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  1. Just watched unbelievable on netflix. Thought it was a great series, but again just makes you feel so frustrated at the laziness of police to follow up on things.
  2. I'm on tonight You know my hips don't lie And I'm starting to feel it's right All the attraction, the tension Don't you see, baby, this is perfection?
  3. Well, I guess this is growing up.
  4. Might be the blue balls talking mate.
  5. Absolute trash, can't stand it. I like Green Day as a live band, they put on an amazing show. But that's all for me. Dookie was peak, but I've never made it through a full album of theirs without turning off cause I've always found his voice boring and irritating after 30 mins.
  6. Please Take Me Home, on Boxing Day so I can play with my Snake Charmer. Ahh what a Long Lost Feeling. Shit, now I'm On Some Emo Shit cause Home Is Such A Lonely Place... I'm Sorry for my Aesthenia.
  7. what's the connection to Yoshi?
  8. Bucko

    Nine Criticisms.

    Yeah but they both are obsessed with the aliens! Imagine Robbie featuring on Angels and Airwaves.
  9. Bucko

    Nine Criticisms.

    I would like to see him have a conversation with Thomas Delonge
  10. Bucko

    Nine Criticisms.

    Still enjoying the album, but I found another criticism. Mark Hoppus is a Robbie Williams fan. He talks about singing Come Undone in Run Away.
  11. My gripe is there is no identity in the way we play anymore. Lampard has Chelsea playing a certain way and all the kids are on board. I will back Emery until the end of the season but he shouldn't get a new contract if no top 4. Ozil has to play though.
  12. Yeah this did piss me off lol. Was so obvious it was going to happen, we're arsenal ffs.
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