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  1. yeah, it wasn't that interesting from what I remember. I got the vibe Shanna was just pilled up or tired from fucking all the time.
  2. back in the day when Cartoon Network would air shit like Wait Til Your Father Gets Home, that show where Gary Coleman was an angel, and O Canada. it was all pre-adult swim and they were really playing to the stoner crowd even back then.
  3. isn't the switch version better in terms of resolution and sound? I think I'm just done with BOTW. I played like 200 hours of it. Been playing MK11 though and it's pretty fun. I think the final blow mechanic is stupid and the gore is lame, but so well done.
  4. Hanson had like 3 or 4 hits in the 90s easily.
  5. Burnout 3 was the last one I played and it was brilliant.
  6. Remember when Eminem went almost double platinum in a week? Shit was crazy
  7. She was, and the country-lite sound that gave her first audience still bought albums rather than, you know, stole them. They were less computer literate and it was the very, very last part of the decade that people still bought albums ... to some degree. Her sales probably were less because she actually got more broad in sound but her live sales probably went crazy as she more mainstream and pop. It would be interesting to see sales of modern artists if they had the marketplace of the late 90s.
  8. im like 99% sure max martin is a time traveler who "wrote" all these hits.
  9. I’m like 7-8 episodes in and I’ll keep an eye out for this, lol
  10. my siblings gave me so much shit for liking NFG because of Jordan's vocals.
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