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  1. Kung Fu sticker from Joe Escalate arrived today!
  2. Thanks dude. I'm getting all the stickers that were on it when Tom first got it. Lady luck, kung fu records, etc and then deciding on stickering it or not. People tell me I'll be an asshole to do it to an LP. Might replace the bridge pickup with a JB.
  3. Sounds like your tech isn't very good. Or missed something. Is there anyone else in your area? Did you put all new tubes in?
  4. It does look like it could be a back Hurley 'H'. 7 seconds definitely still there. Guttermouth covered/replaced. Dunno about the rest. If I find anymore good footage I'll be sure to send it.
  5. Nice find! I also use a Furman. I use this one: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SS6Block--furman-ss-6b-6-outlet-power-strip I don't get much hum with it. Works really well for the price. I don't even use my Boss NS-2 anymore. No rack setup for me though. I do have a pedal board, but the only pedal I really use is my Polytune 3 tuner.
  6. So I measured my Les Paul based on where Tom's "Lady Luck" starts and ends. It's about 8 inches in length and definitely wider than mine since it's bigger overall. Mine is 6 inches in length.
  7. Nice find dude. I see I need a bigger lady luck. The one I have is the biggest I could find.
  8. LP sticker update. While I search for someone locally to make some stickers of your art you did for me, I forgot about a week or two before you did the art for me, I had messaged Joe Escalante of The Vandals and owner of Kung Fu Records about the stickers. He messaged me back two days ago and is sending me one. I told him why I was looking for one and he replied "that's a worthy project. Send me your address." After sending him my address, he replied they're being sent out. Too cool.
  9. Interesting, it always sounded like a musicman to me. Anyway to get Trombino to confirm was Tom was using? Time to nerd out hard if Trombino has notes he's willing to share.
  10. Thank you! According to this eBay listing of the sticker that's just the wrong colors, 4.5" diameter. https://www.ebay.com/itm/264296438765
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