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  1. This is exactly it, the casual viewer who watches highlights on MOTD and the odd game here and there won't see it but when you watch him week in/week out then you realise truly how good he is. He has deceptively quick pace and acceleration as well which allows him to win balls back quickly when the team loses possession (think Gary Neville aluded to that in his comms yesterday as well) Rodri is the only player in his position in the league who is at/around his level and I think it's honestly pretty close.
  2. Can someone summarise, been super busy with work and life and am really out of the loop when it comes to blink stuff.
  3. Over 1 billion in loan/interest/dividend payments is absolutely mad. There is no way that football club should have ever been allowed to be bought the way it was.
  4. Big players show up in the big moments, can't help but be happy for him to be honest. Arsenal have got a world class midfielder and the money has allowed us to rebuild our team, think everyone won with that deal. Thought it was a fairly even game that could have gone either way, Onana is great with his feet, not as sure about his actual saving of shots though. The Garnacho offside was insanely tight, it's a shame that VAR can kill those moments in football - I think if you just saw that blind and didn't get the lines out everyone would think it was onside to be fair - but Genie is out of the bottle now and there isn't any going back.
  5. While I'm not on here on tenderhooks like some people...why can't they release a new song when they're on tour?
  6. It's fine to want to better yourself and learn from your mistakes, takes some people longer but the important thing is that you come to the correct conclusion eventually. I say good to them and more people should try it as well!
  7. Smart move from Blink, deliberate leak of an absolute stinker of a track just before they drop their new song in the hope that it will make the new song sound so much better.
  8. California above Untitled, that ranking should come with some prison time.
  9. blink-182 - enema of the state blink-182 - untitled blink-182 - take off your pants and jacket blink-182 - dude ranch blink-182 - neighborhoods blink-182 - cheshire cat blink-182 - dogs eating dogs blink-182 - california blink-182 - nine blink-182 - buddha
  10. Call me a buzzkill but I am honestly fine waiting and have fairly low expectations. My days of shitting myself and getting super fanboy hyped over Blink are well behind me. Hopefully I'll enjoy it when it does come though and I'm glad Tom is back in the band, no matter what (good, average or shit) it will at least feel like a proper blink-182 record.
  11. I'd say that, Los Angeles and San Diego are the best songs on the album.
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