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  1. I don't know mate - seems very promising, these guys seem to have good pedigree and experience. SJR seems impressive so far. Also, very happy to have David Gill and Fergie advising I just want the basics done: Move players like Maguire, Lindlof, Eriksen etc on quickly No stupid long pre season, playing an absurd amount of games all over the world so our players get injured/exhausted like last summer. Transfer targets wrapped up alot quicker then 3/4 months chasing i.e De Jong/Mount BRING IN A FUCKING STRIKER - Hojlund is some player, but he needs help. Pay attention to contracts - Mason Mount would have been a free transfer in summer instead of £60m You can get a couple of potential world class CB's at 40m each i.e Van de Ven, Kim Min-jae
  2. Without Martinez, Shaw and Casemiro - we lose control. We can't play out from the back with Maguire + Lidelof, they are not good enough on the ball. I thought it was game over when Shaw went off.
  3. reminds me of this: Samir Nasri was a Manchester City player, he was found to have abused a drip treatment in the United States. The treatment involved being injected with vitamins under a limitation, however, it was found that the player took 10 times of the 50-millilitre infusion limit allowed by World Anti-Doping Agency. Yeah his history with this is very very suspicious.
  4. Edgar Davids was the first person i thought of - no surprise he popped for Nandrolone.
  5. Very naive to think it doesn't happen in football and any other sport. Nandrolone was huge back then - I wouldn't be surprised if Gary is right. These are the same leagues with paid off referees.
  6. This is gonna be a fun watch https://www.sportbible.com/football/football-news/world-cup-ronaldinho-thierry-henry-kaka-england-796749-20240205
  7. + the Fletcher brothers - yeah very exciting. Really want to see more of Amad - he's probably the best of the lot.
  8. Dare i say i midfield looks great again? 😍
  9. disagree - they proved last year they can compete for top 4/trophies with this team. They have a good blend of experience & youth with healthy competition for most places in the team. To me, and probably most United fans - the problems seem to be not having a style that compliments our players and failing to bring in an experienced striker. Every game is a lottery to what style we are going to play - in particular, away games. Ronaldo would have a bucket load of goals this season, instead - our manager put all his faith and trust into Antony Martial. Mr Reliable vs Mr Unreliable. This is 100% on the manager. There are things i like about Ten Hag, but many things I question - sort of encapsulates last night really.
  10. yep - he's in lala land watching our games. I'm sick of him shaking his head on the sidelines when he should be reacting.
  11. Pure stupidity. The second and third Wolves goals were embarrassing - so many players attacking for no reason. They lost complete control at 3-1 when the idiot put a kid on to make his debut and 3 centre backs. Absolute suicide. Martinez and Casemiro are vital to this team - the first 60 mins was brilliant. Mainoo is some youngster.
  12. I really am lost for words on this manager - he is utterly clueless at judging games.
  13. Klopp is done! wasn't expecting that at all. Huge blow for LFC.
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