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  1. He’s fucking turd. The epitome of meh. Wouldn’t swap Mctominay for him. Genuine
  2. You still on about Henderson 😂
  3. Handbags ffs. Why is it being played out in the media? Keep it behind closed doors ffs. Shit like that goes on all the time I bet. A strange one unless someone leaked it to the press?
  4. Never buy football tops but I love the new welsh retro kit
  5. Yeah I love it. At first I thought it was annoying but the more I’ve heard it the more I like it.
  6. Sancho, Maddison, Werner and a beast in midfield is my dream summer. take a punt on Jarrod Bowen at Hull too. have to say though Haaland would eat those Dan James crosses up for fun.
  7. Good move for him. I’d love Werner. He’s the one I want but looks like he will join Bayern. We need a striker 100%. Martial not good enough to bang us 20+ a season in the league. Who’s out there though? i would take Kane but I dunno there’s something off about him, over the last couple of seasons his movement looks off. He looks like he’s aged and he’s still young but he’s not as powerful as he was a few years back. Something is not right with him. I’d rather take Son than kane
  8. Yeah course I’ve seen him. He’s ripping Europe apart atm. Would be a brilliant signing. Massive Leeds fan though apparently and hates United and he’ll have his pick of clubs this summer so why the fuck would he join us?
  9. Actually chuffed a proper football club has put those tin pot corrupt cunts in their place. Blue cunts
  10. What a job Gerrard is doing at Rangers
  11. They’ve taken a billion out the club mate. Didn’t you know that or something? if the Saudis took us over they wouldn’t have to spend any of their own cash you know that right? The club is a monster that just prints money. The Glazers are holding us back
  12. Pearl Jam - Ten is utter perfection
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