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  1. I think I watched that ~10 years ago. I don't remember it that well, but yeah, it's really sad.
  2. I looked through the tattoo artist's instagram and she's not amazing or anything, but her work is decent. Tom probably brought in his own idea and wouldn't compromise.
  3. This comes off more like someone who desperately wants to be in the Illuminati.
  4. On top of the design being questionable, it's not even very good technically (the lettering seems off and the shading is weak). A big old yikes.
  5. Yeah, the posts aren't as literal as the thread title suggests. It's more who/what you've been listening to lately.
  6. This is essentially the same is the "What are listening to?" thread, no?
  7. I can definitely understand how this song would seem terrible to anyone unfamiliar with the original cultural context. It's very much a "you had to be there" kind of song.
  8. Yeah, that was awesome. I'd love it if he watched more old videos (MTV Diary, UC 1&2, Riding in Vans With Boys, etc.)
  9. Oh, is that the episode where someone has a really confusing illness and House is rude to everyone but it's all okay because he figures it out in the end?
  10. Yeah, I know a lot of people feel that way. I think Seasons 4 and 7 are the worst (with 7 being the absolute worst... although I did like the ending) and 2, 5 and 6 are the best.
  11. Seasons 5 & 6 are great, but they are definitely depressing.
  12. I know tone doesn't come across well on the internet, but whether you're German or not, it was intended to be a playful`comment, not an attack.
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