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  1. Thanks! I have the ticket framed and I scanned in 600 PPI. There are some Palacio de los Deportes in Spain and another in Mexico.
  2. This is my ticket of the show scanned: 7/20/2012: The band performs at Palacio de Deportes in Madrid, Spain. It can see that is invitation ticket for press.
  3. Me and a friend of mine have traded with him for many years and he's a nice guy. I don't know where you get that from ...
  4. New date to add to the timeline: 8/5/1999: The band films the music video for "All the Small Things" at 3rd Street Dance, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Where they play and dance in the music video). Mark Hoppus uploaded a video on Instagram Stories saying that he met Skye there and where the video was recorded. https://streamable.com/ovuoy2
  5. Fake Buddha Cassette sold on eBay years ago. The guy added this description: SUPER RARE - Blink 182's 2nd of 4 Demo Cassette Tape AUTOGRAPHED / SIGNED ONLY 100 EVER MADE Blink-182’s (originally named Blink) original “Buddha” demo cassette from 1994 on Filter Records, a handmade limited release that was later reissued on the Kung Fu label in 1998. The insert is a color copy made by Tom. It has a different track listing from the Kung Fu version, and a number of between song segways that were not kept when it was remastered. This demo tape was recorded at the end of 1993, ju
  6. Pre 182 pack sold on eBay years ago with a proof... More images: https://imgur.com/a/q5z7RmR
  7. In my case, I was an old blink-182 memorabilia collector, for me, there's only one real and is the @daveyjonestape. I have this info in a .txt: There are 4 different variants of the original cassette on filter records The 1st edition has got nothing printed on the cassette shells at all. - Around 100 copies might have been made. The 2nd edition has got sticker labeled cassette shells. - Around 100 copies might have been made. The 3rd edition has got printed cassette shells. - Around 300 copies might have been made. The 4th edition has got blue screen printed cassette s
  8. This is my ticket of the show scanned: 12/07/2004: The band performs at Cardiff International Arena in Cardiff, Wales.
  9. http://khaos182-bootlegs.com/index.php?r=site/index&rid=746 http://khaos182-bootlegs.com/index.php?r=site/index&rid=747 Here's more stuff from this date.
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