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  1. This MGK/Corey Taylor from Slipknot feud is pretty funny shit. I'm starting to think more and more that @FAPLORD was right and MGK is a bitch. Still making damn good pop punk though- thanks to Travis. So I will continue to enjoy the music side of it
  2. I think I've only heard 2 or 3 of their songs, the radio hits. They don't annoy me or excite me. I think it's one of those bands that is fashionable to hate on, like Nickelback back in the day. I'd join the party, but meh, there could be way worse getting played
  3. Ghent

    DUNE 2020

    It's the cool thing to do now. I like to keep up with the times
  4. Ghent

    DUNE 2020

    Up to 90% on RT, all the fan boys are in love. Doubled expectations overseas with 36 million dollar weekend. Let's h*ckin go. haven't been this pumped for a movie since TFA
  5. Lmao, wait, I have seen this before, long, long ago. Is it UC1? I’ve definitely seen this before, but the memory of it is mixing with the Riding In Vans With Boys bird shit incident.
  6. It’s the ultimate con. Look at me, I have the solutions to climate change, but they will cost you a fortune and the tech only kind of exists. Sign up now for a preorder and maybe you can go in debt for 30 years while I spend your money to try to die on Mars as an organic robot human guy. But yeah, um, fuck Bill Gates he’s a pedo! And also please invest all your money in “Dogecoin.” C’mon. NASA needs to cut ties ASAP.
  7. Elon Musk is a con artist. Fuck that guy.
  8. I didn't like Gamecube or Wii too much either tbh. The Switch has been a home run though
  9. Unless I'm forgetting something, Wii-U is the only Nintendo console of my lifetime that I didn't own.
  10. I'm racist against gingers, but besides that flaw I had fun with it. I think you would like it
  11. Sorry if this has been covered, but you didn't like Fallen Order?
  12. I've played Jedi Knight/Academy. I was a huge Star Wars Galaxies player back in the day. It is by far the best SW game ever made. Was a Sony MMORPG. An amazing game and overall experience but the developers ruined it over time and it folded. People are still playing it to this day on emulated servers A non-MMO version of that would be so awesome
  13. I hope the KOTOR remake is a top to bottom makeover, not just better graphics. Like Cheerios said, it feels a bit dated now. Not sure graphics alone would fix that. Is there still an open world SW game in development? I've been waiting so long for a GTA/Red Dead style SW game where you can just do whatever you want.
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