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  1. I liked that part. I was worried for a second that they'd go along with it, which would have actually been the least realistic thing in a show featuring dragons and magic.
  2. Anyway, I liked the ending well enough. No major complaints.
  3. lol why would you post this and not bother to share Tom's comment? Anyway, here it is:
  4. I can certainly see value in admiring characteristics in certain people and striving to have those same qualities, but personally I feel like I can do that without putting people on pedestals/paying to meet them. Not judging people who do, it just does nothig for me.
  5. I guess that's the difference between us. I haven't idolized someone since I was a teenager.
  6. I wouldn't pay for a meet & greet with anyone, but I don't think I could bring myself to disturb someone when they're not "working." I know some celebrities don't mind if fans politely approach them when they're out and about, but I'd be paranoid that any interaction with them in that kind of situation might be an imposition.
  7. I'd vote yes, but I don't think it'll be a "big happy family" and I also don't think it'll be a one-time thing.
  8. 20?! How many children are you trying to lure to the show?
  9. I think Arya will at least try to kill Daenerys, but yeah, Jon might be the one who actually does it.
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