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  1. I'm pretty sure @Clar-ke has herpes (the thread creator) has been editing the title himself. I'd say it'd be best to get @Scott.'s approval here or start a new thread.
  2. You should start a favourite colour thread/poll.
  3. I didn't mean it as an insult or anything, I was just telling Jan that he was referencing the very person he was speaking to.
  4. It literally is Chillin4alivin. Did you not know that?
  5. I think there have been two marriages and one STD transmission.
  6. I'm guessing your reenacting experience prepared you for this kind of eventuality.
  7. Over the years, I think dozens of people have signed up just to argue with Oliver.
  8. @DJOliOliver I think you should change your username back to EveryonebutOliveriswrong.
  9. I was really disappointed with Up All Night and I thought Bored to Death was okay.
  10. Oh, so a hypothetical Oliver performance beat Skiba. Got it.
  11. The competition's rules have magically changed. It was originally that Oliver could play a 75+ minute set and do better than Skiba in terms of guitar playing, vocals and stage presence. Now, it's just about guitar playing and not even from the livestream, he's cherrypicked a video from years ago (who knows if he can even play those riffs anymore).
  12. You're as biased as the Oliver haters though.
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