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  2. Mate, if you don't like feedback or criticisms, don't post shit. Simple.
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  4. Lio di caprio Brad pitt Jim Carey Mark hamil Seth Rogen
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  6. It sucks that Agony and Irony isn’t on Spotify. I love it but I rarely listen to it because it’s not there when I search alk3.
  7. Travis' buildup to the outro over the slow clarinet part made me LOL
  8. I sent in a clip of my kid head banging to ATST a few days ago lol. This is a cool idea, stoked to see the final product.
  9. I keep hearing such good things about it. Hopefully lives up to the hype!
  10. @Feeling_This_1 I’m not sure on the bunnys, I thought there were 182 of the colored 1.5ft version for the reunion tour. (Fun fact they were originally supposed to be 3ft per MrTsurt on the pod, and came in a refrigerator box so they had to downsize. Mark has the only prototype and kept it on his bass cabinet during that tour.) The case on that doesn’t bother me, as a lot of the signed pre-orders were just the “sleeve”, so they probably just put it in a random case to be safe. I did this with mine. Based on some folks who have said they got their pre-order straight from the band with this “tom” style sig, it is likely authentic IMO, though I continue to track these and would be more comfortable buying other versions.
  11. Beautiful album. Had tears in my eyes through the entire listen. Already looking forward to replay it tbh. Quite bummed about missing his show.
  12. Good show. Strong first 4-5 seasons. Goes downhill a lot. Still worth watching most of the time.
  13. This is legit the best Green Day related release in years. Have always loved this song, be it the original Tommy James and the Shondells version or even the Tiffany version, that song is the shit. Billie Joe version is incredibly satisfying to me.
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  15. found new date to add (with proof of t-shirt) : 08/20/2000 The band performs at the Terremoto Festival in Hamburg, Germany. Other bands included Limp Bizkit, Placebo, Beck, Deftones and Muse.
  16. From Criterion's Wikipedia page: In June 2015, news site Nintendo Life reveals that in early 2011 Nintendo of Europe approached Criterion to work on a pitch for a new F-Zero game which they hoped to unveil at E3 that same year alongside the then-unreleased Wii U console, and potentially release the game during the console's launch period. However, the developer was unable to handle the pitch as, at the time, they devoted much of their resources into the development of Need for Speed: Most Wanted for multiple platforms. The site was tipped by an anonymous, yet "reliable" source, but they had confirmed this information when Criterion co-founder Alex Ward (who left the company in 2014) admitted that Nintendo of Europe did indeed approach the company for a potential F-Zero game on the Wii U.[14] Alex Ward also noted on Twitter that Criterion was also offered the opportunity to work on the first Forza, Mad Max, a Vauxhall only racer, a Command & Conquer first-person shooter and a Gone in 60 Seconds game.[15]
  17. I hope they hit the cities they canceled on.
  18. really looking forward to that one.
  19. A - A Day To Remember B- Belmont, blink, bloom., Boston Manor C- Can’t Swim, Citizen D- E- F- Fall Out Boy, Four Year Strong G- Grayscale H- Halsey, Homesafe I- J- Jetty Bones K- Keep Flying, Knuckle Puck L- Like Pacific M- Movements, The Movielife, My Chemical Romance, Man Overboard N- Neck Deep O- Owen P- Panic! At The Disco Q- R- Real Friends S- Senses Fail, Set Your Goals, The Story So Far T- Tiny Moving Parts, Trash Boat, Transit, Turnover U- V- W- The Wonder Years X- Y- Yellowcard, Youth Fountain, Yours Truly Z-
  20. I discovered this band this past week, the album has been stuck on repeat ever since
  21. I feel like at any other time this reveal would be a bigger deal. Kanye and Taylor must be bored.
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