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  1. Champ182

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    Haha that's awesome man, teasing aside it's interesting to hear the perspective of someone who heard all of his stuff at once instead of being a Blink fan first!
  2. Champ182

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    I have a weird relationship with AVA because I somehow was able to make a pretty clean break after Blink broke up the first time. I was obviously curious what the former members of my favorite band were up to those first couple years, but once I saw Tom's nonsense interviews and I heard the first AVA album I knew I just wasn't interested at all. Same went for Travis's reality show haha. I liked +44 more but wasn't nearly as obsessed as I was with Blink. That mid-2000s era was pretty weird for each of them and also happened to coincide with a golden age of indie music that I was all in on. As AVA went on I checked out I-Empire and liked about 5 songs, then never listened to a full album of theirs again until Dream Walker, which was because Tom was back in Blink at that time so I got curious I guess. That didn't grab me either though. It's kinda weird to have one of my favorite and most influential singer/songwriters have an entire catalog of music that doesn't interest me at all haha, but it's just never worked for me. ....I'm still very interested in what he puts out next haha.
  3. Champ182

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    Yup. Incredible chemistry/personalities, great songwriting, a type of pop/punk/rock that was somehow distinct from others in the music world, and a producer who was on their exact wavelength and knew how to make their songs the best they could be. They had a great run in those glory days!
  4. Champ182

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I gotta assume their fucking awful pop hits of the past several years have them more popular than ever
  5. Champ182

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I'll always be a Blink fan even though my enjoyment of their music has waned pretty badly over the years, but the one thing that would really complete my Blink fandom would be an honest career-spanning documentary, made by professionals but with full participation of the band. Their story is fucking insane, and if they ever end up on decent terms again and the bitterness gets to a low enough level, they could cut any bullshit and get a real portrayal of everything that has gone down in their career. Growing up I never figured they'd be the type of band to warrant an introspective documentary haha but there is so much craziness and drama that even a non-fan could find it all entertaining and fascinating if the story was told well. I can't even imagine how much behind the scenes footage there is lying around too.
  6. Champ182

    Rank the Pop Punk Bands of our time

    I’m keeping this to bands I loved in middle school/high school who would easily be defined as “pop punk” and trying to be true to what I felt AT THE TIME haha so I’m not sure if I would stand by all of this today but here we go: Tier One Blink 182 Green Day Tier Two Rancid Sum 41 New Found Glory Mxpx Tier Three Yellowcard Goldfinger NOFX Bands I liked more than most of this list but not sure if they count as pop punk Saves The Day Motion City Soundtrack Jimmy Eat World
  7. Champ182

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    Yeah for sure, the painful time is over, I'm sure we all have people like that in our lives. You're super tight and things change and it gets shitty and awkward for awhile, but you end up being fine as acquaintances who still have funny shared jokes and stuff even though you'll never be best buds again. It seems to be pretty different between Tom and Mark, which is understandable. On one hand I wouldn't be surprised if Tom and Travis collaborated on something again someday just because there doesn't seem to be any lingering animosity between them at this point. But on the other hand, there are plenty of reasons I WOULD be surprised if it happened haha, namely Tom being a scatterbrained lunatic who never finishes anything. Travis being Travis, he could just pop into Tom's studio and lay down an album's worth of drums in one day without a second thought and it would count as a collaboration, but I can't imagine Tom getting to the point where he has a full album written for something like that in the first place haha.
  8. Champ182

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    Haha I always wonder what their communication is actually like, I can't imagine they're actually hanging out or having conversations I just imagine every couple months one of them shoots a text or something like: Tom: this is crazy I'm about to go to the white house lol Travis: lol
  9. Champ182

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I am not a big Jack Antonoff/Bleachers fan but I heard this song recently and it sounds way more like a mix of Enema/80s pop/The Cure than Simple Creatures or anything else Mark has claimed were influenced by those things in the past several years haha. I'll probably get shit for this but I could easily imagine this as a song by some alternate-universe version of Blink in 2019 if they had actually veered in that 80s pop/Cure direction instead of 2010s pop punk. The chord progressions are vintage Blink, the verses are very Mark-ish, the chorus could easily be belted out by Skiba, and Travis obviously would kick it up several notches in the drum department. Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled bickering!
  10. Champ182

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I'm liking it, Travis is a strange guy but he seems so humble and grateful for everything in his life these days.
  11. Champ182

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    Haha I have never seen anyone so heated about Taking Back Sunday. I figured people either liked them or didn't think about them at all.
  12. Champ182

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    And his voice would contrast with Mark's more than Sk-WAIT WHAT AM I DOING!?!?
  13. Champ182

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    RHCP rules, DMB drools
  14. Champ182

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch Thread (Meltdown Inactive)

    Yeah their album sales are incredible that's what is interesting to me haha, they can definitely make the claim that they're part of a pop punk royal trifecta but it just felt like they were in some other realm of music for some reason. I definitely never knew any big Offspring fans or grew up with any bands who were influenced by them. We were all obsessed with Blink, Green Day, Rancid, shit even Goldfinger "felt" more popular in my little music world at that time haha the Offspring just wasn't on the radar for some reason, maybe it was just my city, who knows!