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  1. @boxelder that just reminded me of the guy who took a CD from his workplace and leaked California.
  2. Or half of relationships have no cheaters and the other half consists of two cheaters.
  3. Well, if the differences were reconcilable, they wouldn't be getting divorced now, would they?
  4. I assume any wealth acquired throughout the marriage would be divided evenly, yeah.
  5. Did your favourite podcaster Ben Shapiro tell you how to feel about this?
  6. Sure, just say more dumb things about unpaid domestic labour.
  7. If people are married, it's legally the family's money, which is why it gets split up evenly in the event of a divorce (unless there's a prenup).
  8. I'm sure that happens often enough, but it really should be né.
  9. I didn't know blink was a girl, but it makes sense. @JarJarBlinks look, I don't just do this for fiancé(e).
  10. I really enjoy Damnesia. I love their cover of I Held Her in My Arms.
  11. I can't imagine being part of a fanbase that would act like that.
  12. He considers pedophilia a valid sexual orientation and he's mad that homosexuality has made strides in becoming accepted, so he lashes out at me.
  13. Bingo! But also a plausible theory.
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