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  1. In my opinion, UEFA/FIFA are a joke - they do nothing about racism in the game, yet try to claim that they do. They enable it to happen because the punishments are pathetic. Fans have said in Italy that they only do it to intimidate opposition players - cool, so lets see you do when your team gets docked 6pts.
  2. Booing in any sport is fine with me, chanting, booing giving other players some stick makes it a competition really. Obviously its stupid when people cross the line in to racism etc but for the most part its in good nature and makes an atmosphere. Last thing we want is stadiums turning into a library.
  3. I really do rate him as a player, i think people saw how good he was when Jose really forced him to lead the team 2 years ago. He was outstanding (our player of the season that year). He became an annoying little shit that sat in midfield and spoiled the oppositions games. Liverpool and Chelsea fans hated him for this reason. There's a certain beauty in a player like that. Fred is sort of becoming that box-to-box midfielder but he's not got that Spainsh control that Herrera had. I think generally players usually play their best years around 27-29 - usually a combination of experience and physical condition is combined. But yeah, like you said its not always the case. I think players like McTominay, Andreas, Tuanzabe, Greenwood have high ceilings, but need more consistency. McTominay has been good at that recently, but needs to do that over a season. Andreas is hit or miss these days - but there is a good player in there if Ole can draw it out.
  4. Its weird that you say all this - when Ander Herrera is/was exactly what you described. and yet you don't rate him - he is imo a better player and had a massive influence on our dressing room. Maybe why United managers have done poorly compared to Klopp can be traced to why this player was neglected (until Jose fell in love with him). We thought it would be good to make Valencia captain when the guy never says a word and can't speak English. Your last paragraph could be applied to Herrera too, so in a way you are contradicting yourself. 23 is young, especially when we talk about players peaking around 27-29yo.
  5. yes... he was in that match... even before that match i said on here that he was a weird player that shows some potential. Why is Ashley Young captain of United? No idea, his influence on the dressing probably - doesn't mean i think hes a good player though. Teams always have leaders - maybe not in the Viera/Keane mould, but i see alot more young players filling that role now. Guendouzi, McTominay are future captains for example - De Ligt was captain for Ajax when he was 18 or something?
  6. He was good in that match - which he was... What are you crying about? Never once said he's been brilliant in every game, another case of you making things up... you can't mock anyone opinion when you can't read their comments properly! That 'show pony' is statistically one of the best players in the league, hence why he was in the team of the year last season! Player stops a fight and you give us the proper captain speech... fucking hilarious. We get it, hes good in the dressing room and can stop the odd dispute - most teams have a player like this. VVD always seems to be the main leader on the pitch when i watch Liverpool. You're a top fan though, you go to games so your opinion means more. Cool.
  7. I think Sterling just started on him or something.
  8. Look like a Belgium kit. Nice though.
  9. He's better than a team like RB Leipzig - his age, size and ability coupled with how he performs against big teams in Europe suggests this. I've seen people compare him to Mbappe and Joao Felix where its a young player with almost complete attributes - you're paying 50m/60m for a player that could be worth 4x that if a big club wants to take the punt. Doesn't really matter what league they came from (like Felix) they are just already that good. I think one of the reasons why Sancho wanted to stay is because United weren't in the UCL. But i would look at this United side and think 3/4 good signings (one transfer window) could make it a great team again... its whether he wants to take that risk. At the moment we don't know even know if Ole will make it to the end of the season. He's sort of starting to build his own team - Pogba being back soon will be vital.
  10. Absolutely - especially since martial and Rashford don't score headers. Harvetz has also been doing the rumours. Too many excellent young Dutch and German players moving around Europe for peanuts these days. Great to see players performing from the Championship to the Premier league though.
  11. Kane will have to make a decision soon - its Alan Shearer syndrome again, stay loyal to the club and most likely win nothing or move on. Bale chose to leave and he's better off for it. He'd be a great replacement for Benzema at Madid. I think Haaland would be desperate to join United - reunite with a manager who showed faith in him, earn big wages and play in a young team with lots of potential. He'll get games for sure. From what i hear Ole, wants to only sign young high prospect players - like i said before i know they want Maddison and Sancho - they have scouted Haaland but not really pushed as much as the other 2. Again, Ziyech is a must (if we don't get Maddison) and Van de Beek looks quality too. I agree with everything Wenger said below - United need 4 players to compete again and have no real style of football.
  12. They won't slip up from here. Pep always seems to do weird shit against Liverpool and it always backfires. @Scott. have you seen this kid Erling Haaland? Surely United will try to get him? - Ole's type of player - a young Harry Kane and we desperately need another striker.
  13. yeah was joking about that ha. I think Godfrey seemed slow to react, when i saw the VAR replay it looked clumsy from the way he tried to get the ball. Agree James make first contact tho. Jesus, what a start to his career.
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