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  1. Yeah, I've listen to this song four times and I'm already feeling kind of bored listening to it compared to the other two songs that Tom recently put out... Still a decent song though since I enjoyed it enough the first time. Definitely not a skip, but not something I'm gonna rush back to listen to any time soon. 2/3 great songs so far is a good number (I still really like RG and K+T) Hoping we get a full album soon, or at least some more information on that. Wonder if the will get delayed at all (cause of issues getting together) or if this lockdown will force Tom to be creativ
  2. It depends... If it's blink-182 (Mark, Travis, and TOM) then I would vote for that nine times out of ten. Diet blink on the other hand? (Mark, Travis, and Matt) I'd skip that ten out of ten times... In fact, I'd have to be paid to go. So I guess my vote would go towards AvA seeing as how I assume that this poll is asking about diet blink-182 vs AvA. Real blink-182 vs AvA though, I would pick blink-182 hands down. Even though AvA is currently doing some great stuff right now.
  3. The funny thing is that people gave Tom so much shit for bringing the AvA sound over during Neighborhoods/DeD era, and yet that stuff could still be considered an evolution of blink-182.
  4. Also another note I want to make... I don't want to hate this band, in fact I WANT to be proven wrong. It's just that (so far) I've been unimpressed with "blink-182" without Tom. And songs like this doesn't help the case with diet blink-182. As much shit as I want to give Sum 41 for going further down the metal path, at least they're still able to rock out a decent tune. This... I don't even know what they're going for anymore.
  5. This song makes me regret giving this band another chance... I knew "blink-182" without Tom would still disappoint me, but DAMN! This song is horrible. Also this song was so bad that I had to come back to the forums to share my opinion. I keep wanting to give this diet blink-182 a chance, but so far Mark's just shitting on this band's legacy. Mark and Travis should have formed another band without Tom if they wanted to get away from him. Not keep ruining blink's legacy by putting out trash like this. Also to think that when they announced Skiba joining that we thought they would be
  6. Yeah, at least that way we could get more music from him instead of him polluting other industries with his novice crap (I'm looking at the film and book/comic industry). Hopefully he doesn't get the big idea to fund a video game next because knowing him it would probably end up being some pretentious boring shit.
  7. Well this is a late update, but it turns out I might have to eat crow now... CBS basically cancelled Supergirl, but CW was quick to pick her up for a second season, and now there are discussions of doing an epic four show crossover is a strong possibility (Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow). How they're gonna fit her in I have no clue because she is in fact on Earth 3 (the third earth), so I have no clue how they are gonna cross her over. The logistics confuse me, but I'm sure they're gonna find a way to make it work (maybe some how combine all of the three universes, or com
  8. I'm not surprised though, he started ripping off other artists after Love Starting with Saturday Love sounding like Video Killed the Radio Star in the chorus.
  9. The problem though is that these aren't unheard songs. They're demos of songs already released on The Dream Walker (Unless there are songs new (please correct me, and call them out if there are such songs/demos)). I wouldn't mind a demo album if done right (Like what Tom did after being kicked out of blink), as opposed to this obvious money grab (Again if it's of songs already released then do it either bundled with a new release or for free).
  10. Tom is really make it hard not to hate him/think he's a douche nowadays isn't he? Most musicians are awesome enough to include the songs in a deluxe edition (like someone previously mention) while others are kind enough to just upload them to the internet for free. This fucker has the nerve to not only charge us an album full of demos, but makes it more expensive than the original release. Also funnily enough it was released on the same day (or day later) when Mark called him out on his bullshit fucking lies he spewing on his facebook post. While (for some reason) I still appreciate
  11. Was feeling indifferent towards the full song released yesterday, but I liked this joke song. I'm hoping they have some serious songs sounding like this on the album. If they do, that will further cement my current "fuck Tom" mood because: Yeah, what fucking pissed me off was that Tom finally composed a quality pop punk tune after years of writing spacey bullshit, but instead of being awesome he turns it into a shitty joke song that failed at even cracking a smile. Fuck, what a dick move by the now delusional asshole.
  12. No, none of the shows from Arrowverse (Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow), and I don't thing iZombie references those shows either. However, I wouldn't be surprised in the future if they did try to bring the shows together in some way (seeing as how they're all on the same network).
  13. It's funny. I read this post and didn't know how to respond because what I was going to say was that only Supergirl (CBS) had the crossover, and The Flash (CW) barely acknowledged Supergirl's existence (plus the fact that the crossover on Supergirl seems farther ahead than the plot on The Flash tv show. There's also the fact that Universe A is the Arrowverse (With Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow (possibly including Constantine (although he did have a cameo this season of arrow) and iZombie (maybe)) while Universe B is where this season's Harrison Wells and his Daughter (Also Jay Garr
  14. No because she is in a different universe (and I believe Arrowverse is shot somewhere in Canada while Supergirl is in LA (Plus the fact that she's on an entirely different network than Arrowverse)) she however is part of the multiverse. They just have it where she's on a different earth. While The Flash covers Earth-1 (where Arrowverse takes place), and Earth-2 (sort of like Fringe) then Supergirl is off in some unknown/unnamed earth.
  15. Not to be negative, but I'm dropping "Arrow" from my currently watched shows after that last episode. Not only has the writing gone downhill since season 2, but then they pull a stupid stunt by killing an integral for some shitty fan-geared shipping (they even had the nerve to have the character's last lines before they died promoting said shipping). Gonna continue with the rest of Arrowverse (Flash, and Legend of Tomorrow), but Arrow has gone to shit.
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