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  1. I really hope Madrid never signs him. I don't care if he goes to Barcelona or Man United in 3 years. I don't want this guy in Madrid. Vini might turn out to be just as good and has the right mentality.
  2. Man I just hope the rumors that Zidane will be the new coach aren't true. I don't give a fuck about Mbappe the clown, but Zizou being their coach would hurt.
  3. I was watching Varane every week. I told you he's finished.
  4. I love blink, I love green day, I love the beatles, but no. Its just completely different music and can't be compared.
  5. I agree we shouldn't reach any conclusions before everything is out but usually, 9 out of 10 cases, it's always the rich famous man that thinks he owns the world and the people around him that is in the wrong in these situations.
  6. Nah man I never meant that. I just replied to posts comparing Madrid to inter and barca. This situation has had an impact on all teams in the world besides the two that don't follow any rules City and PSG.
  7. Every team is "in dept" one way or another this doesn't mean much. Have you seen the projected revenue of the new Bernabeu? Madrid actually closed last year on the positive side https://www.realmadrid.com/en/news/2021/07/14/real-madrid-c-f-closes-the-2020/21-financial-year-with-a-positive-result-of-874000-euros
  8. No its not. Yeah I've seen a lot of British sources putting Madrid in the same boat as barca but that's definitely not the case. Anyways I get the bluff point and it might be valid but the funds for Mbappe have been ready for this exact moment for years now. Look how much money Madrid made from transfers in the last years and they didn't spend any of that. The only summer madrid spent money in the last 5 years was the one they brought Hazard, Mendy and Jovic on.
  9. What I don't get is how you get the information about madrid being in such a shit hole economically. You can do your research and see that this is not the truth.
  10. I like Cristiano in general and I prefer a move to United way more than one in City which would look very hypocritical imo. It's still very funny to watch United fans calling this Cristiano coming home after he demanded to leave at 23 to play his best football until 32 in Madrid and even now if you watched the news closely at first he wanted to go to PSG but they got Messi, then tried to reach back to Madrid and found the door close, and now after all the shitstorm with City came back as a last option to United. I guess that's the difference. Madrid is going after 23 year old Cristiano and Mbappe while others are good with 35 year old Cristiano, Messi and Ramos.
  11. Yeah none, only the top young prospect in the world. Anyways the narrative was that Madrid is screwed economically and some even compared to barca and inter and like I said before this is not the case if you do your research and it shows.
  12. Psg and city are run by countries. I hope people that were against the super league since it was "ruining football" are happy with what's going on with psg and city. Told you guys so a few pages back. You shouldn't put Madrid next to what's happening to Barca and Inter.
  13. You really shouldn't put Madrid in the same category as those completely finished financially teams.
  14. He played a lot last year and he was excellent really. Since January Ramos only played like 3 games or something. Militao was the best defender in the team last year. Now will this continue by pairing him with Alaba or Nacho or whatever? I don't know. At the end of the day Madrid tried to extend both the players and they decided they either needed a new challenge or to be greedy. So what can you do if a player doesn't want to stay? It's the same case with Odegaard reports now coming out of him wanting to return to Arsenal. You don't want to keep a player that doesn't want to stay. That transfer really backfired. Who would have thought though? Hazard had no injuries in his whole career and now he's basically a former player.
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