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  1. Agreed, it's self titled. And it's not that great of an album and yes I realize that's a very unpopular opinion to have about this band.
  2. That stupid smiley face logo has always sucked. Nothing beats the Court Jones bunny as a logo for blink-182 and they've been stupid to switch from it. The new bunny in recent years also blows.
  3. Spending nearly all your money on an overpriced bass he never even used when you state you don't make enough income at the moment to keep it makes you can idiot. I'm sorry to be so harsh but you need to study up on some personal financial management.
  4. I agree with her M+M's cover. I'm reserving judgment until I hear all of her covers.
  5. Am I the only one who hates the smiley face logo and all variations? The court jones bunny will always be the best logo:
  6. She posted a little sneak preview clip of her upcoming release cover of blink-182's Dude Ranch. The clip is Apple Shampoo:
  7. Here's a clip of Colleen Green doing "Apple Shampoo" off of her Dude Ranch cover album:
  8. I searched first but couldn't find them.....were the scans of the article from Mean Street magazine with Elyse Rogers posted yet?
  9. Right, but Jesus Skiba can't even play WMAA without fucking up. Mind blowing.
  10. I've loved Skiba with Alkaline Trio since I first heard "Goodbye Forever" in 2000 but he's really not that great at guitar to be honest. His strength musically with Alk3 has been the songwriting and lyrics. Most of the guitar work is just power chords and octave chords.
  11. Yeah I'm not crazy about it but the ones I mention I think are definitely worse. You know which ones I forgot too? Asthenia and I'm Lost Without You. I just really don't like that record. I don't get the praise for it.
  12. I don't really mind it either, I just know it can be better with what the radio edits sound like I saw daveyjones (I think) once post for DR's 20th anniversary he was hoping they'd do a double disc release. Disc 1 being DR remastered and Disc 2 the DR demos that were recorded with Warren Fitzgerald in 1996 (Enthused from the 1996 Wasting Time Aussie Tour EP is from this session). I think that would still be a brilliant idea. I messaged Mark about it once but was obviously ignored. I would love to hear those demos.
  13. Dude Ranch is perfection. I just wish Trombino did a slightly better job with the mixing and mastering. I didn't think that till recently when I heard the bass isolated on "Dammit". The tone is great (to me) but it's kinda lost in the mix. I love the way the radio edits/greatest hits versions of "Dammit" and "Josie" sound that were mixed by Tom Lord-Alge. The drum fill in the "Dammt" intro makes the song better too.
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