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  1. It's absolutely a good sign because it's extremely difficult to turn high school kids into this kind of music nowadays. I'm very curious to see if this is just a trend or if it will lead to some kind of shift in mainstream music.
  2. Yeah, I don't hate it at all, a few days ago I also said that this album plays a very important role in music right now because young kids used to listen to just trap and hip hop before Tickets to My Downfall, while now are pretty open to check out more 'guitar music' because of MGK, and I am all for anything that creates new fans and gives more life to pop punk/punk rock.
  3. This album is nice but it's also a bunch of wanna be songs that try to be as good as Bloody Valentine but they don't quite achieve that. Title Track and Drunk Face are the other two good songs though. Other songs have some potential but they would probably stand out a little more if they didn't sound so similar. Having said that, Bloody Valentine is such a great song, it was also on my Spotify wrapped. @Diddy Faplord at this point I would either check the album or just let people enjoy what they enjoy. Have you ever listened to The Last Thing You Forget by Title Fight? That album to me is
  4. The emo trap sound is undeniably a wave that is growing among high school kids (it used to be just trap and hip-hop until a few years ago) and a mainstream artist like MGK making that kind of music is a consequence of that. It's absolutely worth talking about it in that sense, even if you didn't like the album. What's good to me is just that kids are listening to some guitar music and it's cool if this helps any type of music featuring the guitar and drums survive and possibly even prosper again.
  5. along these lines, I really like this Tigers Jaw song that came out last week:
  6. A few crime tv shows that I watched last month and that were solid: The Undoing, the first season of Little Big Lies and Defending Jacob.
  7. not really, but the other day on Instagram Travis said that a new album/new music is coming out this year, and Mark will be on Ry's podcast.
  8. This is one of the most touching moments in all of Twin Peaks.
  9. This is amazing Ry, I'm so stoked for you! ❤ I don't really have questions, I would just like to hear him going through each album/era of the band & I'm sure this has the potential to be Mark's best interview in years.
  10. Falling In Love with Robert De Niro & Meryl Streep is very nice, it's not specifically a Christmas film but there's a lot of Christmas in it because it's set a Christmas time.
  11. In primary school our english teacher used to make us watch the Snowman and Father Christmas every year, I don't know why but they always bring back such fond memories.
  12. I haven't seen Jingle All The Way in years, I watched it again last night and it's still a top tier Christmas movie for me.
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