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  1. Not Now. I tend to associate certain songs to moments in life and it either ends up being a good or a bad thing. I love Not Now, but it always reminds me of the end of blink and it makes me so emotional & I just don't see it on the same level as Carousel, Feeling This, Pathetic or Dammit.
  2. Every time I look for you. Is it every time or everytime? I always thought every time should be two separate words, but a lot of people say everytime, help me @Patient #48273
  3. Every Time I Look For You
  4. Every Time I Look For You
  5. We'll vote for First Time tomorrow, Kay ❤
  6. Elisa

    The 1975

    I think there are some good songs in it, but it isn't very cohesive and sounds way more like a collection of songs
  7. I know, I love this song, they also got a bunch of heavier tracks this time around, the new album is amazing!
  8. I'm a broken record: the only thing that matters
  9. I've had the same problem with Netflix and films, but I've been listening to a lot of music during this lockdown. I can't wait to listen to the new 1975 album tomorrow.
  10. This album is insanely great!!! It's still on repeat.
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