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  1. No i actually have a gslaxy s10. But seriously this site confuses me sometimes. I've asked questions so i can navigate it better but no one helps i just get rude immature troll like comments from most. I happen to be very smart btw. What can I say website confusing as Fuck.
  2. No I actually read every comment/post in order as my phone shows them before i respond. Thanks for your input though
  3. Elisa I wasn't talking to you. Sorry i use this website on my phone and apparently need a bigger screen because i quote wrong person alot. I'm blind.
  4. I know I'm actually being completely sarcastic. I forgot no one actually knows me so don't realize the sarcasm.
  5. Patient #48273 you are right he should be blocked. He sells (trys to sell) blink stuff on ebay and asks just an absurd amount of $ for what he probably wins or has just got for free. I've ran into him at 3 different concerts. 2 times in Vegas and 1 time Huntington beach and he's a dick!!
  6. OMG I know seriously right?? This guy is nothing but a selfish brag about everything and I mean everything kind of guy. I actually start to lose a little respect for the band eh when shit like that happens over and over. Same people getting taken out of line at concerts for VIP that in my opinion are NOT hard core dedicated blink fans!!
  7. Sometimes you guys are real assholes. Just saying
  8. Seriously I saw Puddle of Mudd almost a year ago and they especially Wes Scantlin were incredible.
  9. Couldn't agree with you more Nosferatu I prefer the sound of Mark & Tom together but Matt's great and I Love blink too much for them to keep disappearing for years at a time.
  10. It's super hard for me because I'm a blink freak and Love 97% out of 100% of their songs. I'd have to go with the 3 songs that cause me to cry (happy tears) every time I see them in concert. 1.Down 2. Stay together for the kids. 3. Violence
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