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  1. I just want a new TSSF album 😢 ffs where is it
  2. Green Day - 21 st century breakdown Taylor Swift - Fearless Sum 41 - Underclass hero All time low - So wrong it’s right Owl City - Ocean Eyes The killers - Day & Age
  3. I’ll always love them anyway Still mad they’re not doing any Scandi shows on the upcoming tour. I’ll try to see them in Dublin this year I think
  4. Aw I only have the switch though
  5. I’ve been so slow to check out the new album properly, but listened thorugh it yesterday. It’s a bit meh to me overall but I really like Little Fires. And The Weatherman is one of their nicest song ever 🥹
  6. Sounds nice! The next game I’ll buy is going to be this one.
  7. I think it’s a solid album and enjoy it a lot. I still like the songs I did on the first listen. When we were young is the one that has grown on me the most. Dance with me still hasn’t grown on me though 😬
  8. My APPLE MUSIC list. Been a while since blink made it to my top 5.
  9. Maddey

    OMT - Your Top 5

    1. Turpentine 2. Blink Wave 3. Anthem pt 3 4. Bad News 5. More than you know When we were young has grown on me a lot lately as well but not enough to reach top 5
  10. I’m super stoked for that Zelda movie. It’d be cool if it’s done with fairly unknown actors.
  11. New one sounds like a Trilogy song Nothing wow about this one either but I like it better than the first one Also they announced tour dates but no Scandi shows 🥺 boo
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