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  1. This is such an odd spelling of BODMAS
  2. Genuinely haven't checked since the start of season.
  3. The only explanation I can offer is that Southgate was u21 manager, at the time Jack was out being a 19/20 year old lad enjoying himself on holiday. Either that or he's anti Irish.
  4. It was the ultimate Spursy thing to happen haha. I proper celebrated when Lanzini got the goal. Villa remind me of a bit of Leicesters title winning side. Decent starting XI that can cause problems to any team. They also have Craig Shakespeare as assistant now like Leicester did. Jack Grealish is mustard though. How none of the big clubs went in for him is beyond me.
  5. In my opinion he is your best midfielder. I have loved watching him at Ajax over the years, he's mega at finding pockets of space and his one touch play is outstanding.
  6. If what's being reported is true regarding van Dijk having a ruptured ACL then that blows the title race wide open. I hope it's not, as wouldn't wish injury on any player.
  7. Today's random songs that haven't heard for years:
  8. It's mega isn't it. Not started season 2 yet but it felt so intense haha!
  9. We watched this a couple weeks ago. Madness, I think it just scratched the surface of it all. It's disgusting he got a payout $40 mil payout. Disgrace.
  10. Gutted this happened for Bottas and not Lewis to spice it up haha! Same, Mclaren will be everyone's favourites from next season, to be fair I do like Carlos too.
  11. Ricky Zoom. What a show, the opening and end music is mega too. 8/10 would recommend
  12. It's awful management of him at both United and England. He genuinely does need a break from football. But he's also just not good enough for United or England. I can't believe he's your captain man. Someone on talksport actually hit the nail on the head. £80 million spent to replace Phil Jones with Phil Jones.
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