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  1. There are lots of people outside of Europe that are saying we are not taking it seriously enough. I was reading about people in China that are more worried about their friends/family in UK than in China. I can't believe football matches in this country are still going ahead. Maybe its the fact we are an island that we think we are somewhat safer?
  2. Because they have a really shit goalkeeper.
  3. I don't know why Michael Owen is getting so much shit - Liverpool are still the best team in Europe - pains me to say that, but its obvious. This is miles away from the Atletico side i loved watching a few years ago.
  4. We're looking good. Very good.
  5. You don't have to be a board member to know most of the stuff that comes out these days, there's this thing called social media where things get leaked. Its how we knew Fernandes deal was done miles before it was confirmed for example. He was once talk of the town and now there are so many other players who are just better and more affordable - West Ham will want a bucket load for him, you might as well go and get Havertz, Ndidi or Zakaria. Nobody was in for Rice. Ole might come out and demand United get him - but you just don't hear anything about him like you do with Grealish, Sancho etc. Southgate said Winks brought calmness and stability to the England team - something Rice just didn't do. I'd be surprised if Rice was ahead of Winks in the DM pack. Yes - Fred and McTominay is a well balanced midfield - something we haven't had in ages. You can have doubts all you want - but we are a statistically much better side when McTominay is in the team (https://www.planetfootball.com/quick-reads/nine-stats-to-highlight-scott-mctominays-importance-to-man-utd/). He's a guaranteed starter now. Fred is a cracking little box to box player - feisty, tactically very good and high work rate. If we add a striker and another wide player i think we could start to challenge again. Out of the midfielders, i would replace Matic with Neves and that's about it. Regardless of what we need, both are better than Rice. So no, he wouldn't be a huge upgrade for our starting 11 - he'd be lucky to make the bench imo. I get that you love the guy, but lets be realistic here. Like is said before, a midfield of Fred, McTominay, Fernandes, Pogba with the possible addition of Neves is a top class young, agressive, creative and dynamic midfield that could match or better any other team in the league. I'd be very happy with that.
  6. wtf? i never accused you of saying anything other than exactly what you wrote! I couldn't give a shit what his name is, the player is phenomenal for 22yo. Nobody can predict the future. Not even you.
  7. He's only decent because he scores 1-2 bangers apparently!? I think he's the complete DM. I think the whole team flourishes as one unit - but he dictates everything, which is incredible for a 22yo. They have a very similar style to the Leicester team that won the league. If they invest over summer and not lose key players they will be contenders for top 4 and maybe contenders for the league next season. Probably have to clarify on here that being a contender doesn't mean i think they will win the league.
  8. Its laughable how he puts '2nd best DM in the whole league' 😂 like those 4 stats are the only important attributes. HA. There's a reason why clubs have gone cold on him, even Southgate doesn't fancy him. When i watch West Ham, teams are cutting through them like butter, and i think Rice, tactically seems very naive. I watched the Brighton, City and Leicester games and was just not surprised they are where they are. I don't watch every minute he plays liek you, but i've seen enough to formulate an opinion. He's obviously young enough to improve. He wouldn't get in the team at United - McTominay and Fred are probably our 2 players of the season and he's simply not better than either than them right now. Even our backup Matic has been very good since coming into the team - i can't stand him but fair play to him. If we want to get back to competing we can't be looking at players like Rice/Longstaff. All of Ole's signings so far have been excellent. 4 out of 4 are starters.
  9. Neves is 22. Fantastic footballer - who will move to a huge team very soon. He's the engine for Wolves, simple as that. Meanwhile... nobody is more overrated than Rice, talk of him died quickly! He'll look incredible in the Championship no doubt though next season. Every fan in the world would pick Neves over Rice - he's better in every aspect. Neves, Pogba, Fred, Fernandes diamond would be perfect.
  10. In this current state - Wolves are not far off being real title contenders. They are fucking unreal, really impressed by them. If they can build over summer instead of lose quality they will be dark horses imo. United should go all out for Ruben Neves.
  11. Never knew that all, he looks a great prospect. Alot of people don't know Martinelli was on trial at United too.
  12. Yeah, just goes to show that you can still come good past the younger years. Bayern and Dortmund have nailed these young signings - whoever is scouting these players is doing a cracking job - Sancho, Gabnry, Haaland, Davies, Dahoud, Kimmich etc
  13. Madrid have fallen since Ronaldo left, they look incredibly vulnerable. KDB is the perfect player to expose a team like them - i hate the bastards team, but he is probably my favorite player in the world to watch right now.
  14. Kevin De Bruyne is different level.
  15. Nope. Rashford is too promising on the left wing. I'd only really swap Pogba for KDB.
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