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  1. Just finished this, so cool. Makes me nostalgic for a decade I wasn't even born in, great music and pop culture references too!
  2. Noel played a guitar solo on a song, iirc.
  3. it had the potential to be, i don't think it goes anywhere though.
  4. No problem True. Co-writing is usually a contribution to the chord progression and the top line melody though, so I presume he had quite the input on that.
  5. I don't pretend to know anything. I'm just using the facts I see in front of me, Feldmann having a co-write on every song on the album.
  6. No, just the song credits which list him as a co-writer on every song.
  7. That doesn't mean he should be co-writing every song. I honestly think he was just a 'producer' in name only though, he had just as much input in the writing of songs as the band. That's NOT what a producer does.
  8. That doesn't mean he wrote the songs. That would be equivalent to giving a session musician a writing credit because they play on the record. Can't really see a songwriter being happy with that, can you?
  9. That is an arrangement, nothing to do with the writing of a song. If GM had made a significant contribution to the melody or the lyric, then sure. But he didn't, and he would have said that himself. In the case of Feldmann, he gave melodies to blink. Completely different to what GM did in any Beatles song, like ever.
  10. That wasn't what I was getting at. I was referring to the repeated use of them throughout the album which to me is a sign of lazy songwriting. The difference between a song like Hey Jude and a song on California is that the 'na na' section is a welcome addition to the tune, perfect infact, rather than an unnecessary annoyance.
  11. the world definitely doesn't need more people who are unwilling to be objective and critical out of some loyalty to something, that's for sure so if you dislike the album, that means you hate blink-182? stop talking nonsense.
  12. One of the most annoying parts of the album, such lazy songwriting. I really like some songs on the album (cynical, btd, soohm), but too much of it feels like a cheap, knock-off version of blink rather than the real thing.
  13. I'd say it sounds closest to toypaj, but with weaker arrangements and songs. Not at all like enema though, not even close.
  14. Red is a better album than California, though.
  15. a future ghent in the making right there.
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