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  1. Yeahhhhhhh. Jeez. I think I just remembered something I honestly haven't thought about in 15 years probably, wasn't there debate about division and multiplications being wrong in PEMDAS? It has ambiguity problems. I remember it being quite ironic in a way.
  2. i fucked up thinking the x was only a +, but did I still fuck up prof?
  3. drink is 10 burger is 5 fries is 2 so burger + fries x drink = 70
  4. _Kyle_

    Borat 2

    Not as good or well crafted as the first one but it was fun enough.
  5. Not really, unless him being terrible at the card game and a bad sport is anything christorical.
  6. It was an encounter I’ll never forget.
  7. would you believe me if I told you I played Chris-Chan in Pokemon TCG back in the 90s?
  8. my friend downloaded simpsons porn and put it with my stuff once. i randomly found it and was so very confused until he later asked about it.
  9. _Kyle_

    Borat 2

    wa wa wee wa
  10. god, let's see if I can remember.. Weezer - Teenage Dirtbag Blink 182 - Fat Lip Box Car Racer - (71 Gaps song) Blink 182 - Right Now Michael Jackson - Somebody's Watching Me The Beatles - Mrs Robinson System of a Down - The Legend of Zelda Weird Al - The Devil Went Down To Jamaica Green Day - Hash Pipe 3 Doors Down - basically all of creed's songs Rolling Stones - House of the Rising Sun Blink 182 - Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) Bob Marley - Bad Boys
  11. _Kyle_

    Borat 2

    i really just hope it isn't the same jokes over from the first one.
  12. Yeah, some are still huge even with the disc. Honestly, the cost of running the games doesn't even take in account the price to store them (even if it's just a few). Obviously it varies with games, but I figured I can at least give the games I have played to my friends, and it's only 100 bucks more, etc.
  13. yeah but wouldn't you be constantly deleting and loading games because of storage?
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