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  1. Love both The Steinways and Gordon Ganos army! Two of the greatest this millenium.
  2. the lyrics are nonsensical because it's really five different lyrics put together into one song!
  3. It sounds fine until the pre-chorus, then it's just fucking awful.
  4. The Equals-Black skinned, blue eyed boys
  5. Sounded pretty cool! Interested to hear how it turns out with vocals.
  6. Mark said it was clearly self titled in 2004. Travis called it Blink 182 last month.
  7. Travis called it "Blink-182" last month.
  8. Fans should call it what they want. If Blink wanted a title they would've titled it themselves. Mark calling the album "Blink 182" is possibly the only time Ive heard someone call an album the same name as the band.
  9. The Beach Boys' version of Cottonfields.
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