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  1. Nice try - but nobody bigs up a player like you do with Rice! JB is a teenager with a much much higher ceiling than the West Ham David Batty. anyway, Ronaldo's my golden boy - you know the one that's in the PFA team of the year? Finished player apparently...
  2. It's not looking good - but I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt, this is the biggest change since Fergie left. Virtually all of the staff have changed. I have very low expectations for next season. We need to be in a place where we don't rely on Ronaldo so heavily.
  3. But you realise it was a drastically different team Southgate put out in the 4-0 game right? You act like we are some immense team with him in the side - we were just as shit with him in the side... No midfield control whatsoever vs teams we should be doing much better against. If Kane get injured we are absolutely fucked - that is undeniable, Rice could be replaced quite easily.
  4. Roux


    Incredible from the Warriors! But really proud of the Celtics - what a 6 months its been from them.
  5. Yep - keep telling yourself that. They've really been outstanding when he's been in the side too... Overrated. Tuesday showed England need a world class GK - that was it. Southgate hasn't got a clue.
  6. Roux


    Jesus. I feel like i'm in high school 🙄
  7. Roux


    The fact that this annoys you is embarrassing tbh - its nothing.
  8. Roux


    Absolutely. Boston have had incredible team chemistry this past few months, but even that isn't enough - Tatum very often can be the deciding factor - win or lose, let him do his thing. i hope we get at least a game 7 - but i got the impression the Warriors weren't even trying until game 4 and they just went up another level after that.
  9. Roux


    But that has nothing to do with Kobe being his idol - a bad game is a bad game, he'll have plenty more in his career. All great players did the same thing - overcompensating for mistakes. Nobody is above criticism, but i can't hate on a player for trying to elevate his team, even if it backfires.
  10. Roux


    It's a sport - you can't play your best every game. Sometimes your best player has to take initiative and it doesn't always work out. Only 24yo and in his first finals - he'll learn. Anyway, he's a huge reason why Boston are in the finals in the first place.
  11. Roux


    I don't really get the Tatum negativity for what he wears etc - he's drawing inspiration from his idol. Bit weird that people are bringing that up - its an armband ffs. Athletes have been doing this is every sport since the dawn of time. He's also had an amazing season. Beating this GSW team is easier said than done.
  12. Roux


    fuck - this is devastating.
  13. We'd be getting ready for the World Cup normally around about now 🥲 Also heard they are getting rid of throw-ins!
  14. at least one British team is doing well.
  15. Fernandinho has gone - i don't see Pep banging at the door to sign Rice, or any other club for that matter - do you? They'll look at far better options or just wait until he's in the last year of his contract. Besides - Pep already has a replacement for Fernandinho - Rhodri. Camavinga has played in 40 games for Madrid - he's only 19yo. Tchouameni is the next big french superstar, he's been a monster for Monaco - he's just turned 22. They got both these players for a combined £90m. Only guy dumb enough to blow all that on Rice is Ed Woodward. France now have 3 of the best young DM's in world football - Camavinga, Guendouzi and Tchouameni. My point is if England's spine is Pickford - Maguire - Rice, we are fucked - it's no surprise to me that these 3 were dogshit vs Hungary and were all at fault for the Germany goal. People are already questioning Southgate on these kinda calls. While i think Rice had a good season for WH and has a place in this England team - i just don't see this incredible DM - players like him are a dime a dozen.
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