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  1. Anyone voting 21 days is an absolute cunt. Ghost on the dance floor. Get in the fucking bin.
  2. Scott.

    The 1975

    Yeah but you can see from this album he’s now a lost cause.
  3. Scott.

    The 1975

    Matty is so pretentious. He does my fucking head in. I can’t stand listening to him talk. He’s completely disappeared up his own arse here unfortunately
  4. It’s on my list to check out whenever I get time but yeah this sounds suits them so well. I’m shocked how good that is.
  5. Scott.

    The 1975

    I love this band but the new album is a mess. I’m not feeling it at all. If you’re too shy is one of their best singles ever but apart from that and a few others I’m not feeling it. I’m not sure what it’s meant to be.
  6. Yeah same. I know I have two kids but Jesus I have no time for fucking anything anymore 😂
  7. Wtf is built this pool doing in this list? I vote that. Kill it with fucking fire and launch the ashes in the bastard bin
  8. Does anyone else struggle to find time to listen to music? It’s like since lockdown I’ve found some great songs and bands to check out but I just don’t have the time
  9. Yeah half the size. Has someone mentioned that? Should be half the size. See the size it is now? Take that and half it. Thanks
  10. What a fucking song man Jesus. Easily the best band around imo.
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