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  1. Great research, thanks!! As for whether he'd stay if Tom came back, I don't see Mark and Travis kicking him out, I just think everyone would mutually realize that Skiba was filling in as a substitute and then his shift was over. I can't imagine any hard feelings in any direction, just like a "Hey thanks guys that was fun! Let me know if you need me again sometime! Seeya around!" That's kinda what I mean by not establishing much of a real connection. Considering he's been in the band for 6 YEARS already(!!) it's always felt like a favor for friends rather than a creative passion.
  2. Just a quick followup on this, I just found the Billboard Year-End Top 40 from 1999, and all of these alternative/rock-ish artists made the list: Sixpence None The Richer Sugar Ray (twice) Goo Goo Dolls Smash Mouth Santana w/ Rob Thomas Eagle Eye Cherry Pearl Jam Everlast Lenny Kravitz Red Hot Chili Peppers Third Eye Blind That's 12 songs out of 40, AKA 30% of the top pop songs of the year! I don't love all of those songs, and I don't want, need, or expect alternative/rock/guitar music to dominate the pop airwaves. But between the healthy amount of rock, the classic MTV pop stuff that we all made fun of but still became a soundtrack to our lives, the Latin explosion, the influx of hip hop, damn that was a really fun time to grow up and learn about a variety of music from the radio. I wonder if ANYTHING alt/rock/guitar-ish other than maybe that Olivia Rodrigo song will make the cut this year.
  3. Man I wish pop radio was still as eclectic as it was when we were growing up. One reason why that Olivia Rodrigo song stands out so much right now is how rare it is to just hear any semblance of a rock guitar sound on the radio at all.
  4. Love it! That one, Brutal, and Deja Vu (which isn't pop punky) are all sweet summer jams. Her lyrics are very specific and have a surprising amount of 00s pop/emo/pop punk zest in them for coming from a 2021 teenager haha. Personally I like how she's just a person (who is, yes, incredibly famous) playing music she apparently likes, rather than trying to brand herself as Bringing Back Pop Punk™️ OR a pop princess or something, or just being branded in any direction. Kinda refreshing in the pop world.
  5. Semi-serious question: Forget the idea of Skiba and Tom in the band at the same time, is Skiba even in the band right now? Do we know if he ever worked on anything the band was working on before/during the pandemic? I don't think he ever formed a connection to Blink that would make him remotely interested in sticking around if/when Tom re-joined.
  6. Cool thanks for the background info! I must have missed those songs back in the day. It's weird now in the "streaming era" to think back on the days when you could be really into a band but not necessarily know their entire catalogue. I absolutely loved Teenage Politics, Life In General, and Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo, but if there were any Christian songs on those albums they somehow went over my head haha.
  7. I remember they had that reputation for some reason, but when I was a big fan of theirs I don't think I ever heard a single song about religion or anything like that at all.
  8. Thanks, I hadn't seen/heard what type of cancer he had so it was helpful to be able to look up some info.
  9. I had a very similar experience haha
  10. Haha I think Tom was mostly making fun of Chris Pratt for having the ridiculous hubris to think God was intervening in his life by plastering ads for his new movie all over TV coverage of a brutally violent sport.
  11. I guess my view on it (which I don't really care much about anymore) is that yes Mark lost his songwriting partner... but then he replaced him with Matt Skiba! Ya know, one songwriter/bandmember out, one songwriter/bandmember in. It's all water under the bridge at this point ESPECIALLY in light of what Mark is going through, but I still think they overcorrected by skipping the part where they actually replace Tom with Matt Skiba haha. Instead they replaced Tom's contributions with a revolving door of Skiba, Feldmann, and a bunch of randos from the music biz.
  12. Haha oh I know, but he's insane
  13. And finally, nobody gives a shit about who co-writes Angels and Airwaves songs because, for most of us, AVA never had a reputation of being a special organic tried-and-true songwriting team pumping out incredible meaningful music. Blink had an entire career's-worth of music that was made that way. So who cares what Tom decides to do with his other project? It's a straw man in this discussion (which has been beaten worse than a dead horse at this point).
  14. Hahaha I can't believe this discussion is happening again. I guess I might as well copy/paste some of my greatest hits of the genre: I think obviously the roles of producers have changed and become much more collaborative in recent years, as streaming has fucked up how people get paid and as the notion of "authenticity" (and rock music in general) has taken a huge backseat in mainstream music. Now collaborating is way more common and so is giving out writing credits to producers. The bigtime major label music industry works differently now. However, there has never been any indication that Jerry Finn was as involved in the actual songwriting process as their new producers have been (for example Feldmann, since we had plenty of anecdotes from Cali interviews that he was literally sitting down to co-write and sometimes suggested entire portions of songs) so it bugs me when people try to pretend Finn had a similar process as Feldy or anybody else. In the past, songwriting credits were determined by whether someone actually came up with specific parts/lyrics/melodies/etc., as opposed to helping the band put the song together and tweak what they've come up with, which is "normal" for a producer's job. I don't think anybody who worked with Finn ever mentioned him being hands-on in that particular way. Compare Jerry Finn's resume with John Feldmann's. They are/were masters of different things, that's all there is to it. Finn: http://www.allmusic.com/artist/jerry-finn-mn0000329241 (Composer is listed once, for a video game music compilation) Feldmann: http://www.allmusic.com/artist/john-feldmann-mn0000188140/credits (Composer is listed hundreds of times) I do realize that lots of you guys understand all of this and just have no problem with the arrangement they have with Feldy and their other producers/writers because the music turned out well for you, and that's ok too. But at least for me, the music is cheapened quite a bit by having outside songwriters dilute the end product. In the past, Blink 182's producers produced records a certain way that brought out the best in the band's songs. And now that their producers have gone above and beyond and helped actually write parts of the songs, the songs didn't turn out as well. That's really what it comes down to. The formula changed and the product was worse, so the variable is what most of us ended up pointing to when we think about the drop in quality.
  15. I go back and forth on Illuminati Hotties but this is a fun pop punky summer jam. Love the main riff:
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