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  1. Arsenal and Spurs did some pretty good moves. City and Liverpool are really strong. It would be a disaster but how can united play in the next year's champions league? Fucking owners man. They suck treating a huge club like that.
  2. I just don't get it. Why is one of the richest club in sports managed like that?
  3. Dybala to united would be huge. Hope it happens. The dude gets benched in juve. He will be great starting for United. Have other Argentinians made it in premier league though?
  4. Why would Juve sell that type of special talent though? Has he asked out? I really don't get it.
  5. Yeah I don't think united would accept that but who knows.
  6. It's clear though that Ghent ironically just does what the haters do. They just hate on everything and Ghent gives them a taste of their own medicine. I'm not saying he doesn't actually like the music he just exaggerates like the haters do. Only difference is he isn't stupid enough to do it unironicallly. I'm not saying anyone who doesn't like the music and has stated that is a hater. I'm talking about specific people finding excuses to hate on everything.
  7. They can't pay any transfer money so why give him for free. I think he has to be included to a united/pogba deal. Bale must leave and England fits him better. Plus from Pogbas side its clear he wants out.
  8. Does anyone know Oliver in real life? The dude seriously needs help and I'm not saying that to insult him.
  9. Yeah well, you aren't a hater you just don't enjoy the music. Some people just wanna shit on their ex favorite band since they feel so special and cool doing it.
  10. I agree. Nacho has been terrible for a while now. He can't even be the 4rth option to this point. Ramos I think can still have one or two good seasons. Varane is top class but he needs someone good next to him when it's him without Ramos the defense is terrible. Plus we got Militao from Porto which seems like a great player and isn't playing in these friendlies since he was in Copa America for Brazil.
  11. Haha yeah woke up to the news. Oh well we always suck on friendlies remember when United when the di maria transfer happened won us like 3 or 4-0? But still we've been terrible on all friendlies so far maybe things aren't clicking who knows, we'll see during the season. We clearly need a CM and our only top DM Casemiro isn't playing.
  12. Even if that's true it's 2003 Tom which doesn't exist anymore. If you think Mark and Travis changed or sold out Tom is a thousand times worse.
  13. Yeah I feel in the internet times being a "savage", "edgy" and above everything is the cool norm. I'm not saying people disliking blink are doing it for these reasons. Most of them just don't like the music, they don't go out of their way to shit on everything blink does though like some others do for the shake of feeling like special little snowflakes against us the fan boys in a freaking fan forum. Thing is I am called a blink fan boy now since I enjoy the new music but during the Cali era I was expressing my dislike of the pop punk direction. But I guess I'm a fan boy for enjoying the music now which I find different than Cali.
  14. This tops the billboard hot 100 right now. Does it sound like anything blink has ever released? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2Ov5jzm3j8 I don't get why people won't stop talking off their asses.
  15. It should have been the first single really.
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