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  1. Spurs are notorious for getting decisions go their way. Also don't forget good old Conte has a history of match fixing and having refs on his books
  2. Yeah same, chelsea have made some odd signings and sales this window. They have no striker right now do they?
  3. Right now I'm listening to this classic.
  4. I barely ever listen to Neighbo(u)rhoods, I dunno what it is about it. There are a couple of songs I love on that album but I can't get past the silly spelling.
  5. If Spurs win the league / champions league then I don't know how I will cope. Conte is a top top manager. Can't believe United didn't go all out for him. I think Ten Hag is a good manager, but the club need to back him and allow him to make mistakes and build his own team with his identity. If United aren't gonna sign quality players then at least give a few kids a chance, fans are better off accepting a couple of seasons of 7th to 10th and then allowing them to flourish. I'm quietly optimistic about this season but I feel so uncomfortable seeing Partey represent the club.
  6. Never come back to this part of the forum. Thanks x
  7. Anyone want me to rap? Lift the mood a bit
  8. NINE was a solid album, I just don't play it enough. Darkside is the best Blink single post the first hiatus. The song that I really changed my opinion on is Ransom. I was not a fan when it first came out but I genuinely really like it now.
  9. My pants are off right now.
  10. I don't understand how it's a let down from the band. It's such an entitled attitude, when did any of them imply this was happening?
  11. It's the best song from standard Cali, cant believe they startes writing it in 2000 though.
  12. I mean I did tell you guys that I met with Tom yesterday. You will never learn.
  13. I like the discord, but the people that make everything about themselves on their properly irritate me.
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