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  1. oh yeah, I haven’t started season 2 right away either, it’s going to take me some time to recover from the first 6 episodes haha
  2. @Bucko we watched all season 1 of Save Me, you were right, it was great. So many twists and turns! And it's very realistic because these stories never have a happy ending. I hope season 2 is as good as season 1.
  3. I remember that, it was unreal. I think the fact that everyone used to be in love with Tom just caved into revisioned history when he started going cuckoo in 2006, but girls were really crazy about him at the time - and that's how I realised my crush didn't mean anything. I liked him, but it was just because I looked up to him and thought he was the shit and he was so punk rock, with his voice, his riffs, his style and everything. I wasn't really in love like the girls online or on TRL haha
  4. Unsolved Mysteries is coming back on Oct 19th! Hopefully these stories are creepier than the first 6 they covered in July.
  5. Mark was probably marketed as the cutest blink member in 1999, but all the girls had a crush on Tom according to 1) me and some of my friends, even though our crush was very mild 2) what I used to see online and 3) those messages that you sent in to TRL and they were played during the videos. Whenever there was a blink video on TRL, all the comments were always about Tom (at least in my country). Nails on a chalkboard: Patrick Stump's voice. The thing I appreciate about FOB though is the subtle hardcore influence on Take This To Your Grave because they took enough influence from ha
  6. Elisa


    amazing, I'll watch this later! I'm enjoying all the love the album is getting on its 25th anniversary. All these songs carry tremendous nostalgia, I love them so much.
  7. I googled it, Stephen Graham is in it so I'll watch it. He nails any role he does.
  8. people should stop throwing around the word pedophilia so lightly in general, regardless of what he might have said
  9. I don't think I have a favorite pop punk album this year, but the new Broadway Calls album (Sad in the City) is nice.
  10. "let me go get my 2005 black hoodie with pink stars on it and I'll bring pop punk back in 2020"
  11. I guess it depends on the band. LJG's album was self released; MGK can afford to release an album in 2020 because it's going to sell well no matter what and Weezer got postponed because they were going to tour the album on the big tour with Green Day and FOB, so it'll come out in time for that tour. As for Tom, I don't know. AVA is a very niche band, the album isn't even finished, so the label is just waiting until he will be able to tour. If there hadn't been a pandemic going on though, I think they would have pressed him to release it because it's taking him years to write 10/12 songs.
  12. you guys were right, I finally watched Knives Out and it was amazing!
  13. The music video for radiohead's "Just" is one of my favourite things. A perfect short film: the 90s, London, the man laying on the pavement with everyone asking him why he's laying there
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