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  1. they want our precious bodily fluids

  2. I love the National, and I am jealous. I tried to buy tickets to the see The National at the National but the tickets sold out. I went the day of to the ticket booth and they were gone fast. This was 2013 and I've been kicking myself ever since because how often is the band and the venue the same name?! Not sure if they ever came back...
  3. ^nice. yes, TM is a scam and I will never buy from them. not only do they charge you more ("fees"), they hold the good tickets to the credit card companies and VIP people who have no connection to the band, they are involved in the resell market, and game the system so you pay the most for less in what you're getting. it's bullshit and I'm thankful I don't care about most artists that do big venues.
  4. https://tonyortega.org/2020/01/22/cedric-bixler-zavala-blames-scientology-for-poisoned-dog-he-had-to-put-down-yesterday/ sadly T70sS is basically ruined for me because of Danny Masterson.
  5. skiba looked like a character from Twisted Metal or something...
  6. I think i'm pulling for the chiefs this SB. glad it's somewhat different this year
  7. yeahhhhh, this isn't great
  8. https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/478506-rem-considering-legal-action-against-trump-for-using-their-songs-at-rallies
  9. Dante from DMC is my guess.
  10. please watch this to understand why it is an utter travesty that they were not inducted immediately into the rock and roll hall of fame
  11. _Kyle_

    My first time thread

    Sounds right, during the mid 90s my sister signed up for one of CD clubs and got like 12 CDs for a penny, and was underage so she didn’t have to actually pay. Insane but hey we got Green Day’s Insomniac for basically free. https://youtube.com/watch?v=YRh8APmbjG8
  12. _Kyle_

    My first time thread

    I remember these and Disney still has them. no clue what they're actually called..
  13. Uncut Gems (2019) - B+ Ready of Not (2019) - C Marriage Story (2019) - A The Gift (2000) - B- a few movies I watched over the weekend..
  14. i guess, but at the same time I don't think modern mainstream radio is really anything but a way to promote bands that 99% of the time I have no interest in. it's basically for people who have no actual interest in music and are easily coerced into giving clear channel money.
  15. who listens to the radio?
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