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  1. I wanted to share this very cool podcast about the early days of Soma, they mention Scott at 16:52!
  2. A Scott drumstick and signed Dude Ranch CD! https://www.instagram.com/p/BWGVFAugbbQ/
  3. Welcome John! Those Lagwagon shows were in November 1997 along with Pulley 😃 Being french, I'm super jealous that you got to see Blink play in France especially in that era and with the original line-up (was way too young to go unfortunately ...) They played in Bordeaux and in Paris on that tour and that London show was at the Astoria if I remember correctly!
  4. I wanted to thank and give a huge props to Kristen Casey for this very rare footage that I just stumbled upon while on Youtube, a massive thank you and huge respect to her! Found footage of this show : 6/21/2000: The band performs at Oakland Arena in Oakland, California. Other bands included Bad Religion and Fenix TX. Kristen uploaded some videos that she shot with her camcorder experiencing going to a Blink show back in 2000 with footage of the band playing live in Irvine, Mark watching Fenix TX from the side of the stage, Blink's merch booth, meeting the band before the show
  5. I found an amazing picture of the guitar in action for reference! I've never seen that picture before! https://www.instagram.com/p/CKUSbRLhSDS/
  6. Thank you so much for posting this! This is so cool to watch and so rare! I have identified the date and will be adding it to the timeline thread and document 😃
  7. Found advert and more information with all the bands playing during that show (updated on the google doc): 10/1/1998: The band performs at Hunka Hunka Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey. Other bands included Reel Big Fish, Unwritten Law, Spring Heeled Jack, Assorted Jelly Beans and Frenzal Rhomb. Also they are using a promo picture that includes Scott for this show hmm (Travis has been playing with them for 5 months at this point) Massive props to @Q182, footage of Pathetic shot by Chad Gilbert from New Found Glory from this show : 8/3/1997: The band performs at
  8. The unedited full and uncensored Jaded in Chicago show 😮
  9. That person of that youtube channel is seriously sharing some insane gems! I'll repost the other gems that is being uploaded! Here is the unedited full soundcheck for the Jaded In Chicago concert (playing Who Wrote Holden Caulfield and Stuart in the Avenue 😮) Also Billie is strumming Panic Song at the start of the video, might be the only footage that we have of a live performance of this song!
  10. I wish that more footage like this existed for Blink (especially in the early days of Cheshire Cat or Dude Ranch, that would have been super cool!) Someone on Youtube uploaded some unedited footage of Green Day in the studio sharing tracks for Nimrod before the record was released with MTV / 15th August 1997! There is also Rob Cavallo and Chris Lord-Alge (producer and mixing engineer) too! (something quite cool is a different mix for the track Last Ride In with different arrangements with strings and a saxophone too!)
  11. Another picture for reference https://www.instagram.com/p/CEz0Zo1Bf__/
  12. Amazing work davey! You are a legend, your work and knowledge is very much appreciated! Your comment was posted on reddit
  13. Added this interview from Much Music with Tom for this date in the google docs! 7/23/1999: The band performs at Parc Des Illes in Montreal, Quebec as a part of Warped Tour 1999 https://www.facebook.com/pierremarc.benoit/posts/10159244849988793 New unknown date : XX-XX-1998 The band performs at the Festival Ouest Brome. Other bands include Sunny Mead and Grimskunk.
  14. I've never seen that picture before, thank you for posting it! I have this picture in my archives from a show from 1998 where we can see it a little bit and it was already started to be reworked by then!
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