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  1. Do it Davey! Someone's got to stop these narcissistic dumbasses.
  2. and Tom has finally found a really decent guitar tone
  3. I should say Milo Goes to College or Energy by Op. Ivy because they have always been my favourite albums growing up and still are but "The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me" is the epitome of nuance, the more I dig into it, the better it becomes even after all these years (despite what JL did)
  4. Oh, I just saw the lineup and it's terrible. It sucks that it's a festival, I don't care about any of those other bands either (except jimmy eat world)
  5. Go get your tickets mate! 💪
  6. They don't get enough "cred" because they have an ultra passionate female fanbase, but they're an insanely skilled rock band with a lot of creativity, lyrically and musically in general. Plus, they have been a positive influence for so many people, used their platform to speak out against suicide, drug abuse and other issues, which never hurts. I've always respected what they represented and them as a band.
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