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  1. I agree there. 16 year old me would not understand
  2. Yeah, I mean mentally healthy normal Tom would obviously be the #1 pick, but that doesn't exist. If Tom did play the shows he would sound terrible and make a mockery of the whole thing. I want to hear those songs live. I don't see why Tom is required to rejoin the band for that
  3. It's not Enema's fault Tom is a weird jackass now
  4. Sounds good! this comes out next week right?
  5. Think there is any chance Syrio Forel is alive?
  6. Yeah..in my head i was expecting like half of the season to be the Starks still together in Winterfell. But that is all busted after 2 episodes. Rob is rallied as King of the North in season 1? Did not remember all of that happening so quickly Ned has to be one of the most likeable tv characters to ever be killed off in the first season of a show (he's very likeable in the book too, so equally shocking). Even though this was my third time watching season 1, I was still shocked, pissed, and bummed when they kill him
  7. Just started binging this whole series again in preparation for the final season. Just ended season 1. It's crazy how much happens in just that one season. Insane amount of content for a tv show. love it
  8. WYHSB was the only proper single I recall. No It Isn't and Lycanthrope were both released free to fans before the album was out though
  9. nah man, new blink is awesome
  10. I don't see how it's a safe route. It's a big risk, just look at all the comments from aging pop punkers freaking out about it lol
  11. And how do you know what "being themselves" means exactly? Their sound has changed pretty drastically multiple times. They went from barebones pop punk, to polished mainstream MTV pop punk, to even glossier pop punk, to nearly emo post hardcore-ish rock, to spacey yodel jams, and back to polished pop punk on California. Are they not allowed to try something modern and work with new people and different influences if that's what they are feeling at this moment? The pop punk police thing is so tired.
  12. If the song is good I couldn't care less who they collaborated with. Completely irrelevant to me. I gave up my authentic hardcore punk purist tendencies in my early twenties. You're a Justin Bieber fan ffs, you should be stoked
  13. 30 year olds online, getting all pissed off about the /PUNK/ credibility of blink-182 producers. Amazing entertainment
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