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  1. Totally agree, but i enjoyed it, to be fair. i don't know if I would be so patient to go through that again in any book, but i like when the author is able to picture you the scene. It may get tedious, though. Anyway, the Silmarilion was much worse. I had struggles to finish that book. It kinda fills some historic voids on the whole Lord Of The Rings history and all. Coming back to GOT, I don't find this season as bad as some people is pointing out. It has some flaws in terms of... well, what it has been said: feels just rushed.
  2. To me it simpler: in Alkaline Trio and other projects, he just nails it. His appearances sound fillfed with passion. Meanwhile, in blink, he sounds pretty flat, IMO. And moreover, I can't recognize his songwriting on new blink's songs. That's the place fro mwhere my disappointment comes.
  3. The more we see him this way, the more I understand he had serious troubles. Call it anxiety, depression or whatever. But it looks obvious he was fucked up. Add a separation/divorce in between and you have a dangerous cocktail.
  4. Oh, nice to know. Didn't knew they wrote that one in that pre-Feldy period.
  5. Pretty impressed, @Nasa, at how you did read the story predicting some heavy shit that ended up happening. Really impressive. Kudos to you too @Scott.
  6. They said it was Hey, I'm Sorry and, even though, it was re-worked. I really would pay to hear those demos.
  7. Fucking Bram. I knew this was gonna happen. The most useless character EVER. They could have put a dog in a chair and the result would have been the same. To me it all feels too hurried up. It's all too rushed and WTFd. Overall, I like the wrap up, but don't like the feel of this season.
  8. Ghost

    Eurovision 2019

    Now you have a special place in my heart, mate ☺️
  9. I didn't think about it, but actually I think that's an interesting possibility, to be honest.
  10. Fuck!!! The last episode blew my mind. Is it the most brutal of the whole show?
  11. But they keep doing stupid self-refferences to older albums -pretty much defined in the genre- that end up being totally disappointing. Come on, Mark.
  12. Hm... not exactly my thoughts, but something in that way. I was thinking about Tom being mentall ill this last years. That's only my speculation. So, maybe To mstarted to have some problems back in the day, which ended up ruining blink reunion (despite Nighborhoods and DED) and future plans. So it all broje down in a bad way with Mark continuing blink with Travis and Skiba. Then, and after knowing Mark has lied about not talking to Tom, my speculation is that they have talked and have come to good terms, specially since Mark has been under some kind of depressive period which, maybe, has made him feel some empathy for Tom's problems. Who knows?
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