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  1. I cannot believe Dortmund have fucked that. Absolutely pathetic club. If they’re not giving Bayern their best players they’re handing them the title on a plate. Pathetic German scouse cunts. Absolute cucks
  2. Yeah Liam > Noel obviously but Noel has his moments. Genuinely funny guy
  3. I doubt that’s real. No way Noel would say ‘fuckwit’
  4. Hopefully Maguire, Martial, Beek, Henderson, Mctominay, Brandon Williams, Telles, Bailly and Elanga are all sold this summer. There’s gotta be about 100m there. I’d sell Sancho too if a good offer came in.
  5. Not arsed on Enzo tbh. Felix obviously a fantastic footballer but doesn’t score enough. Bit harsh on him though suppose as he’s been playing for a dog shit Chelsea side and anti football atleti.
  6. Btw I don’t think Matty said those things about ice spice it was the two podcast hosts that said those comments and matty laughed. I would have laughed too. edit. No I wouldn’t have laughed actually they were shit insults.
  7. She can’t resist British cock it seems like.
  8. Thank god for that. Knew we’d batter them tonight. They’re proper shit but the alarming thing is they did cut us open a few times with ease. Honestly if we had Kane upfront we would have scored at least 8. Im just so relieved we don’t have to play that awful Europa League nonsense.
  9. You talking about Matt Healy? He’s not ugly wtf 🤣 women go fucking feral for him. The 1975 are fucking fantastic band too. His onstage persona is mostly an act and he plays up to it. He’s a bit of a dick though but is she any better? Can’t keep a fucking BF to save her life….
  10. Kane would be unreal. 26 league goals in that shambles is ridiculous tbh. It’s more impressive than Haland.
  11. I know but we have zero chance of getting those 3. Casemiro needs back up. When he’s injured we’re fucked although I can’t see rice being happy on the bench. Why aren’t we going for Lavia? He’s fucking excellent and would cost about 20m ffs. Why is the club so fucking shit in the transfer market? They do my fucking head in. What are our scouts doing?? Honestly Ten Hag needs to stand back from transfers too. I think his transfers have been poor. Only Martinez is a hit and Casemiro was a no brainer so he’s not getting credit for that. Eriksen on a free too was also a no brainer but wtf is he doing playing him in midfield away from home. Absolutely mental.
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