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  1. Muuuuum can I borrow fifteen thousand dollars so I can be an extra in a film about aliens?
  2. So I take it you guys aren’t up for chipping in to get the 50k reward?
  3. I like how they list the number of followers ‘Across all TTS associated social profiles and properties. ’ 6M+ Facebook Followers ( no idea where this number comes from?) 880,000 Twitter Followers ( Tom has 727k) 1.2M Instagram Followers ( Tom has 953k )
  4. I agree he should’ve asked but it isn’t hard to read between the lines on that one.
  5. Wouldn’t it be worse if every apartment was a coal fuelled power station instead?
  6. Yeah I’ve just never been a fan of it, maybe a bit of an All The Small Things effect.
  7. Hardest matchup so far but yeah Twin Size Mattress was a huge part of the emo revival a few years ago.
  8. Came across this from 2004 https://chorus.fm/features/interviews/scott-raynor-formerly-of-blink-182/
  9. I mean he looks great now for his age and what he’s been through.
  10. Holy shit Mark looks so good in that video haha
  11. Same but by all accounts I wouldn’t hold your breath.. I think Re-Done is my favourite song. Though it changes a lot lol.
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