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  1. _Kyle_

    DUNE 2020

    this better be good
  2. i think next week I will have beaten it. but my buddy wants me to do the dlc and I'm not sure if I will.
  3. im in crystal cave in dark souls btw. this game is so stupid
  4. I 100% sunshine back in 02 and it was fucking hard to find all those blue coins. still haunts me.
  5. yeah, I was like who the fuck is this. so confusing.
  6. Thank you Mark Hoppus. I'll never forget our erotic summers in Prague.
  7. yeah, I did not really enjoy the trailer. thought it basically felt like a retread of shitty gang/mafia action movies....
  8. I have. Some asshole named noobslayer came and killed me. It was confusing
  9. So I beat Blightown, and it wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be. However, the poisoning aspect of it is pretty annoying and the mosquito enemies were the worst I felt in terms of not being able to actually hit them. It was an interesting experience for sure. I got through the forest and got to the giant dog with a knife and I can't beat that. So I guess I'm just gonna cruise around and find something else to fight...
  10. I did beat the Capra Demon. Played it for hours just trying to not get slaughtered right away and eventually broke through (again, it seems almost arbitrary in the way of being able to bypass them) and got to the stairs where the dogs (this enemy is so goofy, it's comical) were able to be defeated. Now, I did get to the stairs a few times before it all worked out and I was successful in defeating that capra demon. poison resistance? I guess there's a ring for that. I have the blood resistance one...
  11. I actually just got to Blight and my friend said I shouldn't try to go into it, (he said there was something else to do before going, so he's trying to keep me from knowing everything which I appreciate) so now I'm just running around trying to see if there's anything I overtly missed.. I spent a lot of time getting into the catacombs and that was wrong my friends say (I guess it was as I was making slow progress but getting destroyed too). I know that now but it seemed way more logical than the path I ended up taking. I really was not getting it and the game kind of trains you to expect things to be hard, so I expected that to be the right way to go. The last thing I did was the bird egg thing that took me to get a ring which I finally got after beating two knights that were pretty difficult. The boss in that was not beatable seemingly so I gave up. I am now back at the firelink shrine and back looking for stuff to do. A lot of my friends say DS1 is rougher than the others and I should at least try DS3, which I might. Re-reading my post, I do wanna say I think the game is fun in it's own way and does a lot of things right. I do compare it to the likes of Ghouls and Goblins and Castlevania in terms of difficulty, where you might just want to resign yourself to fuck up constantly and just be happy when it does work out. It is pretty satisfying when you do progress but I always feel like it shouldn't have been that hard. I also developed a lot of what i would call imposter syndrome when I do beat something easily or what I consider not "right". Like I beat the gargoyles fairly quickly because of well, I'm not even entirely sure. I think I just got really lucky and got a lot of advantages. Thing just went my way. The Capra Demon was bullshit and basically played it until I didn't get destroyed in the first 10 seconds.
  12. It's not the worst, but yeah, I didn't really understand why it's still stuck at 30FPS. It's not a deal breaker at all, but it just seems odd? Here is a mini rant, Anyway, I don't know if I consider this game "fair" as I die a lot because the game is overt with how harsh and seemingly obtuse it can be. I get that it doesn't want to spell everything out to you, but I also feel like the game is literally just fucking with you. For example, a boss fight can come down to you just being up in its ass hacking away while dodging, blocking, etc, and using the game's own programming quirks against it. Well, they make it pretty clear they want you looking at some grotesque monster's nasty ass while you take advantage of this. That's one of the more overt thing i've witnessed. Also, the game is not great at telling you what is the logical direction you should go in. I find myself feeling like I waste more time trying to actually understand the game rather than playing it. It's not really that hard, it's just rhythm and knowing what to do, and knowing what to do is the only thing this has going for it in terms of actual difficulty. the actual fighting isn't really ... fun despite how "deep" the combat may be. I also think left in a vacuum, people wouldn't be into this game as it really does not spell out it's own mechanics very well or again, and again is very obtuse. After 20+ hours of playing it, I just started asking friends and looking up things to get me through. I kind of hate that. It's a game for gamers for sure but the kind that feels like they made it that way to give people who probably play too many games some kind of challenge. I know I am not saying anything remotely new, but the game seems to have a spell over a lot of people and I don't really get why. To each their own I guess... Also, I noticed some strange happenings. Like if I restart in certain places, the CPU will know I'm coming through a door randomly. Like 96% it will not notice me until I show myself but occasionally it is waiting for me and gets the upper hand. Why this is, I am not sure. Might just be the way the game is, but I found that funny, as if to say the game is tired you having the upper hand in this scenario.
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