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  1. Not Tom's guitar but there's a Blink sticker on Seb's guitar of Simple Plan ! Also a lot of other 00's pop punk bands stickers.
  2. This looks interesting ! https://www.mccarter.org/season/2018-2019/pdps/mark-hoppus/
  3. What's everyone's opinion on this ?
  4. found poster for this show : 1/23/1998: The band performs at Adelaide University in Adelaide, Australia. found promo photo for the Josie video shoot : 4/19/1998: The band films the music video for "Josie".
  5. Not necessarily linked to Tom's guitar, but found something quite cool ! That logo is very familiar, it was quite popular haha
  6. found picture for this show : 8/2/1996: The band performs at Action Park in Vernon, New Jersey as a part of Warped Tour 1996. Mark watching DHC from the side of the stage
  7. That statement can not be argued for sure ! Not necessarily calling it a bad movie, but She's All That is definitely one of my favorite movies.
  8. found ticket stub for this show (2nd picture) : 8/14/1998: The band performs at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, Kansas.
  9. found more info and full set for this show : 7/16/1999: The band performs at Randalls Island in New York, New York. From Jeff Neuman : Footage I took on the 1999 Warped Tour. Travis from Blink 182 could not play for some unknown reason in New York at the Randalls Island show. So, Damon (Fenix TX) Brooks (Suicidal/Bad Religion) Josh (the Vandals) and Byron (Pennywise) played the set for him. This is only the first clip of many. I have the whole set on video. From Christopher Carambot : i was there and back stage for this interviewing and filming bands. i remember all the drummers were walking around with discmans (yes folks this was pre ipod) mentally learning all these songs. i have tons of footage of this warped. shitload of fun. Randalls island and the black bugger dust pit!
  10. Found old school Blink hoodie from the Sno-Core Tour 1998 !
  11. New date to add : 10/27/1998 Kung-Fu Records re-releases Buddha on CD and cassette.
  12. Thanks to Jorge Herrera for this in the Blink 182 Collectors Group ! Flyer for this show : 3/31/1995: The band performs at the YMCA Skate Park in Kearny Mesa, California.
  13. Thanks to @Kjblink182 ! found poster/flyer for this show : 6/24/1998: The band performs at Canes Bar & Grill in San Diego, California. Other bands include Limp, Wade and Sketch. found poster for this show : 8/19/1995: The band performs at Neckhoff in Orange, California. New date to add (with proof of poster) : 10/24/1996 The band performs at Soma in San Diego, California. Other bands include Unwritten Law, The Classified and Assorted Jellybeans. found other poster for this show : 1/27/1996: The band performs at SOMA in San Diego, California, completing the GoodTimes Tour.
  14. Poster for the Australian tour back in May 1996 signed by Mark, Tom and Scott ! Such a cool item and poster ! https://www.ebay.com/itm/173730250963
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