song is playing in the background. They want people to check it out Anyone else feel like the riff could sound bigger? It sounds different to the rest of the song not in structure or anything but just the sound of it. I want it beefier. It’s a great riff edit wow the version I bought off iTunes sounds amazing. Why does the YouTube version sound so shitty compared? Ignore everything I said about the riff
  5. Imagine OMT video was the comeback announcement. We’d all have lost our fucking minds.
  6. I still can’t believe they wrote a love song to each other. It’s fucking beautiful.
  7. Yeah. The track is peak Tom. That song is going to be fucking bonkers live btw.
  8. I wish people would stop changing names ffs. I haven’t got a clue who half the people in this thread are
  9. Yeah I’ve always had puppy dog energy from him tbh and now he just looks miserable. I hope he’s ok in himself. Anyway good to see the boys finally get a UK no1 album.
  10. @2point5 I’ve noticed recently James Bourne looks so unhappy. Seen some videos of their signings and he doesn’t even acknowledge anyone, just sits there in sunglasses looking depressed, he looks miserable in interviews too. There’s something up with him
  11. I hope they don’t release anymore now. This is more than enough to last a month. I’m trying not to listen to them too much tbh
  12. The great thing is for me at least is that anthem pt 3 and you don’t know what you got clips sounded even better than MTYK and OMT 😱
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