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  1. Clarke is still probably farting out little Olivers this morning

  2. Ghent


    Yeah Lebron haters are clowns. They just hate him because of racial politics
  3. So he called her “Inuit Spice Girl” and a “Chubby Chinese lady” It's not that bad, but WHY? The public edgelord stuff is so corny. Howard Stern kind of invented the personality in the 90s and even he has retired it
  4. Yeah that's what I thought you meant about the publicity stunt suggestion.. fuck i have no idea what's going on
  5. So I thought I was to the Water Temple. Then played two hours last night and still not sure how close I am to it lol. This game is huge.
  6. Lol well that much is clear. I don't even know who the ugly fucker is though.
  7. He’s a solid 5 out of 10 maybe on a good day? She deserves better, wish she would just go lesbo
  8. Well I hadn't even heard of Ice Spice until this little controversy and I've now spent the afternoon listening to her and am stoked for this Karma remix lol
  9. @Patient #48273 So what is your opinion on her new BF controversy? Apparently he is kind of an edgelord, but not a true piece of shit, more like a blink online poster with a crude sense of humor? Seems overblown to me. My biggest issue is that the dude is ass fucking ugly. Why would she date him?
  10. Thanks! Good to hear from you, been a long time
  11. What's up 2point5?? I know I theoretically can do any of them. But I didn't know if I would get stuck at a certain boss fight or something annoying because I wasn't leveled up enough. I saw something about the Lightning Temple boss being really hard
  12. Man I'll probably stroke out and die if I get this song when I see her. Was the song that got me into her
  13. So I kind of accidentally ended up at the Water Temple first. Is this going to be ok or should I reroute to Wind Temple as Purah suggested?
  14. Ghent


    Not saying that
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