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  2. i don't have a scan of it. but the largest i think would be from the non-deluxe SRC LP, yes? the one in the cargo first press is just as big, but grayscale.
  3. Not another teen movie is really good too.
  4. I think there's still at least a 50/50 chance Gaslight reform. Sounds like no bad blood between any of them, they just ran out of ideas for what they wanted to sound like. Could see them reconnecting in the next few years for a reunion tour and maybe a new album. I saw Brian Fallon in Vancouver last year and I don't think he's ever coming back after how shitty the crowd was. I might have already posted this story in this thread, but there were a few drunken idiots that were yelling at Brian between every song (or during some songs). At first it was ok and funny - stuff like "We fucking love you Brian!". But it became worse and worse over time (probably in correlation to the amount of alcohol they drank). It ended up becoming people just yelling requests for Gaslight songs to Brian or just yelling Free Bird. Brian played it off really well and was able to make jokes for the first 5 or 6 times, but you could tell midway through he was getting frustrated and annoyed. The whole ordeal was basically "dance monkey dance!!" but over and over, I was cringing. At one point, Brian said something along the lines of "what gives you the right to yell and ruin it for everyone else?" which the tool responded with "because I paid for it." Brian then got his wallet out and approached the guy to give him his money back so he would leave. Near the end of the show, Brian called back behind stage saying "When do we go to the next city? Great!" Sucks to suck
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  6. I like the collabs more than this song. This song is just the generic California crap IMO. I do like the drums though.
  7. I'ma have to vote for Go cause Here's Your Letter is one of my favourite ever songs. The guitars in the chorus sound so fucking good and Mark's voice at the end of the bridge is superb.
  8. I’ve got most of his songs on Spotify. I like his music.
  9. This is one of the more interesting "punk" songs I've heard in years. Great lyrics, can be depressing but the guitar riff kind of makes it hopeful.
  10. Only time you will get that is when they are inducted in the Rock and Roll HOF...and that's only if Scott agreed to show up, which I'm sure he would
  11. Truth!! Saw her in ‘08 with Rascal Flatts. Havent been big into country music since I was about 7, but love them both & the show was so fun. Even from our not so great seats. I’d imagine she’s only gotten miles better by now.
  12. I like it. I like the amount of whinging in this topic more though.
  13. Last week
  14. If I had to see Tom live one more time - I've never seen AVA - I can only hope for his voice to sound like this for the true authentic AVA experience. But the great thing about him is that when you're there, his voice is never as bad as it sounds on YouTube.
  15. Tom had lines, wins hands down
  16. Yeah, it's a bit overpriced but it's cheaper than most on eBay and coming straight from his store and not a random hound so you don't have to worry about authenticity/rushed crappy sigs. Would be a great gift, though ideally should be $75-$100 imo. Btw here are some great "rushed" examples from Mark, these were signed literally during his DJ set in Australia last week: Also, here are some Tom sigs from the past few days during M&Gs. Have seen a few tattoos which he'll seem to do no problem, and then one lady asked for a note which he did. Not sure if they have reconsidered their "no autograph" policy or if it's still hit and miss: His Tom Doodle is so friggin cool, would love one on a blink item.
  17. Still a great song. 2001, wow I though it was about 2004 ish. Nearly 20 years old. Where the fuck is time going. I feel sick. I miss the late 90s and early 00s before the cancer that is social media. I miss rock bands being mainstream, even the ones I didn’t like, I miss them being around. Nostalgia is a right kick in the bollocks isn’t it
  18. The Chainsmokers one is the best by a mile.
  19. On Some Emo Shit might be the most relatable blink song that’s come out at a relatable moment in my life
  20. this is unbelievable. most spot-on tom impression i've ever heard. doesn't sound bad haha -- sounds like a mix of untitled era and early WDNTW
  21. Have some of that you fucking tin pot doping cunts. Forever in our shadow. Up the fucking reds. Blue cunts
  22. Mitch.


    Come one man, I always talk about all games, well most, and definitely discuss other teams and games. I haven't watched nearly as many games as I'd like this season because of work. From games I've seen though, I've really enjoyed it so far. Most of you on here know I don't talk just Dubs.
  23. Kay


    yeah and that was exhausting to run and required very little effort really lol
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