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  1. Not often I sit and listen to tv soundtracks on repeat but this one is just so ridiculously nice. Feels like my brain gets cleansed everytime I listen to it.
  2. I haven’t gotten very far yet but I already enjoy it sooo much more than Botw.
  3. Ouff, feel ya. Still hoping for some sort of happy/satisfying ending but it isn’t looking too promising haha
  4. Can’t believe it’s only one more ep left of Succession. Not ready to say goodbye yet 😡
  5. Same. Used them a bit with Botw because I was overwhelmed by the open world thing and was afraid to miss out on stuff. Feel different this time around.
  6. After a week of listening I do think it’s their strongest record yet. Such a nice balance between Chris and Tades voices on this. Love all the songs. I only skip Betty because it’s the saddest fucking thing and I never wanna listen to it ever again tbh. I have one issue with this band though and that’s their ridiculous song titles. «This song is called it’s called what’s it called»??? Like COME ON what’s the point
  7. I am so. in. love. with this band 😭
  8. I loooove it. Their stuff is such a perfect fit for my ears. On the first few listens I like the first track the best. I’ve only listened to it while driving so far and I’m looking forward to sit down and give it a proper listen.
  9. Waah can’t wait for tomorrow 😱
  10. I’ve loved lots of their stuff since teenage years. Got to see them live couple of years ago too and it was so much fun. Sad to hear the news
  11. Aw fuck that broke my heart a little 😢
  12. I first got seats for 50. Really wanted standing tickets but they got «sold out» immediately. Then more of them (front) got released for around 300, which was out of the question. Kept checking ticketmaster every day for a couple of weeks and ended up getting standing tickets for 100. The whole ticket situation still annoys the hell out of me; I’ve never experienced that with previous shows I’ve been to.
  13. I soo wanna check those spoilers but I’m not going to 125 hours+ apparently. Which is less than I thought!
  14. It looks sooo good 😱
  15. My immediate thoughts as well but it’s already grown on me lol. The music video is also gold.
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