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  1. I mean the dude is whining about being criticized, his defense of racist/homophobic words is "when I say it I don't mean it" which is hilariously weak, people who ARE native english speakers are telling him he shouldn't say it so it's not like he's not ignorant on what the words mean in english or something. He's supposedly here to talk to people about his perception online, I think explaining that he should stop saying shit like that and including it in his song lyrics is very in bounds for the thread.
  2. Yo Leo just stop being racist/homophobic or using racist/homophobic shit ironically or whatever it is you're doing and we're all good, I don't mind the Tom "parody" schtick and have never paid attention to your videos but leave the racist/homophobic bullshit out of it if you don't want people to criticize you.
  3. For real. Between the "is he REALLY a child molester or is he just weird?" dance going on with Feeling_This and now bringing this moron in and ignoring his racist garbage this place is increasingly bizarre/shitty lately. We need some Blink news.
  4. Whoa he's actually 1/4 but I had no idea! "Tom’s maternal grandmother was Manuela B. “Nellie” Atayde (the daughter of Rodolfo/Rudolpho Atayde and Concepcion/Conception Porras). Manuela was born in California, to Mexican parents." http://ethnicelebs.com/tom-delonge
  5. Haha I know what you mean, this scattershot approach is pretty confusing as well though!
  6. Remember the fake Mark interview? That was wild.
  7. Came here to post this, such an awesome album! I love how much good pop/punk/indie stuff has been out there the last few years. (I consider that a very different scene than "pop punk")
  8. seriously get this dude the fuck outta here
  9. Why else would anyone think it was some kind of honor for him to post here and that he deserves special treatment and claim that his whole thing is a hilarious comedy bit that goes over all of our heads? Sorry Leo!
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