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  1. The US had possession of the ball, but no control of the game. You guys were tactically superior.
  2. I love this picture. Mark and Skye are a stunning power couple.
  3. That little buzz of excitement in October was one of the best things that has happened to us in recent years, I can't wait to have a whole album so that we can overanalyze the shit out of it. Even if the album is not great, they're working on it together, which is something we haven't had that since 2003, and I'm sure every song will have a sparkle of the blink we all love (see the prechorus riff in Edging). 2023 will be wild.
  4. What a moment for Korea. Superb run and pass by Sonny.
  5. Juice has always been a bop. I've always loved the line "if I'm shining, everybody gonna shine". The world would be a better place if everyone had this mentality. A rising tide lifts all ships.
  6. I just listened to Lizzo’s latest album and it was excellent with all those late 80s feel good vibes, funk and R&B influences and uplifting songs. When I was like 3 songs in, I already knew I was going to love it. It's just so good. And I’d rather have a tight 35 minutes of no skips than something longer with duds. Favorite tracks: About Damn Time, If You Love Me, 2 Be Loved, Everybody's Gay, The Sign. Hope that now you no longer feel like an ignored stepchild @Kay @heater
  7. I am not feeling any sort of buzz about today’s games.
  8. haha life would be so grim without some good music playing in the background
  9. yeah, terrible referring decision. If he touched Messi, it was with only a finger. Even the pen Argentina got against Saudi was not a pen let’s be honest
  10. Messi letting down his team with that penalty OMG
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