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  1. Kaleidoscope, it's ok but feels unfinished. GOTDF is my fav from Neighborhoods by far.
  2. TOTTM is a valiant effort for this era, but still gets my vote.
  3. IT RUUUUULES!! Been rocking it all morning!
  4. I definitely don't hate it, but "I wanna feel happy days" hits me in the same way as Tom's "I think I like today, I think it's good"
  5. Happy Days is almost a good song but the chorus lyrics/title are just so bizarrely bad that it's almost like they were placeholders they forgot to replace. "I wanna feel Happy Days"?? I'm not sure whether people outside the US know the old tv show Happy Days but here in the US that is the ONLY thing that comes to mind when you hear that phrase. It's pure cheese from the 1970s but Fonzie and the gang are such a cultural touchstone from being insanely popular at the time and then being on constant reruns for 4 decades that, for me anyway, I have never NOT thought of that tv show when I hear the song hahah. It would've been so easy to put a more meaningful phrase into the lyrics. (Not to mention the fact that "I wanna feel happy days" is just a lame sounding line to repeat over and over anyway. The rest of the song deserved better.)
  6. It's better than California and California Deluxe! I think there are several songs on Nine that live up to the Blink name in my opinion (First Time, Heaven, Pin The Grenade), whereas between Cali and Deluxe the only song I ever really think about is Bored To Death.
  7. Hard to keep track of everyone's biases around Tom but none of this news is a surprise because A) it actually does make sense for the band and the label to agree that delaying the album is a good idea so that a tour can help promote the album like usual, I can only imagine why anyone thinks this is his label "bossing him around," and B ) Tom is slow as molasses anyway.
  8. Haha seriously, even if they only do ONE more album with Skiba, it would most likely come out around 2022, especially with the world on pause right now. Add in a tour, some probable down time afterwards, then whatever reconciliation friendship repair time with Tom, then "finding their groove again" and spending lots of time writing new music, then recording/marketing the album, the earliest I could imagine an album with Tom would be 2025. By that time Mark will be 53, Tom and Travis will be 50 (holy shit hahaha). And that's if they only do ONE more album with Skiba. Add in more album cycles and you're lookin at the late 2020s for Tom to come back when they're all well into their 50s, I just can't envision that at all. I'm sticking with my prediction of one more album with Skiba, then one final album with Tom before gracefully shutting things down.
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