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  1. this true @Donald Trump's Bulge?
  2. No it's just bad. On Some Emo Shit, on the other hand, is really good.
  3. Considering Tom lives in a tree house, I'd hazard to guess that Jen keeps custody of the kids lol.
  4. lol I did a quick search and there were pages and pages of people freaking out about Skiba using one, especially Jan. And now he's openly okay about Tom using one "because he's juggling multiple projects"
  5. Another click bait type article that Tom uses to pretend he has been vindicated of his insanity, but in reality, it's meaningless. You mean there are video of spacecraft that cannot be officially recognized by the US Navy? Shocking scenes!
  6. So you're saying you can't provide for your lady? What a beta.
  7. Parts of California are generic, the songs I don't like. Like No Future, Hey I'm Sorry for example. And I don't claim to love it, I have a deep undying love for it that is unbreakable.
  8. I'd say it's holding that spot for me too currently. Chorus is too generic. There are parts of the song that are great though
  9. I thought it sounded exactly like Justin Pierre..but it's probably just Skiba? Not sure
  10. We won't truly know if this album is good or not until the Brooklyn Vegan chimes in.
  11. Of course not a single tombot ever complained about Skiba using a teleprompter 🙄
  12. Tombots are the biggest hypocrites, never cease to amaze me
  13. I'm there for the bikini pics But care to address this teleprompter usage Champ? hahaha
  14. I really hope this is a troll post LOL
  15. bahahhahahahah. now this makes my day. @Lost>Oliver
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