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  1. that's fine. I can provide new info to the timeline but I don't have the time to also update the timeline. Too time consuming, sorry. I could potentially update the timeline every now and then but not very often. Would be great if anyone else is in charge of the updates
  2. I suspected it wasn't the Ventura Concert Theatre because of the people in the background. It looks more like an Stadium/Arena. Must be Spring Thing then, thanks!
  3. hey @daveyjones - Just trying to figure out the date and location of this picture of yours: Is this 1998-07-2X Ventura, CA - Ventura Concert Theatre (The Poopoo Peepee Tour)?
  4. Going back to the show from the the ticket above. It's confirmed, the show above didn't happen on 1998-02-26. Here's why, I found a review for that date: 2/26/1998: The band performs at Dane County Expo Hall in Madison, Wisconsin. Taken from the Daily Cardinal, March 2, 1998. Dane County Expo, Madison, WI. February 26, 1998. Three loud bands and a Swiss corporation were on the lineup at the Dane County Expo Center Thursday night. As a stop on the Swatch Sno-Core Tour, Primus, Blink 182 and The Aquahats delighted a crowd of thousands with their power-chords and silly mimics.
  5. New date: I've just realised there's no information about these dates on the timeline: 2000-09-17 Los Angeles, CA (The Making of Man Overboard - day 1) 2000-09-18 Los Angeles, CA (The Making of Man Overboard - day 2): 2000-09-24 Solana Beach, CA - Belly Up Tavern (The making of Man Overboard - day 3) Here's an interview from that same day at the Belly Up:
  6. Correction: 1998-02-26 Peoria, IL - Madison Theater (Sno-Core Tour 98) The ticket stub above means that the following show listed on the timeline happened a day earlier and should be removed: 2/27/1998: The band performs at Madison Theater in Peoria, Illinois. Other bands included Primus and the Aquabats. We have proof of the ticket above now and that makes this show invalid as both shows couldn't happen on the same day: 2/26/1998: The band performs at Dane County Expo Hall in Madison, Wisconsin. @Thibaut182 can you provide a link to the Facebook/Inst
  7. Here's another example of information which is still missing on the Timeline (just one of hundreds). It was provided in March this year, still no timeline update for it, I remember I also provided links to interviews for this day and they are now lost somewhere in this thread. The timeline doesn't get updated anymore, this project is dead. For the reason above I will stop providing information as it feels like a complete waste of time. I will still try to provide corrections for new posts as much as I can. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and keeps contributing to this, especially
  8. Definitely not summer '96, he's wrong. That picture was taken in 1997. The T-shirt was sold at the 1998-05-01 Los Angeles, CA - Palladium show, it's a bootleg T-shirt.
  9. Timeline update: Higuer resolution pictures for these shows: 5/11/2000: The band performs at Coors Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, California, beginning The Mark, Tom and Travis Show Tour. Ticket, Poster Other bands included Bad Religion and Fenix TX. 7/8/2000: The band performs at Waimanalo Polo Fields in Honolulu, Hawaii, completing the first leg of The Mark, Tom and Travis Show Tour. Other bands included Fenix TX, Less Than Jake, and Unit 101. Also adding the name of the venue where this show was held as it's missing on the timeline entry:
  10. New date for the timeline: 2000-05-18 San Diego, CA - Mission Beach, MTV Beach House (MTV, TRL Superstars - Aired 2000-05-27)
  11. New correction: 2/25/2000: The band performs at MTV Studios in New York, New York for MTV FANatic. Should be: 2/25/2000: The band performs at American University in Washington,DC for MTV FANatic. This video should also be added as a link, even though the song "Aliens Exist" wasn't included in the MTV Fanatic TV show, MTV recorded this song and broadcasted it later on:
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