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  1. Neither can I. Basically Skiba is a cunt and his guitar work is shite. The guitar work since Tom left has been embarrassing
  2. I said most of the guitar work not all of it
  3. I’d take Tom back in a heartbeat. Skiba can get in the fucking bin.
  4. Not sure. Not even sure what Skiba has contributed to the band. I bet most of the guitar work is done my Mark
  5. 5 years of mediocrity
  6. I can’t remember a single thing of that Xmas song. I listened to it once and fucked it off.
  7. I like Nine but everything they’ve done since and this song is utter turd. Quality over quantity please guys. Take a couple of years off and write a great record ffs. Take your time.
  8. Fucking iconic. Everything about it is perfect. Another British classic.
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