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  1. Feel free to post your address right here in this thread if you'd also like to receive a surprise in the mail.
  2. In my experience, yes, but I don't know if that's the case across the country. I've also heard Americans say the same thing, so it might come down to the particular city or state/province. It also could be a bit of an age group thing. With most women's sports, it seems like the concentration of lesbians tends to go up after college.
  3. @Neal since you seem to be having trouble with your PMs, do you mind giving an update about when/whether you plan to ship the sneakers to @Marik?
  4. It's probably a regional thing. In some places, softball is basically all lesbians.
  5. Tell us you're a lesbian without telling us you're a lesbian.
  6. The atmosphere from a passionate crowd is great and definitely carries over on TV, but it's pretty peripheral to my enjoyment watching at home.
  7. For a lot of the track and field events, I find myself thinking, "this would be more entertaining if they were on skates." 😂 What mask nonsense? You see masks on the sidelines and stuff, but unless you have a weird obsession with masks, they're really not that prominent most of the time.
  8. I've been watching as much as I can. The time difference is brutal though. Did you see this @Dylan_?
  9. I like the chorus, but I find the verses annoying.
  10. Sounds like Oliver could make some money selling signed items to posters here. Personally, I'd like a signed picture of a raccoon. Or wait... a signed wrapper from a BK Whopper.
  11. And the winner of the book is... @Dylan_! Congrats, Dylan! And many thanks to @Speedo for buying a copy of the book for this prize draw.
  12. Here's the final list of entrants to win a copy of Oliver's book. @Cheerios4u98 @strummy (I guess the guitar isn't enough for you?!?!) @yocoxy @Ghent @Elisa @Dylan_ @Smalls @Russel Coight @Kay @Patient #48273 I'll do the draw in a couple of hours. Not planning to stream this one, you'll all just have to trust me.
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/jul/23/there-are-no-rules-now-how-gen-z-reinvented-pop-punk
  14. Only about 20 hours left to enter to win a copy of Oliver's book, including an inscription from the man himself.
  15. We're going to give away one more prize: Oliver's book. Since this is a pretty niche item, we're going to do a second draw. If you'd like to be entered, you need to 1) have donated $10 or more towards our charity drive and 2) crab this post within the next 48 hours. Edit: I can't crab my own post, but I'm entering, goddamnit.
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