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  1. How bout that new Lady Gaga/Ariana Grande track? 🔥🔥🔥
  2. I'd like them to do a big budget animated series now that wasn't full of pointless filler episodes. Dive deep into a serialized story and stick with it.
  3. Ghent


    I loved it. Will probably watch it again I enjoyed reliving that era so much.
  4. Ghent


    Yeah, and it would be pointless to read without investing 100% attention to it. It's incredibly detailed and a bit hard to follow at first. I can't believe how many elements Star Wars borrowed from Dune. Had no idea.
  5. Ghent


    I'm about halfway through Dune by Frank Herbert. Really enjoying it. The movie should be awesome
  6. AOC isn't annoying. You just don't like her because she's a woman, she's smart, she's brown, and she's a scary liberal. Trumpers do not approve of such things
  7. Anyone ready to declare NINE a great blink album? It’s time to ball up and say it.
  8. Can’t write a song without his co-writer!
  9. Especially after he spent 10 years of his life trashing blink for being constrained by big record labels. Then he ends up getting bossed around by some tiny shit label. Classic
  10. Alkaline Trio is a pretty obscure, irrelevant band. Not meaning it as an insult. Just saying.
  11. JimmyEatBlink is a pretty sweet username

  12. That's not really surprising though, considering Tom is out of his mind. The fact that they interact with him at all is nice of them imo
  13. Wouldn't say they are putting on a show. They barely interact at all lol
  14. More Cali, more Nine, it's all way better than years and years of stalled progress and fake hype. If Tom isn't willing to fully commit in a studio with the guys on a regular basis then I'd rather he not come back. No projects in the background, no movies, no art projects, no fuckery to promote. Just blink for a couple years. Album and tour
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