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  1. Actually think it would have made a mega Blink song.
  2. I can't tell you how disappointed I'm going to be if this one (timestamp 51secs) doesn't see the light of day. I was genuinely so excited when Tom posted on Insta, but it's that long ago now I don't see how it will be part of the new album. Genuinely think it was the best work from all of these posts.
  3. I'm really fortunate that my brother has managed to get us on the guest list for when they play in Birmingham. I've never seen them before but I'm really looking forward to it.
  4. Let's be alone together.
  5. Mark, you're the reason I love music and my inspiration to start playing music. Thank you for being an inspiration and hope you get well soon. Sending all the love and strength to you.
  6. As much as I'd love Tom in Blink again, I just don't think it ends well for any of them. I would rather them be friends and happy making their own music than be together and toxic.
  7. Unless we're chasing a game / into extra time the I don't see how Rashford gets minutes at all, especially on the left wing. Despite being relatively poor in spells of games, Sterling has made himself undroppable as he's our most reliable infront of goal in this tournament. Grealish is unbelievable and head and shoulders ahead of Rashford for me. Then you have the likes of Saka, Foden and Sancho on the right. I think Southgate was right to stick with Saka because he puts a shift in and draws fouls. Kane has been awful all tournament but he's captain and when he gets going he's arguably best in the world in his position, if he was to get injured I'd still rather have DCL lead the line as a striker over Rashford. This isn't FIFA. Pace isn't everything.
  8. Honestly this is a massive sucker punch. Genuinely just got a bit tearful. Anyone that knows me, knows that Blink are and always have been my favourite band. Their songs are the soundtracks to the best days of my life and lowest days of my life and Mark was the reason I started playing bass and in turn guitar. I would be lost without my guitars and I'd be lost without Blink as the soundtracks to my life. I've been incredibly lucky to see them play arenas and attend intimate shows like in Kingston. Mark comes across as one of the most humble guys in the world. On a number of occasions he's answered my questions on Twitch and he's so involved with fans on there and I think that's incredibly grounding when you look at how big Blink are and their popularity worldwide. He really is one of my biggest inspirations from my childhood and into adult life and I really hope he gets better soon. Love Mr Hoppus.
  9. What are we thinking of the season so far? I think it's been outstanding. Looking forward to this weekend too, looks like teams will have an interesting set up dilemma as it's predicted to be a dry quali and wet race.
  10. Donated. Great idea and a great cause.
  11. This is sad, hope he gets better ASAP. Love the Hoppus
  12. I can't stand how boring we are lol. I was so happy for Saka last night though. He's the shining light at arsenal and was proud for him to get his chance. I wouldn't be worried about dropping 90mil on Sancho. You've been desperate for a natural RW for years and he's extremely talented and seems to be a killer around the box. I think Saka got the nod because he is more clued up defensively, at United Sancho will have a very good defender behind him in AWB. England have Walker who always has a brain fart in him.
  13. I didn't even know a song by Angels and Airwaves called Dry Your Eyes existed lol. I went into it fully expecting this belter. https://youtu.be/PyHr-4SeILI
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