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  1. more than anything in life I wish I had my teen years in the 90s. Everything has been fucking shit since the 2000s. I’m so envious of old people who lived through the 60/70/80/90s.
  2. 1917 - wow what a fucking experience that was. Amazingly shot, great acting. Best film I’ve seen for a long time. 9/10
  3. Can’t stand Avril. ‘I’m with you’ is a tune though
  4. Yeah I think City will end up winning the league tbh
  5. I love Star Wars but I’m not watching that shit. I never liked the cunt and was delighted when Kylo stabbed the bastard
  6. Minging game of football but top of the league. Can have a free hit at Liverpool Sunday now
  7. this is a cool watch. Iconic song too
  8. Still a tune. Reminds me of being on the school bus. Really nostalgic
  9. Would love a go on Toyah tbh. The lisp would do my head in though.
  10. Fucking hell. Is Ry taking questions?
  11. Can someone update me with blink, any news?
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