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  2. did i ever say he loses sleep over it? you guys turn everything in to multi paragraph arguments for no reason. i think the album is valued less by the band because travis wasn't involved. i think that sucks because i believe it has aged better than their mainstream hits. the idea of it bothering travis has less to do with the quality of the songs and more so to do with being in the mindset that everything the band did before him didn't really matter because he has a huge ego and is the definition of a cliche celebrity (reality tv show, a thousand cars, etc).
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  4. Right. That‘s at least something.
  5. Probably the greatest human alive
  6. Indeed. They work very well together and compared to blink's recent music videos this is an artistic masterpiece. Chemistry in blinks latest interviews feels so awkward, no wonder mark got depressed.... Very excited for ep2.... With new ava aparently coming out soon as well i couldnt care less about new blink music...
  7. It's nice!! I like it!
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  9. the lyrics in this song are pretty bad considering deryck has always been a good lyricist. but blink's cali lyrics are way worse than this. i'll take this over pretending to be in high school any day
  10. Alderweireld is a must, Deulofeu i've already raved about. Outside of that it could be anybody - i just want dynamic players - Lukaku and Matic are so immobile. Rabiot would be a cracking free signing if Herrera goes. I like Milenković, watched him a few times this season - reminds me of Lindelof, but he's young and unproven in a tough league. I think Lascelles at Newcastle is a decent defender too - hard to tell when he's at a club of that level though. I do think that new wing backs is a must - proven players, Dalot is young and a little bit naive at times, Shaw needs competition at LB - i don't like him right now. I'd be interested to see who would come in for Martial if he was up for sale - i think alot of big European clubs would be put of by his attitude. I think Dan is right, bring 5 in now and a few more over the next few windows. Its unrealistic to expect 7/8 players coming in. Anyway - my 5 areas to improve would be FW, RW, CB, LB, DM.
  11. I tried to get it all but, everything else he is keeping lol...he uses it as proof and he also showed me pics of them at the M&G....he has 4 vip posters that's why he sold those. I thought they were fake too for the $$$....I took that pic down since it's not mine btw. And yeah $50 is what I was thinking...what's a good signed CD cover worth...$75-$125ish...thanks again for real!
  12. Booksmart (2019) C+ Superbad this ain't, but it does have it's moments. I mean, it does have Jonah Hill's sister in it (who looks 25), but the script was clearly written by 4--6 people. Also one character/actress might have been mentally challenged, I could not tell. It was damn near mystifying. The movie is so unrealistic, it took me out. Also it rips off so many movies (Blockers, 21 Jump Street) in terms of plot points and directing, it's almost like a computer made the film. It's enjoyable though.
  13. I rewatch The Sopranos every year around Christmas and it's always fun! Hashtag team 2point5
  14. I keep hearing about them lately, I might have to check them!
  15. Last week
  16. Probably no one here has even heard of the show but there was this crime series in the mid-late '90s called Profiler. The first two seasons are still some of the best tv I've ever seen but it just completely fell off a cliff with the third season. As a kid I had no idea what was going on; starting from the season opener, everything just seemed wrong or off. The music was different, the characters suddenly behaved uncharacteristically and the tempo had dropped drastically. Only years later did I learn that the production team had changed. Also, one could make the argument that every successive season of The Simpsons is worse than the preceding season, at least since season 8 onward or so. These days I watch only a few episodes a season and I'm always impressed by how they manage to outdo themselves in this regard. The jokes are so self-consciously "clever", they have no idea when to stop with the bad jokes, and in general it just feels like the stories serve no other purpose but to introduce some lame guest voice appearance in a very forced manner.
  17. MSandt

    The NHL thread

    Hah, and talking about bad calls, what a way for the Knights to lose (although no excuse for them allowing four goals when the average per 5-minute major is just 0.5 or something).
  18. OliversAPilotNow


    That was definitely a house money shot up 3-1
  19. There’s a few duds, but it’s pretty solid. He should be way bigger than he is though, his lyrics are terrific. Songs like The Great Depression, Time Will Tell, Autism Vaccine Blues, The Flinch, Sabateurs and Fireflies have some incredible lines in them.
  20. Finished Quicksand on Netflix last night, really enjoyed it - 8/10
  21. Do you have a link to this interview ? found ad for this show : 9/29/1998: The band performs at Irving Plaza in New York City. Other bands include Unwritten Law and Assorted Jellybeans. New date to add : 02/XX/1998 The band is featured in an article from the February 1998 issue of Rolling Stones.
  22. Cool because he betrayed the Starks and invaded Winterfell while Robb was away and Bran was in charge. Nice.
  23. Old frank skinner is fucking brilliant
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