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  1. Alkaline Trio Bad Manners Cock Sparrer Descendents English Beat/Elvis Costello (none of these count) Exploited? Fleet Foxes Green Day Haggis I Was a Boy Scout K-Jell Josh Rouse Lagwagon Me First and the Gimme Gimmes NOFX Off Piss Drunk Bastards Queers Raging Fugitives Screeching Weasel Tacocat Utflod Vazelina bilopphøggers Yum Yums XenforceX Zero Points
  2. You've got lots of magic moment ahead of you!
  3. Listened again today. I love the five first songs the most.
  4. To me most people are conservative and right wing. I think Ben has a lot of options that goes outside of what the left and the democrats stand for always has, but I don't think he's as conservative as people say he is. Yesterday he talked a bit republicans showing their true colors when it comes to the crisis.
  5. It's called omitting the post vocalic r.
  6. This stuff is really good at first listen!
  7. I would'nt know how to do that from Spotify.
  8. For us Europeans it's out now! I'm listening to it tomorrow though.
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