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  4. Speedo

    Logic Pro

    Sorry, I forgot to respond to this. I got things sorted but I do appreciate your offer. I’ll probably have other questions down the line so I will keep you in mind. Thanks again.
  5. @_Kyle_ @boxelder I just finished Sellout and I loved it. Dan Ozzi was so good at juxtaposing the accusations that stemmed from the music scene politics to the painful realities of major label expectation. My takeway is that some bands are born for that (blink, Green Day, MCR) others are doomed to tragedy (Jawbreaker, Brody Dalle, At The Drive In) and then you have Jimmy Eat World - I love them even more now that I've read that chapter about them!
  6. I’ve seen loads of people talk about it on FB and I just… don’t really remember who they are lol
  7. Kay

    Meat Loaf

    So many greats dying right now.
  8. @Cheerios4u98 2017 Thrawn sounds like the kinda fix I need, thank you my beskar brother. Next purchase. Also tempted to buy the John Jackson Miller Kenobi novel - I know it’s not canon anymore, but I thought it might get me even more in the mood for the new series.
  9. Not sure how i feel to be honest - was kinda more of the same for me, disjointed - no chemistry. Second half was better - thought McTominay was class and has been for a while now - Bruno was excellent. But yeah - hope they can settle and look like an actual team soon, we are much much better without Maguire and Matic in the team. Brentford manager got a bit carried away with his team having 2/3 shots on goal in the first half - what a clown.
  10. i've taken a pretty serious break from it because of the way it was released, one song every few weeks. i was burned out on it by the time it came out. i think when i revisit it later on i'll really be into it minus that no more guns song.
  11. Last week
  12. I’ve finished Lovecraft Country tonight, the show is okay … not great but good enough to have on while I can’t sleep. It did, however, get me interested in Emmett Till and the Tulsa Race Massacres so I picked up a few books on them both. That’ll be my next few reads.
  13. Hi guys, I picked up a VL-1002 back in early December. Googling around for info and came across this page. Love a bit of Blink182. I already own a SS-140C combo which is my main amp, but this one came along for less than $500AUD. The amp has some weird history. Someone has installed a midi mod, then later removed it, but bypassed the footswitch inputs, which sucks. Seeing back in previous posts you guys are getting some super cheap techs to work on it! I've got a local Ampeg guy and he's not cheap. Anyway. Gday!
  14. We have officially begun tracking. All drums are finished and I am currently working on scratch tracks of vocals and guitar so that we can get the bass down next. Here is an example of the way things are shaping up:
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