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  2. MGK didn't still my girlfriend. Some low level actor did though, maybe one day I'll share more with you guys and you can help me roast that guy but for now I'm still processing and dealing with too many emotions. Lol.
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    Does anyone play NBA 2K? This myteam mode is like crack. Have a starting lineup of J Kidd, Ginobili, Bruce Bowen, Bob Netolicky, Ben Wallace Bench: D. Mitchell, Petrovich, Glenn Robinson, Paul Pierce, A. Sabonis Rick Adleman coach They feel like my chia pets.
  5. That’s the plan. It’s just for fun though, I wouldn’t encourage anyone to actually listen to it. I’m no Thong, I don’t have the charm.
  6. New addition to the timeline! found advert for this show (credits to SurehandedJourneyman for sharing this advert!) Source : https://surehandedjourneyman.wordpress.com/tag/the-big-mele/ 11/15/1998: The band performs at Kualoa Ranch in Honolulu, Hawaii as a part of the Big Mele '98.
  7. Nice try - but nobody bigs up a player like you do with Rice! JB is a teenager with a much much higher ceiling than the West Ham David Batty. anyway, Ronaldo's my golden boy - you know the one that's in the PFA team of the year? Finished player apparently...
  8. Anyone watching ‘Pistol’? I’ve completed 3 episodes and have no idea what to think of it. I’m enjoying it I think but feel like a sex pistols series on Disney is fucking ridiculous and that nobody can do the band justice. What a crazy few years. I will say though the lad that plays Lydon is fucking amazing
  9. I bought this on ebay in 2005 and it's still my favourite! Then I have this one: and I'm still partial to the Aliens Exist t-shirt because I bought it the last time I saw blink with Tom in 2014. My friend Marco (who passed away) absolutely loved it and he forced me to get one after the show so we could have matching blink t-shirts 🥺
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