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  1. Kamasutra paid off well (now I'm bored and old).
  2. 100% agree. They seem to be 100% legit now and caring for the band and for each other. The shit is real. The most painful thing to see about blink since the first break-up it's been the obvious bad blood that existed between them, the ghosting, the denial and the bad vibes. I only hope that they did the correct things with Matt Skiba when they reunited and decided to not count on him. I hope they had a chat with him to explain and settle everything as it should be done: as gentlemen.
  3. Of course, mate. I was joking.Your opinion is as valid as anyone else's.😁
  4. Impressive. I told ya: THEY FUCKING CARE THIS TIME. So good to be a blink fan. Gotta love them for their ups and downs.
  5. I'd resume all my feelings after watching he video and hearing both songs (well, I include EDGING too) this way: they ACTUALLY care again, they actually feel gratefull and pretty much are telling us "thanks and sorry, here we are again to kick your arses". This is touching.
  6. Crazy they added the Daytona beach concerta background. They know how iconic that show has been through the DECADES. I remember downloading it from eMule as bootleg. Craaaazy.
  7. Sure. I like OMT, but I need to listen to MTYK more times.
  8. Shit, I can barely hold myself. This is ridiculous 😂
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