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  1. Its been a while since i've seen a CM player, at his age do what he does in midfield for a top 6 side. I don't rate Xhaka or the other Arsenal CM's - so at times Guendouzi struggles to carry the midfield by himself - but he can do it. He's going to be some player in 3/4 years.
  2. Yeah Slabhead was brilliant. Happy for players like Pereira and McTominay, i think Ole will start these two. Such a notable increase in fitness and pressing ability. Rashford will get around 20 goals this season. Thought Chelsea looked pretty good - they will struggle without Rudiger though.
  3. Scott, what were you worried about mate? ☺️
  4. People don't rate him on here for some reason - but Guendouzi was unreal today, 20yo just bossing the midfield.
  5. No chance - he's not good enough and i think he's a little bit of a show pony. I think Greenwood and Chong are worth the risk - what do you think?
  6. The Portuguese press just wanted to sell papers i think. Sounds like nobody was in for him.
  7. looking like thats true. mad bastard.
  8. Doesn't Mhki/ Ozil play on the right? How do you think you'll line up with Pepe, Laca, Ozil, Auby in the lineup?
  9. I don't think it was that long - we had to compete with City who also wanted him. so Leicester could sit back and have a bidding war between the clubs. No point trying to go in with a huge offer right off the bat. I can't see anything United did wrong there. Same situation for Bissaka really - if felt like ages, but it was a few weeks of negotiation. Agree we should have brought in 2 more at least - but those nearly deals were for players who didn't really want to join United, so its kind of a bullet dodged. I think it's clear what we needed - you don't need a DoF for that. We have a huge scouting network and i think Ole wants to call the shots like most managers do - even if they have a DoF. I don't believe anything Poch says about not making decisions at Spurs - i guarantee he calls the shots and Levy makes them happen. This batch of young players look really really good - so even if Ole struggles this season, i think he'll have given some of them gametime like LVG did.
  10. Was Pepe even needed? Seemed like signing a first team CB or two was an absolute must. I have no idea who any of those players are so i can't really comment on!
  11. This and they really really need to work on their fitness - pre-season was encouraging with the young energy. But United players were fucked after 70 mins last season. Not good enough.
  12. Disastrous is a bit of an overreaction. What was shocking about the Maguire transfer? Made some good signings - Maguire wouldn't have been my choice. but no doubt he's a massive upgrade on what we have now. Bissaka is solid and James a raw talent that is going to be a handful. All young and all British. No point getting players who don't want to be here. I don't think we need a DoF - the manager should know whats needed.
  13. What a shit ending for a transfer window. How long can Ole last? i'm 50/50 - would love him to do well, but fuck me hes got a mammoth task.
  14. I think Rodgers nailed it when he said everyone knows Leicester have 80m in the bank. I think 70m was a very fair offer from United - weeks ago, but they held out for the extra 10m and now will struggle to replace him. They could have brought in 2-3 good players (they still might) - and them and Everton would have been dark horses this season in my opinion. Tiermans is a brilliant signing.
  15. They will get someone along with Manzukic. Who? i have no idea but they need a midfielder.
  16. He's still pretty young though and i think WH had some games where they just couldn't be arsed last season. The year before Ronaldo went to Juve he was incredible - scoring worldies left and right. Now idea how he would fit in at United - but hes finishing/pace/technical ability is exactly what we need.
  17. Quite a few - Aguero, Tevez, Heinze, Macherano, Lanzini off the top of my head. Aguero is probably the player who has been the most successful - Dybala is a very similar type of player. But who knows - he apparently has a soft spot for United - but no Champions League football? , so we'll see if Woodward can not fuck this up.
  18. Yeah i like that. Still don't think Rashford or Martial are good enough to play up top as a nine - i would love to see this if Sanchez can stay fit: 4-3-3 De Gea Bissaka Maguire Lindelof Shaw McTominay Dybala - Pogba - Fernandes - Martial Rashford/(or Sanchez) Could be a huge season for McTominay - he's got so much potential. Just seen the news about Dybala's agent talking to United - would be a cracking signing.
  19. Yeah its strange one, i think Ronaldo will stay out left (which he won't like) and Lukaku will replace Manzukic up top. Kean is a very good player - Everton have a real star there. He's the best striker they've bought since Lukaku left.
  20. Which means Lukaku to Juve?
  21. Who the fuck is going to pay 1m a week for Bale? Good for him making money - but he's still got a few years left playing at the highest level.
  22. Jesus - what has this band become? Untitled was such a masterpiece and a direction the could have further explored. Instead they sound like a high-school pop band. Such a shame.
  23. Pretty sure you said the same thing when we signed Ibra and then he started banging in the goals and you said you were wrong about him. If you didn't then - im wrong about that. But the point still stands - older players can still contribute. Fergie/Non Fergie/ every other successful club - they still need that experienced backbone. Bale has done it all at the highest level. You just named 5 players - one was a loan. 3 are still at the club and can still contribute - Lukaku and Pogba have had their best seasons at United. Like Scott said - he would come in and bang in goals instantly. The guy played 42 games last season - what injuries? IMO - we need an experienced CB and RW that has played at the highest level.
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