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  1. Edit: he starts talking about AVA at the 66 minute mark
  2. Travis and Kourtney Kardashian have the same instagram vibe https://www.instagram.com/p/CNblbX0lHdB/?igshid=1fbi8t8owkqup
  3. I saved these for today and I really enjoyed Per Gessle, Veronica Maggio and Hakan Hellstorm in the background while I was working, thanks twenty!
  4. 2 years later and Kiss & Tell and Rebel Girl still sound great so let's have them on the album!
  5. Now most bands release 10-track albums and it's pretty rare to have an album where 10 songs out of 10 are perfect, I'd settle for 5 or 6 good songs (Rebel Girl and K&T included). And if there is just a tiny bit of the BCR and/or punk sound he's been hyping for years, that's a win. I don't really have any expectations, but this is the first time since I-Empire probably that he sat down and took his time to write an album - when he wrote the two LOVE albums and The Dream Walker he had a million other things going on in his life - so this still has the potential to be good.
  6. Jokke med Tourettes and The Aller Vaerste are so cool too! It's been a bad week at home, but I'm having fun listening to all this music stuff.
  7. @Depfyour driving playlist is fantastic, I love these songs! (Die Artze was the only band I already knew, I used to listen to them in high school, I forgot how cool they were!)
  8. thanks, now I have a lot of new music to listen to on this rainy day! ❤️
  9. Yes, I love that song! I've seen them play E20 Norr live a few times actually and it was so cool.
  10. I was only familiar with Millencolin and Yung Lean from Sweden, I'm really digging Karpe, B-Boy and Cezinando so far!
  11. Awesome! Thanks! I'll make a playlist with all their most streamed songs on Spotify and then I'll add all the other recommendations.
  12. Kinda off topic but it's cool to listen to non-english speaking bands/artists and I should do it more often, recommend me your favourite music in your native language, it doesn't matter the genre @twentytwenty @thongrider@Maddey @Depf @Thibaut182
  13. I actually think there is something so special about that kind of 90s New York hip hop sound, the beats and the flow work so well together to me.
  14. Extremely Hesh voice *now that's a hit!*
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