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  1. I seriously doubt they'd put out like two copies of a special single in Norway, so if it exists it must be released in some other country. @twentytwenty or other swedes have you seen this single in Sweden ?
  2. I have a theory that I found it in 2002 was excited, but couldn't afford it and next time it was gone and after that I'd have nightmares I'd find the single, but it had "Voyeur" on instead.
  3. Here's the thongrider Blink timeline. Spring/summer 2001: hears blink for the first time November 2001: Buys toypaj. Stoked to see blink in a store for the first time December is 2001: sees Enema in a store. Got shocked they had another album. Got enema for Christmas. Wanted the album too. January 2002: hears "Don't Tell Me It's Over" for the first time and loved it. Buys stfk single after being shocked there was a blink single in Norway. As if albums weren't surprising enough. March or April 2002: hears "Voyeur" for the first time. Also gets Dude Ranch. April
  4. I remember it being a strange choice when I saw it. Maybe it was a dream.
  5. I have no idea why I've found that single in stores several times and never bought it when I was looking for "Don't Tell Me It's Over".
  6. This is gonna drive me nuts honestly. I can't believe this doesn't exist.
  7. I remember being pissed I wasn't able to find the TOYPAJ bonus tracks in Norway. When I found First Date on some occasions it always had Voyeur as a b-side, now I can't find the existence of this release. I never bought this single because I had no interest in Voyeur. If Don't Tell Me It's Over and Mother's Day were on it I'd buy it. I have no idea if this was maybe a licensing issue and those tracks were unavailable in Norway and they put voyeur on instead or if it was mislabeled. This weirds me out. Anyone remember this release. And don't google First Date Voyeur.
  8. Is It So? Is it so that nothing has changed? That there's no irreparable damaged we've caused? And is it so that nothing is gained? And does that mean that nothing is lost? What will tomorrow bring now? Only sunshine and lollipops? With so many wet socks to wring out What could make it so that the rain stops? The sunshine got me hot and bothered I could jump straight into the water Not sure if it's night or day My concept of time has faded away What will happen next? We don't know When the ships are down can we keep 'em at bay? Is it so? Is it so? Is
  9. I'd get tickets to Downfall. If they did a reunion show.
  10. The most annoying part is the deluxe edition versus actual album thing.
  11. Isn't there a flangered guitar in "Heart's All Gone"? Always imagined that was Tom. I actually think it's kind of cool Mark played some guitar on that album.
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