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  1. This was the last film I saw in the cinema when life was normal. It's outstanding. The cinematography for the opening 20 mins is out of this world
  2. Hey man @Scott., thought you'd like this...
  3. Perfection personified. Unbelievably it was Travis himself
  4. Absolutely binged the new EP over Christmas. Quarantine just really doesn't fit with the sequencing though. Favourite track has to be I Loathe You.
  5. Having just watched the f2 feature race. I think we might be in for a cracker tomorrow.
  6. What a crazy couple of days. George replacing Lewis this weekend. Jack Aitkin getting a chance! MSC back on the F1 grid next year 😍. I would absolutely love for George to win this weekend.
  7. My god. Still can't believe Grosjean walked out of that accident. This happens 5 years ago he's a gonner.
  8. I can't believe anyone can sit through a green day album and not get bored. Can't stand the sound of Billie Joe's voice, so irratating. It's a shame he loves the sound of it so much.
  9. Maradona has kicked it. Same age as my dad, shocking.
  10. Went through my old ipod yesterday. I went through a faze of loving this band 😂
  11. Bucko


    He can yeah but it's just frustrating as hell not knowing what's going on with him. Hate agents 😄
  12. Bucko


    I hope so but I have a gut feeling he's looking to experience somewhere new, I think if he wanted to stay he would have signed the extension by now.
  13. Bucko


    I think Holiday will prove a good acquisition for Bucko's Bucks, he's been pretty consistent over the last 3 seasons.
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