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  1. No way Isco would be able to make it in pl. He's getting pushed around in la Liga where Real gets all the calls imagine him in premier league. He has some great ball control and can dribble but he never became the player we thought he'd be. Never was consisted. I actually like him as a rotation player in Madrid, wouldn't mind if he left anymore. Plus this year he was overweight.
  2. Yeah I think he could be better in Madrid because the Spanish league is much easier than premier league. Still not sure about paying 150 mil for a player that hasn't been consistent for years now. There are Juve rumors about him too. You think maybe a trade with Bale would work for both sides? Bale is such a good player when he doesn't get injured. I've watched him all these years. He starts playing, he gets in a rhythm, starts playing world class and then boom injury. Then back from the start again. Injuries again and again which ruin his form. If they could find a way to stop him for getting injured he's a top class player and actually a steal if his value is at 60-70 mil.
  3. petros


    So now the next rumor is Kyrie will join lebron and ad. We're all screwed if this happens
  4. So good news since you all seem to hate him. Pogba basically says he wants out.
  5. petros


    Well it's not Lebron's fault. If the lakers wanted that good little thing they had going on for them they wouldn't sign him. And you know I'm not a Lebron fan.
  6. petros


    Yep just came to post that. That's a trade that makes both teams better actually. Pelicans will have a great team with the two players from this year's draft (if zion doesn't become a bust) lonzo, holiday, Ingram and Randle. Lakers now have lebron, ad and someone they will probably take in free agency. I'm just not sure how great of a duo ad and lebron are. Probably if they get someone like kemba he'll become the new Kevin Love or Chris Bosh.
  7. I elaborated on the whole galacticos being the reason madrid winning on my last post didn't you read it? Galacticos actually brought nothing but marketing revenue to the club. Almost all the players we were winning with where cheap signings. And that's not an opinion. Nether me talking shit out of my head. I don't do that. You can look at what we paid for each of the players I mentioned. Last 7-8 years I'm pretty sure Liverpool united barca psg and city have spend more than Madrid.
  8. And liverpool did it the last years, hence them winning the well deserved ucl.
  9. Do people even realize how bad where the years Madrid was buying everyone? The years they had Zidane, Raul, Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Owen, fat Ronaldo and Figo all playing for the same team. They didn't win anything. Yeah Cristiano and bale were major signings but what other key players where bought expensive? Modric, kroos, casemiro, carvajal, marcelo, ramos, varane, navas, benzema, di maria, xabi alonso where all bought really cheap. I just named all the players that played a huge part on this 5 years run. So I understand why people view Madrid as the huge luxury club that buys everyone that's good, but they haven't had their successes that way. I have no problem with that personally I actually like it how people just bitch because their team can't do what Madrid does. Look at barca giving 300 mil to coutinho and dembele or at psg buying mbape and neymar or at all those summers now United has spend so much money and got nothing. Shit look at the money Liverpool have spend to get where they are. Why all of them except from liverpool aren't winning? So no Madrid is no exception in that regard realistically.
  10. Yeah we definitely were barca's bitch back then what do you expect me to do? Deny it? We still are in a way as they seem to win almost all clasicos even now al these years that we have a better team. But what happened after those first seasons? Why do you only bring up those first seasons? Come on you're better than this why talk shit just to talk shit? I don't know what's going on with the insiders of united I guess you're right. Thing is you said Manchester is richer than Madrid and you were wrong. You make up stuff out of your head to prove points and I'm just calling you out on them. Players pick Madrid because it's Madrid. Can a player take such a photo anywhere in manchester? You think this has nothing to do with it? You talk weather, owners, whatever you wanna make up, I only talk football and history. I never said United isn't huge, never implied I like the state of the club right now. I love Madrid since I was a kid but I love the sport also. You only love your team. That's what makes you wrong when it comes talking about something that involves your team. You can't see things objectively. As I said before you are a great poster and I like your comments in the blink section they make me laugh, most of the times I agree with your points on football. But when it comes to talking United you become super delusional.
  11. Current ranking on Forbes' list of the most valuable football clubs, united is 3rd. Keep up your bullshit like Roux was saying I'm just a bandwagoner but know that when you say shit like that you make a fool out of yourself. Ronaldo came in Madrid at the age of 23. He played until 32. He peaked there had his best goals, his biggest achievements, everything there. You go as far as talking about the weather to prove to yourself united is the biggest club Do you even listen to yourself? Seriously I don't get how anyone can be so delusional. The only point I get is about fans booing the stars. Which is understandable to some extend but Real Madrid fans have seen so many great players come and go. They don't really care about players it's only the badge they are wearing they care about. It's the same attitude that got the team being the biggest club in the world. We wouldn't keep a declining Ronaldo at 33 when there is a 100 million proposal in the table. We didn't keep Raul cause we brought Ronaldo in and Raul wanted to play but ronaldo higuain and benzema where better and younger at the time. Same thing with Casillas. And still after that mistreatment you talk about when do they all come back after their football career is over? At Madrid. It seems like Madrid haters are saltier about the booing than the players themselves. Cry all you want there will never be a point in your life that Madrid will not be a much bigger club than any other.
  12. I chose real madrid because I liked players like Zidane, Raul and Morientes growing up. Before the last 5 years domination it was 12 years without a ucl and barca dominating Europe and La Liga. If I was a glory chaser why not become barca all these years? That was when I was a teen and chose teams to support. I'm 26 not 16 didn't become a madrid fan cause of ronaldo and champion leagues. If bitchiness comes from how many years our teams are bad then I totally get where yours is coming from.
  13. Can you not read? So when United turn this situation around and manages to win the pl and ucl again I'll be telling you you are a glory supporter?
  14. We've gone through this before. I've told you Greek football is super corrupted(mainly cause of the team you mentioned) and I'd be stupid to bother watching that shit show. That's the funniest argument really. I didn't start supporting Madrid now that they're winning nether I'm 16. Well it's true though. I'm sorry Madrid has all the successes you hope your team would have but don't be like that. Grown up men talking like cry babies on an internet forum. Just accept the truth about Real and move on. You don't have to like that team to understand how big or special it is. Hahaha yeah right Scott. That's why Cristiano left your sorry team to live the best years of his career in Madrid. Does that still hurt you though? That's what you seen to feel. I'm sure he was unhappy becoming the best player he could be because of Madrid. That's why Bale demanded a transfer there and now we can't get rid of him cause he wanna stay. That's why Hazard left premier league to play there. That's why almost all the best players ever played there. I'm sure nobody enjoys playing in Madrid. They'd rather be in the europa league and united right? With Ashley Young the huge captain!
  15. Well I never said Madrid was the place EVERYONE wants to play obviously. United, barca, juve, liverpool with their history and psg, city with their money can attract many players as well. But to some extend there's something special about playing in Real Madrid that can't be denied and stuff like "I don't get why anyone would want to go play there" is laughable.
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