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  1. ^yeah, but that was only a movie, but it was good.
  2. also our very own Beth almost roomed with Mike Judge's daughter in college and she fucking went with someone else. apparently she didn't know who she was or who Mike Judge was. ugh ugh ugh
  3. Yeah, he got asked about it like 4-5 years ago and MTV just never cancelled it or asked for more episodes, so he didn't know if it was still going to continue on. I really liked the reboot and wish they would still just watch MTV and shit on it.
  4. Well the Jodie spinoff is apparently happening. No clue if that's why Daria is taking so long or if it's even in the works still, is what I was getting at. They really didn't specify that it was and so I was worried it got axed.
  5. I actually am more stoked B&B are coming back than Daria. Daria rules but it needs a very specific voice to work. Not sure if they could capture that again.
  6. I liked it but never loved it but is this actually coming to fruition? Daria hasn’t been talked about in years and that was supposed to be rebooted
  7. I remember FYE never had them because I checked constantly.
  8. eventually I just bit the bullet and got TMT&TS back in 06 from amazon in europe. but yeah, it was hard to find back in the day. I found one in a walmart around the time it was released and I'm pretty sure it was edited and held off buying it. so does the edited version exist? or am did I assume wrong?
  9. _Kyle_

    Perfect Albums

    Well then I don’t! It would literally just be my favorite albums. It’s the barometer I use to calculate such a thing. Jeez!
  10. Weird that Tom somehow beat them to the punch. That sneaky bastard.
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