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  1. @Thibaut182 where there are lesbians, there are Buffy fans.
  2. Yes! That's my favourite too.
  3. Agreed. I couldn't find a link to the whole thing, so I picked the song that I think stands the best on its own.
  4. I was on a real Against Me! kick back in February/March, but I haven't listened to them a whole lot since, so like a lot of people in this thread, I'm going to have an AM! weekend.
  5. The "thank you!" is adorable but also kind of detracts from it in a way.
  6. I'm still enjoying this album and I'm not nearly as bothered by the above complaint anymore. I mean, some of the intros (Self-Destruction and Brave Faces, Everyone... also Kick, but to a lesser extent) are very similar, but it's so good otherwise, I'm over it.
  7. That made me wonder where my (and everyone else's) highest ranked post-Tom song would go in my overall ranking. Could be a good thread.
  8. I've always liked the graffiti yellow strats, but I've never liked spending 2k lol.
  9. It would be cool if they started selling his signature strat again, I'd definitely buy one. Not counting on it though.
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