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  1. 😕 Says codes not long enough 🤷‍♂️
  2. well it's 9 weeks today so I don't get the 1 week countdown on that insta post haha
  3. Here's your proof you fuckers. @WimpyDrivesThroughHarlem
  4. Nope, was just announced on GMA. Also, thought Mark sounded really good on both BIOMY and BTD
  5. 6 years old, my first cassette was this single.
  6. Watched Spiderman Far From Home last night. Loved it.Tom Holland is the perfect Spiderman.
  7. Performer - HBK for me, amazing in ring story teller and for me the best ever. That feud with Jericho was phenomenal. I was just massively disappointed to find out what an arsehole he was, and that taints my opinion of him. Taker has to be in with a shout for his longevity.
  8. Haven't watched WWE in years, but most likely will watch AEW when it starts up. Went to a NJPW show late last year which was great.
  9. Guessing you never saw this either:
  10. Sorry I'm not attracted to Alabama Barker you big nonce.
  11. Fuck's sake. I was trying to get Scott to help him out.
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