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  1. ^blink took their typography too right?^
  2. I've been listening to a lot of CO and I haven't really been into his music for years now. I was going to go see him a few summers ago, but had a medical emergency and couldn't attend. I'd love to hear your thoughts on his post 2012 music career. I've been pretty passive on it, but the new album he put out this year is really great.
  3. Untitled Dude Ranch TOYPAJ Enema Neighborhoods Cheshire Buddha California
  4. for clarification, it's not a threat, it's a promise
  5. boxelder is the man and i'll murder any youtuber givin my boy guff
  6. _Kyle_

    Matrix 4!

    yeah 3 was a lot better, but not great or anything.
  7. well i'm glad you came around. MCR is deceptively amazing. i got into them right when three cheers came out. glad they actually toured with blink despite not being able to go.
  8. Travis apparently did say he was going to kill his ex. I think the police were called, etc.
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