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  1. Somehow I haven't even heard this song until now lol. It's good, I could see it doing well
  2. What's weird is that everyone has started hearing this, but within the last couple weeks it has fallen completely off the charts. The Goody Grace blink song is charting at #25 now though
  3. surprised he didn't eat the skateboard tbf
  4. From blink-182 to "Poet Anderson"...Talk about a fall from grace
  5. Just because the NFL is trying to prevent permanent brain injuries and a few players have protested racial injustices does not mean that sports have become political or softened. But yeah, NASCAR drivers are badasses. Imagine wrecking normally at 200 MPH..I can't even imagine going 200 MPH.
  6. Is the little cube man you @daveyjones? Has always fascinated me. Like what in the hell is that? lol
  7. He could clear the Savannah after every meal

  8. Sorry for the weird thread, but I spent like an hour in a state of shock because I was pretty sure I just watched someone die live on TV. That or maybe paralyzed or something? The way they are keeping info locked down is odd. Leaving the Daytona 500 broadcast with Jeff Gordon in tears when they knew he was alive? I'm confused.
  9. 😳 I was watching this as it happened and wow. That does not look good. I got the vibe that he may have died as the broadcast went off air
  10. Ben Wah Balls, Just About Done, and Depends are all fantastic tunes.
  11. Drip Drip Drip...Goes the water!
  12. Mine was Chumbawamba-Tubthumper, but it was on cassette.
  13. Ghent

    182 News Podcast

    Could easily get Brandon Parkhurt from Kut U Up, I have him on Facebook and have talked to him before. Chris Cote would be cooler though, since he's already in the media business
  14. Just About Done is a masterpiece, you people are freaks. I vote Strings
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