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  1. I wish they were playing WMAA instead of ATSM. I like what they did with the new recorded version aside from Wayne being on it. I wish they'd do that song instead without Wayne.
  2. I have it in mp3 (it's either 192 or 320kbps) unless you absolutely need FLAC.
  3. Cacophony, Emo, Time, Strings, Online Songs, Go, Lemmings, Fentoozler I wanna add 21 Days.
  4. Interesting. Never knew Tom had/used a Mesa Mark IV.
  5. 1.) Carousel 2.) M+M's 3.) Dammit (Tom Lord-Alge/radio edit/greatest hits mix) 4.) Lemmings 5.) Zulu 6.) Enthused 7.) What's My Age Again? 8.) Apple Shampoo 9.) Josie (Tom Lord-Alge/radio edit/greatest hits mix) 10.) Wasting Time 11.) Emo 12.) Pathetic 13.) Anthem 14.) Man Overboard 15.) Don't Leave Me or Online Songs (trying to not just use songs off Dude Ranch and Cheshire Cat)
  6. That was like kicking me in the balls. Those are fighting words. Ouch.
  7. Working hard doesn't guarantee a good outcome. It's good and even important to work hard but like I said, it's no guarantee.
  8. That's why it's so great and better than what they're trying to do now. What's frustrating to me about blink now is they could be good. Very good. I dunno if it's laziness, writer's block or just obsessed with trying to chart by just following the current trend. There's moments on Nine where i'm like "Fuck yes!" and rocking out and then there's a lot of "eh blah."
  9. If electronica is Mark's new thing, blink should sound more like that record and less like whatever they're doing now.
  10. And we've both said this: Most older blink fans, the ones from before Dude Ranch, don't like Untitled. Also, "Go" off Untitled is a good song. That's probably my favorite on the album.
  11. I gave it another two listens. I hate the drums. The hip hop beats, the effects on them, sounding like a drum machine. Travis is talented yes, but a lot of it is out of place to me and just bad sounding to me. Sometimes less is more. I hate the electronica. I don't like it. It's not blink. Lyrics are kinda weak. I hate that they're using songwriters. We know both Mark and Matt can write so they should be. I like the first track minus the drum effects, Darkside, Ransom (minus the electronica half), Generational Divide and Pin The Grenade. A few of the others I can take it or leave it. I absolutely hate BIOMY, IRWIHY, the last track and Black Rain. Just not my thing. If the bar wasn't set so low to begin with I'd probably hate the entire record altogether. I like California more. It's ok but nothing special. Just my two cents.
  12. blink-182 are the king's of the I-V-VI-IV chord progression.
  13. It exceeded my expectations because the bar was set rock bottom particularly because of BIOMY and IRWIHY.
  14. Add the electronic stuff and you're pretty much spot on with what I hate about current blink-182. The drums on this record really annoy me on some of the songs. I hate hip hop beats and I hate making the drums sound like a drum machine. There are some good songs on this record that would be really fucking great if they ditched the stuff you and I just mentioned. Just fucking play guitar, bass and drums. Don't autotune the vocals.
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