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  1. My mate that's a ST holder at United said he's the only player this season that has completely controlled a game at OT and made their defence sweat. He's only 24 too, will only get better.
  2. I think all the top clubs are going to be interested at the end of the season. What a season he is having in such a poor side. Would love him at Arsenal, we are severely lacking goals from midfield and he would be an answer. How is he not getting in the England squads? Joke.
  3. Clearly none of you have took the seat off your own bikes.
  4. Enjoyed Fortys character, gonna have to rewatch in a few months. Was too good to watch only once.
  5. Did it not frustrate the hell out of you that they had informed Toronto police before he went on to kill someone? Absolute vile cunt
  6. This series would be Delilah, but Beck was something else man, unreal. I'm gagging for season 3 but the book hasn't even started yet, so I'm guessing it could end up being fan fiction like GOT, really hope not though. The last 4 episodes were insanely good and I did not see that twist coming at all.
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