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  1. Well is it really? Until yesterday I have mostly only read positive feedback, people from this board seemed to have enjoyed it as well and based on the live videos they sound great.
  2. This! Even though I like BIOMY and Happy Days, I think the choruses are the weakest parts of the songs and very bland. The same also for songs such as Misery, No Future and some other Cali songs...
  3. Suprised by the mostly positive feedback on here
  4. Nice one. The second verse is great!
  5. Based on the videos I've seen and the setlist, there is really nothing to bitch about! I totally understand people who can't get into Matt and don't buy tickets to see them. But it is really lame to still shit on them. Time to move on and just be happy for them and the fans, who still enjoy them live in concert. I hope they will bring this tour over to Europe next summer!
  6. Need this leon light! They should add it to their merch
  7. Simple Creatures is playing at a festival in Austria on August 17th...that's probably why.
  8. I think it's a mix of everything: tour announcement rather short term, ticket prices, Lil Wayne, no new album out yet, EOTS without Tom...
  9. So Mark just posted a picture of the shooting location on his Instagram with the description GD. GD = Generational Divide? That would mean new song on Friday!
  10. Just heard BIOMY for the first time on Swiss radio. I don't think they have ever played any new blink songs since 2003 haha...
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