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  1. I wouldn’t mind kicking his head in tbh but he alright.
  2. Big John has had his say
  3. Eriksen and Vertonghen have downed tools for spurs. Fucking disgrace tbh. You’ve signed contracts lads, tough shit. Glad we didn’t go anywhere near Eriksen.
  4. And none of California is generic which you claim to love?
  5. Does Tom get half of her money then? I assume she works?
  6. So has there been anymore reviews? What about those pitchfork cunts?
  7. Scott.

    Nine Criticisms.

    Probably because it isn’t
  8. I’ve already said loads of times I liked California. Don’t let it get in the way of your little agenda though....
  9. I love Nine and like California so no idea wtf you’re on about
  10. Prediction is 2-1 united only if Pogba and Martial are back
  11. I don’t think people understand what underrated means
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