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  1. actually BOTW is my favorite zelda. so after BOTW and OoT I love MM the most
  2. I have yet to play it but no, a lot of people really like it. I myself feel the most emotionally connected to MM and it’s my favorite after OoT
  3. i was watching it and hell, even pikmin 4 is a farming game in a way
  4. saw the black phone and outside of one thing, I really liked it. it was basically that one specific thing that I just wish wasn’t in there. would have been scarier imo
  5. I remember mark mentioned on the UC2 that they didn’t really “get” Travis until 01 or whatever and I think that just was just how he was. Immediate fame is probably a mindfuck like that.
  6. i actually was gonna post that. i thought it was some odd song I had never heard back in 02 and it turned out to be a studio cover of billy idol was pretty great. another great mark and tom duet.
  7. hell yeah get those demos out. get mad dog paid.
  8. well, i wasn't saying it was but it was impressive considering.
  9. i dunno, i thought Coheed was a decent enough band. maybe the biggest crowd I saw at warped tour was them or either paramore.
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