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  1. WMAA Fat Lip Lit-My Own Worst Enemy Basket Case Could delve into NFG, TBS, etc. but the songs aren't in the same tier as the above so I won't bother.
  2. Not sure I've given it a proper shout out. This album changed my life. TOYPAJ is honestly the high water mark of blink culture. While some of the subject material didn't age well into adulthood, it shouldn't take away from its legacy. This album perfected blink the brand and provided an identity for all sorts of kids to rally around. The defining album of pubescent Ghent.
  3. Lmao, good one. The shoe fits my little Tombot
  4. Rebel Girl is an embarrassment lol
  5. Pretty crazy that AVA's first single is still the best song the band has put out. It's the only song that has been even somewhat worthy of putting blink through all the shit that it did IMO.
  6. The Adventure got play on Top 40 radio around here. Heard it many times over a short period on local pop station over the air. I never heard Everything's Magic on the radio besides on niche alt stations like KROQ. Anecdotal, but I'd be pretty surprised if The Adventure wasn't their top radio song.
  7. Giving free Instagram Live Q&As while charging other poor fuckers for nothing. Wow.
  8. 😂 Are you calling yourself brain dead?
  9. lol oh, so it actually comes in the foil?
  10. So what is the actual album art? The astronaut foil idea is cool. But then I see this weird chick with 4 arms that looks dumb. Is that the art?
  11. https://tothestars.media/products/angels-and-airwaves-lifeforms-brooklyn-vegan-exclusive-lp Brooklyn Vegan exclusive!
  12. Same. The verse is just a bunch of annoying Tom sounds. Maybe that teaser was on to something
  13. Restless Souls has a nice catchy chorus. I like it quite a bit after two listens But the song is DOA because you have to listen to the verses. Starts the song on a bad note with very annoying vocals Mark and Travis could have done wonders with this one. Rejoin blink please! Thank you.
  14. Banger isn’t how I’d describe it but it’s a timeless summer song!
  15. Probably my least favorite pop song of all time lol
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