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  1. yeah it's from the original Thrawn trilogy! Ghent the slicer for Talon Karrde. I think I was going for an obscure SW reference that I didn't think anyone would ever get. But it was before the time where you could Google literally anything and figure out what it is. A Ghent google back then only showed a city in Belgium. I think after like 15 years you're the first person who has naturally figured that out. I wish I could offer you a prize lol
  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing Bombadil have his way with her tbf
  3. I thought you hated LOTR why would you care about this show to begin with?
  4. I can’t imagine this Amazon show going anywhere beyond a pair of tits here or there. Sex/sexualized nudity don’t mesh with LOTR vibes. Neither do politics or much of anything else GoT was centered on
  5. Besides being in the high fantasy genre, LOTR and GoT aren't really that comparable imo.
  6. Damn that's so weird because me and JARJAR were literally just in the middle of a LOTR discussion including this!
  7. I wish I could like his crab!
  8. Travis produced this one with Feldy, sorry if it's been posted! 🔥
  9. You'd rather just send a letter in the mail wouldn't you?
  10. But that tweet was ripped off of the following tweet, which also almost rips off @JarJarBlinks username
  11. It always weirds me out when I encounter the "always online" types that will respond to you INSTANTLY upon receiving a message. I'm from the era where its ok to let a message simmer for a few minutes (at least) before responding.. I mean you wouldn't want to look like a loser who has nothing better to do right? That mentality is long gone.
  12. Is it weird that I would honestly rather talk to Mark about Disneyland than blink lol? The things I'd like to know about blink he would never disclose anyway, so it would be a mostly fake conversation and the power dynamic would be uncomfortable. A super fan talking to the boss... sounds awkward and fake. One party (me) has to blatantly kiss ass and walk on thin ice not to say the wrong thing and the other party (Mark) has to pretend that the underling fanboy (me) is an equal. 🤢 I'd rather just hear his thoughts on the upcoming Toontown renovation
  13. Speaking of ole Tom Bombadil, I've read some rumors that he could show up in the Amazon LOTR series coming out. He's one of the only characters old enough to appear. Treebeard, Galadriel, Elrond, Sauron, Gandalf? Bust him out please, I need this
  14. I saw a lot of people melting down about the speeder bikes. I agree that they felt a bit out of place, but SW has already went there with the 1950s style greaser cafe scene in Episode 2 (Dex's Diner), so not completely out of nowhere. I didn't mind it. The Hutts, the Rancor, all the Jabba's Palace easter eggs, the Tusken lore, the crime syndicates...I'm here for that stuff 😍
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