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  1. Maddey

    The 1975

    One of norway’s biggest media sites reviewed the album and called it an «advanced form of torture» lol, that’s brutal. On another note, they’re throwing a show here in November. I’m thinking about going if not Corona gets it cancelled. I’ve seen them live before but it has been ages. Anyone seen them live in recent years?
  2. Maddey

    The 1975

    Hasn’t he always been a bit like that? I mostly find it interesting to listen to him but I get what you mean
  3. Maddey

    The 1975

    Definitely not digging the new one. I like God Bless America and Too Shy, but that’s kind of it. Haven’t gotten through the entire thing yet but I’m not sure if I’ll bother doing it today. Still love them though.
  4. I don’t mind puzzles. I just think they are way too similiar, and I think the look of them is kind of boring (so far at least). Would enjoy them more if they were fewer and longer and if the «design» or whatever it’s called varied a bit. I’m aware that I could skip them but I want to follow the game properly even though I don’t enjoy doing them.
  5. Finally been able to play some Breath of the Wild now and god damn the Shrine quests are so annoying. I realize they're supposed to be fun but I mostly just hate them. There are wayyy too many.
  6. These guys have been one of my fav bands since high school, but I've found it so hard to listen to their songs after the passing of their frontman two years ago. Been having this on repeat for the last couple of days though. It makes me sad af but it's so beautiful it makes it kind of worth it anyway.
  7. I've been thinking about giving it a go, but also been a bit skeptical because I'm not too fond of the style. Is it like, a genuinely good game or do people mostly like it because of nostalgia?
  8. Finally got my Switch back yesterday after 3 weeks of repair service. It had been sent around to three different service places, but it turns out that none of them have done anything with it, so eventually it got sent back to my local shop without being fixed. Soo I had to hand it back in right away for another round, lol. Seems like this is going to take a while.
  9. Oh, cool. I haven't heard much of his music before; didn't know he made songs like this. This was quite nice!
  10. One of the best ones they've ever released imo!
  11. This is pop perfection. Love these guys 😭
  12. The most recent one is not my favorite but still glad he keeps doing this thing. The tour photos gave me a lil bit of a heartache though, not gonna lie.
  13. I didn't like it too much on the first listen. The beginning was nice, but it lost me quite quickly.
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