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  1. You do that in matches and you're asking for trouble. if he kept his arms lower he'd be fine - but he has them so high up that's its always going to be given. That's why you see players put their hands near their hips of behind their back around the box. Last kick of the game - he should have some common sense.
  2. mate come on. He's starfishing here!
  3. he has no intention of playing the ball just stopping the man by sticking his leg out. Stonewall pen. Shaw basically starfished to block the ball - blatant pen - very silly.
  4. I mean I'm not daft enough to judge a 21yo based on 3 starts but okay...
  5. From MOTD: https://streamable.com/385c16 100% pen
  6. I think most people are smart enough to know these ideas aren't solely his - but he excels at bringing them to market and for the most part, production on a large scale for general sale. I think he deserves alotta credit - for example - combining a Lotus Elise shell with AC Motors propulsion. Personally, i think alot of what his companies have created have been great. He's saved NASA a fortune already, who could never come up with the tech SpaceX pioneered.
  7. Past matches/incidents is Irrelevant - shouldn't come into a refs mind - the last one was a clear cut pen, just as Shaw's was a clear handball. I thought West Ham were very very lucky to score and stay in the game for as long as they did. McTominay was excellent, Maguire awful.
  8. Nice Jlingzzzzz! How the hell we didn't get at least one penalty is bizarre! A point would have been robbery.
  9. We've lost before and we'll lose again - we're not invincible. I'd be raging if we lost with 11 men. People underestimate these teams - god knows why, we struggled to beat them at home a couple years ago. The Southampton game was far worse than this. If he does walk away he'll have plenty of suitors bigger than West Ham that's for sure!
  10. So what - the game is over, there are 5 more games to play. Learn from it and move on. You can't afford Lingard ha.
  11. Not much you can do, gifted them a man advantage and gifted them a goal. Hardly the end of the world - fuck it and move onto the next game.
  12. I think Sancho is just finding his feet - thought he was much better yesterday, he likes to stay wide which i think we really need. The problem with Lingard is he's more effective centrally. Can you imagine if they get Martial, Rashford, Cavani, Lingard, Sancho going with goals on top of Bruno/Ronaldo. I didn't think we played well though - very slow and playing too safe. Pogba was outstanding though - 7 assists in 4 games now.
  13. Portugal game last week + yesterday.
  14. That was surreal. I still can't believe it. People who think he can't do it at this level anymore are clueless - 2 games, 4 goals and 2 MOTM performances.
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