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  2. Ole rotated and got it wrong big time. Fernandes was poor as well and when you're so heavily reliant on one player it'll cost you at times. Surely it's time to give Henderson a run of games now as well?
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  4. that's a shame. i chat with mark on there nearly every other day. not to flex. anyone could if they wanted.
  5. 20 years old. Still sounds fucking great. An absolute tune
  6. I can see why you would think this
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  8. LonelyFans You sit there feeling lost wishin' somebody had found you Dressed in black with a bottle of Jack and nobody else around you You remember an old friend and feel a bit unwielded Cuz it's a wonder you still recall their number But you hung up as soon as you dialed it Every country every continent Every town and every settlement They feel like they're the only ones who are lonely we all want to be that one who is someone Billions of lonely people that miss someone You turn to online porn just to feel some friction It's not eroticism or an
  9. I thought Brady was good at Norwich City but injuries have really hampered his progress at Burnley, which is a shame. Disagree about the Rodgers hype dying down as well, still think he's doing a great job at Leicester by keeping them near the top of the league on a much smaller budget than the traditional big 6.
  10. @Ghent sounds less like a pirate than his profile pic would suggest.
  11. vinyl will come off fine without harming the body if you ever want to desticker it. i say sticker, because otherwise what is the point of having the right model and year. but that is just me.
  12. It’s scary when you think of how fast it went
  13. Kung Fu sticker from Joe Escalate arrived today!
  14. A Scott drumstick and signed Dude Ranch CD! https://www.instagram.com/p/BWGVFAugbbQ/
  15. Maybe fell short on the building of the spaceship and jumped ship instead?
  16. Btw in regards to the two OG CC cd variations, I confirmed my suspicion over the weekend. The first original release was the one WITHOUT the address above the serial number on the back (below on the right with the black circle). The variation which has the Cargo address was the second release (bottom left).
  17. I wanted to thank and give a huge props to Kristen Casey for this very rare footage that I just stumbled upon while on Youtube, a massive thank you and huge respect to her! Found footage of this show : 6/21/2000: The band performs at Oakland Arena in Oakland, California. Other bands included Bad Religion and Fenix TX. Kristen uploaded some videos that she shot with her camcorder experiencing going to a Blink show back in 2000 with footage of the band playing live in Irvine, Mark watching Fenix TX from the side of the stage, Blink's merch booth, meeting the band before the show
  18. This one is a bit small but its the earliest photo of this rig (get travel, January 97) Warped Tour 97, Cal State. Most 97-era blink footage shows Tom with this rig. these rackmount mesas were only available in the blackout color scheme. Looks like a different power conditioner though.
  19. Upon closer inspection, you might be right! Looks like either a die cut sticker or clear film to boot (like the pennywise and airwalk stickers). Interesting if it is indeed the hurley h that blink repped them this early in their career since their association with them wasn't widespread until 99/2000.
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