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  1. Just listened to Cheshire Cat for 3 1/2 hours straight this morning, they better release a new song on Friday
  2. same here, Liam is by far the better person and he's also absolutely killing it with his solo albums in the past 5 years. I've enjoyed them even more than Noel's solo stuff, which is a hell of a compliment.
  3. yeah, I think he should have switched things up, especially because they were all the shows in New York
  4. Mark tried once again We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together last night and it sounded very solid.
  5. Bojangles living the dream. You went to a few blink shows this week, which one was the best?
  6. Kim K neglecting her fans because she's busy rocking to blink? πŸ˜…
  7. I spend all week getting excited for Succession only to experience a soul crushing sadness at the end of each episode 😒
  8. Mark probably ran out of ideas for Dammit because he's doing No Scrubs every night now
  9. Damn, I'm sorry! I imagine they're only playing Barcelona or Madrid, right? Mid-week shows are not good for getting up the next morning, especially if you also have to do such a long drive.
  10. haha I love this, he's the best! Are you going to see them when they're coming to Spain, Ghost?
  11. Awesome pictures! You were so close to the stage! Have fun tonight @bojangles
  12. one of the best bass lines ever, RIP Andy Rourke
  13. peak Jose terrorism, it was the only thing he could do with the team we have and all the important players injured. Unwatchable for casuals, a fucking heart attack for those who love Roma with all their hearts, but from half time it was obvious that the plan was to hand over all possession knowing Leverkusen would never be able to score. We made it to the finals and I'm proudπŸŸ‘πŸ”΄ I hope matic's wife treats him well when he comes home
  14. I always forget about that preorder, that really sucks because they knew what they were doing. And with all the vinyl delays of the last few years, we don't even know when you're going to get it, maybe around Christmas if we're lucky.
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