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  1. Cheap Girls, The Smith Street Band, Japandroids
  2. My favorite song of theirs by a mile
  3. Thank you @daveyjonesand @wastingtime!
  4. Tony is back playing drums on this, yeah? I reckon that’s a big part of it
  5. How confident are you? Boxer shorts with beans confident?
  6. Can’t comment on the quality of Gotoh but I had a Spurzel lock up on me when a string broke and the pin wouldn’t release. I called the company at like 8pm and Bob Spurzel picked up, apparently he was working late in the shop, and he sent me a replacement tuner free of charge. That experience sold me on his company to the point I’ll evangelize for them any chance I get.
  7. Expanding on the songwriting, how has the process changed over the years? We know it started out very much in the bedroom with acoustic guitars, then turned into a band process, and now they've got outside writers and they work remotely. Why have there been those changes and what are his thoughts about how that reflects in the work? Where does he see it going in the future?
  8. I found the surf movie with the demo version of Josie mentioned in the chat. Song starts at 36:12
  9. At this point I'd rather have Alkaline Trio as a fully functioning band than the current situation with blink-182.0, regardless of their perceived popularity.
  10. Assuming relationships consist of two people that have a random 50/50 chance of being a cheater, neither partner is a cheater in 25% of relationships, 1 partner is a cheater in half of the relationships, and both partners are cheaters in 25% of the relationships.
  11. Broke his hand in a fight, if I remember.
  12. I've always wondered what's going on when the guitar part in the bridge in When I Was Young drops out randomly halfway through the beat. It's either the stupidest creative choice or someone fucked up. Did anyone listen to this thing before they put it out?
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