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  1. I’ve tried to give California a new chance several times but the songs are so annoying I give up midway everytime
  2. I just can’t stand P!atd. They won’t get my vote no matter who they’re up against
  3. I just can’t get over how perfect and calming this album is
  4. That whole album Peripheral Vision by Turnover is just so damn nice. Been replaying it nonstop the whole weekend. Can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before.
  5. I’ve had a real Knuckle Puck phase lately. They’re really hit or miss for me but the hits really hits lol. Copacetic is such a good album.
  6. Ariana Grande songs in general. Her voice just doesn’t click with me and the songs are so annoying
  7. I checked them out a bit and you’re right. Didn’t find anything else of interest. Too bad but the song was nice anyway
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