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  1. I can assure you that the interview above is not complete. The full version lasts longer. It's 75% complete I'd say. This was recorded in May 1999. It's worth mentioning that they played a show in a skatepark that same night. Mark talks about this during the interview, that show is not registered in the timeline. The bit where Mark talks about the show is 5:22. Can anyone understand what the name of the skatepark is?
  2. Is this on eBay currently?, if so, can you share a link to the ad? - I'm pretty interested in seeing the exact issue of the magazine. I've had all these pictures for years and didn't know that they were taken from this magazine.
  3. They played in Columbus, OH and the name of the venue where they played is "Newport Music Hall". I also happen to have a better quality picture of the ticket stub:
  4. He just said that "he thinks" that the pic was taken at Peabody's. Just because he said that "he thinks" you can't conclude that the picture was taken at Peabody's. He's clearly not certain. If there's no evidence to back it up you can't conclude that the pic was taken at Peabody's.
  5. New show for the timeline: 1997-12-13 Portland, OR - La Luna (KNRK Snowflake) Other bands: Smashmouth and Goldfinger Review of the show above: https://web.archive.org/web/20210122100504/http://www.inmusicwetrust.com/articles/04h08.html Here's also a pretty cool interview with Travis from April 1999: https://web.archive.org/web/20210511213625/http://www.inmusicwetrust.com/articles/21h01.html
  6. @Thibaut182 Just a heads up - the Facebook link is broken. Not bad Larisa eh 😏
  7. Yeah I agree, basically if that's the Good Times Tour... I'm as rich as Tom DeLonge
  8. Some corrections: 06/03/1995 The band performs at Viva Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada, as part of an album release party for Litmus Green The venue is called The Tunnel. "Viva Las Vegas" is just the name of the event that happened that day. 9/29/1997 The band performs at Olberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio. The name of the city should be Oberlin. 3/5/1998 The band performs at IKEA in Quebec City, Quebec. (The Poster link points to a flier from another date) 10/14/1995 The band performs at Galaxy Theatre in Costa Mesa, California. The name of the city is Santa Ana 11/7/1997 The band's performance on the MTV Sports and Music Festival airs in the US. They played in Bordeaux, France with Lagwagon and Pulley that day.
  9. no. I don't but I know someone who does have it. I've been chasing the guy for years... He's just too lazy, typical.
  10. such a great job the one he did, I love the design tbh.
  11. Here's the flier which I downloaded long long time ago if I remember well from blink182.com
  12. whoops 😂 - What is the original source then @Thibaut182? - Saw this first on anomaly182's Instagram. Do you know anything about the location of that show?
  13. 1995-XX-XX GoodTimes Tour Source: https://tc182.tumblr.com/post/650705769764945920/tom-delonge-with-his-iconic-sticker-strat-that-he (I'm not certain that the link above is the original source)
  14. It definitely contains the first ever recording of Dammit. I was told they played Dammit live for the first time ever at this show (not sure if this is totally true though). The bootleg certainly contains Dammit and backstage footage of blink
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