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  1. it’s not something I’d listen too at 33 years old haha but I appreciate it though and I love Willow’s voice. It’s good fun. @Kay what you think? I know you have a little soft spot for Willow
  2. I love that beat in the chorus. Just a good pop rock song
  3. Ajax fucking battered Dortmund last night. Ended 4-0 but should have been 6/7-0. They’ve been unreal this season. I really like Ten Hag although I don’t watch Ajax other than highlights. I would love him after Ole tbh. He’ll probably end up at barca in fact United are so fucking clueless they’ve probably never heard of him. I bet we go for Southgate. When will this torture fucking end. Atalanta will tear us a new arsehole tonight btw
  4. James Arthur > Ed Sheeran. His voice is elite
  5. The cure and depeche mode rip offs are hilarious, I actually burst out laughing when they came on.
  6. Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie and Kendall. Kendall and Kourtney are the most normal ones.
  7. Shes the best Kardashian tbf to travis
  8. Look at Brentford yesterday. They have that moneyball system in place so really they have a team of absolute fucking nobodies and they made chelsea look like a mid table side clinging onto a smash and grab. They play much better football than United and they would of battered us yesterday. That cannot be right. It’s the coaching. Get fucking rid of the cunts. Manchester United ffs and we have a whole coaching side learning on the job. It’s fucking mental
  9. Ronaldo is a luxury player. Put him in city side and he’s the best player in the world instantly but put him in this disjointed mess and his performances are poor. It’s not his fault, in fact none of this is the players fault imo I’m bored of blaming the players it comes down to coaching ffs and we have a bunch of fucking amateurs
  10. He’s been a disaster this season. We’re utterly clueless though. The ‘coaching’ is horrific. We’ll probably beat Liverpool next weekend though. Ole will pick a team to save himself it’ll probably be something like this Dave AWB Maguire Lindelof Shaw Fred Mctom Lingard Bruno Rashford Ronaldo
  11. She’s just jealous that Travis is still relevant and she’s a fucking nobody. Famous for chopping her dick off, well done.
  12. Scott.


    The Queen is back 😎
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