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  1. Never forget when a cousin of Jennifer Delonge came here at some point for reasons I can't remember and said he would see Tom at the family gatherings on Christmas
  2. I hope Tom is invited to their real wedding this weekend but I doubt it
  3. In 2010 I got into ice hockey because my friend was a huge bruins fan. Every time we'd watch hockey, it'd be the Bruins and they even won the Stanley Cup in 2011 so I very quickly fell in love with them and have been following them for over 12 years now.
  4. apparently people who love give me one good reason, time to break up and don't tell me that it's over get all the hate on reddit, but those 3 are my favourite songs from TOYPAJ 🙌
  5. travis and the kardash just got married again after the unplanned wedding in vegas, but this was an intimate ceremony, then they're gonna have a big wedding in europe. how many times does one need to marry the same person?
  6. i'm here listening to lagwagon as we speak lol
  7. They see a few silhouettes and think "How mysterious! Stunning!"
  8. Rick is so cool for sure but the fact that he let Tom act the way he did in 2005 will always rub me the wrong way
  9. Welcome to the boards! Nice collection, seeing those magazines really make me feel nostalgic. We are a weird bunch but I assure you there are so many people out in the world who enjoy the songs with Skiba so I'd give them a listen!
  10. It's not a problem if he's no longer interested in writing music or touring but we can't defend the way he always asks for money. "Invest"?? Giving money to his company to keep it afloat is not investing. He sounds like he's trying to lure the more gullible fans into some fucking pyramid scheme.
  11. But imagine the stress of having to go on tour for a few months when you can just ask your fans to invest in your future ventures. And this way he doesn't have to use his money. I wonder what happened to that 1 million dollar donated by the fans in 2017 to build a spaceship that was supposed to be faster than light?
  12. Yeah, maybe it'll look ok as the b-movie it is, but you can already tell that it definitely doesn't give the vibe Tom was going for. Why does he even have to make more movies? He knows that no one cares and his fans just want music from him.
  13. This is nothing like I imagined. It's ny fault because I fell for it, but Tom has been talking for YEARS about how this movie was supposed to tap into the 80s latchkey kids culture of these California kids going on an adventure/surfing/listening to music and bumping into aliens (and I have a soft spot for those kind of stories) but this trailer is awful.
  14. I was so stoked the other week when I heard that podcast with Tom and of course now he's back acting like a con artist and grifter, I'm crushed.
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