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  2. I'm like 98% sure CBD is snake oil ... an update version of essential oils.
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  4. Yeah that’s probably a better way of putting it. I’ve just started squid game and I’m really annoyed I knew what the premise was going into it. Would have been a great show to go in blind!
  5. Good read for one of the best journos on tactics out there if any of you subscribe to The Athletic or know a way of getting in behind the paywall: https://theathletic.com/2895026/2021/10/18/why-ronaldo-is-giving-solskjaer-a-huge-tactical-problem/
  6. James Arthur > Ed Sheeran. His voice is elite
  7. Watched all of season 1 of We Are Ladyparts and it’s fucking brilliant. Show about an all muslim women punk band with bloody weird surrealism elements all the way through. No idea how it even got made but im here for it.
  8. hard to say at this point. I don't love either album. But I do love Kiss & Tell and Losing My Mind more than anything on The Dream Walker. So... maybe Lifeforms? Really not sure yet, I'll have to let Lifeforms sit with me a bit more.
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  10. I've been filling Oliver in on the goings on around here and I came across this post again. I just wanted you to know, this hurt my feelings ... specifically the bolded parts.
  11. Me 3 minutes ago: "where did I read that..... let me google it. Oh... here... Ah, its from the same forum. Aaah, its that guy that is always saying some BS.... Jävla
  12. Pretty fascinating look at this strange scene, and some mentions of Travis: How Chase Hudson, TikTok heartthrob, became Lil Huddy, snarling pop-punk rocker At 18, Hudson counts nearly 30 million followers and over 1 billion views on TikTok, where he’s been building an empire since he was 12. In 2019, he co-founded Hype House, the now-infamous mansion in Los Angeles that’s home to a collective of young TikTok personalities, who cohabitate and produce videos together around the clock. Hype House alumni include teen super-influencers who would volley among one another’s TikTok channels, performing lip-syncs and dance challenges and racking up lucrative sponsorship deals. His big break from the TikTok life came when he was cast in the 2021 film “Downfalls High,” a companion to Machine Gun Kelly’s 2020 chart-topping pop-punk album, “Tickets to My Downfall.” In the same week that “Downfalls High” first dropped, Lil Huddy became Mersel’s first signing — despite the fact that he only had a few scrappy demos to his name. Hudson is far from the only TikTok star who’s sought to parlay insta-fame into a music career. In 2020, Jxdn penned a deal with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker’s DTA Records.
  13. New addition to the timeline! found advert for this show (huge credits to QueenCityJamz on Twitter for sharing this gem!) 2/25/1998: The band performs at Sokol Hall in Omaha, Nebraska.
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  15. twentytwenty


    He really is. He’s not just a pop king though, he does rock and pop punk quite well too!
  16. I got that magazine ad this week. Should arrive soon
  17. rewatched the entire series (masterpiece) and now I'm ready for this dumb shit to ruin it. ☺️
  18. about to beat Metroid Dread, didn't start until Monday night. what a game. although I do hate the E.M.M.I. parts. they're bullshit.
  19. I've never read the rules. I cannot be controlled. Fuck your rules.
  20. Too hard to rank them all but Bored to Death, Cynical, and No Heart to Speak Of are all top-tier blink songs that rival the best stuff they put out previously. NINE as a whole is pretty great. California disc 1 is pretty average. California disc 2 is poo poo pee pee
  21. Bunjar


    https://www.si.com/longform/2017/nba-jam-oral-history/index.html This was honestly one of the best things ever.
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