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  1. Yeah, ADHD explains the lack of focus on projects, but not the scamming.
  2. Years ago, I worked in a call centre where I did surveys with people. One time, someone gave a low rating on a company's performance on something or other and there was a follow-up question about why and she said "I don't know, I've been answering randomly." It was great. I suspect that kind of thing happened fairly often, but most people probably didn't get caught with a follow-up question.
  3. @Quinns86 would you be willing to complete an exit survey?
  4. No offence, but your posting history makes it hard to interpret your posts as intentionally silly.
  5. "We called it Hold On" ≠ "It was officially known as Hold On." The former allows for being wrong and merely states what some people did, so there was no need to correct it.
  6. Yeah, it's always better when NHL players are included.
  7. bEcAuSe AlL tHe BeSt PlAyErS aRe In ThE pLaYoFfS.
  8. And most Canadians and Americans don't care very much about the world championship because it overlaps so much with the Stanley Cup playoffs.
  9. I know this isn't about the NHL, but I just unpinned the NHL thread a couple of days ago because no one was using it. So, it's probably fair to say there isn't much interest in hockey.
  10. I always thought that blink's "rebellious" songs seemed pretty try-hard.
  11. Their feelings for each other might be genuine, but the weddings seem like pure PR.
  12. Would he be a good mortgage broker?
  13. This should be in your signature.
  14. Finn "noticed" blink? Wouldn't they have hired him?
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