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  1. You're lame for putting the stupid website address on the images.
  2. I've been told the SRC DR sounds way better than the original but I've never heard it. Sadly I no longer have a record player. My 1st press DR and CC hang on my wall in frames at the moment
  3. I've had that same guitar since I bought it new in 2001. It's still in mint condition.
  4. All things aside, I would've loved to hear them play Fentoozler live (with Tom especially), but Mark can't change the lyrics about Tom making fun of people he thinks are gay.
  5. I'm not sure if it's struggling or laziness but he butchers that song in general when playing it live.
  6. Mark's voice did sound really good. Skiba's guitar tone sounds like shit. Modeling amps do not beat tube amps. He needs help dialing in a good tone.
  7. Can I ask the million dollar question of how/where and who has it and why they won't share mp3s of it?
  8. It would be cool to hear what info Jeff has/remembers on basically anything from that time period.
  9. Gotcha now and that I agree with. If the person who posted that clip really has the demo or even just that one song, they're a dickhead.
  10. I'm gonna disagree again. I can understand honoring an agreement to not release a lossless copy to protect from forgeries but it's dick to not share 320 kbps mp3s with the community, especially with something this rare. Music is meant to be heard and enjoyed. The people not sharing listenable mp3s of this demo are wrong.
  11. He's the one with the Apple Shampoo clip on YouTube, right? The person who posted that hasn't convinced me they really have the demos, just that they have a 20 second clip of one song.
  12. This might be an unpopular opinion, but no it's not understandable. It's being a dick. I can understand not releasing FLAC to prevent fakes passed as authentic copies being sold, but there's no good reason to not share 320 or 192 kbps mp3. Music is meant to be heard and enjoyed, not hoarded like a douche. We have good mp3s of Flyswatter, Demo 2, Buddha, Short Bus, Enema demos, etc. The Dude Ranch demo should be shared as well. I would love to hear this demo and have a copy in mp3 but sadly those who have it would rather hoard it.
  13. I received my vinyl pre-order copy in the mail today.
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