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  1. Do we have any Dutch people to translate this?
  2. My next EP is going to be out in less than a month on May 7th. It's called Den Sjette Zansman. Here's the tracklist: 1 LonelyFans 2 Reggae Beatdown 3 I'm a Poser Romantic 4 We're Taking Over 5 Not Your Fault 6 Same Time, Next Year 7 Will I Ever?
  3. Isn't this what most people think?
  4. I think Mutt might be my favorite Tom song on Enema.
  5. I don't see why that matters.
  6. Die ärtze were in my German book in high school.
  7. Good Day too. Didn't we get Walkyrie Missile too? Maybe I remember it wrong. The only difference is the long time it took between the releases, but that's not a reason to add more songs.
  8. 10 songs seems normal for an ava album. WDNTW had only like 7 new songs too.
  9. Can't stand the former haha. Haven't heard of the latter.
  10. I'll probably bring some stuff that is old as hell.
  11. I'll think of this and get back later.
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