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  1. I would like this sticker
  2. Watched Knives Out last night. Loved it!
  3. Would the latest Yoshi game be a good game for my daughter? If not, any other suggestions for a 1st grader on the Switch?
  4. Wish I would have known there would be a "main" player from the start. Doesn't really make sense
  5. That’s where I’m confused. My daughter is playing with me and they have offered her the chance to build the shop, but it hasn’t been offered to me. She’s a 1st grader so it’s pretty much lost on her. Do I need to take care of it on her account?
  6. Haha it’s so weird because I’m not bored playing it at all, but at the same time it feels like something should eventually change. No one has moved to my island yet though. I’ll keep plugging away and see what happens. Definitely seems like a 30 minutes a day type of game. My biggest form of excitement so far has been catching a couple sturgeon and cashing them in for $10k. Holla
  7. So I’m still going strong in Animal Crossing, but I do have to wonder, does anything actually happen? Lol I just got my second loan from that bastard Tom Nook. $198,000? Jesus
  8. We should submit something for blink online and try to get it on there!
  9. Harrison Ford Robert Duvall Robin Williams Tom Hanks Dick Van Dyke Matthew McCaughey That was six
  10. I’ve never been so into a show after the first season only to become so bored by the second season that I stop watching it altogether. I don’t know what to think. The first season was amazing. The second season was trash. Just don’t have the motivation to pick it up again. The show worked so well in the western setting mixed with futuristic tech/robotics. Once they moved away from that it tanked imo
  11. haha no shit?! i didn't know that. Garden City huh. Nice!
  12. I finished it last night. Great time.
  13. You think the world is run by reptile people and the illuminati
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