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  1. The league is so shit fucking hell. This has to be the worst season ever for quality. Everyone apart from Liverpool, City and Leicester are diabolical.
  2. That was disgusting. This club is done
  3. Worried about this Rashford injury. Double stress fracture is no joke. He may not be the same player. The fact we’ve been playing him injured rather than bolstering the squad tells you everything you need to know. The club are an absolute disgrace.
  4. @...Dan... you dig this pal? Not normally my cup of tea but it’s a mega tune
  5. Yeah I really like Grealish too, I prefer him to Maddison. He’s touch, balance, passing ability is fantastic, can score some great goals too. He floats across the pitch. Would love him at United. can Fernandes play in a 2? He plays on a the right side of a mid 3 for sporting so he’s not an out and out 10 so hoping he can tbh. The club must think he can or we wouldn’t be after Bruno and one of Maddison/Grealish
  6. I’ve seen better united teams go to anfield and play dogshit Liverpool teams and play worse than that tbh. I think Ole deserves credit, only City the other week have given us a lesson and yes Liverpool did miss some chances today but they’re better than everyone atm they smashed barca 4-0 at anfield last season ffs. We’re the only team to take points off them this season. Ole has done a good job against the top sides in the league, it’s the lesser games we’ve been shit at and that’s mostly down to being a young inexperienced side imo ole will take the fall and be sacked in summer imo and it’s not his fault. We’re crying out for players and I bet we don’t bring anyone in, the owners have no interest in the football side of things. It’s an inconvenience to them. I think Ole has done well personally with what he’s got and yes Periera is fucking wank. When he and Lingard start games we’re already down to 9 men.
  7. Proud of that performance tbh. Our squad is diabolical but we have the best team on the planet a good fucking game there.
  8. Oasis are massive everywhere but USA though. Dave Matthews and his shower of cunts are just liked in the states. The rest of the planet couldn’t give a fuck 👍🏻
  9. It’s unbelievable the galzers haven’t got football people making football decisions because the amount of fucking money that cunt Woodward has wasted is incredible. 800m spent on players and look at the state of the squad, why are they accepting this? If they had a proper DOF in place then they would save themselves so much money. They’re thick as shit.
  10. Is van der beek any good? In the games I’ve seen him he seems a nice tidy player but not someone that’s gonna take us to the next level
  11. He’s completely out of his depth but look at our squad, it’s a fucking joke. He’s probably over achieving tbh. That squad is easily a mid table squad imo and we’re knocking on the door for fourth.
  12. Haven’t watched season 2 of you yet but yes agreed beck from the first season is fucking immense. I would let her do the most disgusting things to me
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