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  1. wet hot american summer is the best parody movie
  2. i have no qualms with the type of music, even if this guys sucks (i'm sorry he does) and it really sickens me mark isn't addressing it. lame
  3. my grandmother used to watch Braves games every day, i think when you get to know the players and watch how they progress or falter is what is interesting. otherwise, i think TV used to be more boring and really thats why i used to watch them. now, nah
  4. https://people.com/celebrity/travis-barker-and-shanna-moakler-police-called-after-fight/ this along with the Australia thing is what Tom was upset by I believe.
  5. I'm pretty sure Tom apologized for BCR before they broke up the first time, after some fighting and whatnot, and everything was fine. Then Mark got antsy when Tom was seemingly going to do some solo project and that caused more fighting, which lead to the first break up. I'm not sure Tom wanted to do the reunion at all, and seemed OK with touring and maybe a reunion record. I think he honestly felt bad that they broke up and wanted to keep the friendship alive considering one just almost died. You could tell Tom was never going to make Blink the priority in his music life. The Tom firing Travis thing is kind of weird, but then again Travis was supposedly threatening his wife. If I did that, I'd be fired from my job honestly. Mark seemingly just let that one go by just fine, which is odd.
  6. i was surprised I liked it. wasn't really into MCR by the time it came out and was actually digging it, conception and all.
  7. chia like i shall grow might actually be my favorite, love the lyrics.
  8. I'm in the same boat. The weaker song to me is either WICGST or Admit It!, and I still like them.
  9. I actually like it fully until season 6, that’s when I saw signs of trouble. Otherwise seasons 1-5 are pretty good overall.
  10. there's like 50+ albums where I love just about every song or at least enjoy every song immensely. those are the favorites to me at least. none of that "well this beyonce albums has 6-7 AMAZING songs and the rest are meh let's put it in the top ten of the decade" bull. Hot Fuss by the Killers falls into perfect side a, decent side b category.
  11. i'm really digging 69 love songs right now though. fucking amazing album. insane it's literally 69 love songs...
  12. probably still my favorite album. Patrick Stickles of Titus Andronicus said it was the best pop punk album ever and I tend to agree.
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