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  1. Trump being president is also reality doesn't mean people have to accept it.
  2. It's been a week since my last release and now it's time to let it all go. I've forgotten to dedicate songs to people like I did last time. Hope you'll enjoy your number! 1 @Speedo https://zansman.bandcamp.com/track/bus-ride You get "Bus Ride". A song about the bus ride to hell basically. A jolly ass song. 2 @Elisa https://zansman.bandcamp.com/track/going-down-from-here You get the finished version of the first "single". I think it's a lot better now. 3 @Cheerios4u98 https://zansman.bandcamp.com/track/all-he-could-be You get this song with my fastest "drums" ever. 4 @jlx9 https://zansman.bandcamp.com/track/tomme-ark You get the Norwegian song! 5 @Ari https://zansman.bandcamp.com/track/dumb-reminiscing You get the oldest and maybe best song out of the bunch. 6 @Melty Mark https://zansman.bandcamp.com/track/song-that-shouldve-been-in-the-lion-king You get this song about the Circle of life! 7 @Kay https://zansman.bandcamp.com/track/wheel-of-repetition You get this jangly and weird song. Hope y'all like your song!
  3. Scott could obviously replace Travis again.
  4. Is it Can't go back to Rockville?
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