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  1. AL and MGK are horrible. jesus people.
  2. I’m not on the Browns but I will try
  3. I’m rooting for the browns cause come on it’s the doggy team
  4. Them not adding to Super Mario Party is still surprising.
  5. Yes, season 3 definitely plays with your nostalgia and challenges it. It’s hard to digest that and wrestle with expectations we all have. Somehow, crazy as it all is, it works. also I recommend this: and they just released part 2 of their discussions on Season 3 and I’m really enjoying it.
  6. Trying to be vague because I think not knowing & just experiencing it pays off for the viewer. Also Sheryl Lee is pretty phenomenal in it. 🔥 🔥 🔥
  7. FWWM is like season 2’s ending but in movie form. Unfortunately people wanted to know what happened to Coop in it but it doesn’t do that. It also introduces characters and events that tie into season 3 themes of light and dark. Btw I loved season 3 and it does a lot of interesting things.
  8. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Twin-Peaks-Collection-Blu-ray-Region/dp/B01GRU59XE/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=fire+walk+with+me+blu+ray&qid=1610217939&sprefix=fire+walk+&sr=8-4 this might be the cheapest way but I understand if you don’t wanna invest in a box set. I really recommend it though as it’s a great value and FWWM is almost 3 hours long with all the missing pieces.
  9. i do kind of like that this place has been aching for an in-depth conversation with Mark and we might just get one where he shoots the shit and talks about guitars and video games.
  10. it's a slow burn release. keep adding shit and people keep promoting it and talking about it. I've been playing Hades and it has been kicking my ass. owie.
  11. Well we all know that it is me who mark jerks it to. Seems like a slow question to be honest.
  12. So .. you got nothing? Lol you’re the one going on and on about what has been asked to Mark, but yet can’t actually back up any of it. Slow slow slow.
  13. IMO, creating drama would be writing thinly veiled songs about someone struggling with addiction, or worse implying they were when they weren’t. I still contend it is an interesting/important part of blink history (especially with fans during the time) and Mark even wrote a hit song about it. It has also been 20+ years and maybe Mark would even be more open about it. Also just because Scott disputed their “answers” at the time quite a bit. It does suck places like blink Italia squeeze every little thing for content, but it also isn’t “toxic” because Mark doesn’t want to answer a somewhat uncom
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