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  1. Just another reason I'm glad I stopped caring about football. The only good thing about football is playing it. It's dead without fans, no real football fan wants this.
  2. I thought I'd be the only one lol. In all honesty the only other artists I listen to as regularly as Blink are Brian Fallon / Gaslight Anthem and Ludovico Einaudi 🤣🤣
  3. McLaren looked really tidy, so did Alpha Tauri and Yuki tbf though. Would be nice to see a number of different teams regularly getting podiums
  4. It does indeed. I just hope there is a genuine battle for the title this year!
  5. Do we all think Mercedes were sandbagging?
  6. Old Friend is one of my favourite songs. Out come the wolves is a banger.
  7. Yeah 100% always seems to be this time of year for me and again later in the year. The only one that I have done a mixed playlist for is Blink with Skiba, the rest of the albums I seem to go through binge cycles. Yeah man Dude Ranch is just the best, can always listen to that, isn't mood or season dependent
  8. I agree with all of this, but think Bayern player for player are probably the best in teh world imo
  9. Does anyone else go through cycles with albums? It seems to be around this time every year that I start binging on WYHSB. That album is the perfect album to listen to during the transition of winter into spring.
  10. So I actually have a Blink with Skiba playlist now and it's only 11 songs, Ransom massively grown on me the past 12 months: 1. Bored to Death 2. Darkside 3. No heart to speak of 4. San Diego 5. Pin the Grenade 6. Home is such a lonely place 7. Ransom 8. Heaven 9. Last Train Home 10. On some emo shit 11. Long lost feeling Last Train Home and Long Lost Feeling are 2 of my favourite songs at the minute, along with +44 album. I guess this just shows how low I am right now.
  11. Her dad's big and I've never seen his face.
  12. I love Pale Waves, while they're so similar to The 1975, I go through phases of loving and disliking the 1975 lol.
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