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  1. I think Justin Pierre (from Motion City Soundtrack) would have been the perfect choice. Not only his high pitched voice would contrast perfectly with Mark's but also their kind of lyricism would mesh well. At their best, both of them have a cinematic and metaphoric writing that feels aggressive and beautiful at the same time. Adding to that, I'd say blink and MCS are sonically closer than blink and Alk3...
  2. The only California song in which the "na na nas" work and sound natural is "Sober". They actually help the song build up, explode... As for the worst, it's a tie between "No Future" and "Parking Lot". Both plain ridiculous...
  3. Perhaps in the process of avoiding the same title as Incubus' 8 (released just two years ago) they ended up (not knowing it) with the Saves The Day one...
  4. I love the album art - it's easily my second favorite from them after the self-titled one. I think the watercolor palette mixed with the neon sign (as if recalling the '80s) fits post-2003 blink sonority and I hope it fits this album particularly well. By that I mean real diversity and experimentation. For their standards, of course... I'm not expecting them to be Radiohead, but the self-titled record showcased they can bring post-hardcore/post-punk/new wave sensibilities and different recording techniques to their main pop punk vibe, etc. Why not go other road forward this time? BIOMY w
  5. I'm thorn between being bummed and being satisfied/optimistic. The new album was 3/3 for me before "Darkside"... BIOMY sounds fresh, urgent, different enough and was able to be thematically retrospective/nostalgic without falling on its face. It avoids California's lame self-stereotyping, the whole and repetitive "We are forgotten young suburbia" motto. "Generational Divide" is a fine, short, throwback-ish tune that also seems to "push the band forward". It reminds me more of "Go", "Lycantrophe", "Heart's All Gone" or "Dogs Eating Dogs" than anything pre-EOTS. I can envision it worki
  6. After a dozen listens, I like it as much as the first time I heard it: a lot. I probably dig it more than "Bored To Death". To be fair, while that one was a strong bridge between their classic pop punk sound and their alternative rock sensibilities, some California songs never felt genuine. I mean most of the throwback songs (e.g. "Kings Of The Weekend", "Wildfire", "Parking Lot" or the joke tracks). And I'm not talking about 40-year-old men writing about being teenagers - that whole complaint seems pointless to me. Why should we even take the lyrics at face value? Even if we can discern
  7. When I was young, the world it was smaller The streets were vast, the raccoons were taller I felt really strong, my raccoon seemed stronger It's the worst big raccoon (It doesn't hurt that much) On my streeeeett
  8. How do we know they started it on the day of that Instagram post though? It could be in the works before...
  9. Thanks! ^ Then I guess we haven't heard about the title yet...
  10. Maybe the single will be "No Heart To Speak Of", since the reddit user said: 1) its title has 5 words; 2) it's about remaining young at heart (just a guess based on the word "heart" here); 3) it's mid tempo; 4) sounds like Feldmann's production.
  11. Can we have Justin Pierre instead? Damn, like in "Hangman", his and Mark's vocals would compliment each other so perfectly... (Perhaps Jim Adkins would be even better, but that would ruin my second favorite band...)
  12. Now, this is more like it. Great song... I can finally hear The Cure's influence in this one. Maybe "Drug" was just a turd after all.
  13. Anyone posted this yet? https://www.nme.com/news/music/listen-blink-182s-feeling-reimagined-1980s-style-2442053 "Feeling This" sounds superb. "The Rock Show" doesn't work though.
  14. You can take a peek at Kerrang's cover story here, but you won't be able to read much (we need scans)...
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