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  1. Full song is out here in Europe already. I think it‘s a great one. Catchy and fun. Out of the last features my favorite for sure!
  2. Great job @Ry-Bread! I really enjoyed listening and I think you have a perfect podcast voice to listen to. Keep it going, I will follow up for sure.
  3. I think they sounded great. I have also seen a video of BTD...best acoustic recording ot the song so far.
  4. This album is great so far! JEW just never dissapoints. Standout tracks after 2 listens: Criminal Energy, 555 and One Mil
  5. Cynical = The First Time Bored to Death > Happy Days She's Out of Her Mind < Heaven Los Angeles < Darkside Sober < Blame It On My Youth Built This Pool < Generational Divide No Future > Run Away HISALP < Black Rain Kings of the Weekend < I Really Wish I Hated You Teenage Satellites < Pin the Grenade Left Alone < No Heart To Speak Of Rabbit Hole < Ransom San Diego = On Some Emo Shit The Only Thing That Matters < Hungover You California > Remember to Forget Me Hey I'm Sorry > Out
  6. Wow this was such an interesting and honest read. Matt is just a really, really great dude! I might be wrong, but this also kinda confirms that if Tom will ever return Matt will step back and they will not continue as a 4-piece. I am hoping for at least another record with Matt. I really liked what the boys have done with NINE and I am already excited what they have in store in the near future. Also Tom seems happy doing AVA. Who knows, maybe Tom will be back for a final record or a final tour in a few years, but so long I am totally fine by the current situation. New music and tours by b
  7. The song is alright. I really like Matt's verse and the bridge part.
  8. something for our UK people! https://www.rocksound.tv/news/read/blink-182-have-announced-a-one-off-intimate-london-show
  9. No specific order Cynical Bored To Death No Future San Diego 6/8 Last Train Home Misery Darkside On Some Emo Shit No Heart To Speak Of Run Away The First Time
  10. Best Overall Song? On Some Emo Shit / No Heart To Speak Of Best Chorus? Run Away Best Verse? On Some Emo Shit Best Intro? The First Time Best Production? I really like all the production on this album Best Riff? The First Time Best Delivery? And I think one day...I’m gonna slip away!!! Best Bridge? Heaven Best Travis? Generational Divide...well he kills it on every song Best Lyric? No Heart To Speak Of Still like this album a lot after 10+ listenings...8/10
  11. BIOMY really doesn't need to be on the record
  12. I think they sounded great, Matt's part at the end is missing though.
  13. Voted for On Some Emo Shit. It gave me classic blink vibes in a modern and fun way. My favorite song will probably change from time to time though.
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