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  1. https://www.spin.com/2023/05/noel-gallagher-interview/
  2. It definitely seems likes part of it.
  3. To make things weirder, Matty said racist shit about Ice Spice just a few months ago.
  4. She already has, just not publicly. 😉
  5. Yeah, I don't think he's actually a racist or misogynist or whatever, just edgelord humour. I don't think they're actually dating though. I think it's PR and she's trying to get semi-cancelled before she announces Reputation (Taylor's Version).
  6. It's not likely because it's not part of the regular set and she's supposedly not planning to repeat any surprise songs (unless they're from Midnights or she screws it up the first time).
  7. I use dark mode for most sites/apps, but not the boards because I'm old school.
  8. Threesome? So which of you is sitting out/watching?
  9. They would both be into it, at least in theory!
  10. It would be the boards in a nutshell.
  11. Wow, I never knew American Idiot had a story and characters! You must be very insightful. How old were you when American Idiot came out?
  12. I think I've been pwned, but I'm too old to understand it.
  13. My eyes haven't glazed over so quickly since the last time @M!ke shared one of his theories.
  14. So, I finished watching The Sopranos last night. I enjoyed the series overall, but watching it for the first time in 2023, it does feel a bit dated and I think it's overhyped. A lot of episodes were far more self-contained than I expected (which definitely reflects the show's age) and the show felt kind of aimless at times. I think it would have been a tighter show if they had cut out a lot of the last 2 or 3 seasons. I am glad to have watched it because it's a solid show and especially because it's so influential, but my main takeaway- which is probably controversial- is that The Sopranos walked so that later shows could run.
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