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  1. Cool video and song! But not it I'm afraid. The music style is very similar though. In the video I'm looking for there was a sec scene where all one could see was two pieces of hair in bed.
  2. Does anyone remember a music video from the early 00s where a band plays party and for most of the video we just see their hair? And their haircuts do stuff at the party.
  3. I get a show every night and I don't even have to pay for it. It's experimental one tone music!
  4. Now im mad they didnt play it when I saw them.
  5. I lost one of my earplugs by the end of my show and it felt so weird when I removed the other one. My ears are also already fucked though.
  6. Started watching Carol and the end of the world. This is the saddest animated series I've ever seen.
  7. I actually think the first BR song I heard was Los Angeles Is Burning, but i didn't get the album until like 2007 or something. I get nostalgic for all the albums. Except Enema of the State and Dookie for some reason.
  8. I love Agony and Irony, for the most part. I never got the hate. I feel like This Addiction was the album Skiba's tunes lost their quality a bit.
  9. Matchstick man or whatever was pretty cool.
  10. https://thehardtimes.net/blog/we-ranked-the-movies-of-kevin-smith-by-how-much-weve-grown-up/
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