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  1. get over it and move it. Form has been good, so just carry on. Haarland is going to break all kinds of records - incredible.
  2. tried watching this - but i find the acting terrible - Its lifeless.
  3. Same - just hate the timing of it, nothing beats watching the WC in the summer. I'm hearing it could be called off again this weekend.
  4. can't wait until its back to normal. Covid and World Cup have ruined it.
  5. F1 and UFC if you're into it
  6. Yep - and nor should he at the moment. Things are going to get very interesting for United once a few players are up to speed, they could have a very high ceiling.
  7. Momentum building! McTominay has turned into prime Makelele
  8. 5 games and yeah right now. I'd give anything to trade him for this useless player Rashford.
  9. Hardest part of the game tho - putting the ball in the net, you have to be in the right positions.
  10. Best player in the world right now.
  11. Hopefully that's the last we see of this terrible front 3 of Sancho/Rashford/Elanga - absolutely awful vs Southampton. Sancho is turning out to be a huge waste of money - you hardly notice him. Elanga should be on loan or in the reserves. Rashford's days are numbered. Really hope we bring in Depay and Gakpo now, need players who can actually score goals than press and run around like headless chickens. Go back to classic Man Utd counter attacking football. Like i said after the Liverpool game, we're getting by with that incredible defence - what a difference Varane/Martinez/Malacia have made to this team. Convert McTominay into a center-back as backup for Varane - Casemiro has taken his place. Sell Maguire and Bissaka. Agree we need a RB (Dumfries). You add Dean Henderson to this team and that's a solid back 5.
  12. Renan Lodi to Forest for £4m loan? My god, deal of the summer. I'd love him at United. Antony is done though!
  13. this is why we badly need strikers - surely there are 2 they can find less than the £100m for Antony.
  14. part 2. i swear this guy is useless.
  15. It literally lasted for 20mins - not even until half time. I was watching Rashford/Sancho intently and they sort of gave up once the goal was scored - then they annoying started the trick stuff rather than keep possession and Liverpool took hold of the game. I'm not really fussed what combination plays upfront in the next game, because I truly believe the biggest difference is removing Maguire. You could have replaced Elanga with Ronaldo or Garnacho in the line-up and I don't think the change would have been as big as having 2 mobile, combative centre backs who are good on the ball and can play a higher line. You can press all you want for 90mins, you don't win games without a solid foundation. All four 'Ole' defenders (Bissaka/Maguire/Lindelof/Shaw) are effectively gone now and replaced with better all round mobile players. Just need to replace the GK. I just think Bruno has world class ability in him - he should be contributing more than just running around making tackles, he has the ability to truly control how the game is played like someone like Kevin de Bruyne, who doesn't need to do all that because he has a footballing brain. Eriksen has really shown how to play with composure - i thought he was much better than Bruno last night.
  16. I'm not sure about that - the pressing lasted about for about 20mins!!! and then we lost control of the game that should have been comfortable. Rashford at walking pace and trying fancy tricks with Sancho, while Elanga was hauled off at halftime - they quickly reverted to last season mode. We got through the game because of our brilliant defence - removing Shaw and Maguire from this team is 90% of the problem and it showed - so much more mobile and resolute - we could actually build from the back for once. Bruno was awful imo - nearly cost us a goal by overplaying (again), nearly volleyed the ball into his own goal, diving constantly, could have been sent off and then tried to cross the ball when he should have wound the clock down at the end. He doesn't understand how to control the tempo of a game. Varane, Malacia and Martinez were outstanding - and McTominay had a good game.
  17. What a game - hopefully that's the end of Maguire. Couple of new signings and we could push on.
  18. If Varane can stay fit then he's our best defender by a wide margin. Last season he was constantly injured - will see how he does this season before i write him off. Would love Casemiro, but I'm not sure how real the interest is or if he just wants to improve his contract at Madrid. Madrid already have a few of the best young DMs in the world imo so maybe they would let him go. Everyday there are multiple new players we are after - its a real sign of no transfer plan at all.
  19. Would be a great start - here's hoping!
  20. Nothing changed - think we can all agree 20/21 was full of poor teams and Ole came close to being sacked multiple times - season ended with nothing. First Pogba was the problem, now its Ronaldo! Both have or will go and the same problems will remain. Whether he stays or goes doesn't really matter - they still need the core replaced. An unhappy Ronaldo is still miles better than Martial/Sancho/Rashford/Elanga or this daft false number 9 idea don't you think? You are the only person who uses opinion pieces as fact - its quite funny really. Man writes book, therefore he is footballing god. Rather trust the opinion of some man called Alex Ferguson who convinced the club to get Ronaldo - but yeh, I'm sure he's done nothing in the game compared to a 'tactics guru'.
