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  1. The leadup and release of Untitled was easily my favorite era, California was easily my least favorite era. I was too young to appreciate Dude Ranch at the time, and loved Enema/TOYPAJ, but that Untitled run was a launching ramp to the musical obsession I've had ever since.
  2. Yeah I hear you, that era only seems decent in hindsight after getting into the current era. Living through it was pretty annoying and left everybody with blue balls all the time.
  3. Yeah this is the easy conclusion after all these years. I liked +44, it didn't stick with me all that much but I liked it WAYYY more than AVA. It was clearly a very focused and inspired piece of work by Mark and that type of thing is pretty rare no matter who you are. Other than that album he and Tom have proven over and over that they are 1000x better together than alone. It sucks that their personalities don't mesh anymore because the spark they had as a songwriting team still keeps all of us here long after it's been gone haha.
  4. I wasn't saying it's clear one way or the other, but he mentions everyone involved EXCEPT for Skiba which just made me wonder: "We got in the studio with producer Tim Pagnotta and lyricist Sam Hollander. The song actually started off with a beat that Travis had written. We played more guitar on it, I played bass on it, Travis went in to record the drums. We sketched out the song, started writing lyrics, and wrote the whole thing in, I don’t know, half a day, 5 hours or something”
  5. Love seeing stuff like this, good find! Interesting that it sounds like Skiba possibly didn't even record the guitar. I'm really curious how involved he is in any of the non-live-show part of the band.
  6. (and they talked openly about it in interviews after California)
  7. Commit This To Memory is incredible and I truly thought Mark would be able to self-produce without any problems after hearing that album. So bizarre how far that was from the truth.
  8. The one that confuses me the most is the intro to Cynical. Every single time he sounds like his voice is barely coming out at all.
  9. I clicked through a bunch of those emails but didn't see this one, which email was it? I saw Tom mostly sending emails into thin air but a few about a meeting being on Podesta's schedule, and Podesta telling someone he was in Blink 182 but he's not sure if the band is still together.
  10. Yup definitely. That's one of the saddest ironies of the "throwback" Cali era and everything since. A ton of the people in the generation that grew up with Blink are now the people making modern alternative/indie/punk music, their influence is ALL OVER the place in that part of the music world, including younger music writers and critics. Up until very recently they weren't seen as a joke to that crowd, they were seen as the super influential band that inspired a ton of us to pick up guitars/basses/drums for the first time and then went on to grow and carve a path into a more "mature" alternative/indie sound around the time a lot of our musical tastes were expanding too from like 2002-2006. So it's kinda frustrating to see all of these current bands in the alt/indie/punk world covering Blink or talking about how Blink influenced them and are heroes and everything, only for Blink to retrofit themselves into this shimmery modern radio pop world. It would have been so cool to see them age gracefully and pass their torch on to bands like Joyce Manor, Culture Abuse, Illuminati Hotties, Pup, Charly Bliss, etc., rather than glomming onto the mid-00s plasticky pop punk sound of bands like FOB, Panic, Simple Plan, ATL. I never heard much in common with that scene to be honest.
  11. That's a great point actually. People always say "hey at least he's chasing his dreams and doing what makes him happy" but it's pretty clear that he's literally thrown aside everything else in his life which is very sad.
  12. I think when Tom went nuts the first time and Mark rightfully laid claim to Blink's legacy almost everybody could agree that he was a hero in all of the craziness. He put out a great album under +44, said all the right things about how much Blink meant to him and that he would never take their legacy lightly and how it was something magic that was created by having the three of them in the room and yada yada yada. Well, Tom's insanity has gone back and forth over the years but he's settled in as a lot LESS insane and ego maniacal than he was in the early AVA days. He's still obviously way out there, but people got more used to it and/or stopped caring so much so he's seen as this crazy uncle figure to most people at this point. Meanwhile Mark has gone back on a lot of those things that he said after the breakup, and instead of pushing Blink forward because it's this meaningful artistic and personal passion in life he has instead worked with outside pop songwriters, steered Blink in weird directions that undermine or cash in on their legacy in some ways, and just overall seems much more "cynical" about it all in the past several years. So of course my opinion on him has changed. 10 years ago I figured Mark was the saint of the band and Tom was a freak. Now I can see that they both are majorly flawed in their own ways that led to where the band finds itself today.
  13. Not sure if I missed this being posted at all in the last two days but it's a really interesting interview with Tom that brings up a lot of the TTS weirdness that we talk about here: https://www.nme.com/music-interviews/tom-delonge-played-blink-182-aliens-get-really-offended-start-inter-planetary-war-2536547
  14. Even if Nine is shittier than California it doesn't make the original opinion about California wrong.
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