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  1. If you make your own list and include them, they'll probably make the cut for the tournament bracket.
  2. Ah, fair enough. The only way a genre builder like MGK is getting in there at this point is if we expand to 32.
  3. Bold of you to assume that the 16 bands that get the most nominations will be within the core of the genre.
  4. Would you guys want this expanded to 32 bands or should we leave it at 16?
  5. Only from Depf. Also at this point it seems like it's only fair for people who made their lists before this bracket idea came about to be allowed to nominate another band or two if they had blink and/or Green Day on their list. The maximum is still 10 though, so if you had just one of them on your list, you can only nominate one additional band.
  6. The nomination deadline will be tomorrow at 12:00pm Eastern Time. Anyone who has already submitted a list can make changes up until then, but be sure to make a new post, don't just edit your old post because I won't see it.
  7. Thanks for the update. I used to check for news periodically, but there were so many delays that I eventually just gave up.
  8. So, this still isn't final, but to give another update, if we do a bracket of 16, the bands would be: The Sum 41 (9 votes) The New Found Glory (6 votes) The Offspring (6 votes) The Ramones (4 votes) The My Chemical Romance (4 votes) The Descendents (4 votes) The Screeching Weasel (4 votes) The Fall Out Boy (3 votes) The All Time Low (3 votes) The NOFX (3 votes) And then 6 of the following (all currently have 2 votes)... The Neck Deep The Paramore The Story So Far The Alkaline Trio The Yellowcard The Rancid The Simple Plan The Saves the Day The S
  9. We're still working everything out and I'm waiting on more people's lists to finalize the nominations. And I already said Green Day isn't going to be included either. The reason blink was removed first is because it's blink-182online and it would be a foregone conclusion if they were included.
  10. I want Yellowcard in there just so they can go up against New Found Glory and we can prove Clarke wrong once and for all.
  11. Like Speedo said, do it whichever way you prefer.
  12. If anyone wants to make a list with a smaller number of bands, that's fine too.
  13. People whose lists have been counted towards nominations: Jan Speedo Depf Nasa mahtmd Ghent Nosferatu asdf182 Tom Bot Thibaut Scott twentytwenty Everyone else either hasn't posted a list (or the list was interpreted as a joke, e.g. Diddy) or it was accidentally overlooked. If you're in the latter category and want your list included, quote it and @ me.
  14. If you want them in the bracket, list your top 10 and include them and hope that at least a few other people do the same. That's how bands are being "nominated." @Jan - Unofficial Moderator feels very strongly about Sugarcult being included, but didn't even list them in his top ten initially.
  15. It's totally fine if you don't want to participate, but keep in mind that my main motivation here is to give people an opportunity to argue and make fun bands they don't like. It's supposed to be fun, not a serious effort to determine the best pop punk band. I also think it'll be totally valid if someone votes against a band they really like simply because they aren't pop punk.
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