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  1. Feldmann shall bless you
  2. Well, let's forget what I said, hahaha. I would like to hear Emma or Fatally Yours sung by Mark and Dan singing and recording What Went Wrong (I think there's a live cover out there) or Dammit.
  3. Now you ruined my thread. :( Hahaha
  4. Should had a few days ago, FFS!!!!! Of course, I'm picking No Heart To Speak Of. I can't believe this is still here.
  5. Let's suppose that blink and AK3 would share an EP, like other bands did/do, including covers of each other. Current blink. Which songs would you like to hear covered by AK3 and blink? Would be really curious now that they share singer. I would like to hear an AK3 version of Darkside and also a blink version of Demon and Division. Anyone else's choices?
  6. Oh yes!!!! Actually sounding good here!!!
  7. NEVER SURRENDER: No Heart To Speak Of
  8. I should say I saw blink back in... 2012, I believe, when they were touring Neighborhoods, and I enjoyed the show as fuck.
  9. There are plenty of recent AK3 in which Skiba is killing in the reach of a couple of clicks. Don't wait for anyone to show them to you.
  10. Nah, I agree. Acoustic power chords, per se, are not the problem here. Is just the feel of laziness and evident lack of effort and rehearsal to do that performance.
  11. Examples I said: This is pretty good, TBF: Aaaaaand pay attention to the arrangements here, not too exhuberant, but enough to give some body to the song. Originally on electric guitar it all was power chords and octaves. Not the best vocal performance by Matt, thouth: Oh, this is a good example on how to use two guitars as some have pointed out. Acoustic performance with drums. One guitar on regular chords, and Matt doing some little licks and power chords to kind of accentuate rhythm.
  12. BUT, in Matt's defense I'd say that there's also an acoustic performance of Burn, basically done in power chords, which rules.
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