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  1. I'm so happy for this band. But still feels weird to not have any press from them.
  2. I'm watching some aussie videos and... Jesus Fucking Christ. They're doing amazing again. So prooud to be a blink fan. I'm impressed about how good the new songs are sounding live. Are they at their top game since the early years? I mean, it's really obvious the're putting tons of effort to sound this good again. It's really great.
  3. Dan keeps on improving. Both singing and playing his bass. What a beast he is.
  4. Holy shit. Loving this live. It's so bizarre to revisit Skiba playing with blink now.
  5. When in the fuck is this being released?
  6. Come on, they are just 'joke' songs. I don't think they've been written with any purpose, other than being an abomination per se.
  7. Blast from the past. What a band and what a song.
  8. They shouldn't do that. Always is amazing. They should just add more songs and that's it. Their set is not that long. Also, haven't they got rid of live pitch correction? Sounds like that!
  9. Aaaand, I would love to death if this entire show was released in video. Last part od Continental and Emma (that transition). Good old screaming Matt.
  10. A little bit of blasts fro mthe past: Raspy Matt. I dedicate this to you, mate @Alk Vibes, Because the vibes, ya know.
  11. Happy for you, Elisa! My God, Dan is the bass GOAT. How underrated is he?
  12. I agree. That song is a masterpiece. I fucking love it. About the new record, I'm liking it more now. It's a grower for me, no doubts. Their best since AI.
  13. Well, it's obvious but TOYPAJ is one of the ones that hit me the most. That record, to me, is summer 2001 and the next immediate years. Memories!!!
  14. A few ones, like Coming Home by NFG and Even If It Kills Me by MCS. I will post later when I remember some.
  15. Gonna pray for it. They're coming to a festival, but I'm hoping for, at least, a couple of medium venues.
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