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  4. yup, and tom was aping trevor from face to face. if you listen to big choice, you can spot all the guitar parts tom lifted for cheshire cat.
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  7. I had them all on my laptop and ipod for a while before that took a shit. Now if I get the hankering to listen to them I have to go on youtube.
  8. Maddey

    The 1975

    One of norway’s biggest media sites reviewed the album and called it an «advanced form of torture» lol, that’s brutal. On another note, they’re throwing a show here in November. I’m thinking about going if not Corona gets it cancelled. I’ve seen them live before but it has been ages. Anyone seen them live in recent years?
  9. Elisa


    I've been reading a lot of non-fiction during this quarantine. I loved Erika Fatland's Sovietistan and Borders and Kapuscinski's Imperium. They all recount these journalists's trips in Russia & the rest of the former Soviet states in Europe and Central Asia and provide both history and insightful commentary on these countries I know very little about. Now I'm reading ‘Hired’. It's an account of the author and his travels to four different areas of the UK, to work minimum wage jobs and experience life on a single, low income. All great books. Do you have any recommendations for non-fiction books?
  10. I'm fine with this, Time should have been 4th though.
  11. Northern beaches are beautiful, I’m repping that western Sydney life haha
  12. he sounds so much like post malone, get original juicy wurld
  13. @Russel Coight Probably what I was thinking of
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