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  1. I feel like the Offspring ripped off Electricity in TKAA
  2. I've worked both as a field interviewer and on the phone. Phone was awful, lasted three montgs. Lasted almost three years in the field.
  3. I took a survey today that I think was from Apple. I was asked about several tech companies and was asked "do you feel like Apple is threatening?" and I said "yes" and the next question was "WHY DID YOU SAY THAT ABOUT APPLE?" and I said "I dunno".
  4. Tom's vocals on toypaj also rub me the wrong way now.
  5. I called the Good Charlotte song "Don't Tell Me It's Over".
  6. My favorite nowadays is Roller Coaster. And then Everytime I Look foe You.
  7. I did think it was silly that they tried to be so cool for toypaj compared to enema. And still do.
  8. Do they have to go through three divorces as well?
  9. Today some guy talked about parachute jumping with a unicorn pool ring, what are those called again? And I told a joke about three people in a plane jumping in parachutes and there were only two parachutes. And the guy who was left in the plane when the others had jumped was thrilled cuz one of the others had used a unicorn bathing ring instead of a parachute and he said "I've heard that joke before only with a backpack".
  10. We insult who we love. Which is why I try not to insult Evanescence.
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