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  1. Huge sticker strat update thanks to Mark Hoppus himself on his Discord today. Mark provided the first clear image of the back of the guitar. Turns out guttermouth was not on the guitar. It was Buck-o-nine and Unwritten Law stickers instead. That's also another "reverse" Arnette above buck-o-nine, same as on the back of the headstock. By reverse I mean, the black and white colors are the reverse of the Arnette stickers on the front of the guitar. I also recently obtained actual airwalk stickers the same as Tom's and Davey was able to update the art file for those based off the scan.
  2. Yeah, people change, grow, evolve, as do friendships. I got the impression they are best buds again, it's just life has changed with them.
  3. It's the shitty, inaccurate Russian pack. Luckily Jeff isn't using them. I got him the legit, real deal. They arrived on Monday.
  4. Yep there was some solid confirmation of gear nerd information. I always thought Dude Ranch was recorded with the Sticker Strat/X2N and Tom has confirmed it was. So many people love to claim Dude Ranch was recorded with Tom's "Dude Ranch" Les Pauls. I always knew that wasn't the case because Tom didn't get them until fall 1997. The black one Jon Poulin bought was made July 31 1997 according to the serial number. Also aside from the gear nerd stuff, it was awesome to hear to old best friends just reconnect and chat without missing a beat. And as Davey said, I mailed Tom a set of stickers last Friday. They have arrived so know we wait and see if the strat gets restickered.
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