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  2. It isn't the same band, album, or style as enema though and they weren't promising that either. So, what does it matter? It'd be one thing if they touted the guitar heavy nature of it but, as far as I remember, they didn't, it wasn't even called a nod to a previous era.
  3. You're the one who wants to fuck it ... take that up with yourself, pedo.
  4. looks legit. warped summer 97. that slab-serif "western" style of dude ranch lettering was only sold that season as far as i can recall.
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  6. I love the Adele cover on the new album. "Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing aliens" - such an earworm.
  7. @thongrider I'm listening to The Bright Lights of America ... I won't admit to liking this album.
  8. I think a 4 piece with Skiba on rhythm guitar and backup vocals (besides his songs of course) is a best case future scenario. Also provides insurance against Crazy Tom going MIA. They can easily keep the train moving with Skiba on board.
  9. I finally have my bass back from my brother, first time I've played in 6+ years. I've come up with about about 3 or 4 bass lines now, 1 which I think is unbelievably catchy. I've actually written lyrics for the first time in years too, I think listening to bands I love put music out with shit lyrics makes me feel a bit better about my own shit lyrics. I've never been good with words, or story telling so yeah this is what quarantine has done haha. I find songs happen so much easier when I play my bass first, but then I'm nowhere near as good at guitar so writing a good guitar part seems to take forever. I have songs that are almost 10 years old that I've never recorded, my brother has a studio and says he will help me out but I'm gonna have a first bash at it through my £9 irig and garageband on my ipad 😄. Also, @Reg I think your song is great and the production is top class.
  10. These aren't scans of the stickers, just images of the stickers found on his guitar: Guttermouth (found on the back of the body) Husker Du: found on the pickguard, covered by Ten Foot Pole except for the "Everything Falls Apart" part of the sticker: Operation Ivy (Found on the bottom edge of the guitar): Sack Lunch: (was found near NOFX, ended up getting removed or covered up):
  11. While I agree to this to some extent, Billie's voice really irks me after 5/6 songs. I can not listen to a full green day album in one go.
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  13. @Burgersandcole It just looks like a certain type of bolt I forget what they’re called but they don’t rotate while you tighten a nut to them. That’s what it looks like. Should be able to find one at any hardware store. Also there’s a guy on YouTube who owns one of Toms old les Paul’s, the one with the Lady Luck sticker on it actually. You could ask him to confirm. Just search on YouTube “Tom Delonge les Paul” his vids will come up
  14. @Ry-Bread!!! (edit: oops! sorry, tagged the wrong person at first. sorry) Alright, so I finished the first episode of the podcast. I gotta say, really enjoyed it. And that's not just blowing smoke. I've heard a few podcasts, and most of them were pretty annoying. One was so bad that, even though I'm a fan of the band and happy the fans are excited, it was just too dumb and veered off topic too much. Actually, while I don't mind folks having a good chat, I guess it's a pet peeve of mine when folks get too offtopic or do it often. Not only was your voice and tone pleasant (as others have said), you also stayed on topic and basically didn't waste one second of my time. So I will definitely check out more, and that's a big compliment because it's very rare that I'd do that (or maybe even a first??). I may adjust my opinion during your interviews, but I have faith in you! I actually very much enjoy interviews like on those late night talk shows of the past, so I'm sure you'll keep it fun and good. And it's pretty cool to get the inside scoop on this forum community. haha p.s. I'm now stalking, er i mean, following you on Twitter. Class content of what I briefly saw.
  15. Nahh, nothing beats I Won't Be Home For Christmas! Fucking love that track because the lyrics are just so hilariously miserable. I love that kinda humour.
  16. I need to really think about this one. This is my favorite record and it's their best record. It's solid from start to finish.
  17. This is worth the wait, thanks!
  18. That ^ is funny, but "Weatherman" is not. Damn, that is one depressing song. Not a bad song, but wow! Hits me right in the ole ticker! 😓 (looking for a tear emojji. That's the closest I could find.) Joking around here, but was this written because of Tom?? Joke, or maybe not. 😭
  19. I'm guessing Even if she Falls won?? but I couldn't find the result. My vote would be for Up All Night. Granted, I don't remember much of the album, but that one has been my fave from day one and still going strong.
  20. Feeling This is a great song, but, and this is hard, between Always and Violence, I have to say Always is the better song...I really like Violence though.
  21. Again, I also know the poll is closed, but I just want to share my faves. While I'm glad I like the winner here, I'd probably go with...actually, no. It's too hard! If I had to choose, I'd also go with "WMAA", but I also really like Dumpweed, Aliens Exist, Dysentery Gary, Adam's Song...yeah, those are my top on this record.
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  23. Dang, I was a bit surprised to see anyone land a private signing with him, particularly in the middle of COVID...but they seem pretty legit so hopefully it happens eventually. I know they're all fairly against "selling" autographs, so was a bit surprising. (I personally would gladly just pay to get my stuff signed and avoid the awkwardness/having to bother people.)
  24. Speedo

    Wet N' Gushy

    Nothing a little spring rain can't handle!
  25. I love that performance. Had the priviledge to see him play this song on an accoustic guitar twice just in front of me, it's magical. However I prefer the normal version. I love the fast part of the song. I usually listen to it when I go skateboarding.
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