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  1. Full song is out here in Europe already. I think it‘s a great one. Catchy and fun. Out of the last features my favorite for sure!
  2. I think they sounded great. I have also seen a video of BTD...best acoustic recording ot the song so far.
  3. This album is great so far! JEW just never dissapoints. Standout tracks after 2 listens: Criminal Energy, 555 and One Mil
  4. Cynical = The First Time Bored to Death > Happy Days She's Out of Her Mind < Heaven Los Angeles < Darkside Sober < Blame It On My Youth Built This Pool < Generational Divide No Future > Run Away HISALP < Black Rain Kings of the Weekend < I Really Wish I Hated You Teenage Satellites < Pin the Grenade Left Alone < No Heart To Speak Of Rabbit Hole < Ransom San Diego = On Some Emo Shit The Only Thing That Matters < Hungover You California > Remember to Forget Me Hey I'm Sorry > Out Of My Head NINE 10 California 4 Even 2
  5. Wow this was such an interesting and honest read. Matt is just a really, really great dude! I might be wrong, but this also kinda confirms that if Tom will ever return Matt will step back and they will not continue as a 4-piece. I am hoping for at least another record with Matt. I really liked what the boys have done with NINE and I am already excited what they have in store in the near future. Also Tom seems happy doing AVA. Who knows, maybe Tom will be back for a final record or a final tour in a few years, but so long I am totally fine by the current situation. New music and tours by blink and AVA and the guys seems to be perfectly happy with how things are at the moment.
  6. The song is alright. I really like Matt's verse and the bridge part.
  7. something for our UK people! https://www.rocksound.tv/news/read/blink-182-have-announced-a-one-off-intimate-london-show
  8. No specific order Cynical Bored To Death No Future San Diego 6/8 Last Train Home Misery Darkside On Some Emo Shit No Heart To Speak Of Run Away The First Time
  9. Best Overall Song? On Some Emo Shit / No Heart To Speak Of Best Chorus? Run Away Best Verse? On Some Emo Shit Best Intro? The First Time Best Production? I really like all the production on this album Best Riff? The First Time Best Delivery? And I think one day...I’m gonna slip away!!! Best Bridge? Heaven Best Travis? Generational Divide...well he kills it on every song Best Lyric? No Heart To Speak Of Still like this album a lot after 10+ listenings...8/10
  10. BIOMY really doesn't need to be on the record
  11. I think they sounded great, Matt's part at the end is missing though.
  12. Voted for On Some Emo Shit. It gave me classic blink vibes in a modern and fun way. My favorite song will probably change from time to time though.
  13. Crazy, but if somebody told me 24 hours ago that this record is that good and so many people (even on reddit) will enjoy it... Good times to be a blink fan!
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