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  1. I've never really listened to her haha.
  2. I think I'm going to lean into the stereotype and choose The Con by Tegan and Sara.
  3. I believe it's a real thing, I'm just making fun of ebayscammakilla for be a suspected forger.
  4. Or, you know, just signs the pictures himself and throws 'em on ebay.
  5. Maybe we should report you to ebay. https://www.ebay.com/help/policies/identity-policies/multiple-accounts-policy?id=4232
  6. Who wants to see this asshole get launched into the sun?
  7. Whatever happened, you don't contribute anything to the community, you're clearly just here to make money off of @Ry-Bread's knowledge. Not cool.
  8. Gotta say, imagining hate-fucking Jen Delonge, while still creepy, is a lot healthier than his previous fantasies.
  9. If ebayscammakilla is actually a "scamma," does that mean he'll have to kill himself? Don't do it, man, just stop scamming.
  10. The idea of someone only posting here to get autograph info and try to sell people here (questionable) autographed stuff definitely rubs me the wrong way.
  11. Seinfeld is on Amazon Prime UK, as are some of the other shows on the list I posted.
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