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  1. How can you hate it so much if you haven’t even listened to it??
  2. I think my top five would be title track, drunkface, bloody valentine, ex’s best friend and all i know. I don’t think the lyrics are great but the songs are soo catchy. One of the albums I enjoyed the most from last year tbh.
  3. That was pretty fun to watch actually, thanks for sharing!
  4. Rediscovered this one yesterday and it feels so weird to listen to it again. Love it so much.
  5. I just finished A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. I didn’t know anything about it before I started reading but it turned out to be one of the most heart- and gut-wrenching things I’ve ever read. It’s been years since last time I felt this sad after finishing a book.
  6. I still like Folklore more but the new record is getting close. The songs just get better and better everytime I listen to them. Also, rumors has it that she’s already working on a third album in the same universe and that it’s meant to be a trilogy? Not sure what to believe but she hasn’t denied it
  7. I like it a lot actually. Very calming and delicate.
  8. Really?? How productive IS she
  9. The short clips sounds surprisingly promising. Wonder how long they’ve been working on this. Really looking forward to listen through the whole thing
  10. Hyped!! Now just hoping that the game itself will be as good as the trailers
  11. I still think they nailed it pretty good with FOAMF. It’s fresh and fun and has some really replay-able tunes. RevRad is also a nice record but it’s a bit too boring overall. Trilogy could have been awesome but had way too many fillers. But these new The Network ones are cool indeed, they somehow feel more genuine than lots of GDs other latest stuff. They probably feel a lot more free when they’re playing under another name.
  12. I’ve given them some more listens now, pretty fun to listen to. Is it Mike or Billie who’s singing on the Ivankkka one? edit: I hear/see it’s Billie now lol nvm
  13. I want to wait until the whole thing is out but I‘ve seen some clips of it. Looks pretty rad.
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