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  1. Bayern and Barca doing serious business. barca have got De Jong, Faves to sign De Ligt and interested in Jovic Bayern are signing Pavard, Lucas Hernandez and strong interest in Pepe from Lille. Madrid are going to rebuild, hazard is nailed on meanwhile united won’t have a manager or a director of football in place. Fucking classic united. Absolute circus of a club
  2. Nobody worships Pogba mate. Nobody at United anyway
  3. I’ll watch it but couldn’t really give a fuck tbh
  4. I can’t watch that tbh, not with a child. I also think the parents are in on it, don’t trust these higher ups, he’s a Freemason surgeon isn’t he? Fucking nailed on wrong ‘un. Can imagine all the little posh gatherings he goes too. Fuck knows what goes on there. Dirty fucking cunts
  5. So what’s left after mixing? What date are we looking at?
  6. Brie Larson is a man hating femicunt so fuck her and that shit movie.
  7. City have just drawn Brighton in the Fa Cup semi. No words.....
  8. @...Dan... muggy mike mate 😢 can’t believe it.
  9. the best version nqat. Steve Ellis is 17 years old here. What a voice ffs
  10. wtf has happened to our band? Christ almighty. I’m 100% a tombot now. There’s no way he’d stand for this shite. Song is pure trash too.
  11. Worst performance under ole by a mile Wolves excellent and fully deserve the win. No complaints from me
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