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  1. The news I received from Dr Hal Puthoff is that the album release will conincide with the Tom Delonge lonely astronaut on Mars book, due for release December 5th 2019. It will be part of a special To The Stars campaign to fund Blinks rocket for the Mars show.
  2. I would love the Madrid job, but 95% of their fanbase are c*nts. They need a proper rebuild, solid players throughout the spine of the squad.
  3. I mean they're awful parents for leaving them on their own, I always thought 100% guiltty of killing her and covering up but now not so sure. What I am sure about is that they're neglectful arseholes. We're off to a place called Tossa de Mar, falls between Girona and Barcelona, I was hoping to get to go to a Barca game but unfortunately they are away that week :( .
  4. Where about in Spain you off too? Go there with the wife and son early May. Can’t wait for a break. I always thought the parents were guilty but the doc has changed my mind a bit to be fair.
  5. I enjoyed it for what it is, light hearted tv show. I didn't know he used to be a professional DJ!
  6. You’re so silly. They have already agreed the mars show. I did tell you all this months ago.
  7. Hear for yourself, it’s called Monday Morning https://m.soundcloud.com/markhoppus/monday-morning
  8. New Blink song up on Mark’s soundcloud. It’s probably my fave of all time, everything about it is beautiful. Got goosebumps when Tom started singing the chorus.
  9. Live about 5 miles away from Molineaux. Took the dog for a walk last night just before kick off and could hear the noise from the stadium singing Hi Ho Wolverhampton. I’m glad they won, they deserve to go on to win the cup now, beating both United and Liverpool. If they beat City too - that would be remarkable
  10. Either way it’s the parents neglect that led to her disappearance
  11. Every scene with Nigel Lyndsey is gold dust. Love the bloke.
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