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  1. I thought it was Hold On too. at least that's what the internet told me.
  2. same shoot/pose, different photo.
  3. dysentery gary is pretty dark
  4. we would not joke about this. this is serious.
  5. welcome to our blink boards! so how do you feel about the whopper?
  6. Maybe. I think Rick is kind of bullshitting them by saying it was "too dark". really, I think he just wanted them follow up the lightning in the bottle that was Enema of the State and to be as successful and safe as possible. So while that led to them constructing some very solid pop hits (Rock Show, First Date), it made them (Tom more so) feel creatively stifled and led to BCR and Untitled and eventually break up. Not entirely his fault, but it's interesting to think back on if TOYPAJ was more of a slump, would untitled have been a thing at all? It would certainly change the narrative.
  7. yeah my older sister did the columbia house thing and i got like 11 cds for a cent. all I can remember getting was getting stuff like Bush's Sixteen Stone, Green Day's Insomniac, and Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill. I think they called the house and my sister just told them she was 13 and what were they going to do about it.
  8. the cure being mentioned on the ALTPress cover is some nice foreshadowing.
  9. fuck you, tubi is awesome.
  10. I could see him doing a very similar Carson Daily type of show which was the post late show slot. hope he gets it and it’s good. would be surreal
  11. _Kyle_

    Maxim Mental

    i remember during the pandemic (I think) he and the entire family was going to isreal. like wtf. even if that was before, that ain't cheap right?
  12. never let you go was about you wasn't it?
  13. did he feel like valedictorian material???
  14. it was also announced that cobain had died 28 years ago. i feel old now.
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