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  1. A problem with Twitch is that people join halfway through and miss the original answer. The same questions get asked repeatedly all the time. The only way to stop it would be to put *No Cancer Questions* in the description and/or have the mods delete the messages/timeout people.
  2. I mean I’ve been lurking for almost 15 years just with the odd post here and there. That line has always grated me on that song haha
  3. Rickay

    Nine Criticisms.

    Just compare the amount of emotion in the new Menzingers album to this. The themes of love/despair/anxiety/regret/nostalgia scream through the album lyrically, vocally and in the musicianship. I guess the Nine has more catchy hooks though.
  4. Rickay

    Nine Criticisms.

    I hate the production, why do they sound like robots all the way through? The most jarring is at the end of IRWIHY with Matt singing ‘won’t you say something’ in his natural voice then robot Mark comes in with ‘I really wish I hated you’. It leaves it void of any emotion for me.
  5. AVA for me but I’ve seen Skiba blink 3 times. AVA haven’t toured the UK for years. Give me +44 or Alkaline Trio ahead of both of them though.
  6. For some reason I can only upload upto 60kb of attachments ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ theres an amazing white sweater on page 39 of the timeline topic that’d be ace to have
  7. This is really cool. My company has some dtg printers so I’ll be stealing some of the ones I like.
  8. Went to Manchester and Liverpool. Both were great. Liverpool probably better as they had the bigger light show on. I love the front bottoms but I thought Frank Turner was a bit try hard, still good though. His DJ set after was awful, we left haha. Blink - Setlist a bit short but would only add a couple of songs. Would have liked some more talking from Mark and Matt but anyone who has seen Alkaline Trio knows they never talk on stage either. Had such a great weekend. I love blink.
  9. Thanks! Quick turnovers. How long is each set 30, 45, 70?
  10. What time have the front bottoms been playing?
  11. Not really surprised but the arena holds 20k. Why did they book such a big venue in the first place? Plenty around 5-10k they could have picked.
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