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  1. Ghent

    2019 Tour Thread

    Just looked through those comments. Same bunch of mid 20s aging white racists melting down about them touring with Lil Wayne.
  2. Yeah have repeatedly said I want him back as long as he is mentally well and able to acknowledge his fuck ups, cons, and failures. Still years off from this based on his last turd of an interview
  3. Coconut water is delicious. So refreshing
  4. Remember when Tom was in the band and everyone on here complained that he was too drunk and an embarrassment on stage? Now it's considered "charm and energy" and is a highly sought after trait
  5. Ghent

    2019 Tour Thread

    Yeah, I love Kaleidoscope, but most of the audience would definitely go poop during that one. Maybe even sit on the toilet just to text or something because they're so bored.
  6. I'd rather have an active band that releases music than sell more novelty nostalgia tees at Hot Topic because they broke up in their prime.
  7. His emails to the Clinton campaign that leaked also included CC messages where they made fun of him and acknowledged that he was a crazy person
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