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  1. Alderweireld is a must, Deulofeu i've already raved about. Outside of that it could be anybody - i just want dynamic players - Lukaku and Matic are so immobile. Rabiot would be a cracking free signing if Herrera goes. I like Milenković, watched him a few times this season - reminds me of Lindelof, but he's young and unproven in a tough league. I think Lascelles at Newcastle is a decent defender too - hard to tell when he's at a club of that level though. I do think that new wing backs is a must - proven players, Dalot is young and a little bit naive at times, Shaw needs competition at LB - i don't like him right now. I'd be interested to see who would come in for Martial if he was up for sale - i think alot of big European clubs would be put of by his attitude. I think Dan is right, bring 5 in now and a few more over the next few windows. Its unrealistic to expect 7/8 players coming in. Anyway - my 5 areas to improve would be FW, RW, CB, LB, DM.
  2. Well he made some really good balls into the forwards who then fucked it up. He's struggling without Herrera - he needs a little shit to win the ball and move it forward. There were times during the game where it looked like we were playing with 10 men - midfield balance over the place. Pereira is a good young player, but City really exposed him and Fred.
  3. I feel the exact same - he's got energy and wants the ball, which i like - but he also makes silly fouls and gives the ball away alot. But it could be the players around him. I thought him and Pogba were decent last night. Everyone else very poor. Again Ashley Young does the same thing every match - win the ball, takes to the edge of the flank and then hoofs it up the pitch - its hopeless football.
  4. City always had options to pass the ball. Triangles. We didn't - to me, there's a massive problem in workmate and movement. Lukaku was woeful when he came on - the crown just flattened every time he got the ball. Fred's a funny player. We need 2 world class midfielders if Herrera and Matic go.
  5. absolute bullshit - if your club was in the same position you would say the same. Handing your rivals the title is the worst thing possible. Of course we shouldn't care - but we do! no point denying it.
  6. if i'm being honest - i think Liverpool win the league tonight.
  7. i want City to draw or win. We have the least chance of making top 4 and i don't want Liverpool winning the league. I think most united fans would pick this - shit position to be in - but one we only have ourselves to blame for. But i reckon United will have a reaction to the 4-0 loss.
  8. Yeah i thought it was something like that. That rule is going to drastically restrict the spending power they once had a few years ago. Still an option for Sanchez, but i think MLS is more likely - they have the money for his wages and would like a player of his statue.
  9. Me neither - i think he's done enough in his career to earn another payday in the MLS.
  10. I think he'll go MLS. There's a big of a crackdown on big signings in China, plus their 100% tax rule on players (might be wrong about this). MLS love their big names.
  11. Yeah realistically, I'd be happy if 5 first team players left and 5 came in. I think players like Martial/Lukaku/Bailly could stay another season and work with news signings. Players like Jones, Young, Matic, Darmian, Rojo etc can go - we can't afford to have these poor/aging/injury prone players filling up the team. Sanchez will find a team - he'll have to take a paycut if he wants to play football regularly. I don't think he's the type of person to sit on his contract without playing football. I think he's a great player - he's just never fit for a consistent period of time.
  12. Agree with Scott, players are simply not good enough. Unfortunately we are in a position where we don't have a single great defender - (Lindelof is Good and Shaw is okay right now). With this we have no platform to attack or sustain any pressure - everything is last ditch. Ole knows all this - i hope he isn't afraid to axe many of the deadwood. Too easy for these players to blame Jose, Ole, Woodward etc. They got what they wanted with Ole appointment and have still been poor. I have no problem with the new contacts - sign them up and ship them out for money. Jones could get at least 15mil for example. Sanchez will be gone in summer. Martial and Lukaku have also got to go. Young should be first out the door - hes a very unprofessional player/captain imo.
  13. Totally agree - every defender is awful. We can't rely on any of them - the wing backs are shocking and the CB barring probably Lindelof is even worse. I hope Ole is ruthless in the summer.
  14. Ajax or Spurs to win it would be fantastic! De Bruyne - what a fucking player. (and Son too)
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