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  1. I was actually just responding to Marik's comment. Lol. Giving a hard time.🌈
  2. Happy belated birthday Scorpio 

  3. I love their Soundcheck. It's so raw and sounds better when I record it. Lol. My last VIP ticket was the most expensive and besides Soundcheck which was a little unorganized wasn't great. The VIP items were cheap and I felt rushed during photo opp.
  4. sousounds like sarcasm in that comment?
  5. I have done 2 of the quick photo opp/meetup and 1 of the VIP hang with them in their dressing room. I agree with you Ry-Bread it was worth every cent. Lol Hope i get the option to do again. Blink is my favorite. I have 2 tattoos and travel to see them whenever I can.
  6. Hi there. I'm curious about anyone who has met or had VIP experiences with blink 182. I have met them twice. First time was amazing. Second time not so much.
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