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  1. I’m not really digging the 1975 latest release either. No not really pal tbh ha
  2. I was devastated when Robert Sheehan left but Joseph Gilgun did a good job with ‘Rudy’
  3. Oh man how good was misfits? Especially the first few seasons.
  4. I never took to Ramsey because I’ve seen the actor Iwan Rheon in other things, I’ve seen most of the cast in small British programmes/films etc but for some reason I couldn’t look past him
  5. I dig that. Are they the band with a big clothing brand?
  6. They’re a good 1975 rip off band but yeah I like them too
  7. Shots fired at the big dawg 👀 brave man
  8. What other blink forum is there? It’s either here or Reddit and no chance it’ll be here as a good 50% of us think he’s a cunt
  9. Milk on cereal and in tea and coffee. I couldn’t drink a glass of it though
  10. wtf 😂 Sansa vaping? 😩 gone from a solid 7/10 to a 1/10
  11. Transfer rumours are going my fucking head in already. Journos are fucking insufferable cunts aren’t they. That must be the easiest fucking job on the planet. Drink a shot every time you read ‘preparing a bid’ or ‘trigger the release clause’ or ‘have sent scouts to watch’ bla bla bla. Fucking useless cunts. Complete guesswork from 80% of the cunts. There’s a few who are ITK but most of them are completely stealing a living
  12. Fucking check me out 😎 Sansa Queen in the North and Bran king of the 6 kingdoms. Nailed it
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