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  1. I think my estimation of Jerry Finn being the brains behind the band just went up. that's all I'll say.
  2. you've had sex? #wherethecuffs
  3. he's married. he hasn't had sex ... quite possibly ever.
  4. im very, very excited for whatever next system nintendo does. I just want backwards compatibility. i've got like 100+ switch games that I'd like to be able to carry over. my big guess as to what is coming from the direct that's dropping soon is Spring 24 is going to be the launch of the Switch 2 with a new Mario/Donkey Kong game. Metroid 4 is Holiday 24. Metroid 2 & 3 remastered is early and mid next year on Switch/Switch2 depending on what you have. F-Zero GX remaster is also a big guess from me. I would also love if they added Virtual Boy collection that allowed to you play the games in red or "recolored" versions that don't make you want to quite playing every after 20 minutes. Nothing indicates this would ever happen, but I think it would be an amazing idea and experience.
  5. i'm not sure, I remember the last one you needed to do certain things to unlock bonus characters like diddy kong, but he's absent here.
  6. i still play this on the regular and god does it need DLC.
  7. I mean this is cool but I don't think I'd listen to most of this stuff but once. but very cool for fans. weezer's b-sides for their 90s stuff is absolutely gold.
  8. yeah, it's the same with converse. ever see a band with the same brand shoes? odds are they wrote to the company.
  9. yes, that's what I mean by "or hurley". they just got clothes for free to wear and that was it.
  10. the same reason you don't have one I assume. it costs money and that money comes from your label who bill you for it.
  11. wouldn't be surprised if blink had stylists picking out their dickies and t-shirts back in the day. or hurley or whatever. they did have great style back in the 2000s though, well maybe not the late 00s.
  12. i was there last night and got buttfucked hard. I'm like 143 hours into this damn game and I don't think I'm even 50% done. so much shit to do.
  13. lol, I had a really similar experience. I rented it and didn't get very far and didn't understand why it wasn't more platformer-y. I thought the graphics were insane though, and even though I had seen screenshots of Mario 64. It really wasn't until Paper Mario that I was like, wait, this now makes sense and I get what I'm supposed to do. Games like Mega Man X I could wrap my head around, but not this.
  14. it's kind of blowing my mind you guys haven't played Super Mario RPG. That was the big game in 96 before the 64 dropped. Also just a very interesting collab too.
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