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  1. Loudernow

    Nine Criticisms.

    BIOMY really doesn't need to be on the record
  2. I think they sounded great, Matt's part at the end is missing though.
  3. Voted for On Some Emo Shit. It gave me classic blink vibes in a modern and fun way. My favorite song will probably change from time to time though.
  4. Crazy, but if somebody told me 24 hours ago that this record is that good and so many people (even on reddit) will enjoy it... Good times to be a blink fan!
  5. This is great! Stand out tracks for me after one listen are On some Emo Shit, Pin the Grenade and The First Time. Also, is it only me or are the already released song way better in context of the album? I wasnt a fan of IRWIHY so far, but I kinda start to digging it.
  6. all this makes me so excited! sucks I have to wait another 4 hours, work su...
  7. me too please! I'll send some Swiss chocolate in return
  8. I am pretty sure the band never claimed this record will sound like Untitled, more like it being totally different than anything they have ever done before. And sadly I think we are at least right to admit that this is true...they have never sounded so poppy and generic before.
  9. This could have actually have become a really great song if they just added some real instruments and less vocal effects. The best part of the song might be the bridge. Darkside is the only track of Nine so far I still listen to every now and then. I guess this record will not be for me unfortunately. I was totally into the idea of continue the band with Matt and liked California a lot. Such a shame and waste of time what the band has become in 2019...
  10. Exactly how I feel... also how in hell are they supposed to "play" this one live?
  11. this. Not a fan of this song
  12. Sounds like the chorus is going to be huge...but will probably be another let down.
  13. haha this sums it up perfectly!
  14. - New blink song in a week and new record in three weeks - New AVA song tomorrow - Blink seem to having a great time on tour and sounding great (based on the videos on youtube / instagram) - Tom is back playing music and sounding decent as far as I can tell - there seem to be no bad blood between them anymore - new SC songs (NVM is fucking great) In short, everybody seems to be doing what they like to do! good times to be alive
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