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  1. Thats true but some of those smart business minded people will tend to exploit the system though or push the boundaries to the limit - its their job to make the most by doing the least. City were able to bring in £300m through an oil sponsorship to bypass FFP, how is that allowed? Clubs should only we allowed to spend what they earn in my opinion and fans should have voting rights. The only reason Newcastle isn't owned by Saudi blood money is because the Saudi's pulled out. UEFA could do nothing because so many clubs have ownership now. Even for smaller clubs now - survival is far
  2. Their business model is unsustainable because UEFA allow it to happen - there's no wage cap, no agent fees cap, no transfer cap etc. You can borrow from the bank or take from the Governments. it's an unlimited resource free for all. They are supposed to be the governing body to protect the game. Why are agents pocketing 20-30m for a transfer? The English clubs are just as bad - it needs to be governed properly. FPP is a great idea, but it needs to be properly implemented - too many loopholes. The new Champions League format is ridiculous - more games, with less importance. Eur
  3. Sounds legit - rich helping the rich.
  4. 100%. The German system is the best in football. Fans vote on key decisions. there still has to be significant changes to the game.
  5. He said he did... and i sent you the links to it... the debt, help fund the stadium, wages etc - might wanna see those. The fact he wiped your debt off multiple times is enough alone... but no advantage right? Spent 1bn in the last 10 years, not 20 years... and that's just on players. Couldn't care less what happens to United in this situation - the Glazers wanted it, not the club.
  6. 3rd tier to 2nd since he came in. 10 years! Yep 1bn is pocket money! Nice of you to ignore the fact that you didn't know he funded your own stadium, wages etc. Well that ended quicky.
  7. 2003-2004 you were in Div 2... someone needs help with his own club... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2003–04_Football_League#Second_Division No, but we have spent nearly a 1bn on players, wages, staff, training ground, medical centre etc... looks like a shit ton of advantage to me.
  8. You went from L2 to Championship in a few years - just so happens when he arrived. 12th best? thats pretty impressive that he got you there that quick because without him you'd be wayyy down that list - and the evidence is the league positions before he arrived. He's done a great job, and seems a good owner - but surely you can't deny he's given your team a massive advantage - how can you not see that? Why are you not higher or in the PL - simple, other owners have spent more - i.e Wolves and Leeds, its comes down to who can spent the most - and that's the problem with the system i said
  9. The evidence is how they have flown through the leagues! its right in front of you man!!! How do you think you've managed that? hmm might have something to do with a billionaire sugar daddy perhaps? Its not the fact he paid of debts - that fantastic and a great investment! its the fact that HE HAS THE FUNDS from his OWN pocket to do that!!! something other clubs could only dream of. I mean you're the same person who said the pyramid system is working just fine! nothin wrong with it! and somehow you think none of this millions he pumped into the club gave you advantage... fuking hell
  10. None of that has anything to do with what i said. He put massive sums into you club - this is fact, he's said himself hes funded players and wages - so your just making it up as you go along now: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/23501929 "I'm embarrassed by how much I've spent," Lansdown told BBC Points West. No idea why you keep bringing up the Premier League because you were in League 2 and have jumped through the hoops to get to the Championship - with other teams would die for! If he pumped more money in you could do what Leeds did and go up. Point out where i said
  11. Elaborate on this then - because i've pretty much crushed your argument, that you now have to deflect away from it.
  12. They been in the Championship near enough the last 11 years after years in Div 2!!! Are even being serious? - he paid off your MASSIVE debt - MULTIPLE times, bought new training ground and renovated the stadium, funded players/staff + huge wages and you sit here and say it hasn't given you an huge advantage LOL. Thats the definition of a huge advantage? he paid for that from his own pocket - not money your club made for gods sake!
  13. Of course its a problem! Have a read here from the EFL chairman himself: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/may/05/efl-chief-parachute-payments-evil-eradicated-football https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/football-league/premier-league-parachute-payments-exclusive-study-football-league-finance-money-a8255976.html https://talksport.com/football/efl/709645/football-pyramid-die-huddersfield-warning/ “I would love to see money trickling down but I’ve not seen any evidence of it yet,” "EFL but £260 million of that goes to just nine clubs, those relegated fro
  14. Dirt? Digging up? What are you talking about? I never said he was a bad chairman, he's been great! - but without him and his huge funds you would still be in the lower leagues and in huge debt. Can you accept that? So he comes in and is able to fund all those things i mentioned so you can climb the ladder - how is that fair? He's pumped millions in. Other clubs aren't that lucky because they don't have a sugar daddy. Are you blind to teams like Salford FC and Crawley who basically bought their way through the leagues. Your club is an established championship club now because of it,
  15. I get that - but we were going around in circles because you misinterpreted what i said. Oh you don't don't think there is a difference? Both examples are born out of pure greed - whether its Glazers leeching money off United or owners sinking Portsmouth to ruin. Profiting off of fans and their dedication. i see many many similarities. People are saying this new thing will kill clubs, but the current system has already done that many many times i.e Bury FC - every big club club is in debt, small clubs in debt. The system HAS to change - is this Super League the answer - i don't think so,
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