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  1. How good is Dan? I love the guy.
  2. Hm...two listens and it's pretty... 'standard'?
  3. Hi Kay!!!! I love it! Keep on rockin' ffs!
  4. Hell yeah!!!! Can't fucking wait., I hope they'll have it for this summer.
  5. Oh, man, again this, since 2006: An Angels & Airwaves movie that will accompany the new album went into production this past July. How’s the progress going there? “Oh, super good! To The Stars has many big projects, one of which being the film that is accompanying this album. All of that will come out together as we tour the record next year. You’ll start to see all the pieces of all the media that I’ve been doing come out with the show, and it’ll be a multimedia experience. That’s always been the dream for the band, but we just haven’t had the chance to do that yet.”
  6. What could be a brutal thing to do is a tour. Just play the damn whole +44 record live again.
  7. It's worth a shot, no doubt about it, but please, no multi-producer bullshit and no Feldmann glossy shit. If the're gonna release a new +44 album made a la California-Nine modus operandi, and saying that 'this is where we're at now', they better let the thing rest.
  8. @Ry-Bread, mate, you're cracking me up 😂
  9. I liked more Boxing Day back in the day, but this is a good surprise. Better than expected!
  10. Decent song, and interesting Mark part. The backgorundof this story is awful.
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