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  1. New upgraded and better footage! found much better quality footage for this live performance of What's My Age Again? (huge credits to xgabex on Youtube for sharing this!)
  2. New interview addition to the timeline website! found interview that was done the same day as this show (massive credits to Rock Sin Anestesia on Youtube for sharing this interview!) 4/23/2004: The band performs at Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, Mexico.
  3. New date addition to the timeline website! found new show with proof of advert (massive and huge shout-out to Twitter user MikeShea_96 for sharing this gem!) 9/16/1995: The band performs a free show at Time Out in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Source :
  4. New additions to the timeline website! Found schedule for this show (huge and massive credits to Malcolm Brown on Facebook for sharing this!) 7/6/1999: The band performs at Portland Meadows in Portland, Oregon as a part of Warped Tour 1999. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=5245841305500631&set=p.5245841305500631&opaqueCursor=AbqEtyNZOOtEylTDFyodvHW9k37UYhHpjV0YLGHQrKnB0jUo4oprp3_jKYnoHxzuEW83HQBtgjVBOzun9jmg7dBJqLw1WDfGXprP3cvTqoI0l_pucpn2Ao-7M77zDsu99PyoM1ryJxWTOfCekh3UF4I-ERiz4mP30-JbzZIsg8gn7AnSlFTlr0DyKpMwGsv611ceTISU5i_81i0TXcHshMtKvSHWeuljgBPc_gE6I5a-V7gAqBP3r8uhYUzxVJbK3Ly2g1ORTvpVrO-RVB4IhbrGzvcmvn6rFH6gce2jMvJ1mdZPFupqK3lLtNFGgqJ-2kUvlRKv1RXcMkI_7mYjsoG4TIXfkv2nNAxftaYd8F46PviGzyxrPskuUJ0RxLG3b5NEOHlVtp5jFbCC1zb7fvCJVriUD9UiWCBhTiu6ywlMkGdcp_KvDPSUpip5RdDwtzTvu84-AN2sV7BdY9HPhoHgdZLwpeZwBUrfQp4IT8Me0dWEWibX9CAeiT1yX8tLBFYJ1ydAP4frrWQW06CVxoachcD17Ztj-iLCLTTRaNvhE4U4Mz06JNhOAmMuKM1CoxM2eHs-Ef_Y9sw5jXUAfOXWWgAAPTF4Hfe5844hzPyDPZEu_am7mvadbiFCmmqC1kmpfM-ryhUObuXf7Pi0RYcQTsZGhzO6SBfBAwAQaXEEoA Found ticket stub for this show (massive credits to ebay user purpleeaglepower for sharing this ticket!) 7/21/1997: The band performs at La Salle Park in Buffalo, New York as a part of Warped Tour 1997. New addition to the timeline website and Find of the Month! found this interview that took place during the same day of this show (massive credits and huge shout-out to reddit user Standard-Ostrich61 for sharing this insane interview!) Also it includes an acoustic performance of Apple Shampoo at the end! 3 months before the release of Dude Ranch. 3/29/1997: The band performs at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia as a part of Equinox Festival. https://www.abc.net.au/doublej/programs/the-j-files/blink-182-cheshire-cat-dude-ranch-enema-of-the-state/12726614 Source :
  5. New addition to the timeline website! found ticket stub for this show (massive and huge credits to Mark Hartenau for sharing this ticket!) 4/29/1995: The band performs at Missile Park in San Diego, California, as a part of May Day Festival. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=5507576115947707&set=p.5507576115947707&opaqueCursor=Abqsg18yffmsZcIovLdZ-RnyUjSfFGSLm2PEFq5EKFuWMJSxnR_LHFDcKUKdAKSBzLlWUnFByQcOpS6uCAo36O07d_zKd1NPjwrh7dN762KaWZ_9ahFM5JudkdZN4pW7-QpzE71AmjK0B0bB3yh8CUQoG3h6R6Bc_SLsfmyi7hjGyVUA31jP7dCwrT74fRH0fnZUyixdy5r5q9me1YL6WWJgM3pyjZ0-7BzEoYb4d6NKqUCa3felzqllse-hp5Ta9TTNpN-xgCZrk7spqUbyqOVpjpYiuDU7c0GPyVLcGSwE_VaFvu6nSskAAmm-LnR-yh-ka2uW1SNbVFmznNyCNE39wRiKT7CpTkFUKDNt3jKB2BgBLelK86Rb7g3skl_wVLk7GSXJA-UG-gg1XIjBp1rFmBh5pduPbNXFmN2TeyISCcPZQNEwCAblOl2IfGbnkKXkbjU__lU_MaSLc9q9k3ELDw2YleV39svFG4XHVLOdBUe5x29jiuCXcycmKSnoQOyfjDr4zHznTkLLl3hJ7lWa5hv44JBZG7JL_us_smed7k0zIqM4VfhPprd8ueXXjwSsjVCWpvZ3XK7ZkVabRjaKPHIVEr1EHl2s47vOhRoscyI9YtL5EeL9UTjxaVy-9dfo9CfK4vydUt5vnKvbQ_1HG9ldcDws2IiBieguU5R2RA
