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  1. As someone who tries to pretend I have no feelings, it's shocking effective at getting me to feel.
  2. And a new documentary on Disney+ tonight!
  3. Compared to what Oliver paid for that commissioned "painting," I'd say he'd pay at least $2000 for that.
  4. It's not really an inside joke. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juggalo
  5. I'm serious. At the very least, we need to know if you're a juggalo. Do you have a daily clown makeup routine? Do you own any shirts that aren't ICP merch?
  6. I hope @Aaron10 comes back. We still have so much to learn about him.
  7. This guy checks a lot of the boxes for being a sock, so it's not even outrageous.
  8. I just checked the IP address and there are no matches, although he could be using a VPN.
  9. Actually, he posted as a guest, but guest posts don't show up until after the person registers and the account is approved. Still impressive dedication though.
  10. @Aaron10 is not allowed to go until he tells us if he is a juggalo.
  11. Was it one of the first search engine results or did you have to go through dozens of results before you found a 2-year-old thread on a blink-182 message board? Did you respond to conversations on any other sites? And I'm just asking because I think it's unusual and fascinating. But yes, on our better days, this is essentially a circle jerk.
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