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  1. Messi is just unreal to watch - nothing the Aussies can do about him.
  2. Very small chance, but still a chance. Anything can happen in knockout stages.
  3. Saudi Arabia! holy shit! what is going on!
  4. Seemed to work pretty well to me - Bruno was the best player on the pitch with/without Ronaldo. Same for Man Utd this season - he's played well with/without Ronaldo. His form is down to himself and not others. He cares about records and making history - the same determination that makes him one of the greatest players to ever play the game. I respect that every goal/record/appearance still matters to him at 38. Breaks my heart to see Messi walking about the pitch in the first WC game - he looks like he doesn't care anymore - which is a shame. This is same Ronaldo that got them to the World Cup in the first place, without him they'd all be sitting at home watching it.
  5. I've been impressed with Embolo, not playing amazing at this tournament, but i think that due to his team more than him. Felix and Leao just want make the papers - very selfish.
  6. You based this off 8mins left in the game with Uruguay need to push for a goal not sure what game you were watching - but they were fine with him, he played well i thought - worked hard and was unlucky not to get the goal. All the match reports seem to agree. I know you hate him but open your eyes. Joao Felix on the other hand was awful.
  7. Having a very good season - World Class when he gets his head down and stops moaning and diving. Him and Kevin de Bruyne have switched places in this tournament. Great game last night to end the day - so many great players all over the pitch. England vs Wales and Iran vs USA is going to kick off i reckon
  8. Canada have really surprised me - very good team, similar to the States.
  9. Take Kane out of this England team and they are incredibly average. The Yanks were excellent.
  10. Yeah i couldn't believe it either - Premier League players who were playing like pub players. They had no order or gameplan. They gassed themselves out by running around like headless chickens. Iran played well, but if Wales just passed the ball and were patient, its a comfortable win. Gutted for them.
  11. What were Wales doing? Playing like a pub team.
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