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  1. Alkaline Trio just sounds so good. But I guess the people who take care of the sound for these guitar center sessions know very well how to do their job and it's in their best interest to make the band (and the instruments) sound good. I think Social D's best performance of Prison Bound was also on guitar center: @Diddy Faplord have you seen this?
  2. I have a friend from my hometown who is a huge alkaline trio fan, he knows a lot about erratic behaviours and he always tells me he's worried that Skiba is on drugs or he's having some mental health issues when he acts erratic on Instagram or posts stuffs one after the other in the middle of the night.
  3. That A New Hope cover on there is nice.
  4. Yeah, I agree, and I love all the songs you mentioned, but I think it's one thing if you write a song or two like that per album; it's another when you have two entire albums filled with songs about being young.
  5. Yes. There are songwriters who are just good at telling stories and others who are at their best when they talk about stuffs they have strong feelings about. Mark, Tom, and even Skiba I would say, fall in the latter category to me as songwriters. That's why some California lyrics don't sound genuine, it feels like Mark and Skiba were forced to write about nostalgia and the old times.
  6. The majority of people here barely like songs like Generational Divide, HAG or Dogs Eating Dogs, which kind of harken back to blink's old days and beyond, so it makes sense that they don't like this one, but it's just a good song with cool lyrics. As I said last night, I want more songs that relate to current events because they're pretty good at writing them (see also Heaven).
  7. Yeah, definitely. That's why you would always see him in pictures with his notebooks, writing stuffs down. But how can you release a blink-182 video of a blink-182 song without Matt in it? He should be in today's video, even if he didn't have anything to do with Quarantine. I understand when it's collaborations, but it's crazy if he's not in this video. I guess we should just wait and see though. It'll be out in a few hours and having him in the video would be the right thing to do, I don't care if he didn't contribute to the song.
  8. I think blink has always made clear from their comments that the songwriting process basically consists of Mark writing with Feldy or the other producers and songwriters around some ideas or drumbeats, and Skiba would come in for his parts. Mark even said so in the podcast with Jim Adkins. He didn't say Skiba comes in for his parts but he talked a lot about how he writes with Feldy and the others and did not mention Matt. So maybe Matt just isn't involved in songs or collaborations when he's not needed. It's a strange thing, I know, but I guess it makes sense? Today they should release a video of Quarantine so we'll see if Matt is in the video or not. Needless to say I expect him to be at least in the video. Has anyone seen his Instagram post from the other day when he pulled a pair of panties out of his mouth? I'm always worried when he posts 10+ stuffs all together on Instagram at late night. I hope he's fine and the lockdown didn't take a hit on his mental health.
  9. And Total Bummer. Quarantine has the same melody of "go away, sunny day" Edit: Pennywise has become a live band like Green Day now. They have a huge crowd but they're all there just to hear Bro Hymn. I wish they would stop covering AC/DC and Blitzkrieg Bop and just play their own music. Their set list has been the same for years.
  10. I think music would be very boring if ALL the songs were about generic stuffs and never got into specifics, referring to events that were happening when they were written. I recently noticed how young people and young bands (mostly hardcore bands) are already looking back with nostalgia at the NuMetal music and style from the early 2000s, when, at the time, most of it was considered crap. Edit: and by the way Davey, you won 🎉 because you're the one who got closer with the rhyme. You said 19 and Mark said 2019.
  11. Now that I'm listening to it on Spotify, I'm getting the similarity with Pennywise, I think it's in how the song is sung by Mark. Instrumentally it sounds like NOFX (2000-2003 era) to me.
  12. I really dig the lyrics, they're very specific and you can tell Mark resents the way the pandemic was handled. There are also some witty remarks, like when he says "some second guess parenthood". I wish he wrote another song in the same vein about the protests, I love how he has processed current events recently through music, in this song and in Heaven.
  13. This song is so cool! Maybe the chorus sounds a little bit like Total Bummer when it says go away sunny day?
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