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  1. Not sure how i feel to be honest - was kinda more of the same for me, disjointed - no chemistry. Second half was better - thought McTominay was class and has been for a while now - Bruno was excellent. But yeah - hope they can settle and look like an actual team soon, we are much much better without Maguire and Matic in the team. Brentford manager got a bit carried away with his team having 2/3 shots on goal in the first half - what a clown.
  2. The Premier League and F1 are ran by a bunch of morons - make the rules up as they go along.
  3. 5/2 is rubbish value for a team that's had 21 point deduction. I guess they are favourites to stay up
  4. Or at least play the one we bought a while back who hardly gets a look in - Matic is awful. Yeah look like Everton want him now - some rumors this morning, amazing job so far at Derby.
  5. Yep - brought him up many times, even last season he was the same. Horrible body language, horrible attitude. Anyway first half was okay vs Villa - hoping Ralf can get something out of this team by the time they play Madrid, but its not looking good - still no control over games - the football is no better than under Ole. will give him time because its not fair to judge him yet. Anyway not surprised to see Rafa sacked (again) how does this man constantly get big jobs? He's a shocking manager - he's put Everton in the grave. Wonder what the odds of Norwich and Derby to both stay up are?
  6. Never thought i'd see Chris Wood sell for £25m - madness!
  7. This is the problem when players who constantly underperform get rewarded by playing i.e Maguire, Shaw, Bruno, Rashford the main culprits. I'd be pissed off too if i was sitting on the bench seeing that. You need 3 midfielders to control the game properly - Bruno plays far too high up the pitch and roams around to make it a 3 - so Fred and McTominay look exposed every match, but both are playing pretty well.
  8. Just the worst football i have ever seen since Ralf took over - no overreaction. Donny comes on in a diamond system and we control the game much better, but he'll be dropped for the next game. Rashford and Bruno have been horrendous this season - poor attitude and poor performances.
  9. I think it's a little unfair to put Norwich in that list - not much more they can do really, even on their best day they can get stomped. They badly needed investment.
  10. Jones leave? he will outlive everyone at this club! Us and Everton - two worst playing teams in the league at the moment.
  11. I think he's quick - he just doesn't know how to use it in this league, neither does Rashford. They skin players, then overplay and give the ball away. Doesn't help that there's a different first 11 and formation every match.
  12. Fernandes is just useless, he's doesn't understand the game like someone like Kevin de Bruyne. His stats for giving the ball away are shocking. He's such a negative whiney bitch too. All these managers have just let Donny die on the bench - surely it's worth giving him a few games. He should have played over Matic yesterday - that guy is finished. I thought Ralf has made a mess of the team - he wants control, but plays 4222 with everyone out of position and 2 strikers who don't see the ball - the system is going to make the wings wide open for the opposition to exploit. Just go 433/451 and pack the midfield and leave Ronaldo up front. Makes no sense. Sancho plays like a 16yo making his debut - he's scared to run with the ball.
  13. Worse than Ole - they all look like strangers. Ruben Neves - absolute baller last night, made United look like schoolboys.
  14. Yeah this team is horrendous - no control in any games whatsoever. Maguire is getting worse and worse.
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