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  1. I thought they were talking about Andrew Tate for a while.
  2. They had some popular albums that could have all sold several hundred k in the US and selling millions all together. I think the only NOFX album that ever sold to gold in the US was Punk in Drublic and they've sold several millions worldwide. Or they (goldfinger) could've not certified them as you say. If Superman had been released as a single I'm sure I'd be certified on its Spotify streams alone.
  3. Where did you get the number they had only sold 50k?
  4. The internet has taught me that when a video is titled "the truth about..." I'm not about to hear the truth if I watch that video.
  5. What he says seems kinda unbelievable, but in a way it makes it more believable because why would he make that up? All I know that the book is gonna be a dark read. I know he was abused as a kid and I guess it's always sad when the abused become the abusers as adults, but it must really be even worse if people don't believe their innocence.
  6. That's true. But I guess it's best to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  7. I'm still not sure about this. I'm gonna read his book soon.
  8. I definitely think it would be shitty to judge his entire character on things he said when he was in a bad period, but I think the way he tried to defend it in later years is even cringier.
  9. Not listening to Knowledge by Operation Ivy on the reg is nuts for me.
  10. Read about Rock against Racism.
  11. Before You Were Punk was released March 11. So I guess it was closer to DR than CC.
  12. I mean, I hate most classic rock stuff, but Clapton might be the one I dislike the most.
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