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  1. This would be hard for me to do because I listen to Dude Ranch and prior in terms of complete albums. Dating back to when I first got them on CD, I just don’t really pick out individual songs off of them. I listen to the whole thing start to finish. You could probably embarrass me as a blink fanboy, catching me not being able to identify song names even though I know every word.
  2. He took everything he learned from Feldmann and got even Feldier with it
  3. Sounds like you guys are missing ole Feldy
  4. The great thing about a Zelda movie for me is that it has no stakes or expectations. I can’t imagine that it could ruin the franchise for me as it’s fully entrenched. If it sucks, it will be ignored. If it’s good, it could open up a whole new world of Zelda. I’ve wanted it to happen for a long time now (since the IGN April Fools prank). But I don’t even know what I expect or want out of it? That seems like a good thing creatively. Also, the canon is so convoluted that they can essentially do whatever they want as long as it checks the main boxes.
  5. I mean it was still terrible. They never responded even with a canned “your package shows to be delivered har har” (correct) response
  6. Where is @Speedo?

    1. Patient #48273

      Patient #48273

      He mentioned a little while back on discord that he's taking his "annual hiatus" from the internet.

    2. Aaron Rubin No.1 Fan

      Aaron Rubin No.1 Fan

      he NeEds A TecHnoWogy BrEaK.

  7. I've listened to it so many times now it's more funny than anything. Had I found out like the day after the release I'd have been pissed. No clue how it happened. I had e-mailed customer service a few times only to be ghosted. Had chalked it up as a big rip off and was ready to bitch about it for years on here.
  8. Of course, she said she hadn't seen anything because she thought it was something else she ordered for my bday that was the same size/shape. Then when she opened it up to wrap it she realized it was the vinyl
  9. It's not my life dream that they win one weirdo. It's a pretty casual desire. Now can we not argue about it for the next three pages?
  10. So crazy update on this It turns out that the album actually was delivered to my house a week before it came out. I could have been the first leak online. No idea how or why. But it showed up and my wife got the mail and thought it was something unrelated she ordered for me for my birthday and put it in her closet. It delivered like 7-10 days before the album leaked. Verified via tracking and the postage info on the box. WTF
  11. I'd like blink to win one as it's the standard symbol of recognition for musicians. And blink is my favorite band. I don't know anything about, nor do I give a shit about the INTEGRITY of the Grammys lol
  12. I'd like to see blink win a Grammy some day. Or at least get a nomination besides California, they deserve it
  13. Ah, I didn't realize it didn't meet the deadline. I expected a rock album nomination. Maybe next year if they get another song to do anything on the charts
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