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  1. Upamecano is a good player but Rashford made him look like Titus Bramble last night so I’m not sure anymore. How long did it take him to get back into defence too when he went on a run? Do we need a RW? The diamond or 352 formation is the way to go
  2. We’ve got a top squad now. All the lads that came on were excellent. Mctominay was brilliant when he came on and Rashford was unreal. Bruno outstanding too
  3. Fuck me what a performance that is against those German tin pot cunts. Know your fucking place.
  4. We should make a WhatsApp group lads 😎 @...Dan... Basmati dominated that first half
  5. Agreed he’s fucking wank. Should cut our losses and fuck him off for 40m and get Upamecano next summer to partner Tuanzebe. I thought Shaw was brilliant in a back 3 last night, I always thought Bissaka would be good there because his defending is excellent and his attacking play is awful. I’ll be pissed off if we don’t go into that chelsea game with same formation
  6. 100%, we don’t have wingers so I don’t know why we shoehorn players out wide. No wum if Greenwood was upfront tonight he would of bagged a hatty. He’s far better finisher than Marcus and Tony. How good was Telles delivery? Fuck me he pings them in, I bet Cavani was stroking his cock watching that at home, he’ll eat those crosses for brekkie. Tuanzebe made Mbappe look like Emile Heskey ffs
  7. Have some of that you french tin pot cunts. Football 2 - 1 Money laundering oil doping tin pot cunts
  8. 90s Oasis are fucking UNTOUCHABLE. That outro ffs 😎
  9. Grealish was great last night. What a player. Would swap Pogba for him in a heartbeat. I’d swap Pogba for Lee Cattermole tbf
  10. Even I screamed out loud, what a strike ffs Villa are flying lads fucking hell
  11. Someone peel @...Dan... off the ceiling 😂
  12. Good result that. Newcastle are horrific
  13. That United team is fucking tragic Jesus Christ. We’ll still win but fuck me we’re such a mess
  14. I watched the first season of that when it came out couple years back and it was ok, I’m not interested in a second series though tbh.
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