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  1. Teenage Lobotomy for me. Force of nature that song. I fucking love it. I also love their cover of needles and pins. The original was one of my grandads fave songs and I love Joeys voice
  2. He didn’t write them though and they’re great songs. They’re still selling out arenas and guess what? There’s no Freddie so yes people still care about the remaining members and those songs. You’re talking out your arse. Aren’t you the fucking clown who thinks that Dave Matthews cunt is the best artist of all time? You know nothing cunt. Oh ffs it’s Speedo 😂😂 even fucking worse. Thinks queen is a load of shit but listens to obscure punk bands because he’s so cooooool
  3. Another one bites the dust fat bottomed girls hammer to fall I want it all I want to break free A kind of magic we will rock you the show must go on who wants to live forever you’re my best friend one vision radio ga ga thank god it’s Christmas these are the days of our lives too much love will kill you heaven for everyone flash and that’s just the singles
  4. Are you on a fucking wum? Genuinely? Please stop posting
  5. Can see United finishing behind wolves, Everton, West Ham and Leicester. Genuinely
  6. Yeah that’s why they’re still selling out arenas you daft cunt.
  7. Best front man of all time but don’t tell me nobody gave a shit about the rest of the band.
  8. He hasn’t, he’s just playing the fucking lot of you and none of you can see it. Losing your shit and windmilling at him while he’s kicking back laughing at you. Probably getting sucked off right now like a boss. What a bloke 😎
  9. Not everyone though. You know they all wrote hit singles right? They’re all a massive part of the band.
  10. I would 100% take Oliver in Blink over Skiba. Not even wumming. Why cant we just have a prime delonge hologram?? It’s 2019 ffs in fact I’d rather see a hologram blink than the shit show we get now
  11. Stfu you silly bastard You dumb cunt. Utterly fucking clueless when it comes to music
  12. Rashford 😂 Be amazed if he hits 20 league goals. Vardy is my dark horse for fantasy football tbh.
  13. Fornals looks a fucking baller. Looked exciting in the u21s this summer
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