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  2. btd sounds like blink to me, but it doesn't sound much like old blink. people just associate it that way because they hear a recycled riff, mark's voice, and it was the first song to come from new blink.
  3. i love how there are people on the blink182 forum of all places that can actually talk tone. usually it's "thunderous, syrupy, woody, dirty, wooly,organic" or some BS. I still think though you guys scoop your mids too much on your dude ranch soundalikes oops wrong thread
  4. Yesterday
  5. i can't imagine caring about that band in the slightest. maybe it's a brit thing? to me they're in the same bargain bin as coldplay.
  6. New date to add (Blink were also on the bill, but had to cancel due to a band member's illness) : 07/12/1998: The band were supposed to play at the K-Rockathon 3 at Vernon, New York. Other bands included Eve 6, Third Eye Blind, Smash Mouth just to name a few. found more information about this show : 8/1/1998: The band performs at Kitsap Bowl in Bremerton, Washington part of Endfest 1998 (Seattle 107.7 The End's Festival). Other bands included Green Day, Crystal Method, Eve 6, Harvey Danger, Semisonic, found more information about this show (we have proof
  7. Grealish was great last night. What a player. Would swap Pogba for him in a heartbeat. I’d swap Pogba for Lee Cattermole tbf
  8. Last week
  9. Yeah I forgot about the old pick guard trick. There's been some awful homemade enema things the last year. I can't imagine anyone actually buys this stuff
  10. That one is actually a pretty cute little children’s book. I have a copy, I’m sure I would have loved reading it every Christmas as a kid. We’re definitely not the target audience but I think that specific project succeeded at being exactly what it was trying to be.
  11. I just finished my replica of Tom DeLonge's 1999 Surf Green Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster.
  12. would be harcore if the water version of m&m was mendale too if it wasnt of that short clip of it on youtube there wouldnt be too many tangible proofs that it ever existed CORECTion: i meant this this video will give u that mendala feel
  13. also the tongue scraper gift was likely related to does my breath smell
  14. Watching The Social Dilemma ... freaks me the fuck out. I'm glad I quit social media years ago.
  15. Get yourself watching the Boys on Amazon Prime. I'm pretty sure you'll love Karl Urban's character.
  16. Gutted this happened for Bottas and not Lewis to spice it up haha! Same, Mclaren will be everyone's favourites from next season, to be fair I do like Carlos too.
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