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  1. To this point I believe I'm the only blink fan that likes yela verse on plg. Probably since I already listened to the dude before he was featured in blink and always enjoyed his music. i don't see how Uzi would work with blink though. Plus in todays music industry he's probably too big to collab with blink.
  2. If i was Liverpool I'd pick the champions league anyway! I know you guys love your premier league but ucl is what made Liverpool the huge club they are.
  3. I've called liverpool winning it since August.
  4. petros


    Pg was obviously not healthy couldn't make open shots. Considering how we made a record of the worst 3pt shooting in the play offs for teams taking 30 or more shots and how close this game was I still have my hopes up.
  5. petros


    Yeah curry is scary when he gets going. He has proven he can shrink sometimes in the big occasions though. Watched all the games except from the spurs win which was the one I wanted to watch more but was too late here. Hope nets keep playing like they did and win the series fucking sixers suck. Simons is the most overatted player in the league and it's not even close. He's stayed stable no improvement at all this year. Embiid is a joke I never liked him. Checking phones in the bench smh. Anyway today we play the Blazers in game one. Pg is questionable. It's okay we might lose that game I prefer resting pg and have him as close to 100% from game 2 and after than risking a worse kind of injury.
  6. petros


    So everything I asked for happened last night! Now we're up against the Blazers which apparently won without their starters to play us. I don't know why would the blazers want to draw against us first round but I actually like our chances! On the other match ups I think I've got the obvious to win. Warriors, Rockets, Nuggets, Bucks, Celtics, Sixers and Raptors. I think the only team that could prove me wrong are the Thunder. They are a team that could beat anybody on a good night but at the same time lose at like the Memphis or the mavericks without doncic(true stories). I hate that
  7. petros


    We have to win today. Then we'll play the rockets or blazers on the first round and probably nuggets if we actually managed to win the series in the second. With PG out I want an mvp performance by russ and ferguson, shroder to step up. They are the too most inconsistent. All we need from ferguson is like 3-4 three pointers per game and make his free throws. Shroder needs to shoot less when his shot isn't falling. Sometimes he seems like a second Westbrook when his shot is off. And I can live or die from westbrook and his greatness but not fucking shroder please. You're a pg if shots aren't falling make plays.
  8. Man you guys like Deulofeu? From what I've seen from him in barca he couldn't stand at the top level. Maybe he fits better in england of course. Just like Bale when we get rid of him this summer I hope he stays healthy and proves he can be world class in Premier League.
  9. The dislike in blink's music in California and the deluxe album has shifted people to actually miss Tom but if you go back to the days when he was still in the band and was obvious he didn't wanna be there, treated his bandmates, his fans and people working for blink in general like shit, didn't put actual effort in anything blink related people were calling him out. And then it actually proved to be true from the mouths of mark and travis. And everyone hated him even more. Then Cali dropped, core fans hated the direction and started loving neighborhoods which before was received as the worst blink album (now I read people saying it's better than toypaj) and "respect" Tom for having the balls to do what he loves. Have you noticed how the narrative changed into "i left a huge rock band to do this crazy thing" from "i never left, I own this band, i can come back whenever i want, i let them do their thing"? And people actually fall for it. No he didn't leave the huge rock band blink is to do what he loves. He was kicked out of it because Mark and Travis couldn't stand his shit anymore.
  10. petros


    I will never understand how people say Russ only cares about stats. There isn't another guy in the whole nba that plays even close with the same intensity and passion like he does yet he's still probably the most hated nba player after lebron(which is the most loved too but since he's the most famous one that's logical) The team has been horrible since the all star break. It's not just the loses it's they way we lose. I'm always the one being patient with coaches and don't blame them for everything going wrong when a team is straggling since they are the easy target but Billy Donovan needs to go. He's had exceptional talent if you don't count the Russ mvp year(favorite single player performance ever will always love Russ for the way he played that year) and still he can't make his guys play some actual basketball. Iso play after iso play. We didn't play like this from oct to feb so we can surely be better. Look at what happened to the Bucks when they got an actual coach.
  11. On first listen I loved the EP. Already was excited about it since really liking the first two songs that where released.
  12. For real my apologies for the wrong spelling I was walking while typing that post didn't bother to be careful with spelling. Well it happened again and again it can't be luck. We had the better team and deserved all those wins. We can call it luck we can call it the heart of champions or whatever the fact of the matter is this team won 4 trophies in 5 years something almost all clubs haven't done in their entire history. And you're absolutely right about these players not being able to step up this year though I'm not saying the team is fine right now. I'm saying that with some good signings it will get better. We don't need a whole rebuild like bayern or barcelona(especially after messi slows down) or united after Ferguson left. The pieces are already there. Two or three good signings and the team is back at top level. So no shitty years ahead for Real Madrid fans as you hoped sorry
  13. Ronaldo never said anything directly to anyone neither named a different team. If real madrid wanted to keep him they would. Lucky champion leagues when it's 4 in 5 years and never done before do you even listen to yourself? Shit times? Well we have reguilon, asensio, isco, vinicious, cortois and navas, carvajal, kroos, casemiro, varane. All top class players still in their primes or young talent that can be top in a few years. I think we're pretty fine man, one bad year after 5 years of dominating everyone in europe isn't that bad. The only valid point you did make though is that he probably says that to get a bigger contract. Still no madrid player now would say something like that and still be in the team.
  14. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2826808-paul-pogba-says-its-a-dream-to-play-for-zinedine-zidane-at-real-madrid Imagine a Real Madrid player saying it would be a dream to play somewhere else And you guys worship that dude. I really didn't like the fact that when Mourinho was there he didn't bother and right after he left he became the player he can be. Plus talking like that when you're on a huge club like united is not right. This would have never been acceptable in real madrid.
  15. Ah ok. Well tbh I don't think the general audience knows any green day songs after American idiot other than Know your enemy and 21 guns.
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