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  1. I have no idea what you guys are referring to, what did I miss?
  2. Yo what is up with Oliver? Where is he/why doesn't he post anymore?
  3. During Mark's livestream rewatch of the Album Launch doc, he talks about how he was just messing around with Travis's turntables on the first day of recording because nobody else was there yet and that's where the "get ready for action" sample came from!
  4. That Album Launch stream was incredible, truly the most heartwarming Blink content I've seen in SO long. I taped that on a VHS when it was on MTV and watched it so many times back in the day haha. It was nice to see Mark interacting with those fun Blink memories and not seeming uncomfortable or putting on a front. It seems like he's more at peace with the past and the thought of Tom as a positive former presence in his life. To be honest I have a friend like that as well, you can have a painful mental-health related "breakup" with a best friend but as time goes on you learn to appreciate
  5. I'm not as concerned with whether Mark said "get the band back together" as meaning "the current Blink isn't Blink." I don't think he meant it that way at all. But it's more interesting to me that he said he thought about calling Tom and getting back together and having fun like they used to. In all the years of Tom being gone I don't think Mark has EVER brought up pining for Tom in any way, or wanting to call Tom, or talking to Tom, or how much fun it was when they were together. He's always just given purposely bland answers when someone else asks him about Tom. It's not a huge deal or anyth
  6. Whoa interesting. Somebody mentioned this when it aired but I honestly thought they were probably making it up because it seemed so far fetched haha. Very strange!
  7. They're definitely different, I could seriously tell right away that it didn't sound like Tom. Not trying to hype myself up because I couldn't tell you specifically WHAT is different haha, but I could absolutely hear that it wasn't Tom's sound.
  8. Hey great stuff @bojangles! Exactly the kind of thing I hoped to find in this thread. They sound a lot more like my personal sense of "pop punk" than the FOB/ATL/Panic school of bands out there.
  9. And Neighborhoods... and DED.... and Cali Deluxe.... and Nine....... haha
  10. Even back when it was just assumed that Tom didn't play on those songs it was criticized and used as an example of how they weren't functioning properly. I still consider them "Blink" songs but I always mentally took points away from them because they were just Mark + Travis. They sound more like demos without Tom's guitar input. For example I would love Kaleidoscope so much more with a Tom guitar riff instead of the bland/weak riff that sounds more like a placeholder. Dammit Tom.
  11. Yeah this just has nothing in common with the "pop punk" I used to love. It's like they're cosplaying. BUT like I've said in other threads I had moved on from pop punk for the most part by the time this style took over in the mid 00s so I get if it's nostalgic to others.
  12. This was the VMA performance that got the convo started by the way:
  13. I thought this could be an interesting discussion in the Blink section while there isn't much going on with the band. Travis has been playing with Machine Gun Kelly, including the other day at the VMAs, and one Blink-182onliner said he's the pop punk savior who's bringing pop punk back, someone else said he's certainly trying to bring pop punk back and doing better than anyone else at the moment, etc. Just curious on peoples' thoughts on the new generation of pop punk and what it means to "bring it back." First thing I think of is like 5ish years ago when bands were making shirts and stuf
  14. I made it 11 seconds before having to pause, is it worth going any further?
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