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  1. anyone watch The Comeback? That was a good show.
  2. it is pretty funny when jerry drives by homeless people in one of those crazy cars.
  3. Frasier isn't exactly the wire, don't know why you guys needs Friends.
  4. yeah but it's a spin off of a show was is streets ahead of Friends. why the fuck is anyone watching Friends?
  5. those are pretty revealing. but damn try watching any older sitcom on tv and they speed it up and throw the comedy off. watching seinfeld on TBS or whatever is horrible.
  6. we know that because he's made it pretty clear, but he also defends her. it's pretty shit thing to do.
  7. isn't the issue he's dating someone who basically raped a minor? it's not the first time Matt has had bad company, like that one guy on I Found Away who was in pro white band or whatever.
  8. i enjoyed it and felt like it was worth watching. :shrug:
  9. why is chuck so mad? i mean, damn
  10. SWYA > TBC hard hard hard to pick though.
  11. honestly i was very very into STD until UTB, then the albums got less and less interesting lyrically and just kind of good enough... really don't think any album was bad but maybe the last one. it's just really weird.
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