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  1. I wonder if Lingard will move back to number 10 with Bowen on the right and Benrahma on the left - those 3 supplying Antonio is a pretty impressive dynamic/quick forward line imo. Number 10 is definitely where Lingard is most effective - a very good player if he gets regular game time.
  2. Looks like Lingard is going to West Ham (or Spurs if they can handle his wages). Good signing - would have liked to keep him because James isn't good enough and we have no other natural right wingers. Surprised Ole wants him out because even if hes out of form his workrate is very good. Can't believe nobody wants Sergio Romero - most teams in this league should be after him!
  3. Thing is - you have to play like that against Liverpool to beat the high press. One you break that - you usually have a direct route to goal - as showed twice last night. Fair play to Luke Shaw and Maguire - everyone is playing pretty well. Pogba is giving his all before he leaves in the summer and that's all you can ask for from him really. United need to get out these cups if they want to compete in the league - really surprised both United and Liverpool played strong teams yesterday. Heard good things about Diallo - hope he starts getting games soon.
  4. I watched the last few Liverpool games - obviously the United game and last nights game. The forwards just seem so predictable now and they almost get in each others way. If you can show Mane down the line and suffocate him - they won't hurt you. Salah has dropped off massively - he looks like he'd rather go to Madrid. The injury to KDB definitely changes things a little for me. United have to get the 3 forwards scoring again, Cavani, Rashford & Martial need more goals and then i think we could really push for the league title. Agree @Scott. both Rashford & Martial have been very
  5. I've been impressed with everyone really - even West Brom can really play. The league has come on since the old Stoke days of hoofing it up to big men. People were raving about Lamptey - but James Justin has been far better player so far. Fulham were good last night and have been in there last 10 games or so - they really need a goalscorer.
  6. I don't think its the boards fault they didn't get Sancho - they offered a very very good deal. Bisakka has played like Bisakka... half asleep and just overall poor play. Right side will be (and has been) Uniteds downfall, it must be addressed. Interesting to see how much Sancho goes for in the summer. Every team in this league is tough - its really is the best league in the world. That kid Fofana for Leicester has got to be one everyone's radar now - he phenomenal for his age at CB.
  7. Point was great for us. Not sure what people wanted either team to do - open up to try to score and then concede and then face the backlash. Love watching United now - its not perfect, but its entertaining.
  8. Wayne Rooney - what a career.
  9. If City get Aguero and Jesus scoring regularly - its over. Just going to enjoy being in the race right now for however long it lasts - United are more than capable of pulling it off.
  10. i have no idea how we are pulling it off or how long it will continue. The team is on fire. My only wish now is that this Diallo kid who joins us in a few days is a beast on the RW - he looks unreal for an 18yo.
  11. + you generally know the quality of the studio putting the game together - i'm more inclined to pick up games from FROM software, Capcom and CDPR because of their solid history/reputation. Obviously CDPR have dropped the ball massively with Cyberpunk 2077, but they will put it right. You kinda know what you're getting with Bethesda, EA and Ubisoft.
  12. I don't really understand this logic, i've pre-ordered lots of games + consoles and never really had much of an issue (i get that some people have). My day 1 PS4 is still working perfectly to this day, and i've had no issues on PS5 so far. Nothing dumb about pre-ordering. If you're happy to wait, then wait - i'm happy to play them day 1 and let patches do their thing. In fact, the games in recent memory that i've pre-ordered and played on release day, I've probably sunk the most hours in - Death Stranding, Demon Souls, Read Dead 2, both RE remakes and Cyberpunk.
  13. Fallout 76 was in a similar state, if not worse.
  14. I can't speak for others, but i'm having a blast playing it. I'm happy to play it in its current condition and wait for the patches they promised.
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