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  2. Literally the only guitar stores we have around here are Guitar Center, and then piano stores. There's one guy who has a shop about 20 minutes away but it's just a suburban guy with money who sells guitars and is super overbearing when you walk in, and not in a charming way. It's super depressing. Guitar Center kind of wins by default then because they have the gear.
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  4. I've taken the Apple Music pill. So many details to discover!
  5. New addition to the timeline website! found picture for this show (huge and massive credits to Lauren ET on Twitter for sharing this gem!) 7/14/1999: The band performs at New World Music Theatre in Tinley Park, Illinois as a part of Warped Tour 1999.
  6. Honestly, it’s one of the things I really like about Blink. There is always shit going on in the background to discover.
  7. Haha, I feel the exact same. Tom is the biggest musical influence on me. Always have seen him as the guy that drives blink forward and makes them progress musically. He's practically a fucking god to me Yet the Mark songs seem to be my favourites. Adam's Song, Everytime I Look For You, Here's Your Letter and Kaleidoscope are the ones I liked from the previous 4 albums before California. I also prefer +44 over both AVA and Boxcar Racer. Mark really is the quality over quantity type (outside of the Skiba era at least) I got a feeling this new album might not have either of them leading a song. The 3 songs so far seem to be driven by the whole band
  8. I love that son of dork album haha
  9. Not yet, they are going on a final tour and disbanding after the double album comes out.
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  11. I love Minshew man. Dudes a legend!
  12. you steal this line from me?
  13. Then of course Ninja Steel also had play as a cold opening for an episode... Never could figure out what this song was, but it kind of sounds familiar
  14. It's the two year! Here's my favorite track from Lifeforms that I go back to: It was really cool seeing Tom have fun with making music videos again and the tune is really cool too.
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  16. I haven't picked it up since then; it really didn't really grab me. I may go back to it in the future, but meh. Instead I'm continuing to play FFXIV.
  17. I'm hoping they don't mess things up again in general... Like I said in the OMT video thread, ever since the last break up with Tom in 2015, I was looking at this reunion with a bit of skepticism even with the countless times they showed how the friendship was healed in liveshows and instagram so it was easier for me to hold this band at arms length (where I'm grateful for what we currently have in the moment, but also wouldn't be shocked if they announced tomorrow Tom went to focus on movies instead of blink again). Now after that music video (especially with that montage of old clips towards the end that brought a tear to my eyes) I am willing to trust this band and have faith that they will last longer than 2009 - 2015 reunion. Also hoping to get some more cool albums and eps from them (on top of the tours).
  18. Also not really official, but I found a guide for (any that knows how to do this... (sadly I'm not one of those people)) a cute Crochet blink-182 bunny. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/blink-bunny Sharing in case anyone here is interested.
  19. Man the PS5 controllers suck for stick drift. I’m 3/3 on all controllers having stick drift, and it has always happened within a few months of purchase. Probably an issue with playing NHL too much as you need to press down the movement stick for turbo speed. I know Sony does a 1 year warranty but it’s a pain in the ass to send it in. edit - wrong thread lol
  20. New single is 🔥 really love the direction. Can’t wait for the album https://spotify.link/BUvaYO4cjDb
  21. i remmeber doing some sort of huge festivity thing for one of the used album(imaginary enemies) with a countdown and everything, then when i finaly pressed play i was so disapointed after a few song i just started flipping trough the track and ended the party session ahha tho this blink album is worth taking the risk fo that happening because theres too many indicators that likely this wil b a fantastic album and i highly suggest everyone to do a huge first listen party moment for it
  22. I feel like I’ve been gaslit for 20 years about The Ring being one of the scariest movies ever made. Just watched it for the first time and it wasn’t scary! It was like a mystery movie more than a horror. Granted the iconic girl coming out of the TV screen scene has been spoiled for me for as long as I can remember as a big pop culture moment. it was just okay.
  23. Eh, the biggest problem with the ST is that they didn't properly map out 3 movies and have a plan in advance. Not to mention switching directors and subverting the previous movie's plot beats, TWICE. TFA needed to be a celebration of SW as the franchise was still in a weird place from the prequels. I enjoy the ST, it just doesn't have the kind of gravity needed to fill the saga conclusion role
  24. Turkey seems like the best option then.
  25. I'm currently Reading two political books, one fiction and one non-fiction. Dissident Gardens, an American book about communists in the US and a Norwegian book about the GOP and American politics, it's called Among Repuplicans and tries to explain how GOP is so huge in the US to Norwegians.
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