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  1. This would be such a cool item to get signed by Mark, Tom and Travis ! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hook-Ups-Nurse-Daisy-Blink-182-OG-Vintage-Skateboard-Deck-VHTF-RARE-Cliver/153633299128?hash=item23c5421ab8:g:~qIAAOSwxktdWtxb&shqty=1&isGTR=1#shId
  2. My favorite Weezer song ❀️
  3. Signed by Mark Dude Ranch poster signed by Mark and Tom First Date poster signed by Mark, Tom and Travis from 2001
  4. found press/pitch kit for the 1997 European Warped Tour : 8/15/1997: The band performs at ? in Cologne, Germany as part of the Bizarre Festival. 8/24/1997: The band performs at Spijk en Bremerberg in Dronten, Holland, as a part of Lowlands Festival. This completed their stint on Warped Tour 1997. found flyer ad for this show : 7/23/1997: The band performs at Pine Knob Music Theatre in Clarkson, Michigan. found ticket stub for this show : 7/27/1997: The band performs at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. found poster for this show : 7/6/1997: The band performs at Pier 30/32 in San Francisco, California found poster for this show : 7/3/1997: The band performs at Cal State Dominguez Hills in Carson, California.
  5. A fan named Stephan that met Scott at a recent show of The Wraith sent me this amazing picture πŸ˜ƒ
  6. found poster for this show : 9/3/2001: The band performs at ctnow.com Meadows Music Center in Hartford, Connecticut, a part of Radio 104 Fest 2001
  7. Yes I do haha πŸ˜‚ I'm just really passionnate about this sort of stuff and I'm really glad about that new timeline website by @boxelder πŸ˜ƒ
  8. Thanks to @luisbootlegs, European Tour 1997 poster with Lagwagon as headliner and Blink and Pulley as supporting acts 11/7/1997: The band performs at the Rock School Barbey, in Bordeaux, France. 11/9/1997: The band performs at "El Antiguo" in Oviedo, Spain. Other bands include Lagwagon and Pulley. 11/13/1997: The band performs at Sala KTDral in Madrid, Spain 11/14/1997: The band performs at "Sala Zeleste" in Barcelona, Spain. Other bands include Lagwagon and Pulley. 11/15/1997: The band performs at "Sala Roxy" in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 11/19/1997: The band performs at Babylonia in Biella, Italy. 11/24/1997: The band performs at LKA Longhorn in Stuttgart, Germany.
  9. @boxelder WOW amazing work ! Looks super good and hopefully more rare stuff will surface such as rare videos, posters etc πŸ˜ƒ found ad and ticket stub for this show : 3/29/1997: The band performs at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia as a part of Equinox Festival. found some cool Scott pictures from that show : 1/24/1998: The band performs at Halgen Ranch in Geelong, Australia as a part of Warped Tour 1998. found poster for this event : 2/3/1998: The soundtrack to The Show is released; it contains a new Blink song, "Mutt", which was later re-recorded for Enema of the State. found poster for this show : 9/30/1997: The band performs at Club Laga in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. found very cool story (to add to the timeline) Thanks to Matty Boles for sending this story and picture with Scott. I just found a recording we did in your room with Paul back in 1992. Yep. I remember. I was there. Heheh. I would need to clear the release of recording with the guys in it first, been a few years since running into Scott. I am guessing he left Poway again for LA if he is playing in the Wraiths correct? I can share this with you. A pic of us which got TD psyched up to be in a band, which he took over to create BOET Spring of 92. 25 years ago almost to the day We were young. We were a 3 piece, Scott and the guitarist were very much into the harder metals, I played bass and grew up on the 80s New Romantic and Ska stuff, Duran Duran, U2, English Beat, Oingo Boingo. None of us following the So Cal trend of Pop Punk. Suprised me when Scott went to Blink. I think this was technically our first band and it was 3 really talented kids exploring music and putting in their 2 cents New date to add (as well as a cool poster and vintage shirt of my collection regarding the movie) : 06/12/1998 The movie Can't Hardly Wait is released on June 12th 1998 and both features Blink on the soundtrack as well as in the movie during the party being busted by the cops with the song "Dammit". found more info on this event : 2/14/1999: Mark watches Can't Hardly Wait, a teen film that featured "Dammit" on the soundtrack. Inspired by the film, he writes "Going Away to College" as a last-minute addition to the album. Travis has to return to LA to record his drum tracks for itο»Ώ. found interviews of Tom speaking about the movie Idle Hands : 4/30/1999: The film Idle Hands is released. Tom DeLonge makes a cameo appearance in the movie as Dave, a window server at Burger Jungle. at 0:57 New event to add for this date (as well as some cool interviews, cameo, and Mutt song) 7/9/1999 : The movie American Pie is released. Blink as well as having their song "Mutt" on the soundtrack and in the movie during a scene where Jason Biggs is running to his friend's house also appear in the movie as themselves for a cameo. Also the famous mistake that Scott was credited in the end credits as the drummer instead of Travis Barker the new drummer at 1:30, Mark speaking about East Great Falls (original title of American Pie)
  10. Of course for sure ! πŸ˜ƒ Don't know if you're interested but this is a great gem ! https://www.ebay.com/itm/143313787322
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