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  1. touchdown boy, enthused, a new hope's bridge
  2. Bonzo Goes To Bitburg. It's probably my favourite song ever. I know a story about their haircuts. I heard an interview with their manager years ago and he was talking about how he hated their haircut too and said that one night he was with the band, they pulled into a gas station, and all four Ramones and him went into the store to bought some stuffs. Then the Ramones went back to the van but the manager was still in the store and an old woman approached him and said something like "sir, it's so kind of you to take these people out of the mental institution and watch over them" - all because of the haircut.
  3. I love them too. I read in Dee Dee's book that he hated that haircut but I think he rocked it. The others, not so much.
  4. Skiba himself says that he's a drummer first and then a guitarist because he was a drummer but went to get a few guitar lessons when he was starting Alkaline Trio. Also, Derek and Dan in Alkaline Trio are good guitarists, so for his own band, his skills are good enough. Now with blink he's singing songs he has nothing to do with because they were written by Tom for Tom, and this counts for the new music too. You can tell he has no influence whatsoever in what they're doing. Hell, none of the people they're making music with even care about Mark's vocal delivery since they're making all these songs out of his range and he's the face of the band.
  5. Speedo how can you hate Dee Dee's hair? He had the best hair. I loved when Joey and Marky were on Howard Stern and Joey said: "whatever Marky you're a wig man" or something like that
  6. Oliver's effort was actually well received by everyone here, I enjoyed the video the other day so I don't know understand why he's on this gloating spree now.
  7. I can't believe we are claiming that Skiba is a bad singer. Maybe I've always been blinded by my love for Alkaline Trio, but he's without a doubt the better singer in this battle with Oliver.
  8. Haha I did! I would be lying if I said I remember it well because it's been like 13 or 14 years since I saw it, but I remember that I liked it and that those two brothers were crazy. It was sad and ruthless but also hilarious. My teacher was so into this kind of stuffs. I'll watch it again this week if I find it somewhere. Was it filmed around your area? I love Billy Elliot ❤ I could watch it endlessly and never get bored of it.
  9. Our English teacher made us watch the coolest working-class british films from the 90s in high school when the class performed well on a test. We watched Twin Town, Billy Elliot, Meantime (with Tim Roth and Gary Oldman and it was great!), another one with Ewan Mcgregor where he was a miner and played in a band and some others I don't remember, but they were all good.
  10. I think these are mine: Taxi Driver Stand By Me The Godfather I & II Walk The Line Back To The Future Alpha Dog Dog Day Afternoon Eraserhead La Haine And anything by Tarantino
  11. I'm sorry I wasn't home to watch it live last night, but I just watched it now. It's great that you actually did it, Oliver, and I really appreciate the effort. I just wish the audio was a little better! My favourite song of your set was Voyeur, you were so good on that one 👊
  12. Heat was great @_Kyle_! From the diner scene, to the shootout, to the opening heist, to the final chase, all amazing! And I'm so not into action movies, but I loved this one.
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