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  1. I think with the exception of movies, anything that goes on for more than 45 minutes, goes on for too long.
  2. Smith-Moth versus Mecha Ticketmaster.
  3. All he has to do for me imo is to get my message to the aliens from planet Y like he's promised for blowing my rainy day savings on TTS.
  4. If both of them decided to make an we're 16 and we're from California record and the kings of the weekend, I'd be creeped out.
  5. Big band jazz is the logical next step.
  6. I just tricked you into into listening to Bryan Adams!
  7. Anyone ever thought that the intro to Heaven by Bryan Adams sounds a lot like Dammit?
  8. You're not punk and I'm telling everyone!
  9. That's what I hear in FTG too. At least LA has that bridge.
  10. Open the box The carnival has passed me by Present hope has gone awry Look out the window No birds sing They're all stayin in t'won't mean anything Reach out your hand It's in demand You just don't know who will grab it, A hawk or a rabbit History repeats itself As the memory feeds itself It is almost food for thought As you walk around starving You thought you'd get caught For the smut you're carving Take the trash out Have a lash out Forget that you're alive Maybe you'll survive You were dealt a gift if you've ever felt a myth Breathe in your passion We've all become so passionate Our devotion is so dashing we almost have to ration it Open the box Unveil your locks Baby, you're free You'll realize it soon, you'll see Maybe the point of it all Was try all once and love it all You've had your runs They came to an end You were happy once you can be again You're always changing and slowly aging But it's not that bad, you see You're only 33
  11. thongrider

    Never Was

    Never Was Verse 1 Never was the one who challenged the system When I heard of policians I just wanted to piss them off without anything of substance to say Now I get all that smashed in my face I guess I could say my heart was in the right place but I sorta wish my brain felt the same way Chorus CUz I'm lost without direction and I've gotten as far as they get without a good connection walking on eggshells, I can't make an omelet ANd I've done all that they wanted I held my cards close to my chest Had a soul, but I pawned it and listened to those who know best Verse 2 Never was the one who cared about injustice But now as soon as the dust is settled I'll be there waving my flag I ate a little bit and threw away my cereal Who cares about waste or recycled material? metal, paper, plastic, all goes in the same bag Verse 3 Never was the first to have my candle lit But I gave you mindless words, pretending that I could handle it But I'm just one nervous breakdown away From going off the grid or starting my own cult Blow up the town hall with a catapult Never stop until the world was painted gray
  12. Watching That 90s Show now. Terrible show, but the Muffs makes every show better. Damn, the Muffs is so great.
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