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  1. I was really frustrated - Rashford should have torn these guys to pieces - i don't know why he hesitates when he's skinned the last man. 2-3 times he should have been ruthless - this is the difference between him and Mbappe. Also need a bit more calmness from Bruno, Fred and McTominay - they had soo much more time than they thought. Pogba came on and just calmed it down and found the pockets. Tuanzebe was increible and Lidelof was solid. Whole team was excellent - even Luke Shaw! Telles is a player. Also that white kit with that unusual lettering is gorgeous.
  2. Diamond system is the way forward - the last 25mins was excellent.
  3. unbelievable performance. Fred and McTominay were in beast mode. Pogba made the difference.
  4. i think you're the only one that plays during a full season. i give up after 2-3 months whether i'm first or last.
  5. Probably something we should have done before the season started.
  6. What a banger that was from Lanzini. Still don't know why Southgate doesn't fancy Grealish - one of the first names on the teamsheet for me. Last season he was carrying Villa with his workrate - this season, with better players around him he'll be one of the best players in the league. Glad to see other teams defenders are just as bad as our's. Liverpool are fucked without VVD and Alison.
  7. It won't be much different to what Bissaka is doing now in a 4-2-3-1 - he doesn't get much help from James/Greenwood. Either way the benefits outweigh the negatives in this system to accommodate the midfield 4 in that pic. The front 5 is very dynamic/interchangeable. Bissaka has so much time to develop. Someone like Luke Shaw doesn't- i thought he was awful yesterday, not because of the OG - he just doesn't know what to do with the ball in the final 3rd - so many good positions and he just hits and hopes - clueless.
  8. He has a very high footballing IQ, very smart footballer. Won't be long before he's starting games - Ole might have to play a diamond system like this.
  9. Donny Van de Beek is something else, they've got to figure out how to play Bruno, Pobga and VDB together. He's got that De Bruyne style about him.
  10. He's never really had much pace, his positioning has always been pretty good - but not close to someone like John Terry who didn't have much pace either. He's not has much of a pre-season, so i feel bad for him - he just needs to keep playing, everything can change with one game. I think it will take a few more games for United to pick up form - they don't look like a team at the moment. He's a good defender, just not good enough for United - certainly not good enough to be our first choice or our Captain. The recent games have really highlighted his lack of pace and extremely poor
  11. Its just kinda mad how Felipe Anderson gave up and couldn't be arsed to play anymore - he was on fire in that first season.
  12. exactly - great player. Honestly mate i would have kept Smalling and put Maguire on the bench
  13. We bought a 40m right winger for January. what are we doing man.
  14. That's around half of what United were offering now - a potential loss of 40-50m. And this Covid situation might be even worse next summer - who knows? W're already going into Xmas without fans returning to grounds. United made a fair offer - no idea why he would resent them for it when it was Dortmund who attached an unrealistic price for him. Nobody is going to pay over 100m right now for one player. They pulled this with Dembele a few years ago and in the end gave in. Ultimately, its their choice - but i think they'll regret it.
  15. Paying 120m in these times is madness. 91m is pretty fair if you ask me - they can do what they like, but now he's clearly unhappy and will leave for way less next summer or for free after. He's not even training with them. Everyone is lowballing - sign of the times.
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