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  1. This is a very extreme comparison though, Skiba and Tom are just singers and they're not the first ones using a teleprompter. I understand that you don't like the fact that Tom is using it because he wrote those songs, but I know you don't like how Skiba sings or the mistakes he makes on guitar so you shouldn't want him to fuck up even further by singing the wrong lyrics. A teleprompter can only help.
  2. Using a teleprompter is a criticism I never understood.
  3. Elisa

    Nine Criticisms.

    I can't stand when Mark comes in, his voice has never sounded the way it sounds in Black Rain and it really ruins the song for me. I thought it would take me a couple of listens to get used to it but it still sounds bad & out of place.
  4. Same Logic was written by Vinnie on the TDAG sessions (he wrote the lyrics and every instrument on the song) but they thought it didn't fit the album. I don't think he was referring to JL's behaviours in the song though.
  5. Best Overall Song?: No Heart To Speak Of Best Chorus? Emo Shit / No Heart To Speak Of Best Verse?: Emo Shit Best Intro? First Time Best Production: I'm not really into Hungover You but but I like the crystal clear production Best Riff?: First Time Best Delivery? "sacrifice myself, leave me dead in the sun, put it on a shelf, leave it there for everyone to see" Best Bridge?: Emo Shit Best Travis?: GD Best Lyric?: "Lay you in the dark where we stumble in the mysteries, an opened book that you took and now I'm history"
  6. I was listening to No Heart To Speak Of two minutes ago and I nearly cried at my desk at work, so I had stop the song and move forward to Ransom 😢
  7. 21 Days / Does My Breath Smell? / A New Hope / Sometimes / Zulu / Love Is Dangerous / Time To Break Up / Fentoozler
  8. So is it just 8 songs as the blinkforeverandever guy said? Not even one from Nine?
  9. Wow. Rebel Girl + The Adventure sound amazing in that full set. @Nshesaid you should watch it.
  10. he promised he would take a picture with Tom and Jen at Thanksgiving 2018
  11. Dookie is timeless but Insomniac and Warning have stood the test of time to me and they're the albums I always put on whenever I want to listen to Green Day.
  12. Yeah, it's still a bit sad because they've been together since they were so young, but it was probably the right thing to do. Good luck to both of them.
  13. Someone posted the legal papers of Tom and Jen's divorce which was finalized on Sept 3rd. Now the picture was taken down on reddit and this thread may be taken down as well.
  14. Elisa

    2019 Tour Thread

    Have a great time Ry!!
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