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  1. Joseph Gilgun is amazing. So funny in Misfits and I absolutely loved him in This Is England (film and series)
  2. I was never capable of hating Ramsey. All I thought about was Simon from Misfits and he was so pure!
  3. Grade, Alvvays, The Weakerthans, PUP, Propagandhi, Mac Demarco, I Hate Sex.
  4. Was this one of the last times you saw blink back in the day, Davey?
  5. I'm at minute 28.00 now and he let it slip that his sister really pushed him to bring AVA back. Any thoughts about it?
  6. I'm listening/watching and it's a nice interview. You are too tragic. He doesn't sound as delusional and out of his mind as he was in every other interview of the last few years, does he? It's nice to see he's getting better. I also think he's fine without blink and he should keep things this way (until he's actually ready to be back, but it looks like he still has so much going on right now and blink is the last place he should be)
  7. Drogon being clever enough to understand that the real enemy was the throne is the most character development we've seen this season. He's the real hero. Plus Ghost and Drogon show more feelings than anyone else in the finale, and this says a lot about the acting lol 🙏🏻 it wasn't a great finale, but it was fine.
  8. Elisa

    Eurovision 2019

    Proper nasty hangover here ☝️ I feel like I've been hit in the head by a sledgehammer.
  9. Elisa

    Eurovision 2019

    Yes they did, 285 points. Netherlands only 53.
  10. Elisa

    Eurovision 2019

    Yes! but I didn't know it was her, I googled it haha
  11. Elisa

    Eurovision 2019

  12. Elisa

    Eurovision 2019

    Fucking corrupt ass jury. I think we can all agree Norway were the real winners.
  13. Elisa

    Eurovision 2019

    Go Scott 👊👊 I got to the point where I see everything blurred
  14. Elisa

    Eurovision 2019

    we're team Norway and Iceland here
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