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  1. Amazing work Mr. Coight. Oliver has risen.

  2. TOTTM, for example, could straight up be on TOYPAJ it is such a great throwback. And that's with Skiba singing and Skiba style lyrics.
  3. thanks!! glad you guys like it The finishing part is what I find hardest. Sometimes adding color takes away from the "hand carved" vibe. I'll post another pic when I'm done
  4. I’ve been dabbling in wood carving the last few months. This ones not done, but thought I would share
  5. I'd have to hear what he said, but I'm guessing it's not deserving of the "pedo" label.
  6. Fair enough, I'm just over people flippantly calling anyone they don't like a pedophile these days. It's weird
  7. So when she was 16 and he was 21? That doesn't quite strike me as deserving of pedo accusations.
  8. So I just googled this because I didn't feel like the timeline added up. Eminem's daughter, the only one who would be considered hot, is currently 24. The feud happened two years ago? So what is this pedo stuff you baked into that post?
  9. Fuck me, this is awesome. I'm pumped for Travis that he gets to be a part of this. Debuted at #1. A total genre resurgence. People who don't even know what pop punk is are listening to this and loving it. Kind of like we all stumbled on pop punk back in the day. We didn't seek it out, it came to us
  10. Who cares about some shitty AVA album, we've got that new MGK to listen to 🤘
  11. There was an Enema poster in the background of an awesome skit on SNL tonight about Tony Hawk/2020. Hard to explain but it was hilarious
  12. Ghent

    Borat 2

    Give me a mix of old and new and I will be happy. Very nice!!! How much??!!!
  13. Blink Italia is so lame. Guy is a fucking douche. It really bums me out that they are the main blink fan page. Ry-Bread is doing much better work. I hope it pays off in the end.
  14. Ghent

    Borat 2

    I am so pumped for this
  15. Who is this so called "yungblud"?
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