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  1. Straight up amazing. Why oh why couldn’t that have been a movie trilogy? So fucking awesome but with a bigger budget would have been truly mind blowing. The only reason I can think of why it wouldn’t work is because it would mess with the order of the movies and be weird for the saga. Either way, that was so good and well done for television. Especially dealing with such sacred terrain. Could have been a major botch job. Really stays true to everything that came before and after. How cool was it to see Vader in full strength really for the first time ever?
  2. You should give them slightly different personalities, that would be fun Like I do with JarJar
  3. Ghent


    Lol what are you talking about Jan?
  4. Ghent


    More likely to be in a wheelchair than contributing to an NBA team
  5. Ghent


    Tatum a bum 😂
  6. Jurassic World- Dominion stunk. What a mediocre reboot. Seeing LIGHTYEAR tomorrow
  7. Ghent


    Doing Kobe cosplay and blabbing about Mamba Mentality, while choking hard in the Finals. These guys need to prove something before running their mouths. That's what's embarrassing.
  8. Ghent


    He's not the only one trying to co-opt the Kobe legacy. It's annoying in general. Dressing in matching Kobe outfits in Finals practices? Egh. Less talk and fluff, more results please. Kobe does not support playoff choking (Booker) and especially Finals Air Balls (Tator). Make me eat my shit talk
  9. Ghent


    Jayson Tator 🥔 done cranking air balls yet? For a guy who tries to channel Kobe and wears Tiger Woods shirts into the building, I expect more. I'm pretty sure he had 6 or more air balls in that game.
  10. Ghent


    A Celtics finals win would be Spurs dynasty level lameness. Go Warriors.
  11. And Starship Troopers is like a massive franchise compared to these dumb Tom books like 100 dorks worldwide have read
  12. He kept bragging about "meetings with execs at Disneyland" so I can only imagine what he thought was being cooked up lol
  13. We've been down this road before. Remember when there was going to be a Poet Anderson World at Disneyland? A tv show on history channel? There is 100% not going to be a movie made by legendary about "sekret machines." I also like that he's asking people to invest in something that HE just sold the rights to lmao I don't know anything about this, but is there a chance that movie studios buy up cheap IPs just in case something happens? "please stop e-mailing us and we will give you 10k for the rights to whatever this is"
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