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  1. That referee should have shown some yellows the minute the Cameroon players started to kick off. England really need to cut out the stupid mistakes
  2. Its amazing that these high profile people still have no clue about the repercussions of posting on social media without thinking. He really is a dickhead sometimes.
  3. So you just randomly chose Real Madrid? I know you had a bad season - so i'll forgive your bitchiness.
  4. The only baby on here is you - all you have is the 'my team is better than your team' rubbish. You'll probably switch to supporting Barca next - you are the definition of a glory supporter.
  5. Careful - he'll call you 'salty'
  6. I agree to some extent - but Madrid are no longer as attractive as the used to be. Those days are over - even Pogba chose United when he probably had a better chance of winning things at Madrid. PSG is an attraction, Juve is making huge signings and then you have Liverpool, City etc.
  7. Agree with everything you said. Dalot is going to be some player - i know he makes lots of mistakes, but there is a top player in there. Bissaka would be a godsend - that would be 2 young, lightning quick British players we've signed. Happy with that direction - still think we need one more RW (possibly Bale - a loan would be ideal) Lots of rumous about De Ligt and Bruno Fernandes - both signings would be amazing, but no idea if they would want to join this current United team.
  8. Wow - we've finally signed a true winger! praise the lord!
  9. Desperately need better central midfielders. Not one of them is at top class level. De Jong is incredible.
  10. When? are you confusing me with someone else? I never brought up Henderson and i've been saying he's shit for years...
  11. We had one in Herrera! Not sure where the salty business came from? Never once spoke about that, they fully deserved to win the UCL.
  12. I've seen alot of him with LFC and he's been impressive/solid - his workrate is excellent. He's 23-24 i think?
  13. He's an absolute beast of a player. Bad luck with injuries, but no doubt Klopp bought him in to replace Henderson.
  14. Yeah - which is why he replaced Henderson with Keita. Keita would have started if he wasn't injured. Him and the GK were the biggest weakness and Klopp replaced both.
  15. yep - what do i know about football.
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