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  1. Look at all you "rock n rollers" hating this for not being good enough. In my eyes mumble rap is today what pop punk was in the 00s. People that did punk/rap despise those that did pop punk/mumble rap and say it's not real punk/rap. That being said I love pop punk and love actual rap not all the mumble stuff so much. But still it's pretty hypocritical coming in a blink-182 forum and see people trashing this genre. Really liked that song. It had a real feeling and emotion to it that I hadn't heard Mark have in years.
  2. I enjoyed it. Cool song. Nothing special but it's nice I kinda like the message.
  3. Roberto is a great keeper actually. The defense is pretty horrible though.
  4. petros


    Curry is the system is gs but put Curry in Westbrooks or Hardens teams when they won mvps and he's not even in the play offs. So no. I can't count a player that had it easy over Harden and Russ as they are better players and just never had a system to win until now at least. Anyways. Pg13 is such a clown. So right now he has said in different occasions he was a fan of the Lakers always then he changed that to the clippers and then said he always wanted to win next to a player like Russ. And now guess what. He always wanted to team up with Leonard in the spurs. What do you expect from the guy that married the stripper he got pregnant with whom he cheated his then gf with.
  5. petros


    Yeah I saw enough that confirmed what I said before the season started. I never said Harden and Russ will win together. Your logic of kd+harden+russ couldn't do it so no way now Russ and Harden can do it is childish. So why was Boston last year a failure if they had better players than the year before that? It doesn't go like this. So because these guys have less rings they are worse than Curry? Wow what a great argument you made here. So I guess we should put the great Robert Horry over mj. Come on man don't use these weak arguments. All Curry can do to really affect the game is shoot. At a funny high level yes. But if he doesn't have a whole team of shooters around him you can take that away from him. And when you take that away from him he's hilariously bad. Yeah he moves off the ball and yeah he has some flashy passes here and there. I'm sure you're one of the people that say shit like russ' triple double averages for three years don't count shit, lebron's triple double over every single team is nothing etc etc but "wow curry can move off the ball really well, now that's a skill". Jokic with his fat belly is way more skilled and clever basketball wise than almost anyone else in the league including Curry.
  6. petros


    Lol okay we used to have actual conversations about the nba here before you came you can go check. I was debating this respectably with Mitch years ago when kd was still in okc. You want me to find your posts saying Curry would be mvp level this year? We saw him at the start he can't win shit without his system. I hate Harden but the dude can win you games and carry teams even by shooting a lot. So can Westbrook, Lebron, kd, Jokic and Kawhi. Curry just can't. He is the best shooter of all time I agree. That doesn't make him top 50. Ray Allen is probably the second best and has made a shot Curry would never but he isn't top 50 ether. The third one Reggie Miller is top 50 since the guy could do so many things other than just shooting.
  7. petros


    Warriors with Curry and Klay will never be great again. Not next year not never. Curry can't carry a team he was mvp cause he had the perfect system that hide all his many weaknesses. I was saying that here in 2015-2016 when some people (not here) were even comparing him to MJ, said it before this season started when people were saying he would be mvp again, saying it again now. Curry isn't even top 50 all time.
  8. I love Bullets and Revenge more but I acknowledge Black Parade is their best album. Danger days might be their worst album but it's still a pretty strong release. Same with conventional weapons that people probably forget exists.
  9. I'm a huge fan. Love every single song on every album. Super happy they are back.
  10. petros


    LeBron has people thinking he's the goat too. People are stupid.
  11. petros


    It's so sad watching Curry leaving injured. It was much better seeing him getting exposed.
  12. petros


    Okc up 70-37 on half time. So good seeing the warriors suffer from the thunder.
  13. petros


    I never said he's not a great player. Well deserved mvp. I just don't see him as a #1 guy and think he's massively overrated compared to players like LeBron, Harden, Leonard, Curry, Lillard, Klay, Russ, Kd, Ad he's worse. Like look at Russ. He's massively hated and being called the worst of the good players in the league. If you ask 10 nba fans right now 9 will tell you Giannis is better. But he's as good as a rebounder as Giannis is even in his height. He's obviously a better passer and scorer. Better free throw shooter. Even at his worst he's a better shoter. He can take over and win games with 60/14/10 performances. He's clearly a better leader although people don't see that yet I think at the end we we'll all agree Giannis is not a leader. But I guess he doesn't smile as cute as Giannis and doesn't like the media so everybody hates him cause he can't shoot. Well Giannis is even worse at that and I don't see him getting better. I'm just ranting on how overrated Giannis is by media and fans not on how good he actually is. Being a top 15 NBA player is huge. But people talk about him being the best.
  14. petros


    I don't like pg but I still like him more than steph. I called it he's gonna have a bad year getting exposed when everyone was saying he's gonna be an mvp. Hope I was true. I watched the thunder play at home yesterday, its so weird seeing them without Russ and with cp3 which I dislike. Plus Adams is showing his whole career was Russ feeding him Hate the Rockets but as I've said before I'm rooting for them for as long as Russ is there. He was exceptional in the 4rth against the bucks. Hope he stays healthy and has a great season. Now here's another hot take. Giannis, as I see it, right now is the most overrated NBA player. I don't see him as a #1 guy. I know you guys don't care about this but have you seen him performing for Greek's national team? He's pathetic when they are playing actual defense on him and close the paint. If Leonard, LeBron, Harden, Westbrook, or Lillard were on that Greek team I'm sure we would have gone at least to the final of the world cup. But with Giannis as our number 1 we couldn't even beat Brazil. Look what happened when the raptors took the paint from him. I think the same will happen when they meet Philly in the play offs if everyone's healthy. And by no means I'm a hater. I'm Greek. I've been watching the dude since day one. I'll be happy if he wins a ring. The only other player I wanna see succeed in the NBA other than Russ. I just hate how much he's being overrated and being talked as the best NBA player when he's not even top 5.
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