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  1. Never watched it, or interested in it - but it's the highest grossing movie of all time, i can see why they want to make 5 of them! If it has half the interest/numbers it will be successful for the studio i imagine.
  2. The Mason Greenwood stuff has just ruined football for me - still quite shocked by it all to be honest. @Mr Blonde you are right about nobody giving a fuck, its Ten Hag stuff everywhere and he doesn't even have much to say.
  3. Roux


    im desperate for the Celtics to win this, but i think the Bucks took alot outta them - the energy is gone.
  4. Thankyou Brighton - Thursdays nights 2nd tier European football here we come!
  5. A player who would eventually cost over £300m - it's just not worth it for a player unless its peak Messi or Ronaldo - as they found out with Neymar. Love the player, but this has made me lose respect for him - Haaland on the other hand has chosen to go to the hardest league in the world to test himself. Mbappe wants that blood money and Haaland wants a footballing legacy.
  6. What a coward move - thought he was going to move to a decent league in his peak years.
  7. I'd rather we didn't play in either - we need to get our league form in order first and make a push for top 4. Trying to do both is a very very tough task - as you found out this season, it's a brutal competition to play in, you have to prioritize one over the other. Makes even more sense given we will have a huge squad turnover this summer. i would prioritize top 4 and FA Cup/League cup - there are two top teams in the league and outside of that, i don't think Chelsea/Spurs/Arsenal are miles better than us.
  8. Would it kill Ralf to play some kids - i mean come on? Let's get Garnacho and Hanibal some starts.
  9. this was football pre-VAR - bad decision by the ref, but the defenders fucked themselves.
  10. Yeah brilliant news - he's top class - has history with Donny and Ten Hag. I'm all for it - god i would love De Jong and Pedri.
  11. Tolisso and Dembele would be free transfers. Gravenberch would be coming up to the end of his contract at Ajax - a great young Pogba replacement imo. I wouldn't mind Lewandowski and 1/2 younger strikers. Ruben Neves is a must imo - perfect replacement for Matic. These are the only ones i can think of that would be under £35m I don't know much about the players you mentioned - but James Garner has to fight for his place at United or go on loan to a Premier League team (if Forrest don't get promoted)
  12. He can drive the ball up the pitch in a matter of seconds - leaving 3/4 opposition players for dust with brute force, it's really his only attribute, but its an attribute not many players in the world have - its a pretty impressive ability, and he can do this multiple time per match. As opposed to Rashford, Martial, Elanga, Sancho, Dalot, Bissaka? Has he been any more inconsistent than any of those players this season? i don't think so - imo he'd be far more effective than any of them - they can all barely stand up after they get tackled! I get that he's never going to be an elite player - i don't disagree, but his attribute is a big part of the game and is quite rare - it creates a huge amount of space for other players because you need at least 2 players to mark him. He's also capped for Spain, which again wouldn't happen if he was shit.
  13. Well it's not a debate about who is better - he went to Barca for free, had an impact and made way for a much better player - job done. The two teams mentioned are far bigger clubs than WH and he could have gone to either of them - if he's that shit why did they want him? Spurs would be desperate to sign him if he were available again. I would take him at United all day long over the shit we have now.
  14. Because Dortmund agreed this in his contract and United didn't want to do this release clause. Him, His agents and his dad are going to make a fortune. https://www.goal.com/en/news/man-utd-haaland-transfer-release-clause-borussia-dortmund/blta1cab3a61a212d9c
  15. Oh i think he would - none of those players are exactly elite are they? Rice doesn't even want to play for you lot either! The guy turned down Spurs who are a bigger club ffs 🤣
  16. I guess it's just short-term low-cost fixes. If its gets them UCL football next season then it's worked and they will deffo get it now. I'm not sure - you can bring on some pretty decent players from the bench. Just imo its been poor signings - of course Moyes would have liked to bring in more players, but squad-wise - its not terrible. I said a while ago - Europa league is a bitch to play in, too many games and too little time to recover for Premier league games - its always a gamble to commit to it.
  17. He's lost his place to an elite player who had a fight with the club and was on the verge of leaving. Traore filled that void and did a hell of a job in that time. Dembele has come back and been excellent - he's a much better player than Traore obviously and should start over him. Doesn't make Traore a bad player or dropping form as you put it. He had a big impact for FREE - i wish we got hold of him in a deal like that considering how bad our attack has been besides Ronaldo. Worse comes to worse, Dembele stays and they send Traore back to Wolves - fantastic deal for them. What club hasn't signed garbage - you living in dreamworld again? We know they aren't the side the once were - but if it wasn't for those cheap signings, they would be in freefall right now - financially and on the pitch. They were 10th when Koeman left and up to 2nd now under Xavi. They also have some of the best young players in the world right now. You have one of the strongest squads in the league, certainly outside the traditional top 6 - you're paying the price for not having the youth setup you once had imo. You spunked 30m on Vlasic and Kral who've been a massive flops so it's not all about spending.
  18. His form hasn't dipped - he lost his place to Dembele who was supposed to be leaving, but has been outstanding since coming back in the team. Maybe do some research? The fact a team like Barca went for him speaks volumes - he'd laugh at an offer from West Ham - you couldn't even afford Lingard! Even if he flops - a loan deal makes it even better because theres no fee - they can just give him back.
  19. It's just drilled into them to chase - i respect it. No fancy bruno fernandes bullshit - just hard work and determination. We have one single player that does that - Fred. Pathetic.
  20. Rangers have been unreal - but i think Leipzig will do em and probably win it. I'd pull the trigger on Saliba and Guendouzi - two of the best young players in Europe right now - complete transformation at Marseille. Summer transfer window is going to be wild
  21. I hope so - but at the moment i just don't see it yet. Similar to Rashford and Martial, his decision making isn't great. But hopefully with the right coaching it will improve. His dribbling ability is impressive though. Elanga is much the same too. Very strange Sancho and Bailly didn't start. Quite a sorry bunch of attacking talent we've had this season.
  22. I don't feel sorry for him - been one of United's worst performers this season. His lack of understanding and maturity of the game is clear - he just wants to play for himself. Runs into danger - overplays, throws a strop when he gets tackled by 3/4 players - rinse and repeat. Foden on the other hand - the complete opposite. Rashford should be nowhere near the England team, nor should Shaw and Maguire. Can only think of De Gea and Ronaldo, maybe Fred who have performed this season.
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