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  1. I have no idea, did they? Which song?
  2. Good lord this is tough already hahaha............. Degenerate ****EDIT - switching to I Won't Be Home For Christmas
  3. Haha I think everybody knows you're a good guy Diddy!
  4. There is a time and a place to critique Blink 182 for lame childish lyrics, or lyrics that feel inauthentic based on their age/life experiences. A discussion about Enema Of The State is not that time or place in my opinion haha. Yeah they wrote songs looking back on high school in their 20s, but at this point those topics were still freshly nostalgic and the songs were written with a perspective that was clever and smart and either romantic or funny (or both). Obviously they went back to that well a lot on TOYPAJ with varying success, and then reached way back again on Cali and Deluxe when it seemed very unnatural in my opinion, but on Enema they absolutely nailed it.
  5. This is totally anecdotal, but music/art can be used so effectively to channel and express your anxiety/depression/feelings in a healthy way when you don't know how to articulate those things just by talking or sorting them out mentally. I think that's one reason I've always been so passionate and attracted to music and songwriting. But on the other hand, it can also be an easy way to try to escape in an unhealthy way, and just try to bury everything with music or the lifestyle that comes with it. Just based on my experience and seeing friends with similar situations, I think a lot of times people who initially use music to cope end up using music to distract themselves from coping, and then it comes back to bite them when it's not working the same way anymore or they don't take care of themselves. No idea if that answers your question or not haha, I think it's really interesting too though.
  6. Yeah it's just two chords haha, I think people are hyped about the punk beat but we'll see how the song actually turns out. Has AVA ever had a song with a punk beat like that?
  7. OOOOOF this is tough. Like I said earlier GATC is a perfectly crafted pop song in my opinion, and maybe Mark's best song ever. But Dumpweed is absolutely iconic...... fuck. I'm going to vote for Dumpweed to get removed but it's a reallyyy difficult choice.
  8. I've always thought GATC was one of those moments where they just hit on something that allowed them use every strength they had in this era perfectly, and would've done just as well as WMAA/ATST/Adam's Song if it had been released as a single. It's an ultimate "Mark song" and just total pop perfection.
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