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  1. This could have easily been a good green day single. Sounds more like what they were trying and failed to do with foam.
  2. The network EP is the best green day release since 2009 and the only enjoyable project I've heard from them since then. And I'm a hardcore green day fan. Double album out this Friday definitely will pre order the corored vinyl with that rad artwork.
  3. I like this more than anything they have released after 21st century breakdown.
  4. Nobody probably cares so no need to create a new thread or something but after 17 years The Network are back.
  5. Yeah I'm sure your guys opinion on Bale is better than mine were I have watched every single game he has played for us since we signed him so many years ago. Anyways I said I hope he bounces back with spurs. I don't care about the dude. I'm just glad he's not in Madrid anymore.
  6. Reguilon on the other hand is an excellent player. Idk if he fits Pl though. I'm glad the reports say we have a buy back clause. Right now I'd start Mendy over him but who knows what's gonna happen in two years.
  7. I downloaded fm as well I haven't played for so many years and even back then I preferred to actually play the games like pes and fifa. About Bale I'm glad he's finally out of Madrid. He definitely didn't deserve even the small amount of minutes he was playing here his last good year was 2015. And then he adapted this "villain" persona which didn't help things either. Hope he bounces back in spurs, although I wouldn't bet on it mainly because of injuries.
  8. How is goals in the bigger stage a meaningless stat and at the same time the games against each other a meaningful one? This is not basketball.
  9. Goals in ucl from quorter finals to finals: Cristiano 41 Messi 16 The gap is huge tbh. Both legends and I accept others liking Messi more but what I don't like when people who prefer Messi act like there's no comparison.
  10. Turns out after listening to the full song I like it more than the other skiba era punk rock songs like the only thing that matters. But at the same time it won't really have any replay value for me. It's a fun song if it comes on shuffle but won't really get out of my way to listen to it.
  11. Oh I didn't know that. I'll go find myself a link thanks!
  12. I love a big chunk of NINE and I've also been listening to it recently plus I've stated a lot of times how positive I am for blink keeping on without Tom but this preview sounds like shit to me.
  13. Havertz seems like such a special talent but still Chelsea's back line is pretty terrible.
  14. Wow so now United actually have the chance to go up 3rd. Hope they do actually. Don't love the team but don't hate them ether the most I dislike is their fans but I'm glad things seem to be actually clicking now and United is such a huge club. Leicester are better in Europe league anyways.
  15. I like both bands. You can like blink the most but it's not even close that green day have had a much bigger impact in music.
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