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  2. David sounds like a prisoner of Tom.
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  4. I don't hear it, just sounds like generic skate punk to me.
  5. Yep I thought the same thing. just googled it and found a post made the day before I turned 3 lol
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  7. Weezer needs to calm the fuck down.
  8. There's some really good songs on it.
  9. wow, @Thibaut182, never knew that clip was from when epitaph was trying to sign them. very interesting
  10. Thats true but some of those smart business minded people will tend to exploit the system though or push the boundaries to the limit - its their job to make the most by doing the least. City were able to bring in £300m through an oil sponsorship to bypass FFP, how is that allowed? Clubs should only we allowed to spend what they earn in my opinion and fans should have voting rights. The only reason Newcastle isn't owned by Saudi blood money is because the Saudi's pulled out. UEFA could do nothing because so many clubs have ownership now. Even for smaller clubs now - survival is far
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  12. I quoted because it followed my rule, since Speedo had posted.
  13. thanks again for all this @Thibaut182 though i have to wonder, this takes a lot of time. do you have a job???? LOL
  14. I got to the part where the giant statute starts chasing them and then I had explosive diarrhea and never finished the rest of the movie. Sounds like I didn't miss out on much.
  15. If anyone here is interested in some Blink show posters, SRH are selling two posters of two shows that they booked (those are however not the original vintage ones, but reprints.) 2/11/1997: The band performs at the Foothill Club in Signal Hill, California. 6/24/1998:The band performs at Canes Bar & Grill in San Diego, California. https://shop.srh.com/products/copy-of-kmk-fire-it-up-poster?pr_prod_strat=copurchase&pr_rec_pid=6223342338230&pr_ref_pid=6223453290678&pr_seq=uniform https://shop.srh.com/products/copy-of-srh-collectors-print-6?_pos=1&_sid=8848
  16. this is the best thing that’s been posted on this forum in years
  17. Dude, this is amazing. Thanks. and thanks to John for being so kind as to share.
  18. Hahaha. But overall its a shame. That was a very good quality version of them demos. And so the search continues.
  19. Inspired by the timeline of the sticker strat, I have decided to do one as well for Tom's Les Paul. I will update it constantly if I find new pictures and new footage of those guitars in action! 11/26/1997: The band performs at Bren Center at UC Irvine in Irvine, California. 12/5/1997: The band performs at the Universal Amphitheatre in Universal City, California, as a part of KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas. 12/31/1997: The band performs at San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, California, as a part of SOMA's New Year Bash. (pictures provided by board legend daveyj
  20. The DLC is okay. It gives you easily the best boss fight in the entire game and getting the motorcycle is badass. It's more of the same though. You get some extra story elements and you refight the blights again before the big boss. I had fun with it but i loved the game so it was worth it for me.
  21. Thanks man! It's actually been going really well, really chuffed for a lot of stuff we have planned.
  22. This song is the first song that Laura has featured on that hasn't fucking sucked!
  23. yeah, it wasn't that interesting from what I remember. I got the vibe Shanna was just pilled up or tired from fucking all the time.
  24. back in the day when Cartoon Network would air shit like Wait Til Your Father Gets Home, that show where Gary Coleman was an angel, and O Canada. it was all pre-adult swim and they were really playing to the stoner crowd even back then.
  25. Haha this is a fascinating look at the state of the band 2 months before Skiba's first appearance. We need a new poll like this.
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