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  1. How about some cliff notes? I'm not going to listen to the podcast but I'd be interested in skimming a couple quotes haha
  2. We have never written that way either, so I'm in the same boat as you! This time around we wrote and demoed and (re-wrote and re-demoed...) remotely for the past 8-ish months and passed the songs back and forth in a "socially distant" way as evolving Garageband demoes, instead of piecing things together in person at practice or figuring songs out by playing them live at shows a bunch of times. So it's been a really weird experiment but we've finally been able to practice together the past several weeks and most of the finishing touches will be figured out as we record!
  3. My band is about to hole up for the weekend to do a ton of work on our new album. Just rewatched the Blink Album Launch video to get extra pumped, as is tradition.
  4. Haha this is a fascinating look at the state of the band 2 months before Skiba's first appearance. We need a new poll like this.
  5. Is this show worth watching at all? Even as a huge Blink fan it seemed like pure trash when it was on.
  6. You guys are thinking too hard! Tom : Jordan - the visionary, pushing for greatness and artistry, also slightly obsessive and insane and capable of annoying the shit out of his teammates Mark : Pippen - talented enough to carry the load at any moment but shines as the ultimate glue guy keeping the team’s feet on the ground Travis : Rodman - duh
  7. That's cool, I didn't know they were behind some kind of paywall that goes to charity. I don't know that it does any good to try to scrub them from the site though, maybe if something gets posted here that originated behind that paywall people can just make note of that and post a link to the charity or something to make up some of the difference?
  8. For real? Did Mark ask for them to be private?
  9. I get that music videos can't have the budgets that they used to have, but there is no reason they can't have the creativity that they used to have. It's pathetic and borderline pointless how many big name acts waste time making music videos that are completely generic. Video equipment and software is more available and less expensive than ever before. You can still make creative/funny/worthwhile music videos for your fans even if they don't serve the same type of marketing purpose they did on MTV.
  10. Fun times everybody! I think the final two were definitely worthy. Even though I voted for MCS, I've loved both of these bands very much in my life. NFG didn't have staying power for me personally over the years, but they are certainly the more "pop punk" between the two and their classic albums are definitely still great for nostalgia.
  11. In my own personal rankings where genre doesn't matter, I'd put Motion City Soundtrack far above all the other bands in this competition, and also above Green Day. But I also don't really think of them as "pop punk" so.....
  12. Completely forgot about this song
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