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  1. Scott.

    Rank the Pop Punk Bands of our time

    Delete your account you cunt
  2. Scott.

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Yeah Yungblud is going to blow up this year but can see why people wouldn’t dig him. He’s very 90s Brit pop, can hear his accent etc I like his voice though in the chorus it’s just his verse that feels out of place.
  3. Scott.

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I really dig it. Halsey is a huge blink fan I think too and her voice suits this style of music more than her pop shit she releases
  4. Scott.

    Rank the Pop Punk Bands of our time

    People slag off neck deep because it’s the cool thing to do but have you actually bothered to listen? Legit pop punk bangers ffs. Absolute gold. Blast that shit Fucking intro 😎fucking love it
  5. Scott.

    The Official Football Topic

    What a team England are going to have. I predict they’ll win a major tournament inside the next 10 years. Said the same about France when they had all this talent coming through. It’s nailed on.
  6. Scott.

    The Official Football Topic

    Yes people knew about martial because he tore arsenal a new arsehole the year before in Europe. I defo knew about him anyway. The others I hadn’t but it’s a bit early to say they’ve been a good find. Chong is a year older than Sancho and look at the difference. We need to promote these youngsters now. Get Chong, Garner, Gomes, Tuanzebe in the first team squad. Maybe send Greenwood on loan
  7. Scott.

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Travis drums on this. I quite like it
  8. Scott.

    The Official Football Topic

    Do we? We never seem to be in for these youngsters.
  9. Scott.

    The Official Football Topic

    I think a DOF is crucial and we’re in this mess because we don’t have one. There should be a united man at the top making decisions purely to benefit the football side of things, we should be signing players that fit the mold of United, were in a situation now where we have 4 managers players and it’s a shambles. Van gaal did a lot of good things but fuck me he signed some shockers and it’s been tough to get rid of them.
  10. Scott.

    The Official Football Topic

    @Roux is Rashford good enough to lead the line? He’s still learning on the job. Do you trust the club to do the right thing and appoint a DOF? A proper one not a joking one like David Beckham or some shit. We need a plan in place, players should be bought in to fit the club not the manager, our squad is still littered with 4 managers players ffs. We’re so disjointed. I’m not sure the powers that be care that much to do any of this and will just be happy picking up 4th and the odd fa cup and that fucking terrifies me.
  11. Scott.

    The Official Football Topic

    Yeah the ref fucked the game. Just let it flow you cunt. I thought it was pretty even first half tbh but you could see they were much better on the ball, we’re not technically very good. It was so obvious Di Maria would have a good game, dunno why we bothered giving him shit. Just ignore the cunt. Our back four are wank. Lindelof needs a world class partner and we need two quality full backs. It would transform us. Shaw is technically awful imo, he looks terrified of the ball, as soon as he gets it he wants to get rid. Herrera and Matic need upgrading too, although they had decent games you can see they’re way out of their depth in games like this. Like I said we’re a good 2/3 windows away from being a class side.
  12. Scott.

    The Official Football Topic

    Sanchez is done yeah. Fuck me the drop in quality is worse than Torres.
  13. Scott.

    The Official Football Topic

    Got no complaints about that tonight. They’re much better than us. We’re a good 2/3 transfers widows from getting to that level, worries the life out of me though when we’re giving Jones/Smalling/Young new contracts. They’d get nowhere near PSGs reserves ffs. That’s the levels we’re talking about and seems like we are way off. Psg will go far. Thought they were excellent and looked solid at the back. We need to bounce back quick now or we could potentially lose the next 3 games and then that will be 4 on the bounce and the season goes to shit. Lingard and martial injured too ffs. That’s worse than the result
  14. Scott.

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Patrick Stump wrote that line didn’t he?