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  1. so is this the demo people claim to have, who have been lording over everyone with?
  2. my niece likes Hello Neighbor, but I've never played it. Yoshi and Kirby might be good.
  3. yeah, ghent, your daughter has to build the shop for it to happen. also that could be why people aren't showing up to your island.
  4. I watched the first three nightmare on elm street films last week. lots of fun 80s slasher fun. it's on VUDU if you wanna watch for free.
  5. like a lot of europeans, they just give the fuck up by the time they get to the end of the word.
  6. he's great except for that huge personality disorder thing.
  7. i still can't tell what's being said..
  8. A. Against Me! B. Ben Kweller C. Cat Power D. Days Away E. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes F. Fun. G. Gym Class Heroes H. House of Fools I. Interpol J. Jesse Lacey K. Katy Perry L. Let's Eat Grandma M. Mitski N. No Doubt O. Of Montreal P. Portugal. The Man Q. R. Rilo Kiley S. Silversun Pickups T. Talib Kweli U. V. Versus W. Weezer X. Y. Yeasayer Z.
  9. watched Greta on HBO. another great entry in the "that bitch is crazzzzzzy" canon
  10. is that still going on? I played it for like a year back in 2013 and stopped abruptly. never spent a dime
  11. this thread was a good read but man, I was on the money with this one jack.
  12. So was Taylor really the victim in all of this? Does @Ari need to give Mrs Swift an apology? Is she now vindicated? https://www.glamour.com/story/kim-kardashian-just-responded-to-taylor-swift-and-kanye-wests-resurfaced-famous-phone-call
  13. i remember watching the first one back in 07 and was astonished people like it...i do not get it.
  14. I think the idea from the label was that both Tom and Blink could do albums, but Tom was in no position to do both as he was so burned out (3 albums in 3 years and relentless touring) and in midst of an addiction while also settling down. Mark was also not keen on him being spread thin and probably felt betrayed by this "Tom Delonge Solo Project" deal. I think it overall just came to a head and it was done.
  15. good questions but also ask what was it like seeing Mark and Tom make out on the set of the I Miss You vid
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