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  2. it's funny because, yea, it's an agreement to work together but neither party pays the other. it's just "let's be friends."
  3. Yesterday
  4. Cynical acoustic? I wanna hear that.
  5. This post hasn't aged particularly well for either team... I still think the Canucks are a bubble team this year. Hughes looks legit.
  6. Sting's character is based on The Crow
  7. Isn't Friends a girls' show? Seinfeld is a masterpiece. Not a single bad episode.
  8. lol id tell mark "wtf my mangus, u just wrote all over the track list now u buy me a new toypag digipack limited edition and u sign it again"
  9. Who’s adding all these lobsters lol
  10. This whole album is great, can't pick just one song to share so here's all of it!
  11. yeah I can almost hear it to be honest, he'd be perfect.
  12. I will outbid all of you! If not I def want to own a copy one day. Glad to know it's real. I seriously need to sell my worthless blink vinyl I bought over the years and just own the holy grail stuff
  13. There is a Short Bus on eBay. Very expensive $700 but it comes with one of those original blink stickers. Here's the link since the description title doesn't say Short Bus https://www.ebay.com/itm/Blink-182-RARE-1994-7-inch-record-With-Original-BUDDHA-insert-AND-decal-sticker/113841155097
  14. Last week
  15. I'm just pushing for Mark's mom's lasagna to become our meme version of mom's spaghetti.
  16. Loving what AEW is doing. So much.
  17. Ari

    um this is REAL.

    ....k. I didn’t intend on clickbaiting anything, I was laughing and thats what felt right regarding the topic.
  18. Just got Overwatch for Switch since my Xbone died. The 30 FPS drop is jarring and very noticeable at first, but the gameplay is slowed down a fair amount so it's easier for precision heroes.
  19. i enjoyed it and felt like it was worth watching. :shrug:
  20. Found very rare Enema shirt (weird seeing the Blink 182 logo from 1996 on an Enema shirt from 1999/2000)
  21. Ironically I think Tom sounds better on this tour than any other AVA tour that I can remember, and that's after taking many years off from touring.
  22. I've heard so much good things about that show. Can't wait to check it out, even though I'm a wee bit worried that it might a bit over-the-top.
  23. Hopefully foden is that player...when pep actually plays him! Hudson idoi is looking good in the under 21s tho.
  24. Then, GTFO this thread, you dutch weirdo. Joking :P Nah, to me it makes sense as long as we are speculating. However, I'm still convinced of the fact that, if they didn't released those songs on separated EPs, but as an album, they would made a different tracklist.
  25. Loool @Donald Trump's Bulge, is this you?
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