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  1. Found and added this ticket stub for this show signed by Mark himself too! Huge credits to Simon Quesnel on Facebook for this gem! 3/11/1996: The band performs at Spectrum in Montreal as a part of Sno Jam.
  2. I just did some in-depth research in regards to a particular footage of the strat (and I found out that the date that I had in my records was completely wrong) and I wanted to clear it up here. For some reason I had it saved to 11th March 1996 (but it doesn't make sense as Tom and Mark are wearing both white t-shirts on that date) so it all makes sense now! With proof at 0:07 with the date 8/25/1996: The band performs at Sona in Montreal, PQ, Canada. PS : this footage is right after the Warped Tour 1996 in the brief period with the marble gray strap that doesn't have duct tape on it yet
  3. I just did some in-depth research regarding the footage you posted and this footage is not from September 1996, it's from August 1996 (specifically August 25th) Blink played the Sona venue in Montreal three times (August 25th with the footage of the soundcheck and the Touchdown Boy performance, September 12th with the proof of the poster and September 18th with the proof of a ticket stub) Proof with the date of the soundcheck video at 0:07
  4. Not even crediting the uploader of this gem (who is Jim McLain) and Blink 182 Online (for reference this footage was posted early June on the comprehensive and timeline thread) once again ... Stop acting like you found the rad and cool discoveries merci beaucoup Also This is the earliest known performance of Mutt, and quite possibly its first performance ever. @daveyjones This is definitely not true as Davey confirmed and saw that song performed the previous month in February on the San Diego date so that's false information. Get your facts right https://www.instagram.com/p/CRuRPNxNQaG/
  5. Friday night is good for me! A zoom meeting would be better 😊
  6. Found and added a new show on the timeline with proof of a ticket stub (also have the exact line-up too)! Huge credits and respect to Patrick Héroux on Facebook for sharing this insane gem! 9/15/1996: The band performs at the Marché au puces de Trois-Rivières in Québec, Canada. Other bands included No Fun At All, Bodyjar and Ten Days Late.
  7. Sharing this episode of the Warped Life Podcast with Kevin Lyman because it talks about Hurley, Billabong and of course the early years of Blink with Rick Devoe! Featuring: Bob Hurley - Founder of Hurley Apparel Paul Gomez - Hurley Vice President of Marketing (1998-2011) Rick Devoe - Manager of Blink-182 (1995-2015) Dylan Flynn - Founder of Pass the Bass
  8. Added the last footage for this show (Part 1 and Part 2 are already in the timeline and huge credits to Mindmeltvideo on Youtube for uploading this rare footage from a show from the Warped Tour 1999!) 7/14/1999: The band performs at New World Music Theatre in Tinley Park, Illinois as a part of Warped Tour 1999
  9. Here is the poster as well as the expired picture 😃
  10. Found and added this ticket stub for a new show that I have just added on the timeline! Huge credits to SimonQuesnel for sharing this gem! 9/18/1996 : The band performs at Sona in Montreal, PQ, Canada. for reference Blink played the same venue on September 12th as we have proof of this with the show poster on the timeline 😃
  11. I recently rediscovered my huge love for the show "Undeclared" that got cancelled after one season (it's such a shame that this show as well as Freaks and Geeks both got the same result, there was so much potential 😢) The cast in those two shows were both excellent and the addition of cameos is always much appreciated!
  12. Found and added this poster for this show (also have the exact line-up too)! Huge credits to Gigs You Missed on Twitter for this gem! 3/29/1997: The band performs at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia as a part of Equinox Festival.Other bands included The Fauves, Sprung Monkey, Fini Scad, Skunk Anansie, K’s Choice, Tool, The Mark of Cain, Midnight Oil, The Porkers, Mark Seymour and Skunkhour.
  13. The community here has alway been really cool in my opinion ever since I joined the boards back in 2012 (I definitely remember the banter in regards to everyone thinking I was the fake Scott on Instagram/Twitter I didn't mind it all and it was hilarious when I think about it 🤣) I don't take myself too seriously and I totally get the "Banter" element in the UK for sure as well as the roasting (coming from a french person).
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