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  1. Those comps were foundational. The kids today deserve a new one.
  2. I can finally move back from the edge of my seat. Thank you!
  3. I have it on in the background. Don't care that much though.
  4. @Djent - The Soy Boy this twitter account is connecting fans who need tickets with those selling extra tickets for face value. They seem pretty legit.
  5. Artists are definitely in on it. They have the option to turn dynamic pricing off. Ed Sheeran has done it and it was off for this Taylor Swift tour too.
  6. Points to Taylor for not using dynamic pricing though.
  7. It's crazy because the verification system for the reputation tour had a historically low number of bots and scalpers. Apparently ticketmaster has refused to use that system/similar since because they make so much off resellers.
  8. Damn. I guess for some shows you needed luck and $$$$. Brutal.
  9. Yeah, seems like you either had to be very lucky or be willing to spend $500+ on VIP to get decent tickets. Such a shitshow.
  10. Yeah, they completely fucked up the verified fan thing. I have no idea why they sent out so many presale codes when they knew their servers wouldn't be able to handle it.
  11. Oof I assume those are VIP seats? Not that that makes it worth it, it just sounds like VIP based on the price.
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