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  1. I don't think Travis had much effect on Odi or Richard Cheese's versions for example. I think covers are more relevant than the original in these situations.
  2. Mostly song by Graduate, the band Tears for Fears had befor they became Tears for Fears and some songs by the Norwegian band The Dream, that I didn't like very much.
  3. Thanks! It's much appreciated. I'm shameless enough that I'm tagging @Speedo @Patient #48273 @Depf @_Bagel @Elisa @twentytwenty @Cheerios4u98 For this
  4. https://zansman.bandcamp.com/album/was-this-really-such-a-good-idea Really exciting stuff!
  5. It's referencing several mythical characters that are women.
  6. Most new ava stuff is awful. Most new blink is disappointing. I don't hate new blink though.
  7. Where's thong on the lists?
  8. Why have I seen that dude before?
  9. I think they're great! But they're great because they're unconventional and lack conventional music training.
  10. I downloaded it too. Posting it is another issue though.
  11. For me I'd Dude Ranch and Enema of the State in S/10, BCR, Smiley Face and CC in A/9, +44 in B/8. Take off, Neighborhoods, Cali and NINE in C/7. The first two AVA albums and Buddha in D/6. Tom's odds and ends in E75. The rest of the AVA albums in F/4
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