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  1. Yeah the video is amazing, but honestly I can't stand it. Not a fan.
  2. Well Blink with Tom, not Tom personally. BIOMY should win this, followed by Parking Lot. But First Date should have been bottom 5 minimum. Even Tom disrespects that song.
  3. Remember to forget me. 2 out of the bottom 3 are deserved. Unfortunately I think people on here are blinded by their love for Tom at times.
  4. Fucking hell. Just found out Matt cba with Blink anymore and has told Mark to write all the songs with Travis and Feldy. Even got Travis to sing on one of the songs. He's not even been arsed to listen to the mix I sent him.
  5. It's a shame Tom couldn't put more effort into Blink, but at the end of the day, if Sugababes can continue with no original members then Blink can continue with just Mark. Blink-182 = Sugababes.
  6. @Patient #48273 @Ghent can we stop these idiots bumping old threads?
  7. Does anyone know where I put my keys?
  8. Bucko

    Skate 3

    Yeah looking forward to both tbf. It has been years since I played a skate / THPS game
  9. Bucko

    Skate 3

    Just get the THPS remakes on Ps4? Can't wait. These games opened my eyes to so many new bands.
  10. It is, but it fails to mention what caused the tsunami. Was it an earthquake? or was it from the meteor impact?
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