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  1. I feel sorry for him. Don't rate him, but no player should be booed like that. Frustrations should have been aimed at Emery. That being said, he shouldn't have threw his toys out the pram.
  2. I have intentionally not visited this section in a long time. Absolute trash, fans and players have given up on Emery.
  3. Always wondered what sort of tune Mark and Deryck Whibley could make. David Kennedy would have been great banter.
  4. IT'S TIME TO GO!!!!

  5. sober... but for you @yodda - No Future
  6. If you can hold off another 8 or so years, we might even get another Tom Blink song.
  7. I'm 25 minutes in. Will finish it tomorrow, sounds like an evil vindictive bitch.
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