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  2. 200k i don't know about a win for Madrid - a world class defender, who has been a staple in your defence for 10 years leaves for £35m. Militao has hardly played since joining. Madrid are going all in for Mbappe and this has pissed many players off i think, along with a ageing squad -its not looking good.
  3. Time Bomb sounds the best by far out of all the new tracks. It's definitely got the classic AVA sound but that song is really good. Obviously I'm judging it off the live clip but at least it's a full clip rather than 15-20 seconds. I'm liking how Losing My Mind sounds from both of the clips I've heard.
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  5. Found and added this ticket stub for this show signed by Mark himself too! Huge credits to Simon Quesnel on Facebook for this gem! 3/11/1996: The band performs at Spectrum in Montreal as a part of Sno Jam.
  6. Yeah I feel like that is exactly the reason, which absolutely sucks. In other Zelda news, skyward sword is immensely more enjoyable this time around.
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  8. I'll take charismatic frontman with guitar/vocals wiff a charming accent. BAWLZ TO THE WALLZ, we are in!
  9. Coworker’s daughter won the bunny at “some cancer walk.” Yup, sounds totally believable.
  10. Not even crediting the uploader of this gem (who is Jim McLain) and Blink 182 Online (for reference this footage was posted early June on the comprehensive and timeline thread) once again ... Stop acting like you found the rad and cool discoveries merci beaucoup Also This is the earliest known performance of Mutt, and quite possibly its first performance ever. @daveyjones This is definitely not true as Davey confirmed and saw that song performed the previous month in February on the San Diego date so that's false information. Get your facts right https://www.instagram.com/p/CRuRPNxNQaG/
  11. Ghent

    DUNE 2020

    The score is going to be incredible
  12. dick_trickle


    Curry winning with Golden State was obviously nice compared to the Lebron/Durant/*insert star player jumping teams here* common ground, but it still was such a super team that it kind of isn't as feel good for a non GS fan.
  13. Verse 1 Sometimes the past keeps re-surfacing Like a school of fish in parade And I just see no purpose in Keeping up with the charade Sometimes I feel I gotta Use up my old-memory quoata You told me you would recall The events that meant it all Even if they were rather small Chorus They say you gotta let it go They say no one wants to know what went on in the past They say you gotta face them soon All those mental wounds that lay under this giant cast Verse 2 I need to personify the past turn it into a face Open my eyes and remove the mask Cut my ties and end the chase For years I did wonder But I finally found out what it meant that abstence only makes the heart grow fonder And familiarity only brings contempt Sometimes it feels like I'm gonna have a mental breakdown in the local sauna You told me you wouldn't forget Is that a promise or is it a threat? Is it a vow or is it a bet? Verse 3 So I'm starring you in the eyes now A mirror that could never break I'm facing all of the lies now Meeting every damn mistake Roaming round the same old corners Thinking of the same damn things Crossing all the same lame borders Wondering what tomorrow brings
  14. So I watched Mystery Men last night. I really liked that film as a kid but knew it was technically terrible but wanted to rewatch it for the lulz. I'll be real with you, it actually held up way better than I expected. It was super dumb and silly and I loved it, so 90s. Like watching Batman and Robin and Casper at the same time.
  15. I prefer Solar Power to Stoned at the Nail Salon—mostly because the latter sounds /too much/ like LDR and Phoebe Bridgers—but I’m sure it’ll grow on me.
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