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  1. i think I heard someone talk about this once wayyyyyyyy back when and it was because Scott wasn't 18 yet? not sure if that even makes sense.
  2. rewatched the entire series (masterpiece) and now I'm ready for this dumb shit to ruin it. ☺️
  3. about to beat Metroid Dread, didn't start until Monday night. what a game. although I do hate the E.M.M.I. parts. they're bullshit.
  4. I earnestly like SM3 after watching it so maybe it is just a better version of it or I just don’t have the somewhat lofty expectations I did in 07. Also the film is a lot funnier than most people give it credit, and I think online references to it stand by that. I got to see it 3 times in theaters (all free and with different friends) and I liked it better every time. But yeah, tell us how you feel after watching.
  5. watch the producer's cut of Spider-Man 3 if you can.
  6. i fucking love the gamecube. fuckin a
  7. Nintendo wisely and quietly gave up on the Wii U 1-2 years after the release as it was surely a flop. Horrible console cycle for them, but yeah, it did have a lot of good games on it (mostly from Nintendo as usual). I think the switch has already sold 7x as many wii u's there were sold, which is wild.
  8. my dad thankfully never flicked me
  9. did pitt-man ever "flick" his children? that's so specific it has to be true...
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/sep/10/josh-homme-restraining-order-queens-of-the-stone-age-brody-dalle thought this was worth posting
  11. I think so now thinking about it. I think I posted about it in the redpill thread?
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