  21. Still not addressing the point - they weren't much different before vs after he came. Just look at the Brighton game and the games last season. The facts don't back up your point - the major problems won't magically go away if he leaves. i.e Maguire and De Gea aren't suddenly going to become pass masters just because Ronaldo has left. Yep - we can all find articles that support our own arguments easy enough https://www.forbes.com/sites/liamcanning/2022/04/17/cristiano-ronaldo-is-not-the-problem-for-manchester-united/?sh=47992fdd47ba https://www.espn.co.uk/football/english-premier-league/story/4667360/where-would-man-united-be-without-cristiano-ronaldo-how-his-efforts-saved-a-grim-season-from-total-meltdown
  22. Better? What trophies did he win? The overall performances were still poor - not much different to now, disjointed - manager close to being sacked multiple times. He was awful when he played instead of Ronaldo last season. Lets say you replace with Ronaldo with Cavani (or anyone for that matter) now - you think magically Bruno, Martial, Sancho & Rashford are suddenly going to come alive 🤣. Also worth pointing out that none of these guys are pressing machines themselves are they? - if anything they are the ones giving the ball away the most! How did they do without Ronaldo vs Brighton last week? What about the friendlies vs poor opposition before that? They got mauled. I'm lost that you watch football regularly and think United play through Ronaldo instead of Fernandes - everything since he joined has gone through Bruno, this isn't even worth debating. Everyone knows he's 37, didn't stop him being in the team of season last season did it? Or Thiago being pivotal to Chelsea in winning the UCL. Of course they are short term fixes, this is obvious - but both of them did their job pretty successfully I'd say and both have minimum 2 years left at the top level. You are looking at the tip of the ice berg here - the core of the team needs to be replaced - starting with Maguire, De Gea and Bruno. They are far more problematic than Ronaldo - we lose him then not only do you have to replace his goals, you have to bank on 6-7 players miraculously hitting form too. Near - impossible, but if it does i'll be happy and hold my hands up. You're massively underrating Thiago Silva too here - he brought instant stability and influence when they were on their knees defensively. I know you want to push this 'romanticism' narrative - but come on, how is Ronaldo more of a problem than Maguire, or midfield or attackers who have underperformed - try to be objective. If he leaves these major problems will still exist - they existed before him!
  23. well we did - Cavani and Lukaku. I think you're making far too many excuses for poor players - players who were poor, inconsistent and large periods without form before Ronaldo came and after he came - i.e Martial/Rashford/Bruno/Cavani. How did these players perform when Ronaldo wasn't there then? Answer - they were even worse. The stats show a far better win percentage and goal scoring percentage with him in the team. The game really hasn't changed much at all - fans want to see passion, emotion and fight, that will never change. Look at the Liverpool game last night - they fought for everything and got a standing ovation. Salah has sulked, Messi has sulked, Mbappe has sulked etc - all current players. I'd take Ronaldo sulking over that useless donkey Maguire any day - the guy has never won anything in his life. Your last points are sad really - shows that this really is just you being a hater i guess. Two of the best players in the league last season were Thiago Silva 37yo and Ronaldo 37yo. Daft to suggest they should go MLS when they are cutting it at the highest level in the hardest league.
  24. Mate, in this league, you very quickly get worked out. Teams have found his major weakness that he can be easily pressed and forces the ball too much and nullified him. You give him space and he'll damage you. He's been found out. This is the exact same problem we had with Mkhitaryan to a smaller extent.
  25. Simple really - you lose a 25-30 goal striker and replace him with 3/4 very poor attackers who can't score for shit. How many great chances has Rashford and Fernandes missed in these 2 games - these two had a FULL pre season too. Which strikers on the market can give you those numbers? very few and would cost big money. Bear in mind Ten Hag chose to keep Ronaldo, he didn't have to. Maybe if some players showed a bit of fight and emotion as Ronaldo we would get somewhere. Instead they act like apologetic robots. Same shit every week from Captain Maguire and David 'We'll try harder' De Gea. I loved the fight between Conte and Tuchel yesterday because it showed a bit of fuckin passion. Roy Keane was a sulking heap and a nightmare around training, could give a fuck about harmony. Chelsea should have got Ronaldo, he would score goals for fun there and fit the system better than Lukaku did or Harvertz/Sterling playing there currently. Whether you want to admit it or not he can and will still perform - he does press and he does play and bring others into the game. Came on last week at 50mins and played a beautiful pass into Rashford which was harder to miss than score. I thought he was the only one who tried vs Brentford too - the rest gave up, heads down and buried. Maguire and De Gea cannot play against a high press - never have and never will. Bruno? What system are you talking about? This team is built around him - he has free roam in his number 10 role! The 3 positions/players i mentioned are critical imo. And all 3 could have been changed with players currently at the club - which infuriates me because they ALWAYS play.
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