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  1. But West Ham are a proven mid-table team. Villa, Sheffield Utd and Norwich are showing that they can compete at this level. I was expecting all 3 promoted teams to get hammered and look out of their depth - but neither do. With Martial and Pogba fit hopefully, i think we can pull off a 1-3. I think our pace will be too much.
  2. Villa played pretty well, with some better final play i think they could have nicked it.
  3. incredible! so happy for Norwich!
  4. Kevin De Bruyne is just absurd. He's the new Paul Scholes without a doubt.
  5. who's this attention seeker?
  6. mate - our midfield options consist of McTominay, Fred, Mata and Matic... 🙄
  7. Agreed - he does make mistakes because 1) he is young 2) the players around him aren't good enough. But like you said - he never shy's away.
  8. Most big clubs in Europe would take him - he's going to be phenomenal with a few seasons under his belt. Glad he made the France team - he deserves it.
  9. He's getting rave reviews - and he deserves it. I think he's one of the best players in the league in his position - he really needs a better CB pair to sit in front of and Xhaka is awful. At his age and ability, every big side in Europe would be after him if he ever was available.
  10. Guendouzi is shite right guys?
  11. The more mistakes he makes, the more he overplays. He'll never learn.
  12. Meanwhile Bruno Fernandes is tearing it up. Rashford has been awful.
  13. Good for them, gutted about Bury - such a great club.
  14. Yeah his work-rate is phenomenal. He just needs to work on his final ball - i like him though.
  15. Agree with this mate. We need to move backwards in order to move forwards unfortunately. Happy the slow players have been dropped/sold. I honestly think Woodward's days are numbered, the fans will turn on him - its just natural logic really. Really hoping James can come good - he's looked decent so far, has soo much more to offer though i think.
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