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  1. LonelyFans You sit there feeling lost wishin' somebody had found you Dressed in black with a bottle of Jack and nobody else around you You remember an old friend and feel a bit unwielded Cuz it's a wonder you still recall their number But you hung up as soon as you dialed it Every country every continent Every town and every settlement They feel like they're the only ones who are lonely we all want to be that one who is someone Billions of lonely people that miss someone You turn to online porn just to feel some friction It's not eroticism or an
  2. Quite far away, but it's pretty devastating. And we got a deadly fire in another part of the country where most of the victims were children. It's not been a good start of the year for Norway.
  3. I'm gonna record some stuff again. I'm not really that happy with it, but I think recording these meh songs will maybe make me see something in them I haven't yet, or even better, inspire me to write better songs.
  4. Verse 1 Can you remember the first time you told a lie? You said "maybe I'll start living before I'm too old to die" And you never really did it But you're just scared to admit it Chorus You said "gimme some truth I'm so tired of lying" "gimme some laughs I'm so tired of crying" "gimme some life I'm so tired of dying" You're only young twice, forever full of lies Verse 2 Can we embrace modernity? Or could we make the old days last for etirnity? The young are wasted in their youth and no sober adult ever dared to tell them the truth Bridge So full of
  5. I bet it was Jesus that rapported the copyright.
  6. We're Taking Over Verse 1 We're taking over we'll show ya what it's all about We'll buy how much we can We don't care about famine or draught An international conglemorate We'll see your small business as a nail, we'll hammer it You're going down We're staying afloat while you drown Greedy white collar We're bringing the dollars We'll do it just because We're taking over praise us Verse 2 We're taking over corproate logos, no ethos With our best lawyers you wouldn't want to meet us We're Burger Kings and H&M's pop up shops,We'll en
  7. Please Do not Go by the Violent Femmes would sound cool.
  8. Verse 1 I'm not sure where to begin It's a game I'll never win I don't know wrong from right I don't know out from in And there's not much to do but hopin' Chorus It's a contradiction It's like a paradox An opportunity It's like a hand that knocks on a door that is already open Verse 2 Nothing is not a lot Oxymorons are all I've got When I'm such a moron and can't get out a single thought and I mean thinking in the dialectic sense Chorus It's a contradiction It's like a paradox 800 volts It's like an eel that shocks When you've
  9. I've been recording a lot lately. I'm also gonna start writing some new songs again in the next weeks. Just write as much as possible and see what Styx.
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