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  1. Ajax or Spurs to win it would be fantastic! De Bruyne - what a fucking player. (and Son too)
  2. We do - someone like Dybala, Icardi, Belotti, Griezman - i want that kind of quick, dynamic forward that can interchange. The only big striker that i think would benefit us is Harry Kane because he's so good on the ball. I also think we need 2 right wingers. Its ridiculous we've never addressed the RW position in years.
  3. I don't recall ever saying missing 2 fullbacks was the only reason played badly! Re-read that post again. I'll make this simple - if we have a squad of 21 players and i think half of them are crap - doesn't mean the manager thinks they are crap too. I think he makes us weaker - Ole thinks he makes us stronger. Young would have started against WH 100% if he was available. Was that the only reason we played poorly - of course not.
  4. You need to learn to read. I'm allowed to give my opinion on players, but i'm not the manager - i don't pick the team.
  5. Pretty much went as i expected really. We were doing fine until Ashley Young once again screwed it up - surely he knows his time is up. Incredible result for Ajax.
  6. Yeah.. and thats why we won. You guys have been on holiday for the past 4 months and only show up to play the big teams and still lost. Me hating Young doesn't change the fact he would have started! Any win, against any team sandwiched between 2 Barca games is a great win - i don't care how much the squad cost or how shit we played. This is a results based business.
  7. 3pts is all that matters at this point in the season. We played shite, rested a few players, gave a debut to a kid, had 2 of our first choice midfielders missing, 2 fullbacks out through suspension and still won. The tests coming up are exactly why Ole had to rest a few players. Barca wore us out at OT and will do the same midweek. I'd be more worried about why you team has thrown the towel in just after Christmas.
  8. He was horrendous. Ole knows he's not United quality. Martial scores a few worldies, gets injured and then plays like shit for the next 4-5 games. Rinse and repeat with him.
  9. Who cares. we won, they didn't. Fuck em'. All focus on Barca game now - we're going to need all the luck in the world. I hope Lukaku is sold in the summer.
  10. At this moment, Ramsey is world class. Some of the shit he's been doing since the new year is insane. Maybe he feels more freedom because he's jumping ship and making bank in a few months.
  11. McTominay is going to be some player. Thought Pogba grew into the game. We need a better front 3 - that was clear to me from this match. Lukaku isn't good enough, there is no RW and Martial is hit or miss and doesn't have the guts to play with knocks/small injuries. Rashford doesn't look fit. Looks like Herrera is gone - i'd take Rabiot off them in exchange. Agree mate - Young is a joke, he thinks hes Mr Captain big balls. Though Barca were shit - they have fallen so far from a few years ago.
  12. 1-0 and Kane missing the second leg is a decent result for City IMO.
  13. Not many players make it at Barca. Just look at Courtinho, Malcom and Dembele in the squad now. I think he's a brilliant player - this season he's really kicked on, i tend to judge wide players on how dangerous they are - and he always seems to be a threat and create space. He has very similar playing style to Eden Hazard. He would be a good addition to the squad for any of the top 6 sides - with the exception of City.
  14. United need this Deulofeu - hes got Eden Hazard similarities, very very good player!
  15. Young is probably the biggest weakness in the squad. I hate everything about him - he goes down to easily, complains all the time and is usually the first to be carded. He's one of the most experienced players in the squad, yet lets his team down time and time again.
  16. i said a few weeks ago to you - if he left United, every top side in Europe would be after him. Looks like he could go to PSG, Barca, Juve or Inter. He's not decent - he's excellent in his position. One of the best in the league imo. Hopefully he signs a new contract. I would also say that none of these players at United should be paid higher than De Gea and Pogba - Rashford isn't at that level yet. So Sanchez is more than likely gone in the summer.
  17. Met him lots of times (done some work with his company) - the guy just is super nice, really polite and intelligent. That video is exactly what he's like.
  18. I think we are one of the weaker teams in the competition - obviously under Ole, things have changed. I tend to believe once you get to the Semi's anything can happen so i would prefer to play a bigger team then!
  19. I will be so so happy if United get Porto!
  20. Neuer has not been very good for a while now. He does things to make him look good, but it usually fucks up.
  21. Typical Ronaldo, he's taken Juve up a few notches. Bernardeschi is a fantastic player btw.
  22. I don't bother with sky/BT i just stream everything now. I never use my TV, unless its World Cup games.
  23. I try to watch a bit of everything really - the Italian league is much better now, much more physical and quicker and VAR adds a bit of excitement. La Liga is decent - i like watching teams like Bilboa and Sevilla outside of the big teams. As i've got older, its alot harder to watch games now with work/relationship commitments etc - my knowledge on players has dropped significantly over the last few years. I always watch United games games though - i used to go to or watch alot of United U23 games - but i don't anymore, its just harder to follow the other leagues. It doesn't really bother me that some of the leagues are only won by one or two teams each year. I like watching Napoli or Sevilla or Hoffenhein for example.
  24. I don't really mind to be honest - there's still the Champions League to talk about. Most of us are pretty clued up on the big leagues. Do you not watch the English league then? I watch a bit of La Liga, used to watch alot of it.
  25. i have to say - it is pretty weird that you only show up when something good happens a Real Madrid. Literally the next day or something! I don't really care - (who am i to tell you when to post) but it is strangely coincidental.
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