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  1. Yeah that's probably true. Like there's no way recordings where just stolen, there were no back ups and they decided to do a new album instead. Thank God that got us the masterpiece American Idiot is.
  2. Nah green day wouldn't really do that. I think it sounds way more bland than the other track which after a few listens is just ok. Anyway I still don't buy the whole "fuck you to Warner". Yes they are happy they are leaving Warner but why would they want to do it like that? Why damage their legacy on purpose? No I guess they just suck. Their last strong release was 10 years ago.
  3. It's incredible how they made a song 1 minute and 54 seconds long and it felt too long. This album is gonna suck.
  4. I can't even think what would happen if a huge team like united was run like this here in greece even when people are out seeking for blood when team owners don't bring players or build teams for success. Hell even Madrid got rid of Perez for 4 years when the team was shit and had to buy Ronaldo, Kaka and Benzema in a summer when he came back again. I really hope United come back. It was fun for a while to have a laugh on them since I don't really like united as a team I'd prefer Liverpool, Chelsea or even City but now this is just wrong. One of the biggest clubs in the world being treated like that. Fans should be on the streets demanding for the owners to leave the club to someone that wants to run it as it's supposed to.
  5. petros


    At least he has some championships to show for Haha come you told us to move on and that his shitting on okc(cause he did way worse shitting in okc when he left than what he said now about the warriors) was the truth or whatever I don't think Curry can own the league. I think he will get exposed this year since he won't have the system he had around him, before kd got there. Maybe I'm just a hater and he ends up having a great season. Just how I feel. I also am not impressed by the lakers at all. Where's the shooting? Clippers look scary on paper but I kinda feel they miss that edge. If pg plays like he did during his mvpg moments though it's over for everyone. I really like Houston(I'm a huge Russ fan what did you all expect?) but a team lead by Russ and Harden can easily mess it all up in the play offs. I'm really curious to see Russ surrounded with shooters for the first time.
  6. petros


    Tbf Mitch you always shitted on us when we were bitching about him and he was still on your team. You don't have the right to complain now sorry
  7. Also East Jesus nowhere, restless heart syndrome, Little girl, 21stcb (the track). That album is really good imo. Can't say the same for the dreadful trilogy and the forgettable revrad. Maybe this album will be special even in 26 minutes. I liked the video they put out for father of all.
  8. petros


    Durant is just stupid. He complained about how okc treated him too. Like bitch what did you expect? You looked at Russ in his face and told him you're staying. He's so full of insecurities. The only player I don't mind that he had a bad injury.
  9. Well the Descendents aren't a mainstream rock band in a major label. I've read that that's how Warner sees it though. I'm not saying it's true it's probably just a lame fan theory about a whole artwork and clips that "leaked" before the info about this album got out.
  10. The live version made me relisten to the song and I dig it a little more now. Billie vocally is a God he's just too good. Still hoping for all of this to be a troll and after they finish their last album with Warner with this they will release their actual album. You know 26 minutes is exactly one more minute for an album to be considered an lp and not an ep and they had to do one last lp to terminate their contract.
  11. Hahahaha imagine Tom trying to sing the chorus of hungover you or no heart to speak of. That's some laughable shit.
  12. Can Matt replace Mark too? Still love Mark in the album but man... Matt! The dude is so good. Remember how he "added nothing to blink", "is a tool" and "only in it for the quick paycheck" and we all told you it was his first album and we had to be patient? Yeah suck it now we can say we told you show.
  13. The only song i wasn't really into after first listen was ransom. Oh my god this album is so good. Wow! Didn't expect it to be that good.
  14. Oh im sorry I didn't elaborate. They did a cringey message in their website about the album being for "not giving a fuck". Plus billie joe said some shit like this in a radio interview earlier today. They did the shame stupid shit in the trilogy and they released horrible songs with horrible mid-life crisis lyrics like fuck time and troublemaker.
  15. Plus Billie said they are out of Warner now this is their last album with them I think. They plan to tour a bit less and keep releasing more new music. Idk I hate this direction. This screams middle life crisis to me and I thought we went passed that with the horrible trilogy.
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