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  1. Mark is on around 2:30:50 No album title yet. Good news, Endless Summer would have been a bad choice
  2. It‘s awesome to see them talking together again...at least on social media. Makes me even more excited for new blink, AVA and Simple Creatures. It‘s going to be a great summer!
  3. It‘s pretty cool that he also mentions blink. New AVA, new blink, they also kinda seem to be supportive of each other...it‘s going to be a great year!
  4. Also call me crazy, but I think the guitar / synths in the verses have some The Cure vibes...
  5. Gave it a few more listens with head phones, it‘s growing on me a lot. Matt really does shine on this song.
  6. It‘s pretty meh... I like Matt‘s voice and the verses at least. Sounds like a song you hear at Hollister!
  7. two more hours to go! still not sure if wanna listen to the new song at work or wait two more hours and listen at home in peace.
  8. Travis‘ comments on his Insta post. Haha
  9. So as we should get that song "sooner than we think", I thought I am already starting a new topic where we can share our hate or (who knows) love on the new song soon.
  10. Prefered Big Raccoon On My Street
  11. New website layout? https://www.blink182.com/
  12. I got a feeling we are getting the new song tomorrow. Or next Friday...
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