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  1. Damn - they need to make a film about Luton Town FC.
  2. Roux


    I guess its a subjective thing - everyone likes a certain style/traits. Its hard to compare completely different eras too. All i cant tell you is that watching/experiencing MJ while its was all happening in the early 90s was unlike anything I've ever seen - and i live in the UK. Nothing has come close imo - i don't know enough to comment on the specifics of Kobe and LeBron game - but what sets MJ apart for me is the sheer physically he had to deal with back then - i.e the Piston badboys etc punching and kicking him. The game these days is just fouls every play for minimal contact - i'm not fan at all.
  3. i was watching it - was hilarious when Bayern conceded and they went mental. Crazy how they threw it away.
  4. Problem with this is that's 5 home grown players leaving. They'd need to fill that quota again - so i can see why they want Mount. 6 players leaving if you include Sancho, which is unlikely imo. Ronaldo was also considered homegrown - so that another player gone from that quota. Also another reason why they would go for Kane instead of Osimhen imo.
  5. Roux


    I wish they realized this after game 2. They need two perfect games now. I think Celtics can blitz Nuggets in a final.
  6. Roux


    Things are getting interesting now 😋
  7. @Scott. very impressed with Felix and Enzo Fernandez tonight and since they joined them - wish we got both of them now - they'd fit into our team perfectly.
  8. Sell that useless old man Casemiro and buy Rice 🤣 World class our Brazilian, completely different level.
  9. He's an absolute must buy or United won't get close to City. Do whatever it takes to get him first then use the rest to buy a defender, right back and creative midfielder like de Jong. They'll be doing a Harry Maguire wasting silly money on Rice/Mount. All this nonsense about spreading goals in the team etc - one City player has 52goals in 51 games and could win them the treble. You need a prolific number 9. Haaland was the missing piece for City - this is the best version of them.
  10. Delusional. Past achievements? He's been one of the best players in the league THIS season and one of our players of the season😄. He'll be even better next season when he's settled and learns the language etc. Sure Rice was great that day - but Casemiro was great for most of the season, big difference. You only look at the short term as usual. The bias is too much with you at times ha - Casemiro benches his arse, its not close. Both Maddison and Tieleman's would cost peanuts, especially if they go down. Both quality players, playing in a poor team. Are they what we need? Not really - but I'd rather get these two for cheap than waste 150m+ on 2 players who wouldn't improve out first 11. Kane does improve our first 11 massively. United obviously need creative players/goal scorers - those 2 players don't solve that issue.
  11. Waste of money. Casemiro is miles better than Rice and Bruno is miles better than Mount - so what's the point? You could get Tielemans + Maddison for the fee of Rice. Kane is a must and we can buy much better players than either of those two using less money. We need players with extremely high technical ability to match City - Rice & Mount ain't it. Players like De Jong, Bellingham and Pedri for example are.
  12. Roux


    Yeah my Celtics got the last game - but to be honest, they don't deserve to be there. Other than the odd game, they've been terrible imo - really al over the place. Still, if they can pull off the reverse sweep - it would be incredible.
  13. Roux


    Same - but i'd love the same for Joker too.
  14. Roux


    Start of games or end of games - it's all part of the same thing. He still has to play - and to do it at his age is phenomenal, his influence is still effective and he's still putting in solid shift for his team. I'd shift more blame to the players around him that need to contribute more. The rest of the stuff you mentioned is just petty stuff imo.
  15. Roux


    I think people underestimate how hard it is for a professional athlete over 30yo to continue playing at the highest level - injuries hurt more, recovery takes longer and you're competing with a younger generation who studied your game. For me, MJ is the greatest ever, but what Lebron has done and is still doing demands respect. The skill and effort he put into the Lakers playoff run was very impressive. I personally don't need to shit on people just because they don't make a top 5 list or had some low points in a pretty illustrious career.
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