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  1. Whoa this is sweet! I didn't know this existed
  2. You're definitely not alone in that! They have a few songs that are absolutely killer but in general they're just not quite my cup of tea.
  3. I agree with you on this unfortunately, I have friends who are huge fans but I just don't connect for some reason.
  4. Been saying this for years, he posted this pic of himself with some other band from 2001 a few days ago and he had just totally normal short hair, he looks 1000x better than he has in the past however many years with his wacky giant spike hair.
  5. Skiba's vibe has become "perpetually hung over"
  6. I think he had good pitch in the 90s but I can't really give him any props for the craziness he has had since then haha. Especially once it all went downhill starting in 2006-ish. I think your second part is spot on though.
  7. Haha yeah I wonder what was happening, feedback in his headphones or not being able to hear anything? He was literally mouthing "HELP" to someone hahaha
  8. Haha Skiba changing the rhythm in the chorus makes me think they didn't really practice this very much. It sounds like it could've sounded pretty cool arranged correctly! I liked Skiba's background vocals lower like that in the prechorus especially.
  9. Sounds nothing like Matt/Blink but damn I forgot what a great song this is haha. I'd be stoked if Blink wrote a chorus as good.
  10. Agreed Oliver, it's always been a total mystery. I can't even think of many examples of someone whose voice DID change/deteriorate like Tom's did, including Skiba who admits that he destroyed his throat from so much drinking/drugs back in the day or Deryck from Sum 41 who almost drank himself to death. Obviously peoples' vocal range and strength change over the years, but the only person I can think of whose voice totally changed is Chris Conley from Saves The Day, but for him it was the tone somehow becoming totally different rather than losing the ability to hit melodies or hold a note or form words with his mouth hahah. I guess Bob Dylan is another example whose voice went to complete garbled shit but he's off in his own world in a totally different way than Tom haha.
  11. For real? That's awesome, I hadn't heard anything about that
  12. Thanks @Ghent I about had a heart attack when I scrolled past that at work yesterday jesus christ haha
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