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  1. I think a 4 piece with Skiba on rhythm guitar and backup vocals (besides his songs of course) is a best case future scenario. Also provides insurance against Crazy Tom going MIA. They can easily keep the train moving with Skiba on board.
  2. If you don’t like Nine, you are a #fakefan

    1. Tombomb


      While generally I'd say that fans don't have to always like everything a band or artist puts out, I kinda have to agree (as an opinion, of course) with you. 

    2. Speedo


      Yeah, Ghent! Fans don't have to like everything a band does, you fucking piece of shit!

  3. Too bad all he would contribute is half-assed effort on a few songs, rake in touring cash, and disappear into crazy town again.
  4. So you haven't heard old blink or new blink, you simply exist to flick the bean to 2001 era Tom Delonge? Nice!
  5. I started getting mouthy with customer service about it, they were being unprofessional as fuck in their correspondence
  6. I still haven't got my DED vinyl, after they downgraded me from the black and white swirl to red.
  7. I will listen to both. I have a playlist of songs I listen to every year. Christmas Tree Farm by T-Swift may be the best though 🤘
  8. Not Another Christmas Song is great. Will listen to that many times every holiday season from here on out. Video is awesome too
  9. I have vivid memories of Enema and Americana sitting side by side in CD displays at big box stores. The covers always stood out
  10. Ghent

    Wet N' Gushy

    It is a meme used to represent laughing at something really stupid, such as an entire song about wet ass pussy.
  11. Ghent

    Wet N' Gushy

    There are people on these boards who respect this guy 😂
  12. Ghent

    Wet N' Gushy

    Me every time I hear this song
  13. Ghent

    Wet N' Gushy

    I've never had much of a boner for Kylie Jenner, but when she shows up in the video 😍 i get a WAP
  14. Ghent

    Wet N' Gushy

    🎵Swipe your nose like a credit card Hop on top, I wanna ride I do a kegel while it's inside🎵
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