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  1. It's like... Dae Grohl re-recorded some Nirvana classic shit using, whatever, a raper if you want. Or some thing like that. Awful as fuck.
  2. I can't be more hyped for this album. Not in a traditional way, but in a more curious way in order to see how they have managed to assemble this kind of Frankenstein (I mean, this album is looking like this at the moment). Mark is saying is diverse and all, but it better be amazingly glued on thorugh the tracklist order, otherwise this is looking like is gonna sound like a total disjointed thing.
  3. I said it before: to me feel like a collection made of Mark's collaborations.
  4. AK3 vibes? I Found A Way ressemblance? Really? That's funny.
  5. Somehow, "First Eviction Notice" came to my mind this evening.
  6. Same feeling here. Pretty boring to be fair.
  7. That's qwhat I call fan fiction.
  8. Exactly. If that's the best thing a group of 7 writers/producers can come up with, then they're pretty fucked up.
  9. Except for Bored to Death, almost every new song blink has released since Californa era startd, to me feels like an other's band song in which Mark is featured. Specially this one.
  10. Geting some The 1975 kind of artwork vibes here.
  11. Yeah, I should say 'I preffer this new song to BITMY'. Matter of tastes.
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