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  1. New ticket stub: 1996-07-04 Phoenix, AZ - Desert Sky Pavillion (Vans Warped Tour '96) - The first Warped Tour '96 date
  2. Thank a lot for updating the timeline mate. Correction: At 0:25 - That ain't blink
  3. That's a pretty cool find! Correction: The interview also took place at Pukkelpop 97. They just say that Blink will be playing in autumn later that year (Nov 1997) with Pulley and Lagwagon. Here's the translation: They are referring to the show below, which I've just realised that it's not on the timeline yet but I have it in my personal archive: New addition to the timeline: 1997-11-02 Antwerp, Belgium - Hof ter Loo (European Tour '97) - Other bands: Pulley and Lagwagon
  4. Correction: 6/18/1999: The band performs at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California as a part of Live 105 BFD 1999. Video 1, Shirt (front), Shirt (back) The T-shirt pictures are from the 1998 edition. - The actual t-shirt pictures from the 1999 edition where here: Unfortunately, they are all gone now. Edit: Found some t-shirt pics here: https://poshmark.com/listing/1999-Live-105-BFD-6-Shirt-RHCP-Blink-182-and-More-5d9574279ed36dea4a45c037 Additional info: The edition that took place on the 18th of June 1999 was called: Live 105 BFD 6 "The sixth e
  5. Unfortunately, I don't have it yet. But I know someone who has a friend that has one of the tapes (As far as I know there are three different cameras). I'm in contact with them, they said to me that the owner of the tape is working on it. I will share it on my YouTube channel if I ever get hold of a copy of that digital file.
  6. Either you are playing dumb or you are a fucking idiot if you can't understand what I mean...
  7. You are the one who must be fucking kidding us. What I'm suggesting is for real. This is the biggest blink-182 timeline on the internet. Surely if Mark loves seeing old pics would love this thread and the website. I really don't get why you get offended by my suggestion, really.
  8. if Mark loves seeing old pictures, why not bringing Mark here? it would be easier and we'd all enjoy having him around. Just introduce this thread to him and encourage him to sign up - Can't think of a better place on the internet for seeing old pictures than this timeline thread and the timeline's website.
  9. Here's the flier for that show (Opening band's name My Big Wheel) This show was recorded with three different video cameras.
  10. yeah, sure. That's fine. How can I access that private channel on Dischord? I'd like to be part of it if possible.
  11. Well, I guess you didn't have to wait for me as I can see that the pics that I posted are already removed.
  12. Here are three never-before-seen pics from the Cheshire Cat recording sessions: * * * These pictures were posted by Mark on his Discord server recently. @daveyjonesI've tried to find the actual posts where Mark shared these pictures in order to read his comments on the pictures above and try to gather as much info as we can for the timeline. Since you are an active member on Mark's Discord. Can you point me to the chat where he actually shared them? I haven't managed to find them yet. Thanks to blink182italia for resharing them https://www.instagram.com/p/CNVfC5Qh_DP/ *removed
  13. I'm providing the name of the venue and the official programme for this show: 1999-12-02 Rennes, France - Théatre Du Vieux St Etienne (21 E Rencontres Trans Musicales) Flier: Programme: Source: https://histoires.lestrans.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Programme_Trans_1999-pb_pagecentrales.pdf
  14. He didn't take them. His old brother did. No, I don't use Discord very often, I barely have any free time.
  15. This show turns 22 years old today... 1999-04-03 Torquay, Australia - Offshore 99 Here's the flier which is currently missing on the timeline plus a few live and backstage pics
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