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  1. Letters to God, And I, and Cat Like Thief are my go to songs .
  2. I actually watched the MTV album launch the other night, and started to feel nostalgic. Sad that those days are long gone.
  3. Home Improvement is my all time favorite show, have them all on dvd and watch them from time to time. Could watch that all day long. Other shows I still enjoy watching are The Office, Parks and Rec, That 70's show. Roseanne takes me back as well since my mom use to watch that. Also my grandmother used to love Golden Girls, and it comes on at like 11 here and sometimes me and the wife will watch it, and it brings back some memories of her. City Guys is another I remember watching. I know there is more I am forgetting.
  4. Yes Tom, we don't know what it is you are doing because you won't, can't tell us.
  5. Speaking of , I would love to see their reaction to this video
  6. Jesus Christ...dudes lost the plot
  7. I enjoy a bit of his music, but this is the first video and song that I remember hearing from him.
  8. Not in any order but here they are Dumpweed Enthused Don't Leave Me Mutt Man Overboard Easy Target Apple Shampoo Feeling This Wendy Clear Going Away to College Just missed the cut: Aliens Exist, Pathetic, Every time I look for you, Not Now, Kaleidoscope, Online Songs, Wasting Time
  9. Still enjoy it, but have not listened to it in some time now.
  10. He's got the Popeye look going
  11. Misery, Wildfire, 6/8, Hey I'm Sorry and Last Train Home are my go to songs off the Deluxe.
  12. Anthem, cant believe Dumpweed is getting votes, probably my favorite blink song.
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