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  1. These aren't scans of the stickers, just images of the stickers found on his guitar: Guttermouth (found on the back of the body) Husker Du: found on the pickguard, covered by Ten Foot Pole except for the "Everything Falls Apart" part of the sticker: Operation Ivy (Found on the bottom edge of the guitar): Sack Lunch: (was found near NOFX, ended up getting removed or covered up):
  2. Arnette logos found on the front of the strap (pickguard and up near the front strap button):
  3. Starting a thread for high res scans of the stickers found on Tom's sticker strat. As I find/acquire more of them, I'll post them here. For my strat, i mostly used the Russian guy's pack, which has errors, along with a couple I got off the Internet and @Q182 hooking me up with a couple. Hopefully this helps someone else in their quest to replicate this guitar.
  4. Got some actual Arnette stickers and scanned them today:
  5. I need to really think about this one. This is my favorite record and it's their best record. It's solid from start to finish.
  6. I think Out Comes The Wolves was 96 (just checked August 1995 so it a year later), but yeah Punk In Drublic eventually went gold.
  7. Totally. I remember when Smash came out. Everyone knew Self Esteem. Smash and Dookie were huge, both released the same year, and put punk in the mainstream.
  8. I really dig the song. Much better than I expected. They should stick to writing stuff like this musically and ditch the hip hop beats and electronica. Also Pennywise is awesome. Love that band, always have. Full Circle is my favorite from them.
  9. https://dudesranch.bandcamp.com/album/its-never-over-til-its-done-a-blink-182-covers-comp
  10. No Amepg doesn't make them anymore. As for a cab (they're speaker cabs not amps), save up for a Mesa Rectifier 4x12 with Vintage 30s or a Marshall 1960 4x12 with GT-12-75s. Buy nice, don't buy twice if you can swing it. When you hook your amp head to the cab, make sure you have the correct ohms hooked up.
  11. The Ampeg VLs have light bulbs behind the logo that light it up.
  12. I did version two but mine has some differences based on preference. For example, you can completely see the "I Don't Want To Grow Up" sticker on mine because well I love the Descendents and think it looks badass that way. I've managed to do a replica but put a slight twist on it to make it mine. I had a Vans sticker on the back too but it wore off, so the back looks like Tom's now with DESCENDENTS, 7Seconds and Guttermouth. I miss my sticker strat. It's currently getting Graphtech string saver black saddles installed and a setup and neck adjustment. I'm playing my 2001 graffiti yellow TD Fender signature until it's finished, and I must say I don't like the neck much on that guitar, especially when playing scales, leads and arpeggios. I never minded it until I built the sticker strat. I've come to prefer the neck on my sticker strat, which is a 2014 Fender Standard (MIM) HSS Strat.
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