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  1. Mad that since Fergie left United have only finished above arsenal 3 times, absolute shambles. Traore is a steaming pile of turd. I'm sure the only people that rate him are people that just play fifa, he doesn't have a footballers brain and turns up for 4 or 5 games a season. My dads been a season ticket holder at Molineux for a number of years now and the general consensus from wolves fans is that he's shit, no end product whatsoever.
  2. Happy 30th birthday

  3. I'd never heard of it until this morning, will give it a go. Thanks.
  4. I'm glad they didn't do this with Thomas Netherlands
  5. Pickford James Stones (?) Shaw Rice Bellingham Mount Saka Kane Foden
  6. Bucko

    And I

    Hey, link doesn't work, can you send another?
  7. Lol, how the turn tables.
  8. What it is to burn. Sensational. Feel the emo tears running down my eyes and my sore throat after screaming the song.
  9. tbf to Jan, the list holds up, because WMAA is 100% the greatest pop punk song of all time because it encapsulates the sound of pop punk. I will die on this hill.
  10. Lacazette's overall game has actually been at a high level since Auba left, summed up by how much better we are in attack and how many more chances we're creating. Sure his goal record has been diabolical this season, but his return to the team has been pivotal. If you look at strikers solely based on goals and not the systems and role they play in then that's where the issue lies. Ronaldo when he's not scoring offers very little, whereas strikers like Lacazette, Antonio etc can still be very effective when not scoring goals. I'm guessing you've only really watched MOTD highlights to come to your conclusions?
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