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  1. Hopefully the new-found chemistry means they’ll go back into the studio and remake the album. Summer ‘24 baby!
  2. Bloody tofu-eating, hemp-smoking, hipster wokesters ruin everything.
  3. I always liked the alliterations in the 2nd verse of Ghost on the Dancefloor. full of fear bodies blurry hard enough to hear evidence is cared for and evidently clear
  4. Damn I think that could definitely work if he did it properly. Was the voice meant to be a reference to something? Tom said ‘one person got it’.
  5. Praying for a +44 one 🙏🏻
  6. Virtue-signalling tofu-eating wokesters!
  7. Just want to post some turnstile vids tbh
  8. Fair point. They probably would have booked another band if the tickets hadn’t sold as well as they. They had to do that for the UK tour with Matt because tickets sold badly. I respect your opinion even though it’s wrong
  9. Imagine not liking Turnstile
  10. Hate to be an Oliver but I’m a maybe!
  11. Higher or lower than $3million?
  12. I can seen them doing the festival circuit here next summer then taking a break. Leeds/Reading, Rock Am etc.
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