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  1. Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez have easily become my favourite unlikely comedic trio with Only Murders In The Building. Season 1 was such a chaotic and incredibly funny ride from start to finish.
  2. I don't think he will see this because he has left the boards, but you can hit him up on Instagram (@182newspod)
  3. yes, I thought it was so cool when I was younger, I still have a green t-shirt that I loved, but then I realised that all of the FSAS shirts were kinda white trash haha I read from some people who work for Famous that the brand is dead and now Travis is solely focused on his record label, DTA Records, and on https://www.barkerwellness.com/
  4. Another good thing that came out of this relationship is that Travis finally ditched Famous Stars and Straps.
  5. I'm neutral on Kim, I only know her because of Kanye, but last year I watched her interview with Letterman on Netflix and for someone who gets such a bad rep for who she is, she was kinda cool.
  6. I think there is also a Khloe Kardashian and 2 or 3 stepsisters and their names all start with the letter K
  7. LJG has a very old school idea of punk. That was probably her way to say that she can't stand this new wave of pop punk carried entirely by Travis.
  8. I heard many drummers say that as much as they love Travis, he modeled a super incorrect drumming posture that way too many people emulate and they eventually have to unlearn. I don't know if this is what LJG meant, but it's the only critique I've always heard regarding the way he plays.
  9. We really need some good drama. It's been too long now.
  10. MGK is literally the guy who said “I am weed” and made Megan Fox think "wow this is HOT, let's date". Now there's a big chance Travis and KK are a little bit better than that.
  11. I kinda remember that they actually spent a few hours arguing in a room once and after that Tom stopped talking to them. I always thought it was a backstage, but I'm sure Chris Shiflett knows more about their break up because blink and FF have the same manager. If he said that it happened in that studio, I think he probably heard it from the manager.
  12. I saw an interview with Chris Shiflett like 10 years ago where he was showing around a studio and he said "this the room where I auditioned for Foo Fighters but it's also known for being the room where blink-182 decided to break up in 2005" so random haha
  13. Magnificent is the roght word here. I used to be obsessed with his music between 2006 and 2009/10 and it would be the only thing I'd listen to for a whole day sometimes. I don't listen to it often at all anymore probably because I'm so tired out on it, but I'll always love Ludovico and his music.
  14. So Tom is a confirmed vanity-searching baby.
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