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  1. It was the best thing ever when I was 14/15 years old and it’s still a fucking great song. The Dude Ranch version is just perfect, what I really like about the Buddha version is Mark on the chorus.
  2. I figured that was the case, I asked around this morning and everyone told me they don’t want to go because festivals are too chaotic, but I can’t miss the chance to see blink play some new songs. The tickets won’t go on sale until the end of next week, if we decide to go, it would be awesome to get together!
  3. I know that the big festivals in the UK are usually in the countryside, can you get to the Reading festival easily by train/bus? I'm thinking about going, tickets go on sale on the 30th.
  4. Yeah it sucks. VAR has always its favourite, in this case it was Italy. Cristante was lucky because he was wearing his Italia kit on Monday, if he did that with Roma, it would be immediate penalty + red card lol
  5. You should listen to Cheshire front to back and consider it the real album that it is. If you want a mixtape of non-album songs though: 1. Zulu 2. Wrecked Him 3. 21 Days 4. Don't 5. Family Next Door (super underrated) 6. Better Days (super underrated) 7. Reebook Commercial 8. Marlboro Man 9. Alone (super underrated) 10. Girl Next Door
  6. Elisa

    OMT - Your Top 5

    Dance With Me Turpentine Anthem pt 3 Other Side Blink Wave
  7. same here, I just listened to it on my way to work this morning, it still goes hard ❤️
  8. Rubin comes off as a very likable guy who knows what blink is all about and he wanted to preserve that while working on OMT, but Ry-bread is so excited in this interview his voice and laugh get so high at times like those high pitch squeals that only dogs could hear.
  9. I just read the episode description and it says they do a deep dive track by track so I think I’m gonna have to listen to it tomorrow.
  10. English has no words to express how I feel. It was very ugly to watch. Can’t score one goal? Fucking useless team. Our midfield is a joke this year. Instead of playing football this is what both teams did to each other for 90 minutes:
  11. Derby day anxiety isn't for the weak 😂 Napoli just lost at home to Empoli, anything other than 3 points is unacceptable today.
  12. this one sounds weird as hell compared to cheshire cat's version, but the song is fantastic and tom was spreading some cool teenage wisdom depression's just a sarcastic state of mind & you think your words will work, they only work when you lay down and close your eyes
  13. Haha now that you say this, a core memory for me with Neighbourhoods was that it leaked two weeks before the release date, and the release date was also the beginning of fall semester, so I spent those last two weeks of summer driving to the beach every day for an early morning swim with the album in my car. I remember everyone was complaing about Neighbourhoods when it came out and the main criticism was that it sounded bad, but it always sounded huge from the subwoofer of my black fiat punto at the time 😂
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