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  1. Anyway since this always seems to just become the MGK thread for some reason, here is another New Generation Of Pop Punk-ish Music artist who I love:
  2. I love Diddy and more or less agree with his point but yeah Diddy this is not worth all the fuss haha
  3. Great find!! I fucking love stuff like this.
  4. And it also isn't the same type of super glossy 'pink and black Hot Topic shirt" aesthetic that encompassed trendy pop-punk when a lot of us were growing up in the mid 2000s. Some people only equate pop-punk with that vibe, and that's what MGK has tapped back into as a career move. But it doesn't mean there isn't pop-punk-influenced music out there, or that you have to lean into mid-2000s nostalgia to be pop-punk. Hopefully this thread proves that sometimes. For example here's one to check out that's more in the alt/indie world but clearly has some pop-punk vibes too: (Not
  5. I do not enjoy Avril's music outside of a random early 00's Spotify playlist nostalgia binge but I do not mind if anyone else enoys Avril.
  6. I know we've been over this thousands of times, but Skiba has just not left a mark on Blink in any way shape or form. It's incredible that he's been a member for almost six years, but there would be no reason for him to stay other than if they wanted him to stand at the back of the stage and play power chords to beef up the live sound. Don't get me wrong that could be cool, and he has done an adequate job at allowing the Blink name to stay afloat by being the third member for awhile, but he just hasn't actually added anything that has earned him a part of the legacy at all in my opinion.
  7. Haha I think her vocals always seem to have some type of chorus-y effect on them, maybe that's it? I didn't think too much about the mix just since it seemed to be a DIY type of release haha
  8. @Ry-Breadyou're a great natural interviewer already so I have total faith that you'll do an awesome job at this, but my only advice is to keep it conversational! No offense to anybody who has thrown out these ideas, but asking questions like who bought his bass 25 years ago, or which Buddha test-pressing had Arial font or whatever, OR asking about band drama he has avoided talking about at every opportunity, has a good chance of just stopping the interview in its tracks. Obviously I think all of the band drama is fascinating and would love more juicy details, but since we already know he
  9. Another great addition to the pop punk Christmas song canon! I love Charly Bliss and PUP and they sound great together. This rules and actually gives me a very early 2000s Blink-ish vibe.
  10. This is absolutely one of the best Tom interviews I've seen in years. Great find!!
  11. These guys are kinda hit or miss for me but I really liked this song from earlier this year:
  12. I just heard these guys recently and I'm digging this song. Kinda reminds me of a more laid back Saves The Day.
  13. This seems like a parody of a post-2004 Green Day song title
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