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  1. i changed my vote to dysentery gary because i need to save dumpweed
  2. I loved it! I couldn't figure out 'hands up for the drop' though and I had to go through every album in my mind. Then I realized.
  3. This made me laugh far more than it should have. My life summed up in a sentence haha
  4. I agree. I think if there was just one of these factors maybe things wouldn't have gone the way they did. Very sad, maybe it he had got help it would have ended differently. I don't think any of those factors excuse the behaviour of course, but it's sad to see that maybe it didn't have to go that way for all families involved.
  5. Dysentery Gary. Dumpweed needs to win this.
  6. what's the reason behind voting for WMAA?
  7. That's awesome Reg, is there anything we can do to help? like cast a vote or something? Good luck pal!
  8. Someone asked him on Instagram: why did the sound guy put Tom's voice in the mix? And he said: I'm not the sound guy 😂
  9. Fucking amazing work thongy! I love all the songs ❤
  10. Adam's song Man O is great, but it shouldn't win this.
  11. This is such a wholesome cover Kay ❤
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