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  1. I keep wanting to get Atari 50. Seems like a good amount of fun.
  2. I would try RE2 if you enjoyed RE4, as it's one of the most lauded along with RE4. I got RE3 waiting to be played and it's more action, so it's probably not super scary. Do these games actually scare you?
  3. i am a coward with resident evil. the newer ones anyway. very scary. takes me a few years to get up the gumption to play them. RE 2 was amazing though.
  4. you think they'll announce M4troid Prime next week proper?
  5. never got into those games. i beat kid dracula and damn that's a tough little game
  6. Yeah. But at this point I’d like them to redo it completely for whatever the next switch is. There’s a universe of things they can do with the franchise. heard this helps goldeneye friends
  7. i don't want to play the N64 games unless it's with the N64 controller. I guess that still stands with Goldeneye?
  8. Other M I haven't played, but I did like Star Fox Zero a lot. The controls are kind of cool, but also kind are a drag. The gimmick was obviously a no-go for so many people and I get why. It's a learning curve that if you're not willing to try (and I get why not) it's going to be unplayable. I think by this point Nintendo had just moved on and was willing to release it hoping people would get a kick out of it. Now, say they do it with VR. I could be into that.
  9. Well, I'm glad you made it on here. Maybe his is something @Dean can look into when they get a chance.
  10. This would be the first problem of this sort that I've heard about. Did it fall into the spam folder?
  11. got the sega genesis mini 2 and i'm having trouble finding something I really enjoy that I didn't already want to check out (Sonic CD, Splatterhouse 2, Crusader of Centry). still pretty neat though
  12. playing castlevania SOTN and yeah, I like slashing these dead dudes and having a fire hydrant of blood spew out of them. very relaxing
  13. yeah, i remember Dave Navarro mentioning that they broke up right before they announced it a few weeks later. I guess it was a hot rumor for a bit in the rock circles. Dave I think retracted it and said he wasn't sure, but it was literally the first time I had heard they even had a fight.
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