  6. Best moment of the South Park show for me!
  7. I am totally not surprised anymore ... https://www.instagram.com/p/Ch-KODkNIl7/ Even though this little-known show was forgotten by most people, this original, extremely rare flyer straight from our archives may help bring back some fond memories from those glorious days! 💫 YEAH RIGHT ?!?! More like Archives from the Blink 182 Timeline Website 😅 Actually I'm working right now on a series that will FINALLY give credit and recognition to the Blink 182 Timeline website, stay tuned!
  8. New date addition to the timeline website! found new show with proof of ticket (huge and massive credits to Numbskull Shows on Twitter for sharing this gem!) 1/25/1997: The band performs at the Trinity Hall in San Luis Obispo, California for the premiere of Taylor Steele's surf movie "Drifting".
  9. Hey Rob, glad to have you back on the boards! And definitely your interview has historic values amongst the Timeline and I'll gladly add it to the website 😃 Thank you for all of your previous contributions, those were much appreciated!
  10. The Buffy soundtrack is still on rotation on my side, and this song is such a bop and a banger : the whole song is absolutely perfect! This version was way better than that other music video in my opinion!
  11. New addition to the timeline website! Found ticket stub for this show (huge credits to ebay user user leatherfacestwin for sharing this ticket!) 8/16/1998: The band performs at the House of Blues in Chicago, Illinois.
  12. New addition to the timeline website! Easily the best finding of the last few months!!!! @daveyjonesYou might be interested in reliving this particular day! found this B-Roll footage for the Josie music video which lasts 33min and there's some unseen footage that weren't in the Making Of and that behind the scenes clip on Channel V in Australia that are already in the timeline (huge-shout out and massive credits to reddit user variablebitratefor for sharing and uploading this mind-blowing gem on Youtube.) More information from the uploader : I checked today and it seems like there’s only a 6-7 minute behind the scenes on YouTube with different footage (though filmed similarly), but not this (unless I’m mistaken). This is a rip of a DVD-R I made of the transfer back when. There’s a couple of interview segments with the band (and later Alyssa Milano with the band) and a pretty extended behind the scenes of the cafeteria scenes. There’s some clipping and noise on the audio, especially Mark’s interview and Alyssa's parts on the intro. I’m not sure if this is on the tape or something wrong with my transfer. Source :
  13. New additions to the timeline website! found two other adverts for this show (in my archives, I had already an advert but now we have three and with the correct line-up!) (Huge and massive credits to Alan Walburn and William Alley for sharing two variations of the advert for this show) : 6/7/1996: The band performs at the Milk Bar in Jacksonville, Florida. Other bands included Unwritten Law and Quarter Roy.
  14. What frustrates me even more is when you read the comments of certain posts from that account : on certain discoveries (such as the small club show in 1997 and that One Track Mind show with Scott that I found last year) I've seen comments saying "Amazing work on the account and always great content with those discoveries"! ... I'm probably not going to detail how I research stuff from the timeline website here (because obviously I'm my work is for sure going to be copied) but I'm very peculiar on certain words and trends : spending hours researching content and rare stuff and then finding some amazing gems is such a joy and a blast! Doing posts like "On This Day" and then copying and pasting stuff from the timeline website does NOT count as personal work. Last week, I even saw one of my picture that was used in a post and of course absolutely no credit ... 😔 I don't want to sound like a brat, but yeah this is such bullshit (saying it in a french accent of course) I'm glad that my work here at last is being appreciated but yeah I wanted to say how I really feel about this whole issue
  15. It was in the surf movie “The Show” by Taylor Steele and on the soundtrack as well!
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