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  1. This season was a wet fart.
  2. United heavily linked with Will Grigg.
  3. Bucko

    Eurovision 2019

    Norway and Spain for me
  4. Bucko

    Eurovision 2019

    Tom comes out at the end, he’s the IS surprise entrant with his song To The Stars
  5. Bucko

    Eurovision 2019

    Sheridan Smith eat your heart out. This my fave so far. Eurovision is all about the shitty dance music, come on need more.
  6. Bucko

    Eurovision 2019

    Where are all the mentalists at?
  7. Bucko

    Eurovision 2019

    Just gone down. What have I missed?
  8. Bucko

    Eurovision 2019

    The nipper won’t go down, having a mare.
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