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  1. I got crabbed for preaching the truth?
  2. I'm working on a new song. I have recorded all the music and probably won't record the vocals until three weeks or so. I still haven't got the melody or lyrics. So I'm gonna see what comes in three weeks after listening to the instrumental track. It's a way I've never worked before.
  3. For real, people have thought I was a sock account for decades and it sucks a bit, but yeah. Don't change.
  4. I guess it'd be Tom who had the Stockholm Syndrome if he still liked his fans after their captivation and cohercion fantasies.
  5. Cloning maybe. Maybe they could get a clone to write the song, but do it every year with Feldmann and his pop factory bros.
  6. There are worse songs with higher streaming numbers.
  7. I would say it's a homage rather than plagiarism.
  8. Listened to the Anti Flag album today! Pretty bad album overall, but the "the end for you my friend" is great and so is "Trillion Dollars" and "Hymn for the Dead". On Unknown Road now. This album is actually pretty cool.
  9. Let's Go was in 1994. Basically as good as Wolves.
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