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  1. Redditor provided more info to support the Squier theory:
  2. Guy on reddit, based on looking at the headstock in that photo, thinks it's a 90s made in korea squier. Shared this photo for comparison, said Tom's headstock when zoomed looks like an S with the made by Fender underneath it.
  3. LOL. Yeah I have no idea if the Sticker Strat or the LP got the Invader first because remember his LPs were stock in 98 for a bit. The Recovery Australia videos show stock LP (stock pickups with covers, pickguard, all the knobs still there - I based my replica on this config).
  4. It's on reddit already dude. No point now lol
  5. It's already on reddit dude, you can leave it up at this point!
  6. This is one of the pics Mark shared with us on his Twitch subscriber channel on Mark's discord. This is the same set of pics that shows the Ampeg VL-1002 in the studio. This is Doubletime Studios during the recording of Cheshire Cat. We didn't post these here because Mark only shares them on the subscriber channel so I wonder who leaked it.
  7. Buddha prob was the Princeton...or that Fender head/cab we saw in that Oct 94 live video (Fender M80?). We think that Ampeg in Mark's photo maybe was a studio amp (or maybe belonged to O). Reason being, that VL-1002 has white lettering (I think it was the earliest models that did - @Q182 might know) and Tom's, as seen in later photos, has the purple lettering like mine, @Q182 and @daveyjones all have. Tom may have liked the studio amp so much that's why he bought one.
  8. I'm on the fence. I wanna say yeah but then watch evidence will come out he used it haha.
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