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  1. Where's thong on the lists?
  2. Why have I seen that dude before?
  3. I think they're great! But they're great because they're unconventional and lack conventional music training.
  4. I downloaded it too. Posting it is another issue though.
  5. For me I'd Dude Ranch and Enema of the State in S/10, BCR, Smiley Face and CC in A/9, +44 in B/8. Take off, Neighborhoods, Cali and NINE in C/7. The first two AVA albums and Buddha in D/6. Tom's odds and ends in E75. The rest of the AVA albums in F/4
  6. Ramones-I Wanna Be Sedated Undertones-Teenage Kicks Descendents-Silly Girl Screeching Weasel-My Brain Hurts Green day-Basket Case NOFX-leave It Alone Blink-182-All the Small Things Bowling for Soup-Girl All the Bad Guys Want Sr 71-Right Now Sum 41-Makes No Difference And anything by the Fastbacks
  7. It's either anger and drama with other members or drama and anger towards blink.
  8. This should be solved in rap battles at the next zoom hang.
  9. It's weird I had just started posted on this board before the break up. Maybe Tom read the board and though "if this guy is my fan, I quit".
  10. Some Gene Vincent. Just went from,"Woman Love" to "Race with the Devil"
  11. I worry Wyhsb wouldn't be as good.
  12. I'm reading an anthology version with long pages. It's about 300. Tge other books in the anthology are about 95. I think the regular book is 528 pages. Which I guess isn't that long.
  13. Reading the Mysterious Island at the moment. It's long.
  14. I prefer the Buddha Degenerate to the Dude Ranch
  15. Thongy tip #1: Always be prepared when you're giving others advice

  16. Verse 1 Sometimes the past keeps re-surfacing Like a school of fish in parade And I just see no purpose in Keeping up with the charade Sometimes I feel I gotta Use up my old-memory quoata You told me you would recall The events that meant it all Even if they were rather small Chorus They say you gotta let it go They say no one wants to know what went on in the past They say you gotta face them soon All those mental wounds that lay under this giant cast Verse 2 I need to personify the past turn it into a face Open my eyes and remove the mask Cut my ties and end the chase For years I did wonder But I finally found out what it meant that abstence only makes the heart grow fonder And familiarity only brings contempt Sometimes it feels like I'm gonna have a mental breakdown in the local sauna You told me you wouldn't forget Is that a promise or is it a threat? Is it a vow or is it a bet? Verse 3 So I'm starring you in the eyes now A mirror that could never break I'm facing all of the lies now Meeting every damn mistake Roaming round the same old corners Thinking of the same damn things Crossing all the same lame borders Wondering what tomorrow brings
  17. I can play some guitar? Barely?
  18. Wrote this song in 2016,but didn't record it until now.
  19. I think people tried to cancel them in 1999.
  20. I'm almost done with the 2020 season of Superstore. Gonna miss these people.
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