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  1. I could see 4chan getting involved if they made the top 9 songs like Blow Job, Family Reunion, Mother’s Day etc
  2. Underrated songs from each album?...hmmm Reebok Commercial Does My Breath Smell? Lemmings or Emo Don't know if Enema has an underrated song? Online Songs (probably highly rated though - they should play that live) Here's Your Letter Fighting The Gravity Only Thing that Matters
  3. yodda

    Nine Criticisms.

    I've never cared (even a little) to listen to his music. But he did narrate the first Robbie the Reindeer short - so he's okay in my book.
  4. yodda

    Nine Criticisms.

    Nailed it A lesser bonus track off of Louder Now or something but even that's selling Taking Back Sunday short.
  5. yodda

    Nine Criticisms.

    Yesss Let the hate consume you! Seriously though, not a California fan - but it holds up better than Nine.
  6. Album opener is good I'd stop listening after that...don't make the same mistake I did.
  7. ^Chuck Blame it on My Youth somewhere in that mix to freak people out.
  8. yodda

    Nine Criticisms.

    I used to confuse parts of M+M's and Wasting Time when I was getting into blink - they are kinda similar sounding
  9. yodda

    Nine Criticisms.

    People are getting really hung up about chord progressions in this thread They don't matter with blink - it's all about the melodies Tom even admitted at that AVA show he knew just one progression
  10. yodda

    Nine Criticisms.

    Cheshire Cat was the first album I ever bought Leave my Cheshire Cat alone! Why the fuck do you think you're right about every little thing that you saaaaaayyyy (ay ay)?
  11. Okay sure whatever You think Nine has more effective vocal harmonies then. Doesn't discount the fact there are harmonies present somewhere in literally every song on California (even Built This Pool [the best song on the album])
  12. I'm fairly certain every song on California had vocal harmonies at some point - whether they were well placed is subjective but there were lots of harmonies.
  13. yodda

    Nine Criticisms.

    I've probably given this thing close to 9 (heh hey!) listens by now glanced at it this morning intending to put it on and couldn't bring myself to do it - listening to it to find specific reasons to dislike it is even too much.
  14. yodda

    Nine Criticisms.

    Not exactly the same progressions but I was able to sing the chorus of Feeling This over Violence, Down, I Miss You and Go without it sounding weird. it's not a sleight against the record in anyway - the chord combinations are just all fairly familiar
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