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  1. Finally got to listen to the DED cd. It sounded amazing compared to the mp3/spotify. The annoying autotune was pretty unnoticeable and the mix sounded very different. Love that EP wat more now.
  2. I think neither loving or hating BIOMY makes one a real or not real fan.
  3. To me the perfect anology is: a chef leaves the restaurant and they hire one of the best chefs from a competing restaurant, but instead of letting that chef shine like the old chef did, they get instant dinners from the supermarket and heat those.
  4. Like some guy I won't name once said "rally it's s just music after all"
  5. I'm more pissed about my favorite pizza place becoming Dominos than Blink.
  6. What's not proper about acoustic?
  7. I wrote a piece comparable to Beethoven's ninth yesterday. Too bad no one gets to hear it, because I don't have an orchestra.
  8. That's fucking stupid, but interesting. Does that mean there is a possibility Blink actually write their songs?
  9. I think that's about the beat and music. Eminem is a rapper.
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