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  1. This new 40-years-in-the-making Descendents record is such a good time.
  2. Haha I love this! Italians are all the same when it comes to football and food. Incidentally, there is a fish bar/restaurant completely dedicated to Manchester United in Livorno (a little city by the sea, not too far from me, I'm sure you've heard of their own football team Livorno FC in the past). @Scott.
  3. That would be good enough haha we're going to have to come back to this post next year because I'm sure this is what's going to happen. Roma can't spend the way his past clubs have done though, so I hope he can do something with what he has, and I hope he's done of egoistic players/setup at this point. If he just wants to coach players who are eager to learn, then maybe things will be good for a while.
  4. yeah, I say let's give him a chance what else do we have to lose at this point. Personality & mentality wise Mourinho is everything this club needed, then we’ll see if he can bring results too, but for once I'm excited and the next season is always going to be in the back of my head. AS Roma ever since I was little, even though everyone here in Tuscany is either for Fiorentina or Juve. Our early 2000s team was just a joy to watch, now with Mourinho and a few more signings, I just hope this could be the team that finally brings some kind of life to Roma. Unfortunately I don't follow the premier league so closely, but I try keep up as much as I can.
  5. I'll probably be back for the World Cup because I mainly follow Serie A, but it's crazy to see that everyone's already looking forward to the World Cup. Even though I know that I am totally deluding myself, I am just so excited to see my Roma with Mourinho. I know it will end in tears, the football will be dull, and he'll probably palm off any decent youth, but right now he seems to be building a squad not instantly (like he used to do) but progressively, so I guess we'll see. There's a chance serie A will be a little more exciting this season. We have Inzaghi taking over at Inter, Spalletti's Napoli, Sarri and Allegri returning to their old teams, and, living in Tuscany, everyone is pissed because Fiorentina have been a bit of a mess for years, so I can't wait to see if Italiano will do something good for them. - end of the calcio rant
  6. We were enemies today, but England is always my second team, congrats for the great played tournament. I have to say the Italian team made me really proud though. Getting this far without a proper striker and beating the likes of Belgium, Spain and England (at Wembley too) after failing to qualify for the 2018 World Cup is a magnificent achievement. I'm very very happy for our coach Mancio. Italy still needs to solve their striker problem and now find a long term replacement for Chiellini and Bonucci. That's Mancio's goal before the World Cup I think. *Now tipsy tipsy me goes to bed screaming FORZA ITALIA! WE DID IT 💙🇮🇹*
  7. I honestly don't even know what to say
  8. The Tempest is my favourite play.
  9. This is amazing. I was already planning on watching it! I don't have too many chapters left (11 or 12) but I can already say that Lonesome Dove is a book that sits in a unique place for me as a reader. I'm loving all the time and attention McMurtry can lavish on his characters without having things drag at all. These characters live and breathe and are all so real with so much depth. You even end up respecting the shit out of the Texan bull, those two pigs and Hell Bitch the horse haha I think it's probably America's version of The Odyssey and is beyond anything I could wish for ❤
  10. Haha I miss seeing Gigi Buffon belting his way through Fratelli d'Italia - always an international highlight.
  11. Knowing the Italians, any booing will probably be drown out by their singing in front of the camera on Sunday
  12. He chose the worst moment to distance himself from us though because our charity is probably one the best things we've ever done and it showed that bitching about a few songs every once in a while is just a little detail when you have a big heart.
  13. Deets' death in Lonesome Dove has got to be the saddest fictional deaths I've ever come across 😢
  14. I think we always exaggerate when we say that this place has a bad reputation. Are we really this very negative environment? I'd like to know what they talk about on their discord blink section every day and see the difference. I don't think our energy is so bad that people just take a look at these boards and think they should run away from us. And by the way, I'd rather have two new posters like Bagel and Depf over 20 new people who can't even take a joke.
  15. Italians are more technical in the midfield, but England have got the pace (both in defense and attack) and trickery to hurt Italy. Even without the obvious investment, Italy vs England is the game that should top a great tournament. Lovely stuff.
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