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  1. You got to love this guy.
  2. I don't think so. Imagine a blend of When Your Heart Stops BEating and We Don't Need To Whisper. Mindblowing.
  3. Just logging in after randomly seeing Mark's latest post on IG. I didn't know he was sick. I've been a little bit disconnected since quite a while ago. Just wow. I guess this is 'old' news to you all at this point, but I'm shocked. My best wishes to Mr. Hoppus.
  4. Still better than being a PLG lover.
  5. No matter when you log-in, Tom is always promising new music and recording the next AvA album. 😂 It never gets old.
  6. This sounds really good. Respect. I'm a fan Kay!!!! Keep on rockin'
  7. When a fan does a much (by far) better piece of memorabilia than the actual band. Really good job. Stunning.
  8. Got it, mate. Thank you anyways!
  9. I'm getting more Bad Religion vibes than Pennywise or NOFX's ones.
  10. Does someone know how to listen to this? I'm like too late, I guess.
  11. Skiba is not the problem here. I subscribe what Kay said. WOrd by word.
  12. In thoe whole lockdown weeks I've been able to play/replay some old adventure games. I revisited the Monkey Island saga, and also titles as Maniac Mansion, Day Of The Tentacle and Grim Fandango. Love those games. But also I discovered Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island) had released a new adventure game, Thimbleweed Park, and I played it. It's awesome. If anyone is into adventure games, just grab it and enjoy. Retro-style, point and clic and lots of refferences to the old point and click adventures.
  13. The 1975 new album is so cool. So chil and upbeat. Cool vibes. @Scott., mate, check that out!
  14. I don't remember if this has been posted. Tom Lord-Alge remixing Adam`s Song. https://imgur.com/a/1axQ8Tl
  15. Good point. I also think this can be oriented from two different points of view. I mean, due to the evolution of the industry, the whole thing lately has been oriented for musicians to make a living out off the live shows. Now this has been demolished. We don't know when it all will be returning back to normal, so I guess a lot of musicians and not huge bands can be stressed on how this can affect to their incomes. And second point of view: does he think this situation is going to put in value the old concept of 'record'? The music itself. Yeah, we have lots of streaming services, but in times like these in which almost anything can happen, I guess the record itself as physical object can be important?
  16. I don't know... I would ask him about how he thinks all this situation can make people understand music nowadays. It's clear that, at least in some countries, there wil pass a few months before we can go to a show. So, now that the live experience is stopped, does he think people is going to re-think about music itself? I don't know if this makes any sense. Sorry.
  17. How good is Dan? I love the guy.
  18. Hm...two listens and it's pretty... 'standard'?
  19. Hi Kay!!!! I love it! Keep on rockin' ffs!
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