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  1. Very cool update! The sticker strat now has it's own timeline ❤️ (I have compiled the most up-to-date timeline with all pictures, videos of the strat along with the dates of the shows from my archives) @Q182 and @daveyjones if you want I can send you the document 😃 make it a collaborative project let's go!
  2. New addition to the timeline! found more information regarding the line-up for this show. Huge credits to dan rutherford on Twitter for sharing this! 3/4/1996: The band performs at Mercury Cafe in Denver, Colorado. Other band included Jimmy Eat World. Had this in my archives for a very long time (don't know the exact show but it's from the Australian Warped Tour in January 1998!)
  3. New show to the timeline! Huge credits on Facebook to Christopher Yeager for the ticket stub and to Scott Anthony for more information regarding this show! 2/24/1998 : The band performs at the Mississippi Nights in St Louis, Missouri. Other bands included the Aquabats. “Yep. I remember that show. Aquabats opened up and Mark had a brand new bass. Scott was still the drummer. AFI had just been in town a few days prior”. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=1781028255261773&set=p.1781028255261773&opaqueCursor=AbrCgws23tII2AeJEjMP3gIgjPI10GKH3XLbaNqGWl9Jp_G0-9gwSqzyRZF0eioX9Com7_39CnwlDEc6IEGSUZGFXwj1QTDcpIXSkfsLhtBCd3qyeR5T8I8QHa3nzkZC9u-j4UJrdZFBWmvalYBqL1kHNMCoDyNhsb4aXln3Dewc6bbr_oMLIsfUjMHBe0pNwxKWj1VBTxZ1KaEqL2M4KfOcIKx-SLKFJE1Rtewz1YYyl9SNBxEL6F9FsBwYmw_dAtwsAmsS0d-xUpz28DpZRWrGDKoNMpJfeFzfCx8ofpnkPB8SBTtm0gPsrrmda-95PE65pmXqEhpPGcFh26pODY_zIUvH5yG4RrjBvRxx6rMFfikJJoAymoAtUMRrR_Z7TNP-dygvK6Gtp6fol1oHcBXn-Y99J_U8MhXd8pqiYqoiiz9E9cYHOLbWHGrKZnATMhkfUsny2n5xIFdD1qdU-H8qWfefBmURWRPy-6UvC2nLmipqjfXeG17ZZqir8jCtkDA92DoF9Jmsw_6ADzaaHt0-LXALoUkPgeBWl4Kuk6-uyAk6UY9Cvq5P7j4YIOPfo87UMv_abHNQhboBM8pkxhPc
  4. Huge props to board member rjphoto here who shared this absolute gem of a picture from 1994 in regards to the strat (precisely from this show 12/8/1994: The band performs at Huntridge Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada)! Big difference between this picture and the footage from October 1994 where Tom has started the stickering process! Can clearly see the Ten Foot Pole and the anime logo for sure!
  5. Would you be able to share those pictures that you took at that show with UL ? 😃 I'm an archivist on the timeline and I'm always super excited to see some amazing new content!
  6. What about that SJC Drums picture of him ?
  7. New additions to the timeline! Huge credits to reddit user Sarelbar for this gem! found ticket stub for this show : 5/9/2002: The band performs at Smirnoff Music Center in Dallas, Texas. Huge credits to board member rjphoto here for this absolute gem from this show !!! 12/8/1994: The band performs at Huntridge Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  8. New additions to the timeline! Huge credits to Imago Images for those pictures! found pictures for this show : 4/20/2000: The band performs at the Elysee Montmartre in Paris, France. found pictures for this show : 8/20/2000: The band performs at Terremoto Festival in Hamburg, Germany. Huge credits to Ska Punk Daily for posting this poster on Facebook! Found poster as well as exact line-up for this show : 5/9/1998: The band performs at University of Redlands in Redlands, California as a part of Mayfest. Other bands included the Aquabats, Homegrown, Jeffries Fan Club and Action League.https://www.facebook.com/SkaPunkDaily/photos/a.1017429038404129/2145538558926499/
  9. Welcome here! I'd love to see the pictures from that show by the way ! 😃
  10. Blink are mentioned in this video being in the American Pie soundtrack!
  11. Amazing and huge discovery for the timeline! Found this amazing and very rare picture of Blink with Fluf during their signing party to MCA (Polynesian style tiki party to celebrate also the release of Fluf's major label CD, Waikiki). This picture was shared by Mike Jacobs on Facebook who was responsible of signing Blink to MCA (all credits and huge shout-out for sharing this gem!) Fluf's CD was released on April 18th 1997, so this picture is dated from this date! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=5166683980015573&set=pb.100000220665654.-2207520000..&type=3
  12. New addition to the timeline! Huge credits to Buddy N Bettie on Instagram for sharing those pictures from this show! 7/6/1999: The band performs at Portland Meadows in Portland, Oregon as a part of Warped Tour 1999 https://www.instagram.com/p/CWJ9EyoPvG1/
  13. One answer : Davey Jones He knew the band during the early years of Blink (1995-1998) and had some great stories to share on the 182 News Podcast, very insightful for sure! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/davey-jones-interview-part-1/id1498399898?i=1000477809893 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/davey-jones-interview-part-2/id1498399898?i=1000481722580 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/davey-jones-interview-part-3/id1498399898?i=1000485323997
  14. New additions to the timeline! Huge credits to the San Diego Music Awards for sharing those pictures from this event! found poster as well as pictures of Tom during this ceremony event! Second photo with Scott Russo from Unwritten Law! 10/26/1998 : The band receives the prize for “Group of the Year” at the 8th annual San Diego Music Awards at the Montezuma Hall at San Diego State University. https://www.facebook.com/sdmusicawards/photos/a.10158485267035011/10158485267525011/?type=3&theater 10/17/2000:The band receives the prize for “Best Punk” and “Group of the Year” at the 10th annual San Diego Music Awards at Humphreys Concert Stage https://www.facebook.com/sdmusicawards/photos/a.10158485537810011/10158485539060011/?type=3&theaterhttps://www.facebook.com/sdmusicawards/photos/a.10158485537810011/10158485538880011/?type=3&theaterhttps://www.facebook.com/sdmusicawards/photos/a.10158485537810011/10158485539185011/?type=3&theater
  15. Sounds like a b-side to Let Go, really like it!
  16. Tom's voice during the verse and especially how he says "Let's forget this all move on" in Elevator That is peak Tom for me and my favorite track from Boxcar
  17. Funny coincidence or not I got the same exact message in regards to the article via direct message.
  18. Little Timeline update : According to Fenix Tx with their latest post on Instagram, this picture with Mxpx and Fenix TX was taken at this show : https://www.instagram.com/p/CWBYsf4PIGh/ 10/6/1998: The band performs at Peabody’s in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Found this old school TV commercial in regards to Dude Ranch being released!
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