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  1. I Miss You is definitely one of the best songs on the album or that they wrote.
  2. Started watching You and Cuckoo this weekend. Both seem good.
  3. @Leo Dehoe would you rather use the n-word (the word you use a lot) than a German word (like "neger") and do you find the latter (German racist words) offensive? In Norway we have lots of racist words that white people and non white people seem to justify white people saying, but justifying the-n word is quite rare even for racists, unless it's ironic,which is also rare.
  4. This guy used to be a nerd working at a pizza place and Blink played there naked. Now he's a hot shot superhero actor and the blink guys are old dads.
  5. This got exciting!
  6. I reviewed their record once. That album totally grew on me. I haven't listened to them in years though.
  7. I've been writing lots of songs lately. I hope they will turn out good. I have no idea what to write about though most of the time. So every finished song feels like a great a accomplishment.
  8. I never get fat. I'm fat all the time. Lifehack.
  9. So you blink this is music? Oof